The New Map of America

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The New Map of America


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Sep 20, 2019




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CallMeCarson 29 days ago
クソ子供 okumura
@CallMeCarson did i got a permanent ban from ur server just bc i wasnt active for a week you know what carson fuck you
Mr Box
Mr Box 15 hours ago
"makes dick joke" compares 3 inches in dick size to his youtooz, 10/10
reonboi bruh
reonboi bruh Day ago
Hami Games
Hami Games 2 days ago
wood fired pizza how will pizza get a job now
Connor 3 days ago
CallMeCarson I hope I’m not too late toget one
adept 20 minutes ago
just a friendly reminder to y'all that there is still a girl outside named Le4`che
Kenan Barker
Kenan Barker 24 minutes ago
hey Carson, check out the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki, you'll find some pretty cursed stuff. Have fun.
Faze Stalin
Faze Stalin Hour ago
My favourite video of 2019
FEARFaZ3 gaming epicc
Fucken post or u a gay
Battlemaster870 2 hours ago
Noone: Carson: Speaking of 3 inches... *measures at 4 inches*
BromanGee 2 hours ago
Ted is so marketable it is absolute insanity
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 5 hours ago
Pheb has no churches *big lion is too big and strong, just like dad*
santadj101 gaming
santadj101 gaming 6 hours ago
If ya ever doing a qna I have one question Is it true you’re really good at fake crying
Blue Streak
Blue Streak 7 hours ago
Why the hell are mad at the A at 6:09 when you use it as your font for subtitles?
Omega Otaku
Omega Otaku 7 hours ago
the first thing that happens implies the world will be better without me just because i'm floridian and i deserve to die
Hexium 7 hours ago
Big lion is what made everyone die in bird box
GD Whitz
GD Whitz 8 hours ago
0:56 This laugh will forever be one of the funniest things known to man
thanos kermit
thanos kermit 8 hours ago
so do you just upload on here to yell about youtooz, is that the only purpose of this channel now?
Alexei Smirnoff
Alexei Smirnoff 8 hours ago
10:14 Hey that looks like me
max_camps cheese party
5:30 hey it's freeed
genghiskhanshorse 10 hours ago
oh god. no please, please I beg of you. I have a family! Big Lion please! I know of your power Big Lion! I KNOW YOUR POWER
クソ子供 okumura
Carson i just wanted to say fuck you after i got a permanent ban from your server for not being active for like a week
Cyranek 11 hours ago
big lion
Alana H
Alana H 11 hours ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the discord sever: Ted: *B* *I* *G* *L* *I* *O* *N*
Warrior 55
Warrior 55 12 hours ago
i bought minis yootooz not your
Ob1ivious Ghost
Ob1ivious Ghost 13 hours ago
Why do come here .... just to suffer
Robert F. Aggot
Robert F. Aggot 13 hours ago
9:49 🗿🗿
spillthegaytea T_T
spillthegaytea T_T 14 hours ago
People on this channel: says anything Me: WHEEZE
akari 14 hours ago
us floridians do not exist. we are south americans.
Rogue Skies
Rogue Skies 14 hours ago
The wisdom tree didn’t have a friend...
VirtualInsanity 14 hours ago
Every single time Carason uploads, a new meme is made
WaryFleaPlayz _
WaryFleaPlayz _ 15 hours ago
Do another spelling bee
Who the Fuck Am I?
Who the Fuck Am I? 16 hours ago
I don't know what Travis and Ted were smoking, but I want some of that.
FBI 18 hours ago
Can we get a youtooz of big lion?
Wyra Melk
Wyra Melk 18 hours ago
3:14 I was playing undertale on my ps4 when that showed up
Arktii 20 hours ago
He's so fucking powerful *BIG LION*
Neon Nova
Neon Nova 20 hours ago
Big duck vs big lion battle of titans
me need a life
me need a life 22 hours ago
He delets his most unrrated videos with not many views. I was trying to find the video where carson and his friends were making a challenge. what a fucking jerk
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 22 hours ago
Wheres the thick ass neak
Nshan Krikorian
Georange Day ago
I’ve lost most of my brain cells watching this Big lion Big lion Big lion
Braeden Booth
I live for Big Lion
Jonathan Phoenix
*big lion*
Glaive Day ago
And yet no one even thought to mention Nashoba. Smh my head, Carson.
BaZynga Day ago
Damn carson smooth ad transition
Michael Norman
I’m having diarrhea while watching this bruh, nothing will stop me from watching this channel 💩🔥🤟
Shyn Day ago
Subscribe or big lion will come to you
Flossie Cour
Flossie Cour Day ago
My dad went to the store
BinWadin _5
BinWadin _5 Day ago
Big lion 2019
Donke Day ago
It’s fucking big lion
Apathetic Lights
what if we unironically start worshiping big lion in the discord??? yall down?
SWK Day ago
A Normal Human
It went to his dick
Hyper Zoan
Hyper Zoan Day ago
poor pheb
Didno Day ago
I’ve rewatched this 8 times &nd Counting. Big Lion Is My Religion. He Is My Home-Screen. Big Lion Is The Best Religion. If You Dont Like Big Lion You’re Are Deserve Allectric Chare.
Taryn And Friends
14:29 Top ten moments before disaster
i swear make another 3 minute ad I swear
Floxy hanstein
he clearly likes it
The besters
The besters Day ago
Some Gamer
Some Gamer Day ago
Welp, guess I’ll wait
NarrowStone70 .,.
I failed my year two sats
Big Jambalaya Boy
Something sad is I live in Virginia
Flaps’s Fav
you aren’t funny
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