The NBA Has Been Hiding His Biggest Secret For Decades...

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Is it just me or does this George Marcus guy look exactly like Wilt Chamberlain?
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Nov 9, 2018

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Comments 3 448
scottyflintstone 10 hours ago
and had sex w 10k women. LEGEND
S Thomas
S Thomas 16 hours ago
Mehrzod Hasan
Mehrzod Hasan 23 hours ago
Also at 6:12 wilt chamberlain made the hook shot!!!!!!!!!! Get wrecked Kareem
Mehrzod Hasan
Mehrzod Hasan 23 hours ago
Wait why do people say Michael Jordan is the best person to ever touch a basketball their wrong it’s wilt Chamberlain
lionemessi Day ago
I was almost faked when he moved the ball in the beginning
juanio Day ago
But lebron better, according to the media. Hahaha wilt dominated then and would dominate now. 40 inch vertical as a 7 footer.
Lawrence Fishberg
He was unstoppable when he was young, and when he put on extra muscle, he was other worldly.
Judah Legge
Judah Legge 2 days ago
Wilt “George Marcus” Chamberlain was the first “Mr. Marcus.” How many beezos did he bang under an alias? Lololzz
Pixel Studios
Pixel Studios 2 days ago
Who are his parents , that's the question
More Jaxen football
pokeyinla 3 days ago
The Big Dipper was better than I think. How is that even possible?
smoothcollected 3 days ago
Dude if the nba was fully integrated with all the blacks by the time he made it to the league I feel he definitely wouldn’t have been averaging those numbers. The league was full of dudes that look like my man Stephan Colbert the talk show host
smoothcollected 3 days ago
Overbrook is the high school my dad says I would’ve attended had I stayed in philly where I was born
How I'm Livin Records
That would suck to be that tall
Parker Notman
Parker Notman 3 days ago
grosskopf2 3 days ago
Holy Crap. How did the people not know it was Wilt? Didn't care?
grosskopf2 3 days ago
First sentence didn't make since. He said, average 70 points a game against professional players. What?
Seaton1518 3 days ago
7ft 3in Wilt and the other team of 5'9 white guys in cheerleader coochie cutter shorts like "wtf do we do ? No Wonder he was so good it looks like he is playing with some little kids. He would be a backup in todays NBA.
Jack Bard
Jack Bard 3 days ago
No phones in sight, just people enjoying the game. Nice.
Bruce Mack
Bruce Mack 3 days ago
Great story.
Nearly Toxic
Nearly Toxic 4 days ago
So Basically Wilt was a Living MyCareer player.
Noah Springer
Noah Springer 4 days ago
averaging 74 points a game.... Bro motherfuckers that are some of the greatest have ever gotten a 60 point game some 50 how the hell do you get a 70+ on average? My boy wilt chamberlin playing pro with 30 minute quarters 😂😂
king lou
king lou 4 days ago
Giant negro ah hell naw
Haywood Jablomy
Haywood Jablomy 4 days ago
Seriously people he was a giant whole most were 6 foot tall. Not that impressive at all. Who wouldnt average that in that era when they are heads and above almost ever player in height and athleticism. Not sayin he wasnt good. But like 8 teams?? Come on yall. Wuit being delusional.
Ninito-_- DaNoob
Ninito-_- DaNoob 4 days ago
+Haywood Jablomy stop talking all this fucking bullshit and sounding like an idiot, you shaved off like 11 whole point of hardens peformance and you didn't state the fact that Kobe shot 60% fg when he dropped 81 while going 7-13 from 3. How is someone going to drop 81 if they don't even attempt the shots stfu
Haywood Jablomy
Haywood Jablomy 4 days ago
Your literally picking 1 or a couple timwa he did that man. Sorry not a bug deal when everyone else is 6 ft tall. So what you faced one good opponent and a bunch of trash. Wel lakers is kind that right now. So sayin wilt beat the current lakers is something big? Naw dude that aint shit. Just like kobe 81 aint shit. Against a trash ass team that played 0 defense on him and LET him shoot it 50 times. Those kind of performances aint shit. Jame harden scores 50 with 25 free throws. You find that impressive? Hell no its trash
Ninito-_- DaNoob
Ninito-_- DaNoob 4 days ago
He dropped 100 on a 6'11 guy and if it was so bad back then why wasn't bill Russell averaging the same numbers
danny Last
danny Last 4 days ago
grew up watching him! i still think the greatest basketball player of alltime..
Alfred Lindenberg
it looks like someone 6’8” is always guarding him.
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza 5 days ago
I believe thi man is the true best basketball player ever.
Pablo UrBan
Pablo UrBan 5 days ago
Everyone can say that was a different time, but do you score 100 points playing against them?
R R 6 days ago
Damn what an athlete.
