The reason I NO LONGER speak to my Dad...

Logan Paul
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I didn’t think it would happen like this...
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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Jun 19, 2019




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Comments 11 517
Nick Opilla
Nick Opilla 13 hours ago
You also lost against ksi in your rematch
It's Bosnian OLLG
It's Bosnian OLLG 15 hours ago
Greg and Jake are drunk af...
Equals Cash
Equals Cash 21 hour ago
Disgusting delusional dad... I feel for ya man
Milan de Ruiter
Milan de Ruiter 23 hours ago
You lost like you lost against ksi
Boss Raindrop
Boss Raindrop 23 hours ago
Logan my dad is dead will you pleAs buy me a truck I have 4 kids
Boss Raindrop
Boss Raindrop 23 hours ago
And I live in Ohio just an FYI
That's messed up greg
HomeboyDino Day ago
That intro was so obnoxiously loud I really hate you logan
Jayde D'Agnolo
it seems every person in his life is actually trash so I’m not sure if he was born trash or shaped into it, either way very sad
Constantin Braumüller
At first he was fake crying to let it out then he realized that he has a reason to cry
Parth Bagul
Parth Bagul Day ago
Who is still here after he lost the boxing match.?
T Day ago
It takes some type of dude to tell both his sons they “started off as blowjobs” - no wonder both these guys are such c*cksuckers
Cali Cullings
November 2019
Cali Cullings
Who else is here in no
SnowyNevik87 Day ago
Logan drink 62 beers and doesn't get drunk. Jake drinks 1 and he already bout to sleep cause of how drunk he is
PS4 Gaming
PS4 Gaming Day ago
Greg paul = ungrateful prick💯
Jabez Sembegere
Hannah X
Hannah X 2 days ago
This is literally the funniest shit ever!!!😂
ClickBait Central
Why dose Jake shit his pants at 11:09
roohit lal
roohit lal 2 days ago
Logan’s actually more mature then his dad
Beh 2 days ago
If I ever buy anyone a vehicle I would keep the title of it...
nischal sharma
nischal sharma 3 days ago
6:15 ya you did... From KSI too
h4zard__ 3 days ago
11:09 why is jake walking like I did in grade 2 when I pissed myself😂
Anne Rodriguez
Anne Rodriguez 3 days ago
Greg is a fucking asshole I’d would have smacked him and never talk to him again EVER
Planttation ,
Planttation , 3 days ago
You're dads creepy
Amir Iqbal
Amir Iqbal 3 days ago
Who’s here after ksi vs Logan Paul 2
Da Gaming Pack
Da Gaming Pack 3 days ago
CM NASTYY 3 days ago
I'm less than 30 seconds 😂😂😂😂😂
Dominic Toth
Dominic Toth 4 days ago
Fuck Logan Paul
aboubakr152 4 days ago
Is it because you lost to KSI?
Angie Ortiz
Angie Ortiz 4 days ago
I’m here after the fight I just wanted to sayyy good job even tho u didn’t win ❤️keep doing what ur doing and never give up
Chloe Sirdoreus
Chloe Sirdoreus 4 days ago
poor logan
Ram Sw
Ram Sw 5 days ago
Does anyone know what the sad music's name
Ry Daly
Ry Daly 5 days ago
Cus he's a racist nonce?
Joyana Dhaulakoti
Half way through the video : I'm like what is the title of the video
Chief Nincompoop
Chief Nincompoop 6 days ago
Because he’s a paedo.
Rachel Yea
Rachel Yea 7 days ago
"You started out as a blow job", .. and other bedtime stories
Malachi B
Malachi B 7 days ago
This is why Jake get no kids
Mi-Kyung Lee
Mi-Kyung Lee 7 days ago
6:34 Logan on november ninth
Dominican Girl
Dominican Girl 8 days ago
Par Kor
Par Kor 8 days ago
What sounds more Maverick a raptor or a sprinter?
Par Kor
Par Kor 8 days ago
His brother and dad are alcoholics smh poor Logan
Not Georgia
Not Georgia 8 days ago
Logan staring at his dad in the car Is me when I said to myself I’m never gunna say a word to my mum AGIAN
MentleGen 9 days ago
Yes a pedo dad can ruin your event
The TikTok’r Boy
At 9:21 logen and Jake’s dads Laugh has funny
Esb A
Esb A 9 days ago
There is something about Logan that is so fucking attractive and its not just his looks. 😍😍😍
Toby The Tobinator
jakes fuckin funny when he hammered
OFFICERPP 9 days ago
2slow 2low
2slow 2low 10 days ago
Club song?
Ardit Murataj
Ardit Murataj 10 days ago
the most funniest vlog ever
TAMAGOTCHI 10 days ago
nobody: Father Paul: buy me another truck so i can sell it
Luisa Salazar
Luisa Salazar 10 days ago
Kelly Voong
Kelly Voong 10 days ago
My feeling would be hurt if I gave the present
Lil Bo Peep
Lil Bo Peep 10 days ago
Nobody in his family cares about him exept for his mom. Everyone else just finds it funny. I see now why he is so greatful for his mother.
Nina Youssef
Nina Youssef 10 days ago
Jake "is this a midlife crisis" lmao
jack whittle
jack whittle 10 days ago
His dad looks like a alcoholic
Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish 10 days ago
It's a good job Greg Paul doesn't have a daughter, because you just know he would have a fiddle with a 3 year old's pussy... just saying...
Luka 10 days ago
My father stole my money and spent it on gambling...
Dawn Fizzle Mukbangs
Greg paul is kind of shitty for sellin the truck. The look on logans face says it all. Greg just wanted the money to buy what he wanted instead of appreciating what his son gave him.
Elvir Be
Elvir Be 11 days ago
Your father is a Bitch
sophia smith
sophia smith 11 days ago
I feel bad for Greg 9:12
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