The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Icon

Doug DeMuro
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The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.
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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 7 755
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 4 months ago
Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!
Juan Tafoya
Juan Tafoya 13 days ago
Can you review a RUF CTR "Yellowbird" that is a legendary car as well.
Philip Brechler
Philip Brechler 2 months ago
Fun fact: That is a German first aid kit. Being German it is of course standardised and there is of course a law specifying what needs to be in there. So every German car has this insane amount of bandages in it.
Ravi Seal
Ravi Seal 3 months ago
Doug DeMuro could you please review a Singer Porsche?
London Trucker
London Trucker 3 months ago
I am from Hungary and my dad gave me a Hungaian first aid kit. It is almost the same as the 959 first aid kit, the only difference tha it is blue.
The Anime Box
The Anime Box 6 hours ago
Doug's the type of guy that wants bandages for lunch time.
Galaxy Ha
Galaxy Ha 15 hours ago
Its 1988 Better than Jaguar 2018
_FlyingEgor_ 18 hours ago
jon gone gone
look its not a caddy!! now this is history. no tow truck needed.
Kai-Uwe Trinks
Its a regular German first aid kit
Fspirit Day ago
i want this car
Iconic, but also ugly. Unless you want to drive around the automotive embodiment of a child's toy. The design looks like something Fisher-Price might come up with for a toddler's toy car.
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 2 days ago
I never knew the suspension was that amazing
JasperSmeets 2 days ago
The G-gear in the 959 was also a measure to avoid noise regulations. As regulations only tested on lower speeds and in lower gears, the porsche 959 would initially fail these tests. So they put in the G-gear, as testing had to be performed starting from 1st gear, with the G-gear installed, they could make first gear longer, which meant lower noise emissions which will pass the regulations.
Scorpionc 3 days ago
The F40 might be the Posterboy in the 80s, this one is the Drivers car. Anyway, every Car that is registered in Germany needs to have a First Aid Kit. And you get trouble with the Police and the Periodic safety inspection if you dont have one within its expiritation date. The Chalk btw. was for when you had a Crash to mark the Position of the Cars and then to push the Cars aside to make room for the traffic to keep flowing, if possible, I guess thats also an 80s thing.
Cipher DoUrdan
Cipher DoUrdan 3 days ago
When you look it up and the history plays out like some anime. 959 - We go fast F40 - We go slightly faster 959 S - Can't let you do that Ferrari. F40 E - Wanna bet? 911 GT1- Absolutely. F50- This'll be good.
Jeff polara
Jeff polara 3 days ago
The Beachcraft Bonanza of cars!
Udalix 4 days ago
Both front and rear wheels appear to me like they could be moved backwards in the wheel well a bit. Looks odd with the wheels hugging the front side of the wheel well's like that.
Maciej Kornatowski
Honestly, if I ever reach a point in my life when I can afford it, my personal car collection will be complete with two cars: Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40. Two brilliant cars from same era, so close in performance, but so different they have nearly nothing in common.
Themadoutbacker 6 days ago
That thing is hella clean
Brad Pittman
Brad Pittman 7 days ago
I saw a silver 959 around the Colorado Springs area on the road in 2013. It was awesome.
Andrew Langellier
Why is this his 6th least viewed vid???
laszlo katona
laszlo katona 8 days ago
Now im sure that you are the product of hitlers superrace... 7/10?
science geek
science geek 8 days ago
Doug. You are so anal. Image being one of his children, zero chance of ever pulling a quick one on Doug. But I must admit I am happy to see a review of a 959. Thanks.
Stephen Lipp
Stephen Lipp 8 days ago
This car was the car poster above my bed as a kid!
Juan Ectomanen
Juan Ectomanen 8 days ago
Shut the fuck up about that beautifull steering wheel
HansDampf1911 9 days ago
Info: The health kit is just a standard germany approved health kit. Nothing special here.
OneCrazyDJ 9 days ago
10 miles driven, you owe $10,000 for that little cruise.
EmpireAppDesignz 10 days ago
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Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez 10 days ago
I get so anxious when Doug messes with the dials and settings of things like suspension and other mechanical features on these million dollar cars. He does it so fast and it reminds me of when I used to play with power windows and it makes me feel like he's going to break something.
