The OLED Gaming TV from ALIENWARE!!

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Jan 9, 2019





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Comments 1 975
oᄋ Day ago
2:35 the guy in the back
Captain Foambeard
Will I be needing to pimp my wife in order to afford this?
Pete Nobodiesb
Pete Nobodiesb 4 days ago
Pass, not spending $1000s on something that will degrade in a year or two, monitors display plenty of static images constantly
Ian Rehm
Ian Rehm 5 days ago
I love the design, but they should consider that people would wanna wall mount this beautiful tech. I really would love to see 4k 240hz put into this with g sync or free sync. I would love to see how they'd make alienware wall mount for the 55 TV cause i've got the monitor 25 and i'm impressed. I'm just a alienware geek legit almost my whole setup based on this brand ;(
Mattuk 10 days ago
Thanks but i lost my kidneys to RTX.
devilscrotch123 12 days ago
Will there be a smaller size, like 27 inches, of this monitor?
athan336 17 days ago
why dosent it go up to the standard 144hz
Roodly F Buts
Roodly F Buts 19 days ago
What's the matter with contrasting zones? Burn ins and less color. Nothing is quite like micro LEDs
James Li
James Li 19 days ago
That guy in the background though
Ali_ReBORN 21 day ago
I’m waiting! We’ll see if this beauty is worth its money! 😎
Tom Messain
Tom Messain 21 day ago
2:31 ;)
Sara Valestine
Sara Valestine 22 days ago
So an overpriced LG oled panel with an overclock for 5k? lmao.
Clout _boi23
Clout _boi23 22 days ago
If it’s over $1,250 average people won’t buy it simple
Erik Breaman
Erik Breaman 24 days ago
tv=DTV receiver integrated "gaming monitor"=no DTV receiver integrated
E.LA.O 27 days ago
Whoa... I gotta get one of these.
FQY PW 27 days ago
This guy in the background is highly annoying
Adib Ariman
Adib Ariman 27 days ago
3:38 Linus randomly tells Jeff Bezos to hold something
KyleQuest 28 days ago
For those not understanding the burn in issue, the time until burn in is not just based on duration, it's also based on intensity. If you have a display in a bright environment, you'll have to push up the displays brightness too. When a display runs hot it'll burn in and burn out much faster.
danimayb 21 day ago
That's another reason I don't like it! As well the crushed blacks which makes for loss of natural detail in the picture. I've refused to spend on one of these! I'm sticking with QLED and see what comes next...
S0u11ess 28 days ago
I am so tired of these ignorant consumers/industry apologists repeating the lie about burn in. Burn in for OLED was solved in 2013, since then its been a myth to delay the release of OLED so they can continue to profit off of inherently flawed and now totally obsolete LCD panels. My oled screen is 6 years old now and ZERO burnin. Its a myth, if burn-in happens its by design for planned obsolesce.
D Sharp
D Sharp Month ago
YOU are a phlim design!
Cubic Ralsei
Cubic Ralsei Month ago
alienware is still a scam
Christian Schuhknecht
The Taskbar will burn in so fast..
Kongolox Month ago
Fuck Alienware.
n00baTr00pa Month ago
On-screen elements will cause burn in. Oled is going to be a hard sell for gaming purposes.
iTouch44 Month ago
OLED? No thanks
Andrius Daugėla
Got a notified clicked on the notification 600k views...
James Sayco
James Sayco Month ago
OLED gaming is the future
Matthew Spencer
Matthew Spencer Month ago
Is it HDR?
Blazer 6905
Blazer 6905 Month ago
Mikey6048 Month ago
Dell/Alienware or Delay Lien ware.
diamlierx Month ago
1year later still waiting on nvidia bfg seems like their asleep at the wheel
protiv sistemy
protiv sistemy Month ago
Крутой мон!
Bob Jeff Jack the 17th
I want all this tech so bad, but I'm a poor motherfucker so no.
TheOddDiabetic Month ago
Maple Flavor
Maple Flavor Month ago
240hz 24in 4k gsync oled monitor when (running at 1080p then bumping up to 4k in the future when gpus are strong enough)
Hello Their
Hello Their Month ago
question: can it replace a flagship tv?
