The Lakers are in trouble if LeBron doesn’t allow Frank Vogel to coach him - Seth Greenberg | Get Up

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Seth Greenberg says the Los Angeles Lakers’ locker room will be an “absolute mess” if LeBron James refuses to let Frank Vogel coach him.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 992
Book of shadows contributor Brian
College coach talking about pro stuff sad
DR. Mighty Quinn
Seth Greenberger is an idiot. He doesn't know shit....Has he ever won anything as a coach? No, he's just a damn broadcaster that talks shit he knows nothing about. Rose has at least played the game at the highest level. Seth please stay off the drugs old man....
Kevin Hagberg
Kevin Hagberg Month ago
Lebron won all the titles he is going to.
corey smalls
corey smalls Month ago
A guy who doesn't guard anyone..nobody in the league plays real defensive besides the butler's and Leonard's etc etc of the league overall nobody plays defense
Allandy Mc Kinsley Alexis
The Contract that Luke Walton has with the Kings, is the true definition of white privilege in the United States of America! Compare what he got to what Tyronn Lue got!!!
Michael Parker
Michael Parker Month ago
Seth Greenberg please stick to talking about Xavier vs cincinatti
Cedric Richardson Sr
How mine rings does Vogle have? When has been called the top coach in thebNBS
Majin fu
Majin fu Month ago
Omg they are already with the excuses for lebron should the season fail. No duh LeBron wants a championship if he didnt he wouldnt push for AD and be ok with trading away so much assets
justin alley
justin alley 2 months ago
frank vogel isnt a good coach anyways
SASUKE UCHIHA 2 months ago
This bald guy is a joke
Snicky G
Snicky G 2 months ago
Have you laker fans ever thought about the fact that Green was worthless in the final, where it counts?
Snicky G
Snicky G 2 months ago
Ego maniac James has NEVER allowed any coach to coach. What the hell do you ignorant fools nth ink next season will be any different? IT WON'T!
Brian Kearnaghan
Brian Kearnaghan 3 months ago
Injuries will happen again and this team will flop and not make the playoffs again. Vogel is too nice, Labron will take over and try to coach.
I Self Law Am Master! Arm leg leg arm head!
Wtf is this bald dude talking about? I'm sure he thinks this must b college basketball! Vogel is more of defensive coach that's what he's there to do, jkidd will run the offensive. I'm really tired of watching these substitutes on major networks talk out the side of the neck like are you just saying shit to be saying shit, dnt make no type of sense.
K Boogy
K Boogy 3 months ago
For now I only respect skip and Shannon all these other nihhs be talking bout ah whole bunch of bs
Josh Dorrance
Josh Dorrance 3 months ago
Media just follows narratives instead of watching what is actually happening on the court. Then you get casuals who don't really watch games and just follow what the media says. Then we get idiots talking about b-ball who don't understand what is actually going on.
tatinomichin 3 months ago
Hahaha people think because Davis was traded there they are going to win something..Hahahaha let me laugh Davis already said he will be there one year, that trade started to look like a bad move for LA since they gave everything for One year rental. Second Vogel And James will not get along James always ends up coaching their teams just like Lu and the Cavs. And James is getting old, No PG cos Rondo is not the answer and people keeps praising Kuzma who is an inconsistent mediocre regular player. And that locker room will be a circus..Good luck with that I don't think they will make it even to the play offs and if they do they will be out in first round.
Jimmie Beatty
Jimmie Beatty 3 months ago
Does Lebron look like a guy who wants to be coached?
Biakmawia Pachuau
Biakmawia Pachuau 3 months ago
It's not a big trouble
Al Will
Al Will 3 months ago
Shut up you idiot. You stupid bitch i cant wait til they win. Then you gone say the greatest player all time(or at least top five to others) has to be fuckin coached by frank fuckin vomit. Voggles whatever. Man this shit wild dumb bitch. Lebron gifts rookie coaches rings. You muthafuckas are creating a monster. Best year ever easily
Na je
Na je 3 months ago
Who is this guy ? Somebody pull up his coaching record I gotta see something real quick ..
DyLemma 3 months ago
It’s crazy to me people really think kawhi and George are better than Lebron and ad get the fuck out of here. Brain dead idiots. Kawhi got lucky and now all the sudden he’s better than lebron. Give me a break
Elvis Climes
Elvis Climes 3 months ago
Seth with another terrible take 🤦🏽‍♂️
Julio Escobar
Julio Escobar 3 months ago
People really are sleeping on Kuzma. Really hope he proves all his doubters wrong this season.
