The Oldest Man: Pit Stop from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

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Classic Conway & Korman - Harvey is a race-car driver and stops for a pit stop where his entire crew has left already, except "the oldest man" who moves so slowly that Harvey loses the race. Want even more laughs? Subscribe to The Carol Burnett Show Official USvid channel for new sketches every week!
About The Carol Burnett Show
While there’s no truth to the rumor that “CBS” ever stood for The Carol Burnett Show, for eleven seasons and 278 episodes, this star-studded extravaganza of sketch comedy, song and dance became entertainment central for the network and TV viewers. Burnett operated in a relaxed theater setting that allowed her to take questions, cut loose with her famous Tarzan yell and join fellow performers Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner to have a laugh or sing a song. The show received 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in television history.

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Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 78
robert forsythe
robert forsythe 10 days ago
Will one day people of the future think the political process and actions of our leaders be funny? Why is it funny when in incompetent one has the ability to ruin everything?
docthemetalfreak 13 days ago
I thought I had seen all the Tim Conway Oldest Man skits. this one got by me lol.
Reeble Snarfle
Reeble Snarfle 21 day ago
There will never be another Tim Conway! God bless his little heart... I will miss him!
Dustin M. Weber
Dustin M. Weber 8 days ago
Same here.
GARY HESS 27 days ago
Back when comedy was funny and didn't use obscene language or slamming the president.Many of todays comics are pathetic.
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston 27 days ago
You won't find anything funnier on TV today! This show did it, clean, no sexual inuendo, no racism, just good clean comedy. The real put crews today can do pit stops in what, 9,10 seconds? This is gonna take forever, and he lost the race, due to incompetent pitcrew! LOL!
jOE Marchand
jOE Marchand 29 days ago
That roll that Conway did at the end was extremely impressive. He often was able to show off his fitness and nimbleness.
The wave @ 6:38
Julia Rose
Julia Rose Month ago
Do you have the sketches from when Barbara Eden was on the show?
bestamerica Month ago
' that funny... harvey is always hide laugh laugh tooo much from tim
Greg Dolecki
Greg Dolecki Month ago
Harvey lost it very quickly.
Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue Month ago
Harvey Korman never stands a chance when it's with him and the great, sorely missed Tim Conway.
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin Month ago
Poor Harvey never had a chance
Bradley S.
Bradley S. Month ago
Love love love it hahaaa
Bradley S.
Bradley S. Month ago
George Loyie
George Loyie Month ago
Oh my I'm laughing so hard, Thank You for that. Not many people or shows can get me laughing so hard I wipe tears from my eyes! Every time I see your show or clips like this I remember the special nights in the '70s when your show was on and all of us in my family were in the living room watching and laughing and we loved it then and we still love it today. In this uncertain world we need these good clean laughs more than ever, that weekly show made millions of us forget our troubles for awhile and laugh, remember this: Laughter's one of THE best medicines. The actors/performers and guests on the show are all truly great comedians/performers/actors/artists who are still loved today by old fans and when we show these videos to young folks who have never seen them, well you get new fans all the time!! The best thing is that it was clean, you get a lot of respect for keeping it clean. What I mean is you guys didn't have to cuss like oil rig hands and use sex and degrade people to make us laugh. My life's a mess, I got a broken back and severe PTSD, no support like welfare but being a survivor I still find a way to work around the pain, buy my pain meds and help make ends meet. It's harder each year but I tell you, these laughs literally save my life, I'm pretty bummed out, in pain nearly 100% of the time, barely sleep and trust me: Laughter is also a life saver. And so are kitty cats... yep, I rescue the stray kitty cats in the neighborhood no one wants, proud to say I've saved 11 so far... but I was only able to adopt one out so yeah, we got 10 now and I'm the crazy cat mountain man living with 2 of them in an old motorhome in the yard. Thank you for so many laughs, they saved me, really did.
General R. E. Lee
I've wondered how "the oldest man ever got his jobs and was able to keep them "
Cam Spr
Cam Spr Month ago
Who were the 20 idiots that gave this a thumbs down? Wow. I guess they need cuss words to make them laugh.
Amber Bishop
Amber Bishop Month ago
Absolutely love that show!! Always made me laugh!
Mr. Faulkner
Mr. Faulkner Month ago
After you've watched several of these it's pretty much the same skit with different props.
MINIGIRL007 H Month ago
Watched Carol Burnett show as a kid, still love this episode 😂😂😂
Diane Geary
Diane Geary Month ago
William Nelson
William Nelson Month ago
It so great that in everyone of these oldest man skits that he cracks up Coreman.
Lorenzo Moore
Lorenzo Moore Month ago
It seems like Tim was the only one that could make Harvey laugh.
