The Secret Life Of Pets 2 - The Max Trailer [HD]

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The Secret Life Of Pets 2 - The Max Trailer
In Theaters Summer 2019
The Secret Life of Pets 2 will follow summer 2016’s blockbuster about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and his longtime collaborator Janet Healy will produce the sequel to the comedy that had the best opening ever for an original film, animated or otherwise.
The Secret Life of Pets 2 will see the return of writer Brian Lynch (Minions) and once again be directed by Chris Renaud (Despicable Me series, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax). www.thesecretlifeofpets.com


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Nov 7, 2018

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Comments 2 749
Delightful DIY
Delightful DIY 27 minutes ago
1:18 ohohohohohohohohohoh yes please it’s gonna get gooooooooooooood
Vinay Kumar Mekala
Vinay Kumar Mekala 11 hours ago
😍😍 wait is on
Yohanes Sukardi
Yohanes Sukardi 16 hours ago
1:18 we start Fires 😂😂😂
Helge Wolf
Helge Wolf 2 days ago
So good
_Winter Flake_
_Winter Flake_ 3 days ago
theres gonna be a second movie?!
AidenMooreMusic 6 days ago
Max gets his balls cut off.
Lissette Hurtado Schoel
Lê Hậu Vlog
Lê Hậu Vlog 8 days ago
oh no duke :(
Joao Gabriel
Joao Gabriel 6 days ago
This is only a character trailer i'm sure that will have one of him eventually
강에아Ea Kang
강에아Ea Kang 9 days ago
this is sooo cuute
rocky the gamer
rocky the gamer 10 days ago
Where is the angry bunny in 2nd part I like so much hes cutie
Vismitha patil
Vismitha patil 11 days ago
Why tempting us now when it's releasing next year
roy Grath
roy Grath 11 days ago
This movie looks good, I can't wait to watch on my boxxy software
Well hello there everyone
Vet = animal psycologyst
SEV7N 12 days ago
_Okay, but where is Duke?_
Voxii 13 days ago
That’s a lot of money
Sanjeevo Sinha
Sanjeevo Sinha 14 days ago
Dit 15 days ago
What soundtrack of this trailer?
Happy fun time The second
1:02 me when I go to school
VC The Gamer
VC The Gamer 16 days ago
0:27 wait a minute animals can do 7 Chakras meditation...... 😮
Juliet Bitencourt
Juliet Bitencourt 16 days ago
0:56 did her say
Drewtot wapakels
Drewtot wapakels 17 days ago
Nobody asked for this
tejaswee bapat
tejaswee bapat 17 days ago
Wow 😂
Elena Andro
Elena Andro 17 days ago
Where is duke, pops and snowball?
Racker Gamer
Racker Gamer 18 days ago
0:18 when someone wakes you for school or college or sumthing
Joyee Luk
Joyee Luk 18 days ago
0:36 Ken Jeong, that you?😂
Doggboi 5000
Doggboi 5000 18 days ago
And I hope drop it like its hot by snoop dogg will be one of the soundtrack to the secret life of pets 2.
Kays Dash
Kays Dash 19 days ago
Where tf is Louis CK? Max's original voice actor.
Berrii 19 days ago
Did Duke die??
EvpixLets Play!
EvpixLets Play! 20 days ago
Where's Duke?
Maria Clark
Maria Clark 20 days ago
I can’t wait 😊
Kim Eastough
Kim Eastough 21 day ago
'In the business' 😍😍
Denis Kleshov
Denis Kleshov 21 day ago
Wolf heart
Wolf heart 21 day ago
Spoilers! Patton Oswalt who voiced Jesse has now transfromed into max therefore Minecraft story mode season 3 will be cancelled dew to him losing his role from those allegations.
Shah Muiz
Shah Muiz 21 day ago
What song
SageSky Xana
SageSky Xana 21 day ago
"We start fires." "Ok... human why you take me here?"
Velosa Bork
Velosa Bork 21 day ago
*N O W H E R E*
한국 팬
한국 팬 21 day ago
Wait a minute... If Katie has Max & Duke, where did she put Duke go? Did she return him?
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 21 day ago
Are you for real?
Melany Gallegos
Melany Gallegos 22 days ago
Went is it to come out in the thers
Tracy mac
Tracy mac 22 days ago
WE StARt Fire's Heheh The heck is
TVAlberto9 Boss
TVAlberto9 Boss 22 days ago
The Secret Life of Pets 2 coming in Theatres June 26
fruitea m
fruitea m 22 days ago
Josephine Medina
Josephine Medina 11 days ago
fruitea m meow!!!!!,
Madelyne V
Madelyne V 22 days ago
Where's duke?!?!?????
GoAngelic 22 days ago
"We start fires!"
Emily Walker
Emily Walker 22 days ago
this looks like it's going to be so goooooooooooooooood I love this trailer I almost died because it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sammi Parker
