The NBA Has Been Hiding His Biggest Secret For Decades...

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Is it just me or does this George Marcus guy look exactly like Wilt Chamberlain?
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Nov 9, 2018

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Comments 2 557
PorkFrog 11 hours ago
'negro' is not an insult...it literally means 'black'...the 'wrong' part is pointing out color at all...they'd never say 'the white midget Bob Cousy won another assist title'
trabant66666 Day ago
#demonetized #negro
Jeremy Pollock
Jeremy Pollock 2 days ago
I remember reading about Wilt saying he NEVER played at full strength. NEVER. He said he was scared that he would hurt someone if he did.
Cathy Mull
Cathy Mull 2 days ago
Wilt is best or second best
Tyssen Whareaitu
Tyssen Whareaitu 2 days ago
Without p.e.dz and wearing chuck taylors haha
FlightSchool87 2 days ago
Oh how far we've come... Lol... the word "negro" is just Latin for black... we haven't come anywhere.
Y Not
Y Not 2 days ago
🃏🤛😉Another his story, of Ghosts from Amerrika pasts, just keeps on losing☻👌🏺🙌🌏🤾‍♀️
You Call That a Knife?
The problem with Wilt's legacy isn't that he wasn't as great as they say he was, it's that he was SO great, and SO dominant that no one believes the stories are true. And, often even when people do accept the statistics, they fundamentally misattribute his greatness to other factors, even though the man's play passes the eye test. The fact is, he was just better than everyone
Tristan Reavis
Tristan Reavis 3 days ago
This is what I’m saying I tell all my friends and they are all like Friends:no it’s Michael Jordan Me:NO it’s wilt
Roberto Ventura
Roberto Ventura 3 days ago
I wonder what team gave him his only L in the professional league
joreist 3 days ago
Kids think Stephanie curry is great 🤣🤣🤣 they don’t know shit
Mattathias Macabees
Stop worshipping the works of men especially ones playing a ball game. Seek the TRUTH
E BO 3 days ago
Wilt might not be the GOAT (greatest resume, most popular, most rings), but I think he is the best ever. He could literally do anything at a league best level except free throws. He lead the league in scoring 7 times, lead the league in rebounding 11 times, lead the league in assists once, and who knows how many times he lead the league in blocks. People say he didn’t face good competition and it’s true that the average player of his time is worse than the average player of more modern times. However, he faced many great big men like Russell, Reed, Thurmond, and Kareem and more than held his own every time if not outright outplaying them. The guy was in his defensive anchor role and not a main offensive option and was still getting 24 a game on near 70% with 8 assists a game. No other defensive focused center came close to doing that ever.
Esprit de Corps Denouement
What's the name of the song playing at the end of the video?
Allen Stiverson
Allen Stiverson 4 days ago
Philip May
Philip May 4 days ago
Back in the 1950s, "Negro" was the politically correct way to describe a certain ethnic group that originated in Africa. It's just "black" in Spanish!
lumapas 2 days ago
Negro is Spanish for black. Nothing wrong with it. No issue.
Omar Estrada
Omar Estrada 4 days ago
“Giant negro center” 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m glad we’re still moving forward even tho rn we got some racist prick in the White House Edit: should have waited for jxmy to finish lol that part so I didn’t have to say this 😂😂 but still
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos 4 days ago
I want to clarify that at the time negro was in no way a derogatory term. It would be equivalent to saying African American today. Many influential black leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X used it.
The Peace that passes All understanding
we haven't come far at all
Hebrew1939 5 days ago
IMHO Wilt is the GOAT.
Allison Grace
Allison Grace 5 days ago
4:04 scared me that my heart was jumping for some reason
Coolaxe- D W
Coolaxe- D W 5 days ago
What a LEGEND 😇
SedaW LoL
SedaW LoL 5 days ago
Well ... I guess ... Wilt is officially GOAT
MightyFish 5 days ago
I just wish that I could be taller than 5'6.
ZuluQ 6 days ago
This would be a good movie
Anthony Kinsey
Anthony Kinsey 6 days ago
He can stand still by the free throw line jump and dunk
Bieber Ninja
Bieber Ninja 6 days ago
wilt at 16 would dominate lebron at any age
Bieber Ninja
Bieber Ninja 6 days ago
what? you're offended by the term giant negro but you're cool with rappers saying the N word nonstop in their songs? stick to talking about basketball and leave the sensitivity training to the spineless braindead asskissers who have given up on being masculine, unless you are a sensitivity trainer then proceed with your hypocritical lecture
jaranarm 6 days ago
Fantastic video.
s 6 days ago
Everyone back then was trash I bet lebron back then would have killed everything
De Wayne Johnson
De Wayne Johnson 6 days ago
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chris paul
chris paul 6 days ago
Man this was a true treasure, thank you!