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 11 days ago
Wow tough crowd, with that 65 doug score
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 11 days ago
1 of my all time favorites. Just a beast on the race track or the rally circuit
Faan 1519
Faan 1519 13 days ago
This is the proof that 959 is a car beyond its time., adjustable suspension, traction settings. All these technologies used in 80's until now. The engineers must have been thinking 20 years ahead. Hands down
sip cip
sip cip 13 days ago
I heard a theory that says The "G" gear was used to pass the noise test. Because of the measurement of noise level on certain speed, they put another gear to decrease the amount of noise
James F
James F 13 days ago
Back seats down the perfect spot for a set of 15s. It's official this is the car I want.
Etusko 13 days ago
...Something something Ruf CTR
Karl X
Karl X 14 days ago
Ugly as hell.
Ozan Bayrak
Ozan Bayrak 14 days ago
Waitin' Jeff Bezos' 97 Honda Accord video
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 14 days ago
I still can’t believe you drove this. I haven’t even selected this on a video game
Nicholas Mathis
Nicholas Mathis 15 days ago
I feel bad.. I think this is one of the ugliest cars ever..
armoureddanger 15 days ago
the joe rogan car
boosted saleen
boosted saleen 16 days ago
G for granny low gear . Lol
138thBatista 16 days ago
On those stupid Facebook posts with the unreasonable question "If you had five empty garage spaces and unlimited money, what would you fill those spots with," I always think about having 5 - Porsche 959s, Sports or Comforts, don't care.
TestTubeBabySpy 16 days ago
Germans DO have a sense of humor, Ever heard of FunnyBot?
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez 17 days ago
I heard 959, 959 times
John Scott
John Scott 17 days ago
This car screams late 80s
Charles Savard-Daigle
No safety latch and a giant spoiler :)
fabts 17 days ago
I love Porsches but this one is not my favorite, But if I had 1.5M I think buy me 7 Nismo GT-R SWT...
Sidney Green
Sidney Green 18 days ago
Porsche 959 is a very hot looking car, I've always wanted to own one
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 18 days ago
I know it’s fast and handles well. But, the design looks like a 1.5 million dollar version beetle with a big wing attached at the rear.
life in general
life in general 18 days ago
i had to turn the sound down this guy was killing me with that 1960's disc jockey way of speaking... yuk!!!
ZiPolishHammer 18 days ago
2 mil for a car that any layman would confuse for a 911. I'll never understand Porsche fanboys
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams 16 days ago
I feel you but Damn that's a great looking porsche i don't care what it is
Brick 19 days ago
Doug: "Ahhh to be a youth in 1980s Germany." Me: "Ahhh to be a youth in 1940s Germany."
J Trizone
J Trizone 19 days ago
Why do I see a Volkswagen beetle with a longer tail and front🤔🤔
Citroen Hy
Citroen Hy 19 days ago
if you havent check yet pls do Citoren CX (gti turbo 2 if possible ) or Citroen SM
Fopeano 19 days ago
In the early 2000's, I was a Porsche parts guy and spent my idle time exploring the parts catalog. At times I looked to the most expensive parts I could find and gravitated to the 959 and the brand new Carrera GT that one of which came through our dealer. The Carrera GT stock front PCCB brake rotors were $7500 each, similar to 911s with the PCCB option. The pad set was only around $500 for the PCCB. Then there was the GT bumper covers, $12k for front and $15k for rear. Way more than any 911 bumper cover. The 1988 959 rear bumper cover tipped the scales at SEVENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS and change. This is the list price, to be clear, but holy good god I'm still blown away by it years later. At that time, a 996 bumper cover was about $500.
vikingslayer34 19 days ago
I can respect the car and the technology, but in my opinion, the look just doesn't do it for me.