Sammi Parker 22 days ago
At the beginning it said minion ensted probably wrong grammar but it said minion instead of illumination
NY Auto Traders Leasing
Leyla Suliman Bulut
Suuummeeeer....whyyyyyy!!it should before NYE.
Furry Alice kitten kittycat
The secret life of pets 2 in a nutshell
Bambang siswondo
Bambang siswondo 23 days ago
Alif Kabir
Alif Kabir 23 days ago
Vin Andrei Monta
Vin Andrei Monta 23 days ago
The cat almost said mother****
Irene Violeta Navarro
xxanqelicxx 24 days ago
I'm excited!
Altaaf Jafferally
Altaaf Jafferally 24 days ago
I can't wait to see more trailers
Aakash Ace A
Aakash Ace A 24 days ago
Isn't there a dog named Duke?
keshav nuwal
keshav nuwal 24 days ago
Never change voices.. When will the industry understand
Dianarose Hibaya
Dianarose Hibaya 24 days ago
Ive watched this trailor 100 times
MonsterDude76 24 days ago
The old max voice was best but this one is ok :/
Yoga Shibe 976
Yoga Shibe 976 24 days ago
thats not the max i know
ish.ya.boi.communism JustDanceandLoveLiveaddict
The cat twins are so creepy af
love life and laughs
Can someone please tell me what a hi lighted comment is !!!? If you know please reply
CrystalRose 28
CrystalRose 28 24 days ago
0:52 That's kinda funny.😁 OK THAT'S VERY FUNNY!!!😂
Adam Estupinan
Adam Estupinan 24 days ago
Where’s duke
zadose 24 days ago
Meh, the first movie was boring. I'll pass.... and what happened to the big furry dog???
The. Dog
The. Dog 24 days ago
1:23 Chloe got sister?! I thought Chloe don't like dogs
PATPAT 24 days ago
Who would trust illumination with a animated comedy home alone movie? animated remake
ROSA OROZCO 24 days ago
wheres duke??!! 😤😠😡😓😵😔😒😣😰😢😩😨
Jambudgaming 24 days ago
Guess a little piglet will die if it gets close to Jesse- er i mean Max
Slappyfan2018 & Snappyfan2018
0:32 and 1:16 the funny part
Crystal and Branch!
Amy Assante
Amy Assante 25 days ago
I hope that Secret life of pets 3 comes out on 2020 May 4
Dream Really Works!?!
At the beginning, under the sofa, an Easter egg, the minion... and also the ‘Minion’ word before bob introduce illumination.
Jitter blox
Jitter blox 25 days ago
Im so excited because i love the movie i always like watching it with my cousin
Brianna Lewis
Brianna Lewis 25 days ago
it's gonna get more weird not it's gonna get weirder
love life and laughs
"We start fires!!!"🙀🙀
wtf am i doing
wtf am i doing 25 days ago
We start fires
Frozen Puppy lover
Frozen Puppy lover 25 days ago
Theirs a second one comming out im 16 love this movie i have seen the first one
Fluffy Arts
Fluffy Arts 25 days ago
We start fiiires
vina - drawz
vina - drawz 25 days ago
*we start fires*
BendyTrixieSparkle 25 days ago
i know ur secret and why u have a minion... ILLU *MIN* AT *ION*
wood horder
wood horder 25 days ago
Oh wow I love Toy Story
Eon Lee Music
Eon Lee Music 26 days ago
0:33 That cat looks like Ken Jeong
The weirdman C
The weirdman C 26 days ago
Finally, I waiting this movie in 4 years. Max the dog is back! 😊
gray cat
gray cat 26 days ago
1:23 Dog:That Was Weird Chloe:Oh Sister Its Gonna Get More Weirder
gray cat
gray cat 26 days ago
1:19 Cats:We Start Fires Max:AAAAAAAH!!
Daniselle Lopez
Daniselle Lopez 26 days ago
Two kitties: *turns towards Max, grinning widely* we start fires....
david johnson
david johnson 26 days ago
You guys work quick, I just watched the grinch this weekend and now you’ve got another movie ready by next year, does your staff ever relax? In all seriousness though this is nice, you’re like the marvel of animation, you always have another move down the line
Kenix Chan
Kenix Chan 26 days ago
Wheres duke
Blacker Blue
Blacker Blue 26 days ago
Max sound like jesse in minecraft story mode
The mask Piano person
Dose max have disorder 😰
xxlesly xx
xxlesly xx 26 days ago
Mother something?😏
Lord Umpa
Lord Umpa 26 days ago
Lord Umpa
Lord Umpa 26 days ago
Guanlong 36
Guanlong 36 26 days ago
Josephine Medina
Josephine Medina 26 days ago
Guanlong 36 ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Javen Babauta
Javen Babauta 26 days ago
1:18 We start 🔥
Josephine Medina
Josephine Medina 26 days ago
Javen Babauta ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Bridgitte Withers Dyke
When is the sequel coming
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