Kemal Gürer Koloğlu
Did anyone realize that sprint burst at 5:19 ? Jesus Christ!
TrappenWeisseGuy ;
I’m fortunate to have been around for Wilt’s final few seasons. He’s still my favourite player of all time. He may have looked skinny but was very strong and a great track athlete and volleyball player.
Riley O
Riley O 7 days ago
Good stuff man.
Dennis Patrick
Dennis Patrick 7 days ago
I met Wilt in the 60's while he was playing for The Lakers. He was very kind and outgoing towards 2 young kids that were in awe of him.
1CME90 7 days ago
LeBron who?
John Maknak
John Maknak 7 days ago
I think he was the quickest 7-footer in this history of basketball.
Macpo33 7 days ago
he could of trash talked about dunking on you so hard he would knee you in the face and prove it ON ACCIDENT
Greg Hills
Greg Hills 7 days ago
Biggest lie ever that keeps him out of the G.O.A T. conversation is that he was playing against 5'10" white guys every night. He played against some Hall of Famers in a smaller league. Even Kareem was in the league when he retired.
Jeysun Jisun
Jeysun Jisun 7 days ago
I think kai sotto from philippines is closest to achieve his moves..
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage 8 days ago
They need to make a bio movie about wilt.
liam tolen
liam tolen 8 days ago
As i've said many many times, Michael who???? How can a basketball player who never lead the NBA in assists or rebounding be the greatest player in NBA history? What a joke. Gotta love Wilt, he never lost his sense of humor or style! No one can compare to what he could do on a basketball court or after the game :-) Peace brother!
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 8 days ago
Bobo Brazile
Bobo Brazile 8 days ago
I tried so hard to tell people Michael Jordan is not the GOAT, not even close. Wilton Norman Chamberlain is the Goat period!
Todd L. Chatman
Todd L. Chatman 8 days ago
Whoa you just knowleged me.Thanks.Have to share this.
IDK BROSKI 8 days ago
Them whiteboys was weak and mad they lost to a Black man 😂🔥🔥🔥 i love it
BullShark 8 days ago
negro used to be the politically correct term believe it or not.
BullShark 8 days ago
negro used to be the politically correct term believe it or not.
Website guy
Website guy 8 days ago
Big deal negro. People called Irish all kinds of names. Im Irish you are a generation of pussyfied cry babies. Negro wasnt even derogatory. You are just incredible pussies now. Oh ...and you are stupid today. Really stupod.
c Grant
c Grant 8 days ago
Rest in the good news
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JaVale McGee
Mike McGomer
Mike McGomer 9 days ago
So he was tall, not like Steve Nash the MVP from Canada.
Michael Christopher
Love the video bro
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 9 days ago
Wilt played during a time that when he had the ball often he couldn’t use probably his greatest asset his strength (although you could make a case that being the biggest and strongest guy to ever play being able to move the way he did and play 48 minutes a game his speed and stamina would be his greatest asset but 🤷‍♂️) it’s obvious that Wilt as great as he was didn’t really have that killer instinct wasn’t cut throat like an MJ he was more of a gentle giant. I’ve heard Wilt say he was afraid at times that if he played physical got mad he might actually seriously hurt someone. When you’re his size from a young age I think in some cases it can take away from that competitive edge that killer instinct. I think we see it with Lebron. He has always been the biggest strongest fastest guy on the court ever since he was 12 or whatever and it’s taken away something from him developing that mental edge that killer instinct.
Ideas are Powerful - Mick Demi
If Wilt was playing today, would he be a top 5 player in the NBA?
Lord Kawaii
Lord Kawaii 11 hours ago
finao o he means if he was in his most athletic and healthy state dumb fuck
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios 6 days ago
+finao o good one !
finao o
finao o 8 days ago
Top 10, but not top 5. But he'd be over 80 years old, so he'd be slowing down a little.
ItzBoomer 9 days ago
Can 2k add George Marcus?
A. Yo.
A. Yo. 9 days ago
Don’t let this distract you from Shelley Mann winning the butterfly swim title.
Urban Classics
Urban Classics 9 days ago
His fundamentals were crazy
sosaboy sosa
sosaboy sosa 9 days ago
Wilt wS the real deal. He didnt get enough credit for his accomplishments during his career....
