The Lizard Slayer - Starter Squad (Ep.9)

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To save the lives of countless innocents, a valiant hero must slay a terrifying beast.
"Starter Squad" is a Pokemon parody series created by Pierce Shipp (Shippiddge)
--- Video Credits ---
Pierce Shipp (usvid.net/u-Shippiddge)
Executive Producers (The Very Best):
Ben Illsley, Benny Yau, Brandon Alexander Cohen, Charles Hoskins, DarkHenrik, Dreux Ferrano Jr., Earoist, Emanuelle Alexander Lopez, Fukano, Justin T. Wilson, Katie Stapleton, Le Lightside, Nauel Octavio Tejada, Pkmn Trainer Gonzo, Red, Ris Grestar, Ryan Fleck, Sebastian Naranjo, Simon DeCapua, Sno Comics, Syrus Coy, Terrence Serperior, TheMightyGamer7, & Xiangjun Liao
Voice Acting:
Jill Harris as Caterpie
Arón Keyser (PrimatePunk) as Sandshrew
Pierce Shipp (Shippiddge) as Charmander (usvid.net/u-Shippiddge)
Connor O'Brien (Stoshu) as Bulbasaur
Tiana Camacho as Butterfree (www.tianacamacho.com/)
Lyle Rath as Golbat (usvid.net/u-Guitarmasterx7)
Chris Niosi (Kirbopher) as Beedrill (usvid.net/u-Kirbopher15)
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX) as Squirtle/Geodude/Golem (usvid.net/u-DruoxTheShredder)
Marissa Lenti as Whiskers (www.marissalenti.com)
Intro Art:
Robin French (twitter.com/sketchrobin)
Pierce Shipp
Arón Keyser
Josh Rubin
Pierce Shipp
Denis Cera
Johan Tri Handoyo
Omar Pico
Joe Kata (usvid.net/u-TabascoSauceBoss)
Denis Cera
Model Porting:
The Models Resource
Set Modeling:
Nick Havas
Pierce Shipp
Cave Drawing:
Arón Keyser
Sound Design:
Travis Thomas
Original Score:
Josh Burke (Prismfold) (usvid.net/show-UCs9O3kfj-nee6wjKyPkxsKQ)
Featuring Original Music by:
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX) (usvid.net/u-DruoxTheShredder)
End Credits Music:
Ori Schlesinger
Additional Music:
Pokemon Original Soundtrack
Animated in Blender
Special Thanks:
Arón Keyser (PrimatePunk)
Dreux Ferrano Jr. (DRUOX)
Shawn Smash (RocketDogShawn)
Travis Thomas
Josh Burke (Prismfold)
Dave Capdevielle
Josh & Rachel
Karly, Codi, Canaan, & RJ
Rose W
John & Barb
Cooper, Dayton, & Charlie

