The Man Behind New York's Celebrity-Themed Ice Cream

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If you’re in the mood for some Truffle Shuffle or Foxy Brown ice cream, there’s only one place to go: Mikey Likes It Ice Cream. Michael “Mikey” Cole opened his pop culture-inspired shop down the street from where he grew up. Following a six-month stint in jail, Cole looked for an opportunity to reinvent himself and began making frozen treats. Now, he's got a burgeoning company that gives back to the community. Now that's a smooth operator.
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May 16, 2016




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Comments 6 412
Sneaky snek 2005
MvP Tsunami
MvP Tsunami Day ago
I wish I knew about this wen I went to New York
Mr. Night
Mr. Night 3 days ago
Whoever says this man is fat He's not fat, he's filled with kindness
Hao Nguyen
Hao Nguyen 3 days ago
His names Michael Cole...hmmm...ive heard that name before.......(wwe)(search up)
Detective Wolf
Detective Wolf 4 days ago
I'm confused ice cream is life
Aryan Ahmed
Aryan Ahmed 6 days ago
Him:"Everyone likes ice cream even people who say i dont like ice cream still like ice cream" My Brain:Error 101 does not compute i repeat does not compute.
Shadowprincess Omg
Shadowprincess Omg 10 days ago
Give me free ice cream for a A+
urjs 10 days ago
Kids can just print out a fake report card with all As and show it to this man
I will supply Weapon 's for the war
I like ice cream but I'm lactose intolerant
Battle Fire Skull studios
The only ice cream that has a n word pass
V e n u s
V e n u s 19 days ago
*Even if they say they dont like ice cream, they still like ice cream.*
Zhanibek Mukshayev
Zhanibek Mukshayev 20 days ago
He would be the best actor to play biggie smalls if they will do another movie
cosmic_ 21 day ago
Nicole Mathias
Nicole Mathias 24 days ago
1:00 do you have plain chocolate
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 25 days ago
Awe that’s so sweet of you to give kids who get A’s on their report cards! It makes the kids know that if they work hard they’ll get a reward at the end. And it makes them continue to work hard because I know they want ice cream and when they figure out that if they get good grades, they’ll get free ice cream so they work harder.
Proxima Star
Proxima Star 25 days ago
Man i love this Guy
Jacob Chen
Jacob Chen 25 days ago
This is my man where is it?
HunnyBunno 26 days ago
Icecream Supports the community but not the weight of my diabetes -me 2019
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour 27 days ago
I absolutely ADORE ice cream (Oreo and cookies n cream ESPECIALLY), but I just never understood why the ice cream scoopers always scooped directly in the middle, and not on the sides of the bucket.
TTV Tryhard
TTV Tryhard 29 days ago
Mrbeast should tip them $10’000
Kacper Animation
Even those who say they don't like ice cream still love ice cream Vegans: Are we joke to you?
Marco Pena
Marco Pena Month ago
I'm in texas rip
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano Month ago
Why change the title
The people that disliked it were the people who only get F s
Joshua Moolman
Joshua Moolman Month ago
Why am I not in New York city right now??? Whenever I visit buddy, I'll pop on by, I promise😉
Troy NgUyen
Troy NgUyen Month ago
Who loves ice cream leave a like if you love it 👇
Julius Ceaser Salad
who disliked this? who!?
Mr.Idontknow Month ago
Mad respect for him
Mr Slimey
Mr Slimey Month ago
That legend of a man gives free ice-cream to kids with A's on their report card
Goutami Ghosh-Basu
Incredible , thanks
Shawn DiSalvo
Shawn DiSalvo Month ago
If you like Ice Cream 🍦 Turn this blue 👇
Shawn DiSalvo
Shawn DiSalvo Month ago
@J055H y
J055H Month ago
I like ice cream but I wont be liking you're comment
Emz Month ago
If you get A free Icecream? My asian friend : Its free real estate
Simply Sasuke
Simply Sasuke Month ago
If you don't like ice-cream you're a inhuman *FREAK* Just gonna say it.
XxxFreemodewarriorxxX 10
Those prices though 😬
Ipraku Month ago
Free ice cream for a WOW. I love that ice cream man doing better than teachers. Teacher give us more exams if we get A .
Karl JIMENEZ Month ago
Houth Clan
Houth Clan Month ago
most people go Eminem’s concert or Rihanna’s concert but if this guy has a concert imma be there faster than when my mom calls me downstairs
Marcus St John
Marcus St John Month ago
Me flies to new York puts a on report catd
Sxroll Month ago
Wow Hillary Clinton now that’s a good goal
Kris B
Kris B Month ago
I fkin love this dude
Sentry service Service
I love it nice video . If you wan’t to offer you’re own hand dipped or sell soft serve electro freeze is the way to go .
Draeden B
Draeden B Month ago
hes so nice
Sufiyan Khan
Sufiyan Khan Month ago
😔😔😔😭😭😭 I was born in New York
Amaury Yeet
Amaury Yeet Month ago
The names dude
sil3nt hydro
sil3nt hydro Month ago
Every ice cream flavour be gangsta until *Mikey doesn't like it*
Derpy_david !
Derpy_david ! Month ago
Everybody loves ice cream... That one person who is allergic to everything: Not exactly everyone. Mike: Taste it! Person who is allergic to everything: *Dies*
David Canizares
David Canizares Month ago
Ok, he’s too *pure*
Droolsial Month ago
I'm lactosintolerant and I love ice cream.
Can’t think of a name
This is just Wholesome
Just Here
Just Here Month ago
If kids come in here with an A on their report cards we give them a free scoop of ice cream *Asian kids want to know your location*
Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird Month ago
I love ice cream,🍦🍦🍦
Tasty Jason
Tasty Jason Month ago
“everyone loves ice-cream” lactose in tolerant people: *excuse me wtf*
Simply Sasuke
Simply Sasuke Month ago
@Golden Rose Get lactose. I had lactose ice cream and honestly it tastes the same as regular ice cream. Also try gelato instead. Gelato is dairy free. 💖 You should enjoy the taste of ice cream without being in pain.
Golden Rose
Golden Rose Month ago
oh yeah yeah I’m lactose intolerant but I still love ice cream. I endure the stomachache for it.
Alvaro Canchola
Alvaro Canchola Month ago
I respect this man
Lonely Variety
Lonely Variety Month ago
I live in North Carolina so I’m missing out
Hh Bh
Hh Bh Month ago
8 dollars? That still quite expensive though
Diego Paredes
Diego Paredes Month ago
Only the real ones remember the OG title for this vid
Wow.... Even I scored A I need a Icecream hell yeah😏😏😏😏😏
Lablu Abedin
Lablu Abedin Month ago
This guy used to sell drugs at one point
SprucePelt Month ago
We need more people like him
hatemail Month ago
Damn. *He's one kind man*
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