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson Month ago
Guy in back 2:35
_Paws_ Month ago
Linus hiring people out of the blue
ShinTsu Month ago
caint wait for the official Release! want that Screen @_@ finally time to ditch my old HD 60" Plasma screen
Mark R
Mark R Month ago
What is the response time on the TV? What is the model number?
1creeperbomb M
1creeperbomb M Month ago
Lol classic CES Linus trying to dig as deep as possible like he's a detective.
MrDodojo Month ago
I Thought aliexpress lmao
uMad bro
uMad bro Month ago
5:10 the screen is ugly as fuck xD
Steve Rand
Steve Rand Month ago
I really want to see the same phone hammer a nail WITHOUT the screen protector. ;o)
Zane drigs
Zane drigs Month ago
At 1:46 he says that because it’s 120 hertz the supplier is lg. Why is that?
Albylion Month ago
::hands panel to Jeff Bezos:: Alexa. Hold my panel.
job3ztah Month ago
Nice Linus and Linus team love the vid keep it up
Lefteris Kyrou
Lefteris Kyrou Month ago
The perfect monitor! Until Burn-in emerges...
Robi L
Robi L Month ago
Give us a oled hdr 144hz monitor plizzz, its 2019 comonnnn
Phawn Nguyen
Phawn Nguyen Month ago
I bet dell broke it on purpose during shipping.
Humalien87 Month ago
Subtle wink at 2:30
Ry Lanfersieck
Ry Lanfersieck Month ago
typical linus, gonna do his job no matter how many people he gets in the way of
Joshua Revanth
Joshua Revanth Month ago
Great way to dump the panel....😉
Niaz Ahmed
Niaz Ahmed Month ago
at 4:20 I was hoping, he won't drop it.... guess that machine's safe now....
poortaiwanese Month ago
No fking way I would fork out that much money for a LG panel. Fk LG
Thiago Delgado
Thiago Delgado Month ago
So if they Sell as a monitor OLED they don't get burn in, is that can we understand?
Epic Rage Gaming
when will they build a monitor that supports the definition and detail of crysis 3?
Playfer Month ago
3:19 Holy crap, I never knew Luke was so jacked
SunflowerTwix Month ago
2:31 the guy in the back! WINK! lmao you cheeky fucker back there. Haha!
sandnigger01 Month ago
tbh: i just want a 4k oled tv @ 60fps at least with low latency throw some hdr on it i'd be happy 120hz @ 4k in 6 months though i strongly doubt any single card will hit that for at least 2 gens.
sumanth reddy
sumanth reddy Month ago
Why can't I skip this add
Demi Reijnst
Demi Reijnst Month ago
So this is about the tenth CES coverage video I watched today, but I still can't figure out what that Dbrand stuff is.. Am I missing something? Or do I have to watch more CES content for explanations?
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Month ago
for everyone time stamping... I wish you all a happy 2019... you're doing good !
Yeezy westy
Yeezy westy Month ago
squirt some neutral cure silicon into the diode for less degradation. Soy Based Ink ? I dunno... HYBRID TENKNOBLGY
Reprisal Month ago
Down vote for garbage 18:9 aspect ratio.
Jconic Month ago
I just sincerely hope they have a 43 inch, or even 32 inch option. I mean seriously I’d love to use something this as a monitor but 55 inches is just too big for a desk. I think 43 inches is much more manageable, I know ASUS is releasing one but I’d much prefer Alienwares especially if it comes with OLED tech, to pair with my OLED Alienware r13.
GeothermalVents Month ago
The guy at 2:30 winked lmao
vincent martin
I saw that too. He also did an eyebrow thing right after
Harvey Hanaya
Harvey Hanaya Month ago
when u going PC giveaway again sebastian?
H011 Month ago
2:28 look at the guy behind the window lmaoo
H011 Month ago
and 2:34 xD
Alley Kat
Alley Kat Month ago
I think I'll wait until 'microLED' tech makes it in the gaming arena before I would buy one of the worst screen technologies ever conceived. OLED is a joke - anyone who buys it is just plain dumb.
