The reason I NO LONGER speak to my Dad...

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I didn’t think it would happen like this...
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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Jun 19, 2019

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Comments 10 949
THE BIG BAD WOLF 8 hours ago
Hi, I am a private contractor at Area 51 and I assure you there is nothing to see there. Move along, nothing to see . . . (except the original Paul brothers are there and have been locked in isolation for years. They were replaced with alien clones and sent out in the youtube world two years ago to generate black budget cash for secret military projects. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!)
Wnnta 89
Wnnta 89 13 hours ago
Logan instead of doing just a yt running event you should do a USvidR OLYUMPICS Realised i spelt that wrong sorry
yeet yeet
yeet yeet Day ago
Logan actually is sad i-
Oh Yh Yh
Oh Yh Yh Day ago
Clubs in America are shit compared to English ones especially Newcastle ones
Dj ADAM08 Day ago
Nhoj Sorestsellab
for real he just sell that car ? seriously ? or hmm what we call it just for the content or CB thing? damnn thatss not cool bruh ..
Brian Garza
Brian Garza Day ago
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 2 days ago
This is why i like logan better because jake is just completely jack ass and dumbass he is a disappointment who the fuck comes to a CHARITY EVENT drunk?! It's pissing me tf off not to mention his dad is an completely asshole ik logan has fuck up at times but he actually tries to fix it and do better yeah he not the best but he young and people fuck up at least he tries to fix them unlike fucking jake
Michael Hofer
Michael Hofer 2 days ago
That’s messed up
Fleur Puttock
Fleur Puttock 2 days ago
Did he kick you out for smashing all his plates?
Kirby nub
Kirby nub 2 days ago
Link3462 2 days ago
Jake paul is a sociopath
Bigboibob Legit
Bigboibob Legit 2 days ago
The reason the father doesn’t talk to Logan is because He is disappointed of his son becoming retarded
Patrick Hernandez
At least u have a dad🤧
Mr Idk
Mr Idk 2 days ago
11:09 such a sad moment jake over here shitted in his pants
Stella’s world World
Best youtube channel by Sanchita!
truly captivating pictures, now I am having certainly sexy
Crh8_ KadenTaylor
Ya know i don’t blame Logan for being pissed off, it was really fucked up to just sell the gift your own son bought for you and worked hard for, I would feel the exact same way really, Like for Logan!!
Brenda James
Brenda James 3 days ago
Logan I beater you though I’m Maddi and I threw the first pitch because survived almost being kidnapped I one love you though
joe biden
joe biden 3 days ago
he's shitfaced
joe biden
joe biden 3 days ago
he deserves it
Stormi Light
Stormi Light 3 days ago
Bienfait Bigazi
Bienfait Bigazi 3 days ago
Bro I feel so bad
Funtime Frexy Vloggers
I'm so sorry that happened to you
PFTU_cheetah 3 days ago
His dad is definitely using him for fucking money, no doubt Like if u feel sorry for Logan
Duk Clipz_Cm
Duk Clipz_Cm 3 days ago
sorry no disrespect tho
Cartoon 4 days ago
These two brothers are basically 12 yr olds
Sky Love
Sky Love 4 days ago
U and ur famliy funny af
POOxGAMING 4 days ago
XD- I have no words...
Kaitlyn Sullivan
Kaitlyn Sullivan 4 days ago
If you haven’t had a crisis in the giant eagle parking lot u haven’t lived
Sophia Cuesta
Sophia Cuesta 4 days ago
Logan, your dad is hammered
Souhaib Roudani
Souhaib Roudani 4 days ago
Fuckyour dad
Kamryn Janz
Kamryn Janz 4 days ago
these talks r like me and my brother when i’m drunk 😭
Penelope Peters
Penelope Peters 4 days ago
What the fuck is fucking child predator doing here
Denovia Hicks
Denovia Hicks 4 days ago
Really Greg really
Valerie B
Valerie B 4 days ago
I’m just imagining Logan asking that girl if she had a dad and her saying no, how awkward would that be
KissMe avy
KissMe avy 4 days ago
*Jake Paul dad gets a car* *sells it* What type of father does that?
Annabelle Garcia
Annabelle Garcia 4 days ago
Is that where my dad I would slap him and I would never talk to him again just like Logan did but he didn't slap him I'm so mad at him that's so mean
Annabelle Garcia
Annabelle Garcia 4 days ago
Sometimes I feel like Jake Paul's kind of gay because the earring he only wears one can someone tell me in the comments the answer
eric bot_420
eric bot_420 4 days ago
1 Percent of the comments - Real comments 99 percent of the comments - LIKE THE COMMENT OR BLA BLA RANDOM SHIT
Lavender Honey
Lavender Honey 4 days ago
We love you Logan :*
iczy 5 days ago
oooooooooooooo greg paul sucks hahaha no seriosly i dont know how to spell btw
Nolan Perrien
Nolan Perrien 5 days ago
That asshole
Snub TV
Snub TV 5 days ago
Feel bad for the dad he’s nearly homeless
Talien 303
Talien 303 5 days ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Jake Paul: It is really hard to build a business. Cole Carigan is a lot to deal with. 1:50 😂😂😂😂
Faze Rush
Faze Rush 5 days ago
kaitlyn Bowe
kaitlyn Bowe 5 days ago
Well Logan you did it again... I FUCKING CLICKED ON IT
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez 5 days ago
greg paul is a dick
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