Philippe Larcher
Philippe Larcher 20 days ago
Try Citroën DS for even older adjustable suspensions
cole bizwell
cole bizwell 20 days ago
Doug the type of guy to have a PhD in Quirkology
Alexander Laycock
Alexander Laycock 18 days ago
Doug the type of guy to report bruh moments to the police
Laurence Kenyon
Laurence Kenyon 20 days ago
I owned and drove a 959 Komfort model for many years using it frequently. I was the 2nd owner and I knew the first owner and history. When I bought it the car needed some work which was accomplished with the help of PCNA and a really good old school Porsche Tech. It took some doing but eventually the car was extremely well sorted out. I also lived on a dirt road. My favorite memory is driving down the paved road at speed (100+ mph) and turning onto the dirt road changing the torque split and raising the car in mid turn. Fun. However, the hydraulic suspension was questionable at speed. I was afraid to drive it at speeds over 150 mph and don't even think about the track. G is first gear. I believe the first aid kit may have been a German road registration requirement. There is very little room under the front bonnet. Your test car didn't have the tool kit, tire pump, service manual etc. which lives there. The torque multiplying center lock wrench is really cool. The cab always seemed maybe 10% smaller than a 911 of the same period hence the tightness you experienced. Notice the lack of rain gutter..the cab is not 911. The "S" model is a decontented Komfort model not an "RS" Instead of hydraulic (lift) suspension it uses double coil-overs which made the car a significantly better handling car. And yes, most "S" models eliminated the right side mirror. But I recall the rear view mirrors (both) as the best rear view mirrors, for whatever reason, in any car I had owned previously or since. In driving an "S" I missed it. I loved owning the car. I loved seeing it in the garage. But I don't miss driving it. It was so complicated and parts were unobtainable. I often felt I was in a ticking time bomb. One more piece of trivia. The service manual contained instructions for making the test box which was necessary to reset the suspension and diagnose issues. If the suspension or anything else was out of whack there were all sorts of buzzers and lights to warn you. My test box was made with Radio Shack stuff and was never anywhere near Weissach.. When you plugged it in, depending on the test or problem, the manual instructed you what buttons to push in a complicated sequence with the answers showing up as a series of complicated blinking (warning) dash lights almost like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It was somewhere between analog and digital but it did work.
westpalmdoc 20 days ago
awesome review man well done
Dave J
Dave J 21 day ago
It isn't often I disagree with the Doug score but this car is the true starting point for all current 911 cars. A true race car modded enough to drive on the street. It innovated in more areas than the other cars it is compared to. You are 10 points short on the weekend score. This car was likely studied by the makers of the R32 and every other performance AWD car made. It was ground breaking and deserves better.
alphatrion100 21 day ago
When you crash this car you will be covered in fuel
camoaesthetics 21 day ago
Wow... anyone notice "1 piece of white chalk," at 24:57 listed in the First Aid Kit table of contents? I can only think of one use for that during an auto accident. Insane this car even anticipates death.
Olive Ephemerals
Olive Ephemerals 22 days ago
you'd still have the f40 though any day
Bingo Boingo
Bingo Boingo 22 days ago
Porsche had to declare the first gear to a "G-gear" due to noise regulations. So the second became "first" and so on. You use the G-gear as a normal first gear.
no, as a matter of fact
If that was the case, it would be a bitch to start from the first gear aka normal second gear. I find it hard to believe many owners would do that, you're gonna wear that clutch down fast if you're starting at each red light from 2nd.
Phillip Noetzel
Phillip Noetzel 22 days ago
You can now buy a Cayman S or GT4 for much much much less cost.....and it will take everything the 959 developed and outrun it like mad (except for the top speed....but who the fuck cares about going fast in a straight line). Why spend 1.5 million?????
Sam Sonn
Sam Sonn 22 days ago
Center lock key wtf??
Gladio Caelum
Gladio Caelum 22 days ago
Review an sl300
Jonathan 22 days ago
I always hear especially US Americans giggling about the very comprehensiv first aid kits of German cars. Actually it´s mandated by the German goverment to have it that way. Fun Fact: standart procedure in a police control is to controll the first aid kit and if something inside of it is missing or expired you have to pay a huge fine of 5€ Greetings from Germany
Rickey Ryan
Rickey Ryan 22 days ago
that is fucking ridicules..
Enemy Hero
Enemy Hero 23 days ago
Dont let Jerry Seinfeld see this, he'll get a chubbed up boner over it
drquazar 23 days ago
1 piece of white chalk? In the first aid kit? I can only think of one reason to need white chalk in an auto accident. Crazy!
faur alin
faur alin 23 days ago
i dont drink koffeee f....u
Daniel Kuhne
Daniel Kuhne 23 days ago
Oh Dude, when you suddenly need a kidney-transplantation and lookin' at the first-aid-kit of your freakin' Ford GT, remember how you laughed at the 959 kit! 😂
Miguel Ferrandis Perez
pls do a lancia s4 stradale
XnMojo 24 days ago
the way he ends all his sentences by extending the last syllable sounds like hes trying super hard to make sure you know how cool he is. (it's not working)
Joe H
Joe H 21 day ago
Got em’. Got em’ good! How will daddy Doug ever recover?