Tp Hl Nepu
Tp Hl Nepu Month ago
Red shirt guy int the background tho
Napster6 Month ago
MakinaDeMuerte Month ago
ugh, look at all those old white people huddled around alienware... Fucc man.
denvera1g1 Month ago
I'll stick with LCD till i can get a non-OLED/microLED without burnin
M3h3ndr3 Month ago
I realy enjoy this "I AM LINUS AND IF YOU WANNA SELL YOUR SHIT YOU BETTER LET ME DO WHATEVER TF I WANT" attiture ;D i mean maybe its me but the booth people seem to be very intimidated xD
OG Hunter
OG Hunter Month ago
i need to sell my self to slavery to buy this tv
Nexim Month ago
Slider Glitch: 10:10:10 Video Reset Glitch 59:59:59
switch Month ago
did the man in the window really wink
Reece Cooper
Reece Cooper Month ago
The dad joke cornball segways into adverts and sponsers is such a clever tongue and cheek way to avoid you just HATING Linus guts. Still a little annoying but touche. Better to address the sponsered elephant in the room with a sense of humour.
The gaming Diss
The gaming Diss Month ago
Subscribe to me now and I will subscribe to u back I'm promise?!
Jango_23 Month ago
So any OLED will lead to burn in? Seems like OLED is the wrong direction for gaming.
ageofbogyo Month ago
There should be a Watercooled i9/Ryzen Factory Overclocked system behind that Screen under the alien logo.
How2BeNoob Month ago
Gaki Gaming
Gaki Gaming Month ago
I don't need those kidneys anyway!
Tav Ferry
Tav Ferry Month ago
All of the times I've heard your dbrand sponsor spiel and I only now understand the name... Lol its D brand. (THE brand)
TKH Month ago
alienware laptop screen shape still looks weird to me
ashish javanjal
ashish javanjal Month ago
Why there is no TV with 21:9 aspect ratio ??
Especially if your talking for a gaming monitor,this and the fact that they chose a 55' screen size is a total head scratcher?
shawn zylla
shawn zylla Month ago
linus, :hey random jeff bezos look a-like dude, and you hold this PHLIM back panel?" best bit of internet this year.
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd Month ago
How much will it be?
Dohray Me
Dohray Me Month ago
This guys gonna cum
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer Month ago
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! usvid.net/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer Month ago
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! usvid.net/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer Month ago
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! usvid.net/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
Simon Month ago
Like every year - another piece of CES vaporware ! You cannot buy it now, you cannot buy it 2019, you cannot but it 2020, you cannot buy it 2021...and so on ! Why have I wasted 5 min of my lifetime to watch this video ? I don't know - over and out !
Patrick Jerome Obaldo
Yup, Dell didn't want you to review it. They deliberately broke it in shipping, and discontinued it right after they saw your name in their order list.
Felix T
Felix T Month ago
Ok manufacturers. Now bring 120hz OLED panels for Smartphones! That should be the next big hype! Not a freaking notch or 23 cameras
Nick tan
Nick tan 3 days ago
EXACTLY ! Tell that to android manufacture. I dont want to hear shit where takes bacttery life away, its only for gaming, its useless. HIGH REFRESH RATE is not only for F gaming. Look at iPad. We need competition. Dont like high refresh rate dont buy them.
Felix T
Felix T 3 days ago
+Nick tan but a fast screen is actually useful, because it's the thing u use to interact with ur phone :D
Nick tan
Nick tan 3 days ago
They dont give a fuck about that. I hate it as well. They go for useful stuff.
Felix T
Felix T 3 days ago
+Nick tan Sure, but what about the big players? Samsung, Apple etc
Nick tan
Nick tan 3 days ago
Razer, Xiomi, Asus ROG ?
Tayo Wilde
Tayo Wilde Month ago
You're a nerd so ima put your lack of social skills down to that.
Dietmar Bäumler
Bezos lookalike should have knocked out that entitled little prick
Nano Gamer
Nano Gamer Month ago
Wow. Can you imagine playing Cyberpunk 2077 on this thing. I can't wait!
Deadswine Month ago
But where is my OLED monitor??? I don't need TV
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