JUST JOKING 6 days ago
70points waw😮
EJ 6 days ago
Jordan Fanboys: "MiChAEl JoRDan iS STiLl tHE GoAT"
maui galindo
maui galindo 10 hours ago
Haha 🤣 so true because they only knew michael jordan
grosskopf2 3 days ago
NOPE. Why?
next up
next up 8 days ago
Horrible free throw percentage tho 51 percent for career
phatmeats 8 days ago
Z Ztun
Z Ztun 8 days ago
74 A GAME .....!!!! DAYUM!!!!
chris dunno
chris dunno 9 days ago
I really respect this guy. He really researched heavily for this video. Keep it up
SolteroConDinero 9 days ago
I only have MJ, Magic, Kareem, Bird and maybe Russell ahead of Wilt
Shane Torres
Shane Torres 9 days ago
3:57 George Marcus, giant negro Lmao😂😭💀
GNRL 9 days ago
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 9 days ago
Holy shit man I’m gonna base a school project off this thanks for the info. This is absolutely insane
marcell evans
marcell evans 10 days ago
Always trying fuck a Blackman over .. fuck you
Malkon Kornetti
Malkon Kornetti 10 days ago
Lol I literally hate the way sports USvidrs scrounging for content, title there videos. "What the NFL will LITERALLY put a hit out on you for!" "The big SEX SCANDAL the NBA wants to HIDE!" "The time SCOTTIE PIPPEN LITERALLY snorted Mexican kids" and then they proceed to tell you shit not nearly as exciting as the title. Lmfao.
King James
King James 10 days ago
So what happen to George Marcus ?
Don Ireland
Don Ireland 10 days ago
I'm 70 years old and I remember watching the globetrotters in my home town and Wilt played for them . That called him Wilt the stilt. I don't think I was dreaming. Forget MJ and LeBron, Wilt Chamberlain was the GOAT.
next up
next up 8 days ago
Don Ireland wilt couldn’t shoot no way he was better than Michael
Tremain Bowman
Tremain Bowman 11 days ago
500+ thumbs down 🤔 But why though? Oh yeah, this “we hate facts” world... I forgot for a second.
ZePrxy 11 days ago
why dont they just ask someone from the 60s?
Logan Waldner
Logan Waldner 11 days ago
ZePrxy everyone’s dead or too old to care no one would listen to them anyways
Ryan Baggarly
Ryan Baggarly 11 days ago
Wow great vid
Jao 12 days ago
a GiaNt NeGRo
Tom Lichty
Tom Lichty 12 days ago
Wilt went to KU...
The Panda
The Panda 12 days ago
No disrespect but wilt was stoped on his prime by one guy! Nobodys talking about it. Hes name is Jesus.
Mohsin Ashraf
Mohsin Ashraf 12 days ago
Nobody gonna talk how this dude got in more white cheeks than botox.
The true GOAT of any sport...ever. No ifs...ands...or buts. Hands down. Period
Eduardo 12 days ago
This giant negro sure was skilled.
Addison France
Addison France 13 days ago
Did this man have a quadruple double
Don Ireland
Don Ireland 10 days ago
Don't know, but he did score 100 points in one game. No 3 point shot either. 😀
David Lumley
David Lumley 13 days ago
He was fucken bitches left and right
25lavell 13 days ago
No hate but dude was pretty much a whole foot taller than everyone else.
Hackin Tosh
Hackin Tosh 6 days ago
+25lavell Wilt's era was stacked with big centers who were Hall of Famers. You did zero research, unless you count watching Disney Sports Network, which is in bed with the NBA and has to market their current product as the best thing ever because it's their actual business. Wilt is the most dominant athlete in modern recorded history. Now as far as being the "GOAT"? Stupid argument but any GM would take him or Kareem to start a team. Not MJ. None of them would even think about Lebron.
25lavell 8 days ago
+tman199999 I know my research!
tman199999 8 days ago
Try to do some research before saying that
IndigenousBlack Jaguar78
Who else is going to Google after this?
BucaneerBri 13 days ago
The most dominant athlete of all time
Jahiem Molino
Jahiem Molino 13 days ago
Knew he was from philly when I saw the overbrook Jersey , (never knew til now)
Sub to me not tseries or Pewdiepie Cuz why not
He was mad fast too tho
David Raak
David Raak 13 days ago
I mean he was a negro center
Ruined Reputaton
Ruined Reputaton 13 days ago
who the hell cares?
Ben James
Ben James 13 days ago
Avg of 74ppg omfg.
Cooper Crone
Cooper Crone 13 days ago
Yea hes good but look at that film damn they were bad
Maqbool Khan
Maqbool Khan 13 days ago
He prolly fucked 10 girls before the night he Got 100 points
Dwaine Masters
Dwaine Masters 13 days ago
Wilt chamberlain was the goat of all time basketball.
George Kouts
George Kouts 16 hours ago
Dwaine Masters
Dwaine Masters 13 days ago
Song name at 0:48 pls. Pls.
Jr 13 days ago
he was against unathletic white boys that brick floaters from the free throw line. Don’t get me wrong he was amazing but he most definitely wouldn’t be better than Giannis, Joel, Shaq and all those guys. He was too skinny but it was good for back then but not these days
tman199999 8 days ago
Lmao thanks for the laugh i need that
Dwaine Masters
Dwaine Masters 13 days ago
Song name at 5:20 pls.