Narz Williams
Narz Williams 3 months ago
They left out Ty Lue as he and Bron clicked......I am sure Jalen Rose wanted to tell these men to STFU
Narz Williams
Narz Williams 3 months ago
Seth Greenberg has an agenda, Clippers have more scorers than Lakers......laughable but this clown always have an agenda against Lebron
Jamel Aldridge
Jamel Aldridge 3 months ago
I don't know who Davidi Blatt is. I heard he the best international coach. I would give him a second chance. Luke Walton i don't know. But if you have a problem with Coach K you cross the line. Coach K is highly respected amongst players. Michael Jordan wanted to be coach by him. Kobe likes him. IF you have problems with Coach K I'm starting to think it's on Lebron
Abe 3 months ago
Dang, Jalen looks fed up with this guy at 2:29
madboyreadynow28 3 months ago
Some will say the Lakers are in trouble if Frank Vogel is the coach for this team.
Ronald Shiffman
Ronald Shiffman 3 months ago
I agree with Seth Greenberg.
T AG 3 months ago
LBJ will put Kidd as head coach after 7 games!
Got Game
Got Game 3 months ago
the lakers arent winning a championship with Frank vogel as head coach
Freelance 360
Freelance 360 3 months ago
just turn espn into the lakers and lebron show the dick eating is pathetic all you bastards need lip gloss
Sherri  White
Sherri White 3 months ago
Tony Peters
Tony Peters 3 months ago
Jalen said Vogel is getting paid by the hour 😂😂😂
Let’s Smoke Foo
Let’s Smoke Foo 3 months ago
This old white dude doesn’t know shit
quintonmg 3 months ago
Seth Greenburg is a EXTREME LeBron Hater I’m so tired of people bashing him so much
Domeo 3 months ago
Jalen would think just making the Finals is good enough 😂😂😂😂
Domeo 3 months ago
No Frank Vogel is in trouble if LeBron doesn't allow him to coach him 😂
C Jones
C Jones 3 months ago
The clippers have MORE guys who can score!? That’s a flat out lie
David Tucker
David Tucker 3 months ago
The laker coaching staff isn’t only Vogel. They have Lionel Hollins and Jason Kidd. So to say Lebron has to allow Vogel to ‘coach him’ is shortsighted. When David Blatt was Cleveland coach Lebron constantly went to Ty Lue for pointers. He will undoubtedly be have Kidd on speed dial.
ADMAFIA210 3 months ago
Lebron needs to stoping trying to be the coach no matter who is coaching, he can pick up a clipboard when he retires...lakers dont have a full roster and the season hasnt even started yet...people really need to stop saying lakers are going to the finals or winning the championship...its not gonna happen...
ADMAFIA210 3 months ago
Steven Lankford
Steven Lankford 3 months ago
Wishful thinking...LA will win easy this yr
alvin roman
alvin roman 3 months ago
The crazy part is he said the clippers got more scoring they only got williams pg and kawhi who tf else is scoring for them
Drieks World
Drieks World 3 months ago
They are sleeping on Kuzma
Andre B
Andre B 3 months ago
The one knock on all time great talented athletes is they always feel they know more about the game than anybody especially the coach. Only after the fact do that player realize from their position as the player they see how things affect them and their success whereas being the coach you have to see how things affect the team as a whole and their collective success.
Benelius Paige II
Benelius Paige II 3 months ago
This old bald white guy is an idiot
Carlos McMillian
Carlos McMillian 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂 “they’re probably paying him by the hour”
canadiansfan5 toronto4life
Im.not a fan of seth but hes 1000% right on this
All Citi Investments
LB is under pressure us as Laker fans isn't tolerating any bs excuse we will ask for his crybaby ass to be traded if he doesn't deliver us a chip this season u had Jeanie break our hung core for u and y'all better start Kuzma n treat him right or thats goin to be an issue
All Citi Investments
@bearycurious dam bro u had a lot on ur mind 🙌✋👐💆 ok fam u got it lmao
All Citi Investments
@bearycurious lmao well KB is going to be KB n yeah he is selfish as hell one thing about me bein a die hard Lakers Fan I am not bias KB did fuck up alot of shit
bearycurious 3 months ago
@All Citi Investments actually I'm a Laker fan pointing out the flaws in SO-CALLED Laker fans that think they can cry foul now, but didn't say shit when Kobe ruined two dynasties ((*for your memory - ran Shaq off because he couldn't stand being second fiddle, as he should've been seeing that Shaq was the most dominant player of the time (some can argue of all-time) & there's the little matter of blaming Pau for his shortcomings which led to the Mavs sweeping the Lakers, in both instances Kobe ran off Shaq-Zen & Gasol-Zen...