The Most Underrated Game Ever

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dino time gets weird
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Feb 9, 2020




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Comments 43 395
Myla Jones
Myla Jones 5 hours ago
You and jams wold be a good cople
Gray Teamturner
Gray Teamturner 5 hours ago
Lol I thought shaking hips was a joke
Khanh Tran
Khanh Tran 5 hours ago
This is my favorite video that you made
Elliott Hess
Elliott Hess 5 hours ago
Elliott Hess
Elliott Hess 5 hours ago
Brenda Marrero Castro
I’ve shaked my hips more than 100 times.. why hasn’t my dad come back?
Leonor De La Garza
Leonor De La Garza 5 hours ago
Kelvin Enriquez
Kelvin Enriquez 5 hours ago
They Made 2 more or 3
Lester Espinosa
Lester Espinosa 5 hours ago
BRO I STILL HAVE THIS GAME! the sequel was pretty fun imo too
Anthony Hiebert
Anthony Hiebert 5 hours ago
Congratulations Jaiden on being the biggest KidzBop fan!
Juan Manuel Todos muñoz
I like movie maximum ride
Lan David Nguyen
Lan David Nguyen 5 hours ago
5:20 ‘’Air, Earth, Fire and Ground’’ then she says ‘’Air, Earth, Fire and WATER’’ (we all makes mistakes Jaiden)
Jennifer Hostler
Jennifer Hostler 5 hours ago
There is 2 more games
The Video Game Hunger 01
When I was younger. When ever I would go to Target with my mom. I would ask if I could go look at the computer game section. I would see games like Age of Empires which is a game I got into when my cousin played it.
Yuki_Usagi_ 5 hours ago
I remember this game never played it dinosaur king was my favorite game
Sally Carter
Sally Carter 5 hours ago
"Let me revive those legs they'll kick your ass!"
Sally Carter
Sally Carter 5 hours ago
fossil fighters was and i amazing! its like inferiror pokemon, but it doesnt suck
Jesse plays
Jesse plays 6 hours ago
Leaving a like just because of 2:30
mario masher
mario masher 6 hours ago
Air, Earth, Fire, Ground. Where is water? 5:21
GummyChocolate 6 hours ago
2:35 **audible screech**
SuperGuestplays :D
SuperGuestplays :D 6 hours ago
2:35 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EMERSEN MAYER 6 hours ago
12:37 is Funnehs voice
Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi
Honestly, this reminds me a LOT of Dinosaur King, which, from what this animation shows... is *_VERY VERY VERY MUY MUCH MORE EPIC_* than this.
Hayden Nutter
Hayden Nutter 6 hours ago
@Jaiden Animations, I swear to you I've been ranting to everyone at my school about the awesomeness of this game. AND THEN, MY FAVORITE ANIMATOR MAKES A VIDEO ON IT, ABSOLUTELY EPIC!
Jane Queens
Jane Queens 6 hours ago
YO JAIDEN, THERE'S FOSSIL FIGHTERS FRONTIER JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. ( I may or may not have misspelled the title.)
My ears
Thresher101YT 6 hours ago
"Most puntable object - the Mr. Peanut Baby Nut"
Nathan Hopkins
Nathan Hopkins 6 hours ago
My underrated game is spectrobes
I Question
I Question 6 hours ago
I can’t wait til ari’s birthday
john walker walker
john walker walker 6 hours ago
5:23 water be like WHERE THE HECC AM I!?!? ground be like HehEHehHEheheh *DED* also, water : GET REKT IDIOT
Shivaan But defo not 2
Cat Person
Cat Person 6 hours ago
I LOVED fossil fighters
Kandis Cabello
Kandis Cabello 6 hours ago
Why do you only color your hair and other people’s hair why don’t you color all over
gamer fairy
gamer fairy 6 hours ago
I've got birds of my own so whenever I watch your videos I don't know if it's sorry screaming or my own five stupid Birds I don't mean stupid as in that dumb I just mean they're kind of annoying sometimes
Kevin villegas gaming
Oh my god she all must stayed the a word my god that's funny haha
FlawlessYoshi 69
FlawlessYoshi 69 6 hours ago
I’m buying all 3 games today
Paola Ceja
Paola Ceja 6 hours ago
juyoung han
juyoung han 6 hours ago
Did jaiden just misspell so she would not sued?
m b
m b 7 hours ago
To remember that fire beats earth just think of the Australian fire
Kagan420 7 hours ago
i aslo remember this game and how big brain i was i always played with a fan next to me in the summer and it was never touched to i just put my DS next to it and it would be so satisfying cause it was actually smooth
Gabriel Howe
Gabriel Howe 7 hours ago
i remember playing this game, it was soooo much fun
Ejomon 7 hours ago
Fire should beat air, because fire consumes oxygen to sustain itself, because *cue bill wurtz sound effect* Thats... How... Science Works!!!
Tanya Drew
Tanya Drew 7 hours ago
KathrynTheDragon 13
Headphone user warning.
Claire Pedroza
Claire Pedroza 7 hours ago
There is a fossil fighters song in Super smash bros im not kidding
NO COMMIES 7 hours ago
Saasha Renville
Saasha Renville 7 hours ago
ZSupper 7 hours ago
JAIDEN!!! try spectrobes beyond portales it has the same fossil digging but without dino's and with pokemon like creatures!
Alyssa 7 hours ago
i died at digadigamid
Nadia Crawford
Nadia Crawford 7 hours ago
Can you try to make a video at least once a week an sinstead once a month -_-
Ekami 7 hours ago
"tells about a power of hip shaking to revive her." Me: hah, funny joke. * Shows a screenshot of hip shaking actually happening * ...I did a spit take.
NyxTarian The Racer
OMG OMG OMG FOSSIL FIGHTERS WAS MY ABSOLUTE CHILDHOOD... Glad I’m not the only one that remembers it TwT
ObviouslyEoin 7 hours ago
After this video, Pokémon died and fossil fighters was bought roughly 69420 times.
Anoushka Kolluru
Anoushka Kolluru 7 hours ago
“Air earth fire and ground” Water: am I a joke to you
GachaToffetea 765
GachaToffetea 765 7 hours ago
This is the 4th time I've watched this video
Andy Andy
Andy Andy 7 hours ago
You should play the sequel Fossil Fighters Champions, the story actually might be crazier than the first one somehow
Akuma Prince
Akuma Prince 7 hours ago
Fossil fighters 1, 2, and 3 were amazing! ;-; Fossil Fighters, Fossil Fighters Champions, and Fossil Fighters Frontier
Mzi Aabijah Sibanda
2:35 (the scream) 4:12 (swearing comes to life) and 5:59 (the great flood) The worst parts of history
the cactusoverlord
the cactusoverlord 7 hours ago
I have that game
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