The NBA Has Been Hiding His Biggest Secret For Decades...

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Is it just me or does this George Marcus guy look exactly like Wilt Chamberlain?
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Comments 100
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 10 hours ago
"How far we've come." None at all. Words are just words. "Nigger" became "Negro". "Negro" became "black." Now "black" is vaguely "racist" and it's supposed to be "African-American" whether they've ever seen Africa or not. That's not progress. It's a silly, unending game. Anyone who thinks "'African-American" will be the final step is fooling themselves. Stop apologizing. Just read the thing.
Hugo Soup
Hugo Soup 13 hours ago
Yeah, for people that think Shaq is better of some stupid shit like that, tell me this, did Shaq ever dominate college players when he was only in high school? No, I didn’t think so.
DeFy DT 14 hours ago
5:20 40 yard dash is a solid 3.8
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith 15 hours ago
“George Marcus, Giant negro center” damn wilt must of faced some shit back then when a report on your 44 points called you a nigga
Logical Criticism
Look at the other players, no one was close enough to him, no risk in passing the ball to Wilt, let all the points go through him. That's way too much credit. The point is, he did not have to work for it, it wasn't how he played, it was how his physique was at the time. Scoring everything because you are tallest and you can jump isn't too much of a basketball skill.
Being really tall and a great jumper is actually a pretty good basketball skill. Chamberlain did have other skills. He had a fantastic 17 foot Fade Away jumper and could also hit the fadeaway straight on from the top of the key with regularity. The New York Knicks said his 17-foot bank-shot was his primary weapon for the first three quarters in his 100-point game in the NBA. Also, take note and how far it if he is in ripping down rebounds. Google Wilt Chamberlain 1957 NCAA playoffs. There's a long highlight video showing will in each of the games he played that season against the best college competition in the nation. It won't take you long to figure out which guy is Wilt. There are numerous examples of those highlights of Wilt making great passes and displaying a high basketball IQ. Watch those highlights and ask yourself if that was the only video of Wilt that ever existed and he was available for this year's NBA draft, where would he go? My take is he would be the consensus number one pick on those highlights alone as he is off the chart dominating. He wasn't just blocking shots, he was touching them out of the air and every game. When was the last time you saw any player, at any level high school, college or Pros that routinely was blocking shots by catching them right out of the air. I can't remember the last time I've ever saw anyone do that in the last 40 years.
Terrence PERKINS
Terrence PERKINS 2 days ago
That cool but I need film proof. But thks
So you think all those newspapers that reported it at the time were just making it up?
Tiel Master
Tiel Master 2 days ago
Get at his level MJ 😂. GOAT!!!
Agree2Disagree 2 days ago
Agree2Disagree 2 days ago
Sametschki 3 days ago
5:20 nice hacks
Brayden Leis
Brayden Leis 3 days ago
Wilt Chamberlain is a real life fold hero
AszDraY 4 days ago
The Petrancuri’s
I was raised in Overbrook but never went to school there. So yeah I’m from the same town as Wilt Chamberlain.
Steve Sibaja
Steve Sibaja 5 days ago
Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one single game
E BO 5 days ago
Wilt > MJ.
P Brent
P Brent 5 days ago
George Marcus
brachio1000 6 days ago
The Globetrotters were arguably better than any NBA team in the early fifties.
Colgan Tyskwicz
Colgan Tyskwicz 6 days ago
Why would the thumbnail say wilt is better than you think?? My guy had 100 points in one game which will not be broken in all of our lifetimes at least
He dominated white boys not hard.
ShaunPhillipsAV 3 days ago
Scored 62 points in a playoff game and grabbed I'm NBA record 55 rebounds while being guarded by that 6 ft 10 white boy from the Celtics named Bill Russell.
