The Oldsmobile Silhouette Was a Really Weird Luxury Minivan

Doug DeMuro
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The original Oldsmobile Silhouette was weird, quirky, and bizarre. It was also the original luxury minivan, and today I'm reviewing the Silhouette to show you what it was like. I am also going to show you the quirks and features of the Silhouette, and I will show you how the Oldsmobile Silhouette drives.
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Feb 11, 2020




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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 7 days ago
If I were to list my favorite reviews, it would include the Vector W8 and this - the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette. It would be the only list, ever, that includes both the Vector W8 and the 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette.
The Kombinator
The Kombinator 8 hours ago
review my 1999 Daewoo Matiz already. Only one in North America. I also have a Hyundai Pony.
Mechotronic 22 hours ago
Older F150s had that door point too, arrrrrrghhh that bastard hurts.
ilyketyorwy 23 hours ago
@dropout0110 my gf says that to me daily... love that chic!
dropout0110 Day ago
I'm calling it at the 5-minute mark because my girlfriend won't stop making fun of your voice so that's the end of that
dropout0110 Day ago
Hey Doug my girlfriend and I are watching your videos and she just said that she can't stand you. Take that for whatever it's worth have a great day
Yerrie 6 hours ago
it’s probably never sold in the US but the Renault Espace had that shape and triangle windows from the early 80’s. I think they gave it a espace look
Austin Suman
Austin Suman 6 hours ago
So would that strip of metal in between the windshield and the front side window in front of the door be the A pillar or would the A pillar be where it is in every other car and be right in front of the door?🤔😂
Gary Long
Gary Long 6 hours ago
How about the plastic and composite body panels...somewhat like Saturn's early vehicles
La Vida
La Vida 6 hours ago
Do for the chevrolet blazer 1999
TheBowerbird 6 hours ago
I really want to clean, polish, and take care of this wonderful old beast. It's filthy and poorly cared for!
Cody Burns
Cody Burns 6 hours ago
Funny i like minivans very much and i’ve never heard of this one. It was a nice surprise to see this olds van!
Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards 6 hours ago
The extra compartment on the ceiling was for cds
Jon Hiller
Jon Hiller 7 hours ago
I LOVED my Silhouette. I bought it used for $500.00. Had to put a radiator in it, but I knew it needed one when I bought it. And it needed a new seal on the side door, which I also knew... that seal turned out to be harder to find that I bargained for, and it took me about 3-4 months to find a dealer that actually still had one in stock, and this was about 10 years ago, I imagine parts are near unobtainium for these now. Drove it for 4 years and sold it for $750.00. Wish I'd kept it, honestly. Mine had cloth seats instead of leather, and it had the 3800 V6. Mine was a sort of mint green metallic with the stripe package. No power sliding door on mine. It was a rattle trap because it hadn't been taken well care of, so lots of squeaks and rattles because of those large plastic interior pieces, but it was a great vehicle. The seats DID fold flat, though, they just didn't fold down to the floor. The factory seat backs would fold down flat so you could put stuff across the top of them. It was very comfortable as far as riding down the road. The 3800 was a *little* easier to work on than the other motors, but not a lot. I'd buy one again if I could find one. There are a couple of them still rolling around in my town. Unfortunately the guy who bought mine started letting his kid drive it, and it got totaled in an accident from what i was told.
Collin Imbeau
Collin Imbeau 7 hours ago
my old f 150 had triangle windows in the front
thosjh 8 hours ago
7:52 Could you review that Reatta in the background?
Sgr 7
Sgr 7 8 hours ago
Also, the weird Toyota Previa you reviewed.
scarr_ 8 hours ago
i swear all of these videos have been filmed in 2008
anthony garcia
anthony garcia 8 hours ago
great video by the way !!! love 90's cars
anthony garcia
anthony garcia 8 hours ago
the day Doug does a video of a all wheel drive Ford Aerostar my life will be fully complete.
Sgr 7
Sgr 7 8 hours ago
12:44...no other car has these. How about the Suzuki SX4 and the Mercedes Metris van...which you love!!!
Ken Ciszewski
Ken Ciszewski 8 hours ago
You missed the most important quirk. The whole body of the van was made of plastic. I called it my tupperware van. Went we went to a funeral we watched the guy that put the magnetic flag on the cars in the procession to see how long before he gave up.
Kenneth Butler
Kenneth Butler 8 hours ago
Doug is parked in a No Parking zone! 16:22
wa2804 9 hours ago
Splended! The thing that hurts my eyes the most is the fabric middle seat in the 2nd row. But the trim lines are close. X-(
Jānis Liepiņš
Jānis Liepiņš 9 hours ago
Doug how is your e class wagoon?
fuckoffyou 11 hours ago
The European equivalent to this car would be Renault Avantime
Highway Drive 717
Highway Drive 717 12 hours ago
I don't know about you but I love the 1993 PONTIAC TRANSPORT AM!
German Ferrando
German Ferrando 13 hours ago
"Fold flat rear seats didn't come out until like the 2000's" Stations wagons from the fifties (and probably before) had fold flat rear seats LOL
David Cook, MFS
David Cook, MFS 13 hours ago
I had a Chevy Lumina minivan. Because of the commercials starting Leonard Nimoy, and that it was manufactured in Mexico, it became known as the Mexican Space Shuttle.
AdrianC12345 13 hours ago
Volvo has had integrated booster seats in several of their cars for decades now........ Still surprised to see GM thought of it for a 1990 model however.
