The Jimmy Butler, T-Wolves Practice Footage Is Revealed | Game of Zones S6E1 (Premiere)

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Game Of Zones Season 6 Premiere: The Dire Wolf ⚔️. Jimmy Butler turned the T-Wolves practice into a bloodbath.
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 2 420
Дмитрий Куль
Wow, I really hated him, but will hate anyway
Bobby Scott
Bobby Scott Hour ago
I'm f..kin loving this
Jeremy Birk
Jeremy Birk Hour ago
Muffin man getting buckets is hilarious.
Konstantin Kostov
Konstantin Kostov 3 hours ago
Much respect for the God of War ost
KeepItSimpleStupid 87
1L.A.W. THOUGHTS 5 hours ago
Bruh I laughed thru the whole thing😂😂
Leevye 11 hours ago
Craziest part about the real story is he only took one shot
Anthony Vo
Anthony Vo 11 hours ago
So no one's going to mention the kratos God of war music in the background
dncarlo24 12 hours ago
Jimmy is officially now my favorite GoZ character!! 😂
Samin Hossain
Samin Hossain 12 hours ago
Funny reference but Mj is not the goat
Roger Moore. t.v
Roger Moore. t.v 14 hours ago
Lord thibadue your rotations suck ..ha ha ha
big huncho
big huncho 16 hours ago
Needa be on Netflix😂😂
Bradley Mauger
Bradley Mauger 16 hours ago
What actual game of thrones scene is this in reference to? I’m drawing a blank lol
Holy Rap
Holy Rap 18 hours ago
Italian subtitles please
Kyle Gilmore
Kyle Gilmore 19 hours ago
Hallelujah Wiggins should I send your bones to your brother?
Mike UNLTD 20 hours ago
This got me crying 😂
rhents24 20 hours ago
god of war soundtrack , anyone!!..
Ron Clark
Ron Clark 21 hour ago
DJ GOTT 21 hour ago
Best one I've seen yet ... 😂😂😂
DJ EVO STEVO 954 22 hours ago
Shaggster 258
Shaggster 258 23 hours ago
When he says hallelujah Wiggins
The Creepy Boi in Your Neighborhood
I want the timberwolves to react to this
entertainment returns
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Day ago
How was this funny?!
Omar Edwards
Omar Edwards Day ago
The goat on 2:22 doe got me weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Harry Anning
Harry Anning 2 days ago
its baaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 2 days ago
I like the excuses Thibs is saying
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 2 days ago
This episode was great
Ray Ham
Ray Ham 2 days ago
a goat , dunking like the GOAT....Let that sink in
TBtheking405216 3 days ago
Fuckin McConnell tho....
pdxx12 _chungi
pdxx12 _chungi 3 days ago
awww I feel bad for Kat 😂😂😭😭
ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
Adia Edwards
Adia Edwards 3 days ago
Oh yeh plz complete the Process!!
puff417 4 days ago
This muffin shit at the end was really not needed
Brian Sorel
Brian Sorel 4 days ago
This shits gotten weak
Conor Talty
Conor Talty 4 days ago
This is the best GOZ ever
Jill Conner
Jill Conner 5 days ago
20 years ago people like butler were called winners. Now their called trouble makers by the cotton candy soft younger players!
Generic UsernameHere
What has Butler actually won?
James Flete
James Flete 5 days ago
"Hallelujah Wiggins, should i send your bones to your brother?" 😂😂😂😂
TheGameTG 5 days ago
One of the funniest ones
Drew Wheeler
Drew Wheeler 5 days ago
House Highlights at 3:05 is incredible
Thanos 5 days ago
I should hire Jimmy Butler. He'd do great against the Avengers.
Thomas Biederman
Thomas Biederman 5 days ago
Shouts to them eating Tater-tot "hotdish"
chris rucker
chris rucker 6 days ago
"Thomas, it might be time to admit this situation is untenable!"
unknown 6 days ago
2:58 Sounds like my brother when our uncle come's home to visit
Trent Couser
Trent Couser 6 days ago
This is one of the best ones and funniest ones ive seen
Anderson Williams
Timberpups. Ha.
j jones
j jones 6 days ago
The goat stole the show!
Freeze O
Freeze O 6 days ago
“Hey you get me a fucking salad, balsamic dressing, actually no dressing I’ll use this” ROFL😂🤣😂🤣
Jarren San Jose
Jarren San Jose 6 days ago
More episodes about Kobe!
ThatMiniOne 6 days ago
No my wolves 😭
Badd Mouth
Badd Mouth 6 days ago
I never understood why Wiggins plays like he could care less. I always think hes tryin to hard to be cool and not mess up.
Eddy I Kiswaka
Eddy I Kiswaka 6 days ago
AHAHAhahaah this is the best episode
Elijah Nu
Elijah Nu 6 days ago
I only subscribed to bleacher report for game of zones
Solmom03 6 days ago
Hallelujah Wiggins!!!