Truth SeekerVP
Truth SeekerVP Month ago
I thought I watched every episode of the Carol Burnett Show but don't recall this one. What a treat.
Brandy F
Brandy F Month ago
Eric Criteser
Eric Criteser Month ago
'69 MGB in Mallard Green. Nice. :)
Daniel McHenry
Daniel McHenry Month ago
Amazing .... laughs and without mention of one body part. Today's folks need to watch this stuff.
Thanks Obama
Thanks Obama Month ago
7 Down votes?..Must be Millennials that think comedy is telling jokes about bowel movements..
RAD 7 days ago
@Dustin M. Weber It's an argument of quality vs. quantity, nothing new. Everyone thinks it started with Rosanne or Married With Children while forgetting All In The Family, the Honeymooners... or even back before TV with the Bickersons. Standup is the same with Eddie Murphy back to Don Rickles and generations before. Your ideal sense comedy will not be kept alive for future generations any more than Renaissance or Elizabethan comedy is being kept alive today. Comedy is an ever-evolving form of amusement... and as the adage goes... This too, shall pass.
Dustin M. Weber
Dustin M. Weber 8 days ago
@RAD Exactly! The way I see it, we're ALL at fault for the degradation of modern humor in one way or another--older generations for introducing crasser forms of comedy and younger ones for laughing at said crasser comedy, regardless of whether or not said younger generations know any better. Meanwhile, who's keeping the cleaner, sharper, wittier, more wholesome, and more genuinely entertaining comedy alive for future generations to enjoy? Not enough people, young OR old, as far as I'm concerned. Sure, times change and people's tastes with them, and older jokes and routines aren't always going to hold up later on down the line as year after year passes by, but who's to say that we can't build upon humor as we know it by introducing newer jokes and routines using the same principles that worked before, albeit with a fresh and possibly even keener twist? If nothing else, we can at least make the effort, regardless if we're entertainers or members of the audience. I could go into how such a principle could work for more dramatic storytelling as well, but I'm sure you can understand how that would work. Bottom line, not every "Millennial" lives up to the lazy, isolated, oversensitive, self-entitled moocher stereotype that's lasted nowadays for years, no thanks to the ones who've perpetuated that stereotype in the first place, and we all need to wise up, come to terms with such a notion, and recognize the Gen Yers who either are or have been trying to make this world a much better place within which to live. Still, this whole trend of older generations bashing younger ones for somehow destroying "the good ol' days" with their innovations on the way we live has persisted for decades now, and I don't see it going away any time soon. I only dread the kind of browbeating Generation Z will be getting from Generations X and Y combined a decade or two from now the same way the Baby Boomers and Generation X--once "mortal enemies" back in the day, no less--have now been bashing Generation Y for this and that reason, lest the younger folks learn from the mistakes of the older ones and put an end to this foolish cycle once and for all.
RAD 8 days ago
@Dustin M. Weber Least we forget that at one time you giggled at an adult who said "Pull my finger". Why blame a younger generation for laughing at shock humor when it's an older generation who created it.
Dustin M. Weber
Dustin M. Weber 8 days ago
You can't believe how many Gen Xers are into toilet humor as well...and gratuitous foul language, too, among other forms of "shock" humor. Not only that, but there are PLENTY of people from Generation Y who are grown up enough to roll their eyes and shake their heads at such childish and blatantly lowbrow nonsense and thus not live up to the stereotype that society has slapped upon their entire age group.
RAD Month ago
Awesome Welles... did you pop a quarter into your Black and White TV set every time you wanted to watch the Carol Burnett Show?
Thanks Obama
Thanks Obama Month ago
As an old man...I resemble this sketch.....lmao
Siobhan Cosgrove
I know what i'm about to ask doesn't have anything to do with this sketch but! please could someone explain to me about the Koala gag between Harvey and Tim.
Siobhan Cosgrove
@billy ford You are a SWEETHEART, many Thanks for explaining. XX
billy ford
billy ford Month ago
From what i understand someone on the show brought Harvey a stuffed Koala bear back from a trip to Australia and didnt bring Tim anything . So after that Tim would mention Australia and the say koala to get back at Harvey by making him crack up .
Larry Eisenberg
Larry Eisenberg Month ago
what? no "slamming of President Trump"? That's not 2019 comedy!
Europa H2O Alien
Thank God above we have these vids to spare us the snowflake millennial leftist crap of today.
Charles Fiore
Charles Fiore 28 days ago
And tRump!!!