Robert J Robicheau
Thanks for this nugget of information. USvid videos show Wilt is the most athletically gifted big man that has ever walked the earth.The entire era before ESPN is nearly forgotten. Maybe over time technology will make the old film better.
Mikey Dunks
Mikey Dunks 9 days ago
Stilt = GOAT.
Μάριος Τσίρης
Sorry to interupt, but 18+16+10+1 is not 46, but 45 ( 3:00 ), fifties' maths tho 😂😂
Nick 9 days ago
but can he drain 3's ?..
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 9 days ago
This why my top 10 is Russel Kareem Wilt Jordan Magic Bird Dr. J Lbj Kobe and the Dream.
William Burdon
William Burdon 10 days ago
who cares?
Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen 10 days ago
what I'm amazed at is how fast and athletic he was for that height,
Lee Moua
Lee Moua 10 days ago
Bill Russell is better
finao o
finao o 8 days ago
Hey, man, whatever you're smoking, pass some over here.
Derrell Benjamin
Derrell Benjamin 10 days ago
I smell a Netflix movie, this kind of remind of Sugar Ray Robinson he used a fake name called Sugar Ray Robinson yep nobody knows his real name can anybody tell me
Shamar Williams
Shamar Williams 10 days ago
Yeah the dude that averaged 50 but then in that year averaged 20 against bill in the plays offs
Lee Wilcox
Lee Wilcox 10 days ago
So a 7 foot tall black kid in the 50's fooled that bastion of athletic order the NCAA with the name George Marcus, that is amazing.
Larrecia Shealey
Larrecia Shealey 10 days ago
One of the best there was
Papa Von illa
Papa Von illa 10 days ago
When do you think NBA teams started being better than the globetrotters? I read the Goose Tatum era globetrotters defeated George Mikan and the NBA Champs for real. My guess the answer is sometime around the color barrier time.
Kevin 9 days ago
end of the Negro League - the Globetrotters were kind of an all star team form the defunct league and they destroyed NBA teams. Wilt was one in the early 60s.
Future Infiniti
Future Infiniti 10 days ago
“Giant negro”
CollectiveWear *
CollectiveWear * 10 days ago
KD would do well in 50”s too. Definitely not saying as good as wilt but the competition in the 50”s was nothing like the competition now
Jay Ed
Jay Ed 10 days ago
With today's GMO FOOODS and all the other b.s. they put out into society. I am not going get start with the crazy vaccinations and all that mess. Also how they experimented on some blacks back then infecting purposely i kno ppl kno that. I ain't diving deeper in that. Then and now huge difference. Racism then and now, a huge difference.. Progress then and now, a little.
Jay Ed
Jay Ed 10 days ago
He tall as heck with a pretty good muscular definition.
Willie D. Washington
This is a fantastic story and video. However, I would like to address something in your video. You begrudged the term "Negro" as it seems to be a remnant of yesteryear, but this is the official, scientific term for the Black race... Negroid or Negro as we were known back then. This is nothing to be embarrassed about and you shouldn't feel the need to shun it no matter what negative derivations have developed from the root of the word. I honestly feel the term "Black" to be more scientifically inaccurate, to say the least!
Tywithay 10 days ago
It's really not that unbelievable that he averaged so many points. He was a modern day athlete playing against old timer athletes. Lebron, Kobe, Jamal Crawford, Durant, etc., would all average 50+ against those slow ass people.
Big Six40
Big Six40 10 days ago
If we were going by NBA stats alone Kareem has better numbers and stats over MJ and everyone else except for steals and assists. But Wilt was a phenom if they added his numbers from playing then no one could touch him. Look up on USvid the first time Wilt and Kareem played each other. It's something to see. Anyone putting LeBron in the top 5 is delusional.
freein2339 10 days ago
Wilt was great ...in his day .....but his day has been over for over 50 years....
KENNY KA$H 10 days ago
Wilt the GOAT!!
Erik Rasmussen
Erik Rasmussen 10 days ago
He looked older at 16 than me at 25
Foes R Futile
Foes R Futile 10 days ago
"Giant Negro Center"
DMSC 10 days ago
Being born and raised in Philly (1958) and hearing the stories, he has always been my only challenge to Michael Jordan as the GOAT basketball player!
Papa Soft
Papa Soft 10 days ago
Hey, what do you think about someone to use your videos in Ukrainian basketball channel? I'm thinking about a try and I promise to share my respects and other stuff If I'll be good :)
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson 10 days ago
Wilt was my hero as a kid, but knock off the hyperbole, my fellow geezers. Wilt did not have a fraction of the skills that current players have. He couldn't dribble, couldn't shoot, and was dunking like crazy on 6'6" white boys from Indiana. If you want to worship the all time greats, get your asses out of the past and watch Steph, KD, Lebron and Giannis.