Trina Lewis
Trina Lewis 6 days ago
Love Game of Zones!!
tyson graham
tyson graham 6 days ago
The goat was going for a dunk😂😂😂
Adrian Cardona
Adrian Cardona 6 days ago
Best show on USvid
Eric D
Eric D 6 days ago
Low key practice rant references. -heh
Jeesh hseeJ
Jeesh hseeJ 6 days ago
Anyone see the GOAT do the signature MJ dunk
Lexicon Prime
Lexicon Prime 7 days ago
I feel like this should come on during game of thrones as a commercial. That would be sick.
Adolfo Michelena
Adolfo Michelena 7 days ago
God of war music
Ltcunningham119 7 days ago
Fultz is hiding lmao
Kevin Leander
Kevin Leander 7 days ago
Wiggins heart is on the right side
kevin shema
kevin shema 7 days ago
Why was the muffin maker’s boy open so much? 😩😩
Chaitanya Krishna
The only place Jimmy would actually fit right now is my Thunder but we don't have cap space or the pieces necessary to get him lol sad
Shundrick Beasley
who else peeped the AI statue stepping over tyron lue in the back lol
420protoman 7 days ago
wtf i didn't know these were uploaded... funny thing,, i dont' even watch game of thrones... i dont' even know shit about that show... this is still epic hahaha.
Max Rangel
Max Rangel 7 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the Philly statue in the back of AI stepping over Ty Lue 3:00 😭😂
Trey 80
Trey 80 15 hours ago
Bruh im glad u pointed that out. Lls i love these mini series
Sezar Star
Sezar Star 22 hours ago
A.I status u jus tyron lue
Tyrone Cunningham
The devil in the details. This is why as a basketball head I love this series so much.
thesoccerpr03 4 days ago
go bot
go bot 5 days ago
Ty for pointing that out i just died
Thomas Bequette
Thomas Bequette 7 days ago
I’m so glad that this is back.
Visionet 7 days ago
Anyone else see MJ at 2:25 🤣
Lucas Lucas
Lucas Lucas 7 days ago
Brian Chang
Brian Chang 7 days ago
Is the thumbnail a parody picture? Looks so familiar
ong ray
ong ray 7 days ago
Anyone seen that goat dunk like mj hahaha lmao
Larrecia Shealey
Larrecia Shealey 7 days ago
Jimmy has me dead🤣🤣🤣
OLCtv 7 days ago
Alex Carrillo
Alex Carrillo 7 days ago
Oh dam lmao
Jeanette Glenn
Jeanette Glenn 7 days ago
Yay! It’s back!!👍🏽😂😍
Mr. Orr
Mr. Orr 7 days ago
These are freaking amazing! Lmfao
Raul Hinojosa
Raul Hinojosa 7 days ago
"...I want more episodes about Kobe.." "YEAHH"
Si Señor
Si Señor 7 days ago
LOL. You guys did T.J. wrong.
Snyprdude 7 days ago
Didn't even notice the tater tot hot dish on the table until now
Vittal García
Vittal García 7 days ago
"One minute you are on the dance but the next you are on the Timberwolves"
Geek Muscle
Geek Muscle 7 days ago
Jordan the G.O.A.T confirmed 😂😂
ChiefKene 7 days ago
2:25 😂😂😂😂
Dan Salami
Dan Salami 7 days ago
“Hallelujah Wiggins”. I died when I heard that
kody scot
kody scot 19 hours ago
wiggins brother wrote that on social media after hearing that butler wanted a trade
Tyrone Cunningham
Yeah, I lost it on that one!
Meek 5 days ago
oh shit i just caught that hahahaha
Chia Treme
Chia Treme 7 days ago
I am waiting on the GSW locker room drama.
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 7 days ago
Waiting for The Lebron CAN'T Even Make The Playoffs at West. So Hyped! 😂😂😂
“I just put a muffin on his head”
Joshua Yan
Joshua Yan 7 days ago
The best part was the muffin boy during the credits lmao
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz 7 days ago
King James my ass
BrainStorm4207 7 days ago
just seeing Jimmy's smile when he holds the ax is F'N priceless. I've seen it 10 times now and i can't stop laughing every time.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 7 days ago
Nick Alfidi
Nick Alfidi 7 days ago
Holy crap... Jimmy is downright scary in this.
26lekent 17 hours ago
Nick Alfidi that’s the point
Carson Francis
Carson Francis 2 days ago
Nick Alfidi he’s nothing like he was in the Chicago episode with D Wade
Sparq Meister
Sparq Meister 7 days ago
Who's the muffin baker's boy?
Tperry182324 7 days ago
Wack not the same
Dylen DuPaty
Dylen DuPaty 7 days ago
y’all see the goat dunk like mike😭
LeBeautiful 7 days ago
I'm amazed of how they made Dame a Bard as we known him being a Rapper too, outside of Basketball.
Kobe Bean Bryant
Kobe Bean Bryant 7 days ago
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 7 days ago
Who else checks this video during the week looking for new comments?
Jay King
Jay King 7 days ago
Lmfao...great video once again...keep them coming😁
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