SR Borjigin
SR Borjigin 9 days ago
Wilt isn’t just the GOAT. Of course, he was,or he is, the king of the world,even though Michael,cannot compete with him to some degree
BdotCdotcom toronto city
Pinned me
BdotCdotcom toronto city
I am better than him....share and like
Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
1962 Wilt is the greatest player in humankind history.
Kári Þorgilsson
Kári Þorgilsson 12 days ago
George Marcus giant negro😤
Sounds bad, but 60 years ago referring to a black man as a negro is no different than referring to a white man as a caucasian. It wasn't meant to be derogatory like that other n word.
SHARK CLUB 16 days ago
Chamberlain #1 of ALL TIME!!!
Nettles 16 days ago
This guy was playing on rookie difficulty
LaRue Mathis
LaRue Mathis 9 days ago
All the Sliders
Keith Jennings
Keith Jennings 13 days ago
*No difficulty* lmao
mlmf2012 16 days ago
Just look at all the records wilt has broken then ask yourself how athletic and talented you have to be to even get all of that. All his records prove how good he was because no nba athlete can accomplish what he has done.
Rory mccallum
Rory mccallum 17 days ago
Giant negro center
Politically correct term at the time. Same as calling a white person a Caucasian these days. You can question why they needed to mention his race at all, but the way they mentioned it was not meant as an insult. It's the same as if they said a giant black Center. Negro is not the same as that other n word. Negro simply means black
Rory mccallum
Rory mccallum 17 days ago
So nobody is gonna talk about how they said “George Marcus, giant negro”
ShaunPhillipsAV 5 hours ago
+The1trueDave - Both Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr always used the term negro when referring to black people in every single speech they ever made.. The problem is, the political correct term keeps changing. It was negro. Then it was colored. Then it was black. Now it is African American. Doesn't matter if you are African or an American, that is still the PC term. Its' hard for publications and the world in general to keep up if the PC term keeps changing every generation. The term negro has never had negative connotations. Problem is, young people confuse negro with nigger and think the terms mean the same thing. They don't, and never have.
The1trueDave Day ago
+ShaunPhillipsAV Not to condone it either but that kind of language was being used in respected publications a long time after that. I remember reading the Guinness Book of Records as a kid in England in the late 70s/ early 80s where it described John William Rogan (one of the tallest men in history) as 'a negro from Gallatin, Tenessee'. It might be that this bit of text dated from some years previous to that and was just reprinted year after year but the point was no-one had seen fit to alter it, even in a time when racial tension was spilling over into rioting in black communities like Toxteth, Brixton and Handsworth. It doesn't surprise me in the least that that word made it into newspaper copy in the US 20 years earlier...
ShaunPhillipsAV 3 days ago
The guy who made the video talked about it in the video. Also, not condoning identifying the race of the person as important, but it's worth noting that negro simply means black. It wasn't a derogatory comment. Now if he had said that other n word, that'd be another story.
WhatYouMadFor 18 days ago
Can we talk abt Bill Russell's vert on that jump ball 🤯 3:25
+ShaunPhillipsAV 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
At one point Russell was the number 7 ranked high jumper in the world. He defeated the man who would go on to win the gold medal in the high jump in one of the events that preceded the Olympics that year. Russell didn't compete in the high jump during the Olympics because he was already competing on the basketball team where he won a gold medal. He once high jumped 6 foot 9 and 3/4. He was measured at six foot nine and five eighths in his bare feet. That makes Russell the only man in NBA history to have high jumped his own height going over the bar feet first. Yeah, Russell had hops. As did Chamberlain who once high jumped 6 foot 6 and 1/2 going over the bar feet first.
WhatYouMadFor 18 days ago
+Jazz that is incredible man lol I feel like the 50's/60's dont get their due diligence
Jazz 18 days ago
Wilt was a national champion high jumper and Bill Russell was a champion sprinter, ironically. But Bill Russell was known for having a bit of a scrawny upper body but legs like tree trunks lol, I feel like both were freak athletes since they were 7'2 and 6'10 respectively, which are usually much too tall for high jumping or sprinting.