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson 8 days ago
+bordertown I am not calling anyone names, and if you don't read my posts you shouldn't offer opinions on them. I have already patiently explained that Cousy dribbled behind his back (rather routinely) and was not called for palming (carrying). Here is proof at 2:39 usvid.net/video/video-fE5SDgXLb1g.html. There is maybe 2 minutes of Cousy highlights (from a long and glorious career) distributed over 10 youtube videos and I struggled to find this one. However, as a kid I watched Cousy live and on black and white TV every chance I could, and saw him dribble behind his back a thousand times or more without ever drawing referee sanction. The myth that the rules around dribbling have changed since those early days is flagrant bullshit promoted by younger people who never witnessed that era, but have some sort of need to glorify the past. The brilliant skill of Kyrie or Curry is not a gift from the rule books, and if you believe that this is the reason for all the amazing handles of today's players, there is simply no help for you and you should be disconnected from life support. Currently, the game is played in every corner of the world, and the utter crunch of Darwinian struggle in a basketball universe, that may well be a thousand fold that of Cousy's day, has seen the near extinction of the majority group that sustained the game in Cousy's day - the all American white boy. There are about 40 American born whites distributed over 30 NBA teams today. Most of these 40 are marginal players and only two, Love and Hayward are recent all stars. The reason for this is obvious - the game has become vastly more competitive. There are exactly two reasons for this: the here-too-fore-mentioned explosion of the global pool, and the evolution and accumulation of invented skills and training methods. The players of the past took the game as far as they possibly could - limited by the dimensions of basketball imagination that circumscribed their efforts. Wilt's .540 lifetime shooting percentage was the best in history at the time of his retirement. He did not have the shooting techniques and methods to gain separation that AD or KD have, because these nuances had yet to evolve. Appreciate Wilt and Cousy as the geniuses of their emerging times, but please, don't insult intelligent fans with the idea that anyone from 1960 could step out of a time capsule and into a modern NBA game.
bordertown 8 days ago
It was just different. In Wilt's day you couldn't dribble like guys can in the modern game. You couldn't touch the sides of the ball or you'd get called for palming. Guys back then didn't dribble behind their back or between their legs during games either, which require you to touch the sides of the ball which was a violation anyway plus it was considered unprofessional and coaches would bench you for doing such things. Post players back then couldn't just back in their defenders to power their way closer to the rim either, this was illegal. Offensive fouls were easily called against post players who lowered their shoulder even the slightest. If it was so easy for Wilt to just keep dunking on these 6'6" guys like you keep saying then his career FG% would've been through the roof, which it wasn't. It was a different time with different rules and conditions, I'm not sure why you feel you have to resort to insulting fellow basketball fans and call them names.
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson 9 days ago
+APE Films One more thing, if you are still listening - Wilt's lifetime shooting percentage of .540 is bested by: Capella, Drummond, Golbert, Adams, Jordan, McGee, Valanciunas, Vucevic and Whiteside to name a few present day bigs who never post up against 6'6" white guys from Indiana, but may take it into the block confronting 7 foot White guys from Croatia - who Wilt never worried about.
Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson 10 days ago
+APE Films Don't know where to start dismantling this clusterfuck of a post. You are obviously a youngster pretending to have a memory of that deeply primitive time in basketball history. I damn well know that you didn't watch the NBA game of the week on your black and white TV in 1960 like I did. Lets get started! Wilt never shot from the top of the key - never, no way, no how, no possible chance. He bricked free throws and adding an extra 4 feet plus 9 inches was not going to do Wilt any good. Nor is your contention that NBA league rules forbid dribbling the ball any other way than straight down in Wilt's day anything but illiterate slobber. Bob Cousy - a guy who played in Wilt's day - often dribbled behind his back. You may have never played the game before, but if you go into your driveway with a basketball and you can dribble behind your back while running without getting your hand to the side of the ball, than you have just upended Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton. When the early masters of the crossover dribble -Iverson and Hardaway - made their discoveries, the rules were not an impediment. Fact is, dude, it takes human beings a while to discover shit, and that includes the crossover. When Wilt came into the league the "big bang theory" and the "theory of plate techtonics" and the internet had also not yet been discovered. I note that you failed to include Wilt's one and only arch nemesis, Bill Russell in your list of tall guys who played center a long time ago. Why not? Good for you for spending the time to compile a list of all the untalented, and irrelevant bigs who played Mesozoic ball. In your list there are only a few that we need to consider - Abdul-Jabbar, Lanier and Gilmore and all three of these came into the league when Wilt was past his prime and on the way out. Bellamy was the only Wilt contemporary who had a hall of fame career. Thurmond wasn't bad but he had a lifetime .421 FG% before the invention of the three point shot. Name one center playing today who ever shot .421 for even a bad week. If you look at the rosters from Wilt's best year - when he averaged 50 ppg - you will notice that most teams only had a player or two over 6'8". Why are you putting Swede Halbrook on a list, any list? The guy sat on the bench for a two year career and had a lifetime shooting percentage of .367! BTW, Wilt's fade away was a brick factory, not to be mistaken for Dirk's one legged beauty or Durant's masterpiece from the base line. Chamberlain's shooting percentage was inflated with easy dunks and finger rolls over, you guessed it, 6'6" inch white guys from Indiana (and a few other places.)