HoneyTmo Go
HoneyTmo Go Month ago
If they can make me laugh then they are really funny. Funny stuff like this make me laugh. I'm glad to have clicked on this video
Ed Barber
Ed Barber Month ago
Just a reminder don't watch this duo while drinking a milkshake
MINIGIRL007 H Month ago
Or any drink😂😂
LUV MONEY Month ago
The driver is cracking up...I CANT...SO HILARIOUS...REAL TALK!!!
MaskedMan66 Month ago
Just a bit of friendly advice: please remove the spoiler from your description of the skit. Some people might want to be surprised.
Doug Breese
Doug Breese Month ago
I liked the wave Conway gives Korman half across the car 6:36
sharon brown
sharon brown Month ago
I couldn’t quit laughing. God these two r so so so funny
sharon brown
sharon brown Month ago
That Conway was so stupid and how they never laughed out loud is so beyond me. He was so so good as was kornam
FedorMachida Last
I loved the slow-walking old man, as a kid.
gregory young
gregory young Month ago
Tim Conway always rehearsed it one way and then did something completely different for the actual take. Harvey Korman tried to keep it together but the improv of Tim always got the best of him.
Brandy F
Brandy F Month ago
This comment is perfect for EVERY Tim and Harvey skit!!
GinnieKinz💜 Month ago
gregory young ahhh I love Tim so much for doing that for us. Poor Harvey, though! 😂
TheCross4All Month ago
He waved to Harvey as he was "flying" by, ROTFLOL! Give me the good ole days! Love Tim and Harvey :)
GinnieKinz💜 Month ago
TheCross4All I LOVED that part so much 😂 #itsthelittlethings
Angela Figueroa
Angela Figueroa Month ago
The two best comedians ever don't stop the videos 😂😂😂
slkshewolf Month ago
LOL awww Harvey and Tim!! Hilarious and needed today! Always makes me smile those two gents...but, can we talk about Lyle for a minute!? Damn....
Jackie Phillips
Jackie Phillips Month ago
Definitely a hunk!
Only the best comedians are mentally challenged?
contraryMV Month ago
Harvey losing it at "Hey Pops".😂
Debbie M
Debbie M Month ago
Oh, please keep these Korman and Conway sketches coming, we very much appreciate it! Do you perhaps have the 'other' dentist sketch - the one where Conway jabs his tongue with the needle? There were sound effects added as well for each time he stuck himself with the needle. Hilarious! Used to have it on video tape from tv. back in the day. Thank you for posting this wonderful content!
MINIGIRL007 H Month ago
They're all on USvid
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood Month ago
Here ya go usvid.net/video/video-nF_C3bO8WZ0.html
PSA de Lachute
PSA de Lachute Month ago
Thank you, great memories from the shows !!!
Elizabeth Hostetler
I love it when TC makes HK crack up!
Susan Spencer
Susan Spencer Month ago
👍🏎i know just exactly how it feels to be short, & wanna drive fast in a short car.. vrooom vroom vroom, ... vroom, took my black lab to the drive in theater in my green convertible a tiny "German Spitfire", .. lol we watched the Movie with foot long hot dogs & Hamburgers & Ice Water, he sat right straight up on the seat that night watching that Movie with me, .. Lol... dang those was the dog gone good days.. Lol he even kissed me....yuk... Lol should seen people looking at us.. ha
Jackie Phillips
Jackie Phillips Month ago
So did TC change the routine from rehearsal so HC didn't know what TC was going to do?
MINIGIRL007 H Month ago
He always ad-libed 😂😂
John Massoud
John Massoud Month ago
Conway often ad libbed just to screw with Korman
Mac Breck
Mac Breck Month ago
Nice looking MGB! 👍👍😍😁
Mac Breck
Mac Breck Month ago
Almost bought one, in 1975.
Barrett Littman
Barrett Littman Month ago
My favorite comedic duo. It's a shame that my generation won't grow up to appreciate them as much as I do. Conway and Korman are the best! The whole cast of Carol Burnett is simply amazing!
Barrett Littman
Barrett Littman Month ago
@Hana Yancey I guess I'm just talking to the wrong people. I didn't mean it in a negative way. I just feel outcast when people don't know the greatness of what I'm talking about.
Hana Yancey
Hana Yancey Month ago
@Barrett Littman I am young and everyone I talk to about it to knows the show. Usually they say that funny show at Cracker Barrel. Cracker barrel sells them I guess.
A tribute I did to harvey korman 11 years ago. usvid.net/video/video-FjMHiQlQAIk.html
Barrett Littman
Barrett Littman Month ago
@Hana Yancey I mean I'll talk to people my age and they don't really know what I'm talking about. Which is fine cuz they're just missing out on great comedy!
Hana Yancey
Hana Yancey Month ago
Every generation loves the Carol Burrent show. What do you mean?
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