133col 13 hours ago
Many European cars have that front side triangle window... For example Citroen C4 Grand Picasso / Spacetourer
yamspaine 14 hours ago
You wore out the power door!
duane howard
duane howard 14 hours ago
Ron Topimpanation
Ron Topimpanation 14 hours ago
I stopped watching at 6:17. Too many ads. USvid literally shows two ads every 2.5 minutes. Do you have another medium where I can watch your videos, Doug?
fudk_off 15 hours ago
dougs nose finally got some competition with the van
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta 15 hours ago
20:23 now you have a list of cars to review over
Артёма Мороз
I really don't understand why the chevy blazer \ jimmy 95-01 is the most not discussed mini truck in history. Despite his rich cultural contribution to daily drive, offroad and for example lowride culture. Moreover, one of the most famous cars with a bunch of names: Chevrolet Blazer, GMC Jimmy, Opel Blazer, also Chevrolet TrailBlazer and of course Bravada He always kicked the ass Ford Explorer. Received package ZR2 two-door version Chevy and DIamond Edition GMC. On hes platform was made another of the most interesting vans of the last century Astro/Safari. Oh stop, something else. I also remember that LLV still ride through the streets of the city, they have a chassis from a s10 blazer?
Jason Gerhard
Jason Gerhard 16 hours ago
I've never understood why GM styled these like this. My thought is and was GM really didn't want to be in the mini van market and if they could make a couple crappy versions they wouldn't have to be. Doug makes fun of the lack of features but this was the mid 90s not 2020. It just seems funny to me that with all the success Chrysler had with the mini-van that Ford and GM put in such half assed efforts instead of copying them and adding a couple features that Chrysler didn't have.
Brendan McGhee
Brendan McGhee 16 hours ago
That 3rd compartment with the elastic strap is for a wallet.
Crash legend
Crash legend 17 hours ago
It looks awesome! Not like the title, except the luxurious part.
CMort 18 hours ago
120 herspers?!?!!
Robert Mayesiii
Robert Mayesiii 18 hours ago
Put stereo speakers in this van. Sideshow in this. Peel out.😎👍.
DespaMosquito 18 hours ago
My grandpa had one of these things but it was a lumina he loved that thing I miss you, even though you were only in my life for 3 years. This year it will be the 10th anniversary of his passing
James Wotring
James Wotring 18 hours ago
My brother had one. It was cool. Felt like sitting in a spaceship cockpit
R GIII 19 hours ago
Oh yea the "Get Shorty" van. My friend's mother had this van We thought it was the most futuristic thing when we were kids.
Tom Towers
Tom Towers 19 hours ago
That's the back to the future van. Car, Train and a van.
Red Croft
Red Croft 19 hours ago
Yes, the front windows don't open, because they are quarter glass, like many cars before and since, they are there so you can see during a turn, so you don't, you know, kill a child trying to cross the street. Pull your head out of your ass.
Jay Maserian
Jay Maserian 19 hours ago
Btw, from 91-95 you could get one of these with a 4 speed auto and the 3.8l Buick V6. These ones had much more power and were better overall.
Eugene S
Eugene S 19 hours ago
This is GM's CyberVan.
Ali Shahin
Ali Shahin 19 hours ago
Nobody: “...” Doug: “--THHHHHIS,”
obcRadio 19 hours ago
My parents bought one when I was a kid (probably ‘94 or ‘95). Exactly the same but was a nice 90s shade of turquoise. Plenty of power, had the 3800. My dad towed his 19 foot Sea Ray with it lol.
Jay Maserian
Jay Maserian 20 hours ago
These are so good though! Objectively as a daily driver. excellent car!
gamerboy 901
gamerboy 901 20 hours ago
It's rare? My dad broke as friend has one
Rolando Crisostomo
Rolando Crisostomo 20 hours ago
My uncle had one and I was hoping it was gone forever from my memory and then dough ruined it.
SJ B 20 hours ago
Why....... did I watch this?
Arik D
Arik D 20 hours ago
Check this out usvid.net/video/video-FSLgwEaxzcw.html
Loukas Louka
Loukas Louka 20 hours ago
Love your weird cars review! Especially the us stuff that we don't have in Europe. Also interesting that the door design can be seeing in a contemporary car the Skoda Yeti!
NINTENDAWN 20 hours ago
My parents had Silhouettes for 15 years. Had no idea they were luxury cars. edit: OMG I REMEMBER THAT NOISE!!! I once got my fingers caught in the automatic door also, I was an idiot kid
Crashjr86 20 hours ago
Tell me you're reviewing that Reatta in the background...
J S 20 hours ago
Those babies are in plenty of backyards in the midwest. with tall grass around them.
Donald Cocks
Donald Cocks 20 hours ago
You did not add that it had all plastic panels that didn’t get dings or rot. A deer ran into the front fender and caused a big dent, next day it completely went back to normal. You will never find dings,dents or rust on panels and if you find one today the body will look great. It had a air cleaner located in the back glove compartment that they recommended changing every 6 months. Captain chairs armrest and a air compressor with coiled hose that could reach all tires (located side panel in rear). Under carpet it had a very thick padding which made the van very quiet. Everything else you mentioned was correct.
Mark Howard
Mark Howard 20 hours ago
I owned the Chevy Lumina. It was fine. Then went to the Pontiac Montana. Really liked the Montana.
Richard Stroffolino
I just saw a red one on the road today and was embarrassed by the excitement I felt.
mh488 21 hour ago
The dust buster van
TalenGryphon 21 hour ago
My Russian expat neighbor owns one of these. We still call it the dustbuster van. His also smokes and pukes oil everywhere because that 3800 engine is getting pretty tired. The rear sliding door still works (slowly). and yeah it makes the weird noise when it closes
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