Lance Mercado
Lance Mercado 20 days ago
this vid is amazing. Not alot of people know about Wilt and his greatness and this vid explains everything
Valter Ottosson
Valter Ottosson 21 day ago
Anyone else flinched at 0:10
Zac Magadia
Zac Magadia 22 days ago
My friend he was 11 yrs old that averaged PPG 29.7 RPG 34.1 APG 11 and his height at 11 is 5’11
Maximum Overdrive
Damn.. is he black or white? And did he have a clean jumpshot like a older basketball player would? If he is averaging that then he'll future star
Randy Lehey
Randy Lehey 22 days ago
Colored person to person of color. Remarkable progress
Jomar De Jesus
Jomar De Jesus 24 days ago
The 16yrs old boy be lookin like slenderman.😂
LaRue Mathis
LaRue Mathis 9 days ago
Pat Riots
Pat Riots 24 days ago
Wilt overrated. He wouldn’t have been able to play in any other generation besides his. Great stories and “stats” tho
Seriously? A guy the size of Rudy Gobert and Joel Embiid with the jumping ability of a Michael Jordan and fast enough to beat legendary NFL running back Jim Brown in his prime twice in a foot race, would be the consensus number one overall pick even if he never played basketball before. Basically you're talking about Giannis Antetokounmpo if he was a half a foot taller, infinitely stronger and could jump out the gym. If they could teach The Greek Freak how to play, and they could teach Hakeem Olajuwon and Joel Embiid how to play, they'd find a way to teach Wilt Chamberlain how to play basketball. Only thing is, Chamberlain already knew how to play basketball and it had an extremely high basketball IQ. Google Wilt Chamberlain 1957 NCAA playoffs and watch highlights of Chamberlain against the best college competition in the nation and ask yourself would you draft this guy if you had the number one pick? It won't take you long in the highlights to figure out which guy is Chamberlain as he's off-the-chart awesome playing against grown men. In every single one of those games he's blocking shots by catching them out of the air. When's the last time you saw any player, at any level, high school, college or pros blocking shots by catching them shots out of the air? I can't think of anyone I remember doing that in the last 40 years. As Embiid himself has said, and there's clips of him saying it on USvid, Chamberlain would "dominate any era because he's so freaking athletic".
Ghost, bashara
Ghost, bashara 25 days ago
Not human
Blaize Parrish
Blaize Parrish 28 days ago
Bro im trippen i flinched when he threw the ball at the screen.
Wilt never had to face NBA Legends like Brian Scalabrine so he definitely had it easy when he played
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 28 days ago
Wilt was my favorite player growing up (69 now). I had a basketball table-top game based on the 1960 season and his chances to make a field goal were twice anyone else’s. That was something tangible I could experience first-hand.
The Pariah
The Pariah 29 days ago
Too bad he screwed a million women.
White 18 days ago
And they still miss him to this day.
Croke835 29 days ago
Sounds like an even more OP version of Luka in Europe
Matt Ford
Matt Ford 29 days ago
Well he is not better than I think but this is a fun video. Anybody who knows basketball knows how crazy good he was.
CKA 420
CKA 420 29 days ago
0:11 I actually flinched
More Skittles
More Skittles Month ago
I wonder if wilt chamberlain was allowed to fuck white women back then?? If he allegedly fucked 20,000 women, a lot of them had to be white.
Politicus Rex
Politicus Rex Month ago
This ain't nothing. Jordan averaged 82 pts a game in a pro summer league when he was 13. Just kidding, but if you tell the lie enough, they'll believe it. Ask any Jordanite (MJ fanatic).
George Stavrinides
The guy scored 💯 points in a single game! No more said. However, the question is at what level was the NBA back then? No question Chamberlain had all the qualities to be a great player today and most certainly would be but what was the level of competition back then? I highly doubt that he could average 70 points a game with the physicality and professionalism of the sport today.
Vitamin Cee
Vitamin Cee Month ago
That was dope!