Joe H
Joe H 21 day ago
Sick burn
Sebastian Wilkey
Sebastian Wilkey 24 days ago
The paint is all jacked up on the 959. I wonder if that is the 959 that has been in a wreck being for $450k over a year ago that I've seen in person.
Brotang Youst
Brotang Youst 24 days ago
Can you even put the front seat back into position with you in the back? Looked like the front seat needed to be forward to use the back seat.
Brotang Youst
Brotang Youst 24 days ago
The adjustable firmness wasn't that forward thinking really. I had an old 80s Ford telstar that had that and it worked pretty well. Would stiffen the front under braking, rear under acceleration and each side respectively when cornering. If they had it on a 80s Ford it's nothing special😂😂
Wurstbrot 25 days ago
Really? They made a "comfort" version of the 959?
Wurstbrot 24 days ago
colla 555
colla 555 25 days ago
What is that garden hose for at 24:07?
Anthony Alvear
Anthony Alvear 25 days ago
it is absurd to hear an idiot comment on one of the best sports cars ever made, pathetic
will i amnot
will i amnot 26 days ago
this is an ugly car too much overhang front and rear wheels arches make wheels look small windscreen is from another ugly car the volkswagen beetle
pleappleappleap 27 days ago
Wait. It gets to 60 well under 4 and still only gets an 8?
Brad Mulcahy
Brad Mulcahy 27 days ago
The problem with a lot of those really technologically advanced features is that half of them didn’t work. The Germans got a little ahead of themselves during that period of time. Just look in a 1980s Audi 5000
Hank Baxter
Hank Baxter 28 days ago
I appreciate how cool this car is, but i still think it's ugly.
Hannes Olsson
Hannes Olsson 28 days ago
I wanted a 959 since I was a kid. Now when I'm older I am piss poor and I get to watch this goofball drive it instead. Sweet.
Ekku 28 days ago
I think its a shame that the 959 shadowed by the f40 and is not that well known. Everyone knows what the f40 is but not everyone knows what the 959 is
Xristos Kapa
Xristos Kapa 29 days ago
Tell me if I’m wrong but Porsche is such beautiful car manufacture,everything is in order,makes beautiful cars.I would love to own one some day..!
Soso Mama
Soso Mama Month ago
The ugliest Porsche ever built. It’s amazing what hype can do; it can give a ghastly car-such as this-a heavy price tag. 😊
I'm gay for Johnny Vincent
It's not ugly. It looks Really good and it's the cutest car in my opinion.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Month ago
One of your best reviews yet.
Dick Berry
Dick Berry Month ago
Needs different rims bad!
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus Month ago
You have to be a car enthusiast to know what this car is, or know that it is special.
Freddy Bartolo
Freddy Bartolo Month ago
Doug.....d kind of guy who eats seafood with chopsicks....these americans... so funny....aluminum....its called aluminium.....pls yyyy?
Freddy Bartolo
Freddy Bartolo Month ago
Y have an ourside oil filler without dipstick like otherside 4 hidrolick...sry 4 spelling...which has dipstick....but not 4 engine oil???funny design from munfsr like porsche....but still a gr8 car
Kripoo1975 Month ago
Dough, the type of guy that gives his wives a score after he “drove” her.
Photon Boy_Tech
Photon Boy_Tech Month ago
13:58 those needles tho
StealthNinja256 Month ago
old car bad dislike doug step it up please
Julian Machin
Julian Machin Month ago
Sat in Daley Thompson's 959 in the late eighties at Porsche Uk HQ. He had a fax machine on the back seat.
ToyCorp Uk Ebay
ToyCorp Uk Ebay Month ago
Doug the type of guy to really enjoy his farts 31:00
ToyCorp Uk Ebay
ToyCorp Uk Ebay Month ago
Doug are you sure that towing sticker is because it's rear engined, pretty sure it'll be to tell you how not to toe because of the 4 wheel drive and if the rears moving and the front is it'll chew the drivetrain up. Happened to my dad's Celica GT four with a guy that was inexperienced with the car being 4 wheel drive.
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo
This was far more interesting than I expected. What an amazing car. Thanks Doug!
Hipidips Month ago
If I would collect some cars I would buy Toyota Century and this car
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