APE Films
APE Films 10 days ago
Wilt had an unstoppable 17 foot bank shot (like Duncan & Dirk) & an excellent top of the key jumper. These were his primary shots when he dropped 100 on the Knicks & averaged 50 a game for a season. He was leading the league in shot attempts, but also leading the league in FG%. He was unstoppable in the pain. Had his famous finger roll & dipper dunks. As for dribbling, rules were different in the 60s. You had to strike the ball directly on top or get called for traveling. Here is a list of some of those "6'6" white boys from Indiana" Chamberlain played against. All were measured in bare feet. All would be listed 1-2 inches bigger if they played today. Ray Felix 6-11 Chuck Share 6-11 Walter Dukes 7-0 Swede Halbrook 7-3 Walt Bellamy 6-11 Nate Thurmond 6-11 Reggie Harding 7-0 Mel Counts 7-0 Walt Wesley 6-11 Hank Finkel 7-0 Craig Spitzer 7-0 Craig Raymond 6-11 Otto Moore 6-11 Rich Niemann 7-0 Tom Boerwinkle 7-0 Dave Newmark 7-0 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 7-2 Greg Fillmore 7-1 George Johnson 6-11 Bob Lanier 6-11 Elmore Smith 7-0 Tom Payne 7-2 Vic Bartolome 7-0 Jim McDaniels 6-11 William Smith 7-0 George Johnson 6-11 LaRue Martin 6-11 Artis Gilmore 7-2 (NBA/ABA All Star Game)
clutchg0d on fire
clutchg0d on fire 10 days ago
In todays nba he would average 10 points and 15 rebound at max...old nba is overrated af
APE Films
APE Films 10 days ago
Chamberlain was the same size of Rudy Gobet, but much stronger and could jump out of the building. Also had a fantastic 17 foot bank shot & other great offensive moves. Wilt is Joel Embiid if Embiid could jump. Embiid is great, but doesn't have close to Chamberlains leaping ability. Poor free throw shooting in today's 3 dominated NBA is what would do Chamberlain in. They'd foul him every time he got the ball in the closing minutes of games.
Seth Elder
Seth Elder 10 days ago
Ye must be born again
spida45 Mitchell
spida45 Mitchell 10 days ago
Sana maging ganito si KAI SOTTO
Gavin White21
Gavin White21 11 days ago
Where's the trap sax!!
Charles Driscoll
Charles Driscoll 11 days ago
looks like rec basketball to him
Kristian Wanner
Kristian Wanner 11 days ago
they should update and add to his stats then
Pete Lavender
Pete Lavender 11 days ago
You are like CRINGE!
keanro999 will power
Now i know y he scored 100 lol
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 11 days ago
Wilt was the greatest!!! It’s a shame he died pretty young.
Bball QO
Bball QO 11 days ago
If u really want to know how good wilt was, watch his competition amd not so much him when watching videos of him......just saying
Ken Schnekenburger
Ken Schnekenburger 11 days ago
Wilt is not human. Thats why he could get any women pregnant. He is what we call a fallen angel.
Melanin Magdalene
Melanin Magdalene 11 days ago
Wrote a book about banging over 10k weemen
jjhean nnatividad
jjhean nnatividad 11 days ago
Yall out here sayin wilt didnt bench 500 and had a vert of 48-50+ are stupid. Many fuckin ppl bck in the day been sayin Wilt was the most gifted athlete all time. He was the first MJ. 4.3 40yrd dash and 48 inch vert plus strength he had it all lmao
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