Lxgan FRFR
Lxgan FRFR Month ago
See the legends about Slenderman was true wow🤦😂
Louis B K
Louis B K Month ago
I believe he's in the volleyball Hall of Fame, which he played after basketball. Coach Larry Brown tells stories of him in his late 40's and 50's playing with the UCLA kids against Magic and other pros and Wilt still dominating! It's on USvid on a pregame or post game roundtable show.
FLVCKO Month ago
aint no one in any fucking era touching wilt
Russ Hartman
Russ Hartman Month ago
On a side note, Wilt could have easily won the Decathlon in all 3 Olympiads in the 60's, of course, w/o training as a part time hobby in the summer. Easily the best athlete of all-time, with Bo being a close second.
Ryan Mattel
Ryan Mattel Month ago
Anybody else think Wilt is better than Jordan??
LandTYO Month ago
so nobody gonna say this guy said "negro"
ShaunPhillipsAV 3 days ago
The person who made the video commented about it in the video. Besides, negro simply means black. In the 1950s saying a person was a negro is comprable to saying they were an African-American today. Now if he had said that other n-word, that would be a whole different story.
Anthony Domingo
Anthony Domingo Month ago
So? According to Charles Barkley, an 18 year old Dirk Nowitzki dropped 40 points during an exhibition game against NBA all-stars. And he was being guarded by guys like Scottie Pippen.
Mitchell Jordan
Mitchell Jordan Month ago
Just gonna put up 74 on ya tonight.
Aerochalklate Month ago
he could have dunked from the ft line eh
He used to dunk from the free-throw line and shoot 100%. He stood just inside the top of the circle took one big step and jumped. Officials from the NCAA observed him doing this prior to him enrolling a Kansas and promptly instituted a new rule Banning the practice. The new rules stated that you must stay behind the free-throw line until the ball hits the rim. That rule was specifically introduced because of Wilt Chamberlain. If they hadn't, Chamberlain would have continued to shoot 100% on his free throws.
Aerochalklate Month ago
meanwhile robert bobroczky is tall af yet weak af
gallantmon afro
gallantmon afro Month ago
The goat of the nba
Logan Cox
Logan Cox Month ago
Robert Rosenblatt
Wilt is better than Jordan and LeBron
aaron merrill
aaron merrill Month ago
i used this video to do my school project THANKS DAN THE MAN
Pai Menino & Nayla Aurora
WHAT A FUCK!!! HE IS THE GOAT!!! hahahaha?????
Frederick Fatalla Tampus
Wilt Chamberlain is The Real G.O.A.T. in BasketBall! Thanks for This Video!
venom Month ago
the dude is 7 foot and hes running like someone whos agile as fuck!
4browsing Month ago
Negro was the common vernacular for black American in the 50s, it was not a slur like the n-word. Calm down Jxmy.
Simon B
Simon B Month ago
Is it me or does Wilt look like Demar DeRozan in the thumbnail?😂😂
Nathan Eugene Brown
Wilt at 16 was that 2k created player with all the stats maxed out...#facts
Zay Zay
Zay Zay 2 days ago
he made a 99 overall
LaRue Mathis
LaRue Mathis 9 days ago
*James Harden has left chat*
Nathan Eugene Brown
Sooo...name another player that was this good...dominant...✌
Think Civil
Think Civil Month ago
The most dominant basketball player ever. After he retired, teams continued to try to sign him until he was 50 years old. He stayed in good shape because of his long volleyball career and continued training methods. It's too bad that he played during a time when not a lot of NBA games were televised or filmed.
James Stack
James Stack Month ago
1:00 guy after wilt on the right side. 2019 People: bitch ass dunk grazing the rim 1950s people: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST
Wilt was an all around athlete which helped him to dominate at basketball against pros- even in HS...
2k Chevin19
2k Chevin19 Month ago
This proves mj isn’t the goat
KarL Villanueva
KarL Villanueva Month ago
George Marcus Giant Nigga
The Future Is Here
When Wilt Chamberlain wasn't being the best player in the world, he was the strongest guy at the gym, and he was sleeping with 4 women a day......