Pokemon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company


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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 35 378
Mr Bones Pizza
Mr Bones Pizza 4 hours ago
Spoil alert I now the ending
Hannah_ The_Wolf
Hannah_ The_Wolf 4 hours ago
Omg, when the credits came, I was holding my breath saying in my head "Noooooooo..... That can't be it." But when the "To be continued..." Appeared, I think I lost all my oxygen there XD
LucasSpam PkFire
LucasSpam PkFire 4 hours ago
The like whores.
The Internet Goose
The Internet Goose 4 hours ago
Jesus. These comments are literally all just 'People who think,' followed with an arrow pointing at the like button. So many like-whores.
XxAva _WolfxX
XxAva _WolfxX 5 hours ago
Please don't kill charmandr please I WANT him to evolve and KILL caterpillar and save the squad pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Reallylongweshanks YT
holy shit why do people keep doing THIEOS ISWD HOW A MAEWNY PEOWPLE DOI DEEES | | \/ like just fucking stop its getting old XD
elba salazar
elba salazar 5 hours ago
You should do 10 and do something shocking
Rose Carlos
Rose Carlos 6 hours ago
Did charmander died 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
minixo Mini
minixo Mini 6 hours ago
I’m pretty sure the nidoran shielded charmander
Ludim Morales
Ludim Morales 6 hours ago
Well charmander might evolve into charmelion
minixo Mini
minixo Mini 6 hours ago
Next episode coming soon: February 6 2069
Jovan LaPera
Jovan LaPera 6 hours ago
How did charmander even survive the attack from geodude like jesus
RubenGamer9Million 7 hours ago
Make writ 10
jack forth
jack forth 7 hours ago
Wtf I loved this series at least have scwertal fight agents her come on man
Brandon Velasquez
Brandon Velasquez 7 hours ago
Who things charmander is going to evole click the like button
Brandon Velasquez
Brandon Velasquez 7 hours ago
Who likes charmader like it
NinjaSox7 7 hours ago
Charmander died(?) before he could even tell Squirtle he was there for him...damn.
Life of Ashura
Life of Ashura 9 hours ago
Charmander is still alive. Change my mind
MM Chilly
MM Chilly 9 hours ago
To all the people who think charmander is dead, IT SAID TO BE CONTINUED AT THE END, SO HE IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE!!!!
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 9 hours ago
What’s that song
joseph 875
joseph 875 9 hours ago
Here we go have to wait another year for one episode to come out yes can't wait 🤔😕
WolfMoon AJ
WolfMoon AJ 10 hours ago
This is just too sad. Will there be an episode 10?(oof please say yes)
Sebastian Studios
Sebastian Studios 11 hours ago
When are you going to make part10
Finn Halmagyi
Finn Halmagyi 11 hours ago
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci 11 hours ago
how many brain juice deficient comments that ask for likes | V
PixelBros 12 hours ago
So we just aren’t gonna talk about how geodude can fly?
cdbcrow yt
cdbcrow yt 13 hours ago
God damnit
Undead Prince of Chaos
I bet squirtle jumped in the way and saved Charmander with his shell. Thumbs up if you agree.
Eduardo Vega
Eduardo Vega 14 hours ago
Make a part 10
back with elise
back with elise 14 hours ago
Charmander was level 15 and the exp whas lllllllllllllllllllll l he killed whiskers SO i think hes gonna be charmeleon
Alan Bell
Alan Bell 14 hours ago
Jean Barria
Jean Barria 14 hours ago
ANDRY FRIAS 14 hours ago
Make another video that charmander recovers and squirtle is on his team and they kill all those dumb stupid caterpies
Magma Productions
Magma Productions 15 hours ago
With heroes and villains like this, I honestly can't decide who to root for.
I don't know a name to put
Do another one please
Joe 16 hours ago
This is how many videos that are pointing at their like button 👇🏻
Nick Lean
Nick Lean 16 hours ago
Pls dont kill Charmander in EP 10 he is funny
F4D3_B4Z00K4 16 hours ago
They did not fix the thing new two said to
Younes Abbadi
Younes Abbadi 16 hours ago
See you in 2020
Kream Drizz
Kream Drizz 16 hours ago
For episode 10 do we really have to wait for another year
Mason 17 hours ago
9:57 When you stub your toe
Mason 17 hours ago
Omg finally it’s out
reydoge :D
reydoge :D 17 hours ago
This the end?
Filip Dubau
Filip Dubau 17 hours ago
This just turned dark
TJ BOY 18 hours ago
this is how much squirtle was spraying water at charmander 👇
ChaosNeriPlushies 4 hours ago
You liked yourself🤣
Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz 18 hours ago
It Sad
Jonathon Lilbourne
Jonathon Lilbourne 18 hours ago
Maybe charmander will have a scar in the next episode
Renzo Machuca
Renzo Machuca 18 hours ago
Omeir Rules
Omeir Rules 18 hours ago
More episodes plzzzz
Jodi Bosh
Jodi Bosh 19 hours ago
Hey Ship when are you gonna make ep 10?🤔
Flying chicken butt 357 Ludolph
Bring back mewtwo
fnaf plush vids
fnaf plush vids 21 hour ago
R.i.p charmander maby
Frosty Walker,
Frosty Walker, 21 hour ago
That caterpie bitch
Matthew McDonnell
Matthew McDonnell 21 hour ago
bad boy and good girl
navataru 21 hour ago
Can the community please get this guy graphic designers and CGI modelers and assistants so he can produce an episode once a month rather than once a year? This man needs help with his production.
Malkit Singh
Malkit Singh 22 hours ago
Uhh can you let charmnder talk squirtle?
Isahaq Yusuf
Isahaq Yusuf 22 hours ago
RIP Charmander
A boogie Kid
A boogie Kid 23 hours ago
Season 2 when charmander kill him
Scurtu Teodor
Scurtu Teodor 23 hours ago
Ep 10 quickly plzz
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