& I can add the matter of wanting a big contract that stifled the organization on the heels of his back-to-back injuries, achilles & knee to which no other superstar wanted to play with him))...so spare me the who is the 'real' fan and whom doesn't know basketball bullcrap...LBJ is no different than any megastar --- they tend to get their ways, I listed three examples above where Kobe got his ways to the demise of the Lakers, MJ got his way all the time, as did Larry Legend, as well as Magic whom is the single reason Pat Riley was promoted from Asst. to Head Coach (& 5-trophies later we ain't complaining)...is the East weaker than the West, that's not the debate, because does the East not have to play the West (vice versa)? You act as if LBJ's dominance only belongs to the East, well if you check records & stats, you'll see LBJ been owning the Lakers @ Staples Center for his entire career, including a winning record versa Kobe in which he outplays Kobe in every category except Free Throw shooting percentage...talking about threatening to trade LBJ is ridiculous, did not Linda Rambis suggest this and it fell on deaf ears, nobody is trading a player of his marquee that is still producing at an elite level...you sound jaded as a Laker fan, and if that is the case, I say again "...where was this energy when Kobe was ruining the franchise..."??? Don't jump up because LBJ here and you mad about it...we had major issues that led to the failures of last season >>> injuries to 8 of the 12 active roster players, plus 1 case of pneumonia cripples any team, no matter how talented the squad; is that an excuse, HECK YEAH...pretty damn good one...so pick up your face, and support the squad...LBJ ain't going anywhere, dude is literally going to finish his career wearing purple & gold, and if that bothers you then you sir --- are not a Lakers fan.
All Citi Investments
@bearycurious i can already tell u a LB fan ur not a Laker fan tru Laker fans know what im talking about if u watching USvid then u will know u seen him action last year he got everything he want this year plus the West is way more tuffer then the East so think about if u really know basketball but u must don't
Darryl Hudson
Darryl Hudson 3 months ago
After this entire convo I ask myself... who is Seth Greenberg?
Graylin Sapp
Graylin Sapp 3 months ago
Fake news! Report concrete evidence that support your argument.
Alex M
Alex M 3 months ago
Vogel getting paid by the hour lmao 😂 omg
Marv Cool
Marv Cool 3 months ago
Jason Kidd is there to
Modified Release
Modified Release 3 months ago
The Lakers doesn’t need a Coach then, isn’t it, let LeBron James be the player and coach at the same time because this is what the topic is all about, he’s uncoachable, he says he’s the greatest of all time, he’s unmanageable, he’s self-righteous, this is what the fans think of him as well, let him be that and let’s see whether they win this coming season’s championship. I gotta say one thing, the FIFA women's world cup football/ soccer whatever you wanna call it, the USA won it because they had an important piece which was a coach, see where I’m getting at ESPN.
Modified Release
Modified Release 3 months ago
Steven Lankford 😂😂😂 maybe unless you’ve got a gift to see the future but you don’t, like me, I can’t see the future, CHECKMATE you punk ass son of a bitch! 😂😂
Steven Lankford
Steven Lankford 3 months ago
@Modified ReleaseYou know damn well AD would've never come to LA if Bron wasn't there...STFU dumb ass
Modified Release
Modified Release 3 months ago
Steven Lankford 😂😂😂 comfort? You high on something, kyle kuzma had to push your precious lebron james to play defense and you’re talking about ” comfort” and lastly you’re not an ESPN analyst, you’re just a spec of dust in the universe like I am, CHECKMATE moron!
Steven Lankford
Steven Lankford 3 months ago
STFU!!!!!!!!.....AD is a Laker because of the comfort of playing with LBJ
Efren Arnold
Efren Arnold 3 months ago
All I can say is , I can’t wait till he retires . Bitch wanna be M.J , but got attitude of , or worst than a little child .
robert henderson
robert henderson 3 months ago
I wonder how much Steve Ballmer is paying greenburg to suck off the Clippers? Hell the media period. I've never seen a team get so much hype cause they LOST in 6 games in the playoffs lmao. Bottomline...NO ONE expected the Clippers to be shit last year and they caught people by surprise and had a good season, there was ZERO pressure on them. Now the target is on their backs, let's see how they handle it
Taveon Wright
Taveon Wright 3 months ago
Mfs actin like this not the best lineup in the league ...who team looks better than this one ????and dont say the clippers when they gotta 6'8 center and a pg that can defend but cant shoot in pat beverly lol
Levi Christman
Levi Christman 3 months ago
This bald headed dude a hater in every episode
Taveon Wright
Taveon Wright 3 months ago
Who is this cueball ?? He clearly dont kno who tf on the lakers
Carl Burton
Carl Burton 3 months ago
the knicks actually this year put together a good team i want be suprise if they take the east are beat any of these so call super teams.
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