Roy stacks !
Roy stacks ! Month ago
70 pgg 🤔???
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick Month ago
They should have written big smelly negro
Derp Dragon
Derp Dragon Month ago
George Marcus, a giant negro? Wtf
Calling a black person a negro, especially 60 years ago was not an insult. Negro simply means black the same way Caucasian means White. Now if they had used that other N word, that would be a different story.
Loop _
Loop _ Month ago
Negro was abused by whites back in the days but it’s originally a Spanish word for the color black.
Eric Willan
Eric Willan Month ago
Wilt didn’t score 100 points in the game , it’s impossible, way shorter games, no 3’s , he could literally score every possession and he wouldn’t be able to score that much
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Month ago
Well you can believe what you want but he did Actually score 100 points
Pnw33Pdx Month ago
Nigga is built like an Enderman playing against 5'6 white dudes, of course he was gonna be a god
Ever hear about the time he scored 62 points and grabbed 55 rebounds while being guarded by that little white dude named Bill Russell from the Boston Celtics?
Leeku Month ago
I’ve banged one lady my entire life. He’s banged more than me in half a day!
TheThinkingCharizard Boi
Why does jxmy highroller sound like young don the sauce god?
Chelyz Marx
Chelyz Marx Month ago
this is like 'the story behind' but have a commentator
Roshes aii
Roshes aii Month ago
A scrawny 16 year old dominating grown NBA athletes. That's what u call the GOAT or at least Mount Rushmore
Lxmako !
Lxmako ! Month ago
0:12 did anyone else flinch?
Vanessa M
Vanessa M Month ago
Well, I guess the GOAT debate is over.
Jerry dickins
Jerry dickins Month ago
That’s it a fake Id lol
Kenneth Month ago
Thumbnail looking like female derozan
LiTe GodZz
LiTe GodZz Month ago
He’s also way taller than everyone, let this man guard Shaq and we’ll see what he can do
He used to guard 7 foot 2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he was in his mid-thirties and playing on a bum knee. Held Kareem to 20% points below his career field goal average and thoroughly dominated Jabbar down the stretch, running him into the ground and receiving a standing ovation from the visiting Milwaukee Bucks fans as the Lakers eliminated Jabbar in the Bucks in the 1972 playoffs on their way to the championship. That was old man Chamberlain it 310 lb. 40 lbs lighter and 10 years younger, Chamberlain would have blocked every shot Jabbar took.
tunanorth Month ago
Even near the end of his career, he guarded Kareem just fine, famously blocking two "unblockable" skyhooks in a row during a key playoff game. There are plenty of photos of Wilt and Shaq together, not only was Wilt taller, he is wider at the shoulder and is clearly the larger-framed man.
Mark Young
Mark Young Month ago
Him and bill the greatest.
Sweaty J
Sweaty J Month ago
At the beginning why did I flinch😂
şeytanın avukatı
should have had most blocks,triple doubles and quadruple doubles if they would have counted blocks
Mason Scoggins
Mason Scoggins Month ago
Where is this guys kids
Andy Reynolds
Andy Reynolds Month ago
Wow what a great video! That blows my mind. It’s a shame it couldn’t be more publicly known bc that’s amazing
I take him over anyone
LurkerDood Month ago
Wilt was a Republican He's definitely MAGA, Kareem is devastated 🤣 😄 ⤵️ usvid.net/video/video-ljpxUVqcKxs.html
Solem400 Month ago
Nightfly Month ago
Wilt was playing NBA 2K before any of us.
MoneyTear 24 days ago
+Tyler Trevino hes saying that wilt plays like someone's overpowered 2k player
Tyler Trevino
Tyler Trevino 25 days ago
I don't get it
Sir Gonzo G
Sir Gonzo G Month ago
Didnt think i was gonna watch the whole video #goodattentiongrabber #goodlookinnigga
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