Robert Goldring
Robert Goldring 13 days ago
Fantastic! Loved Wilt!!!
Fat Doinks
Fat Doinks 13 days ago
Not to be that dude but Shaq would prolly shit on Wilt no hate jus sayin
tman199999 8 days ago
I doubt it but it would be a interesting battle tho
Keefe Brown
Keefe Brown 14 days ago
Average player in 2019
William Stephens
William Stephens 14 days ago
Great vid Jimmy
William Stephens
William Stephens 14 days ago
He was a Fantastic athlete according to those that saw him play in high school & the pros. He could do things that guys like Porzingas & Dirk & other 6'10" & up guys are doing today, not just hang in the paint.
Jeremiah Thompson
Jeremiah Thompson 14 days ago
His voice is creepy
Dave Studdaman
Dave Studdaman 14 days ago
Who was the tallest guy he played against?
u gai
u gai 14 days ago
No question Wilt is the goat
Quoc Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen 14 days ago
Wilt nuber one
Davan Shade
Davan Shade 15 days ago
this dude op af in 2k
Eric Bogar
Eric Bogar 15 days ago
Wasn't too hard when nobody was athletic and he was a foot taller than everyone.
Joseph Rubio
Joseph Rubio 15 days ago
He was playing against guys LeBron James son would score 400 pts against
Roy ?
Roy ? 15 days ago
That dolphin sound tho 😂😂😂
DCDurant1 15 days ago
Anyone else flinch at 0:11?
Alf Jones - Evan Moore Bacon lll
Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russel dominated the NBA so much because the league back then was mostly white. Hahaha. That is funny af
Tommy Beckert
Tommy Beckert 15 days ago
AKA he’s 7 feet long
Yasmin Mahmutovic
Yasmin Mahmutovic 15 days ago
The reel Goat
RStheGOAT 15 days ago
Am I the only the one who flinched at 0:13 lol
XXX HEFFY 16 days ago
“Giant Negro center💀💀”
Nakia Irvin
Nakia Irvin 14 days ago
your just anthor jealous lice infested crackkka lol
Michael Arica
Michael Arica 16 days ago
quadruple double men..damn!..the GOAT..
Ted _
Ted _ 16 days ago
Bro look at these frail bodies😂 Wilt just wasn’t facing any real Comp. If he putting up 100 I’m putting up 50😭😭
joseph Adams
joseph Adams 16 days ago
shaq would have killed him. Look at 38 seconds. The guy jumping with wilt is like 6'4 LOL. He was playing against guys that were 6'4 and under and white guys. He was dominant against weak competition. It's like when KD dropped 120 points against bunch of 2nd graders LOL
tman199999 8 days ago
U know that a high school clip huh
Tim Rhinehart
Tim Rhinehart 16 days ago
The true GOAT what a player
Tim Rhinehart
Tim Rhinehart 16 days ago
How fast was wilt it was crazy
Impactions 16 days ago
he went too my high school i go too Now
Goat Kush
Goat Kush 16 days ago
Look at the trash white boys he went against tho
Ritter Lott
Ritter Lott 16 days ago
The real G.O.A.T.
Alexander Coleman
Alexander Coleman 16 days ago
During an interview, can't remember which one, but Wilt, and I quote him, "The NBA made rules to help Jordan, the NBA made rules to stop Me(Wilt Chamberlain)". - Wilt Chamberlain
whatis abc2105 dude I said he’d be great just not 70 great.
eyeamblackroyalty you are a damn fool if you think wilt is avg 70 a game nowadays do you see the type of guys he’s playing against? Those dudes probably wouldn’t even make a roaster today
whatis abc2105
+smoothcollected we see what antetekoumpo is doing now, and Wilts the original. Wilt would definitely dominate now.
smoothcollected I think he would be able to score 70 if he sacrifices defense. Someone like a Westbrook is going to push the ball once it’s scored and since Wilt did majority of scoring in the paint then he would have to constantly run back and forth full court so for me he’d have to sacrifice his defense big time to keep up the average
smoothcollected 2 days ago
Alexander Coleman well to my defense I did say he’d still be great but not 70 points a game great. You actually think he’d score 70 a game on the likes of shaq Dwight Howard and other athletic 7 footers
Kam Crump
Kam Crump 16 days ago
5:20 wtf
Charles Lucas
Charles Lucas 16 days ago
Anytime a high school player not only played semi-pro ball, but even dominated players who were old enough to be either his big Brothers or Fathers, you had to know at that time that he was going to be a great player.
Opulent Gaming
Opulent Gaming 16 days ago
Wilt was really good, I live here in the catskills and know a lot of people who actually watched Wilt play at Kutchers (It's also only 5mins from my house). If you give me some of the stories you're trying to debunk, I'll talk to some of the older heads around my area and see if I can get any proof of them for you :) Would be glad to help you create more content on the guy.
BeanutPutter 15 days ago
Did Quincy Jones kill Tupac?
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