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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 9 356
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee 5 hours ago
Jaclyn!!!! Love you! Stay strong!
Mar Yo
Mar Yo 6 hours ago
SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Ignore the haters, you did amazing on this pallet!!!!
Teona’s Life
Teona’s Life 6 hours ago
I got this for my birthday 2 days ago and i’m absolutely in love my favourite pallet and present ever !! x
jordan lewis
jordan lewis 6 hours ago
Can we pleeeeeease get a video on the look you’re wearing I’m in love with it
Anamaria Vaca
Anamaria Vaca 7 hours ago
I saw the palette in store. I couldn’t buy but let me say it’s beautiful!!! Congrats queen! 😘
evenise perkins
evenise perkins 7 hours ago
I love it!!
Alvee Moni
Alvee Moni 7 hours ago
She always has to film a self pity video before she tries to sell a new item 🙄 lmao after her last video I knew her next video would be some product she’s trying to sell cause she literally only ever posts things when she’s trying to shove products down everyone throats .
Stanley Uris
Stanley Uris 8 hours ago
I need it.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith 8 hours ago
I LOVE the original palette and that makes me extremely excited because this is so much more up my alley!!! This is like my dream colored palette!!!! Yes jaclyn!!! Thank you for finally putting out a palette that screams JACLYN HILL I was kinda bummed the first time because I thought this was what it would be because it’s more you than the first one!
Joleen 9 hours ago
Not very wearable colors for me, but it is pretty. Nikkitutorials said it’s good quality stuff and did two stunning looks with this palette.
Gabes 77
Gabes 77 10 hours ago
love this pallet just ordered mine!
Jack Kristensen
Jack Kristensen 11 hours ago
SHE DELETED MY COMMENT 😂😂😂😂😂 bruhhhh can’t handle the truth?
Spooky Carrie
Spooky Carrie 11 hours ago
Sarah Haji
Sarah Haji 12 hours ago
Jak u look cute in this video .. i wanna just hug u
Sahara Panda
Sahara Panda 13 hours ago
Could you do a morning + evening skincare routine ? 🥰🙏🏻
Victoria 15 hours ago
This just makes me more excited to receive my palette ! 😍 I have all your palettes with morphe & as an MUA I can honestly say I ALWAYS bring your palettes with me & always use them on my clients ♥️ love you mamas! ♥️♥️♥️
Layal Maraby
Layal Maraby 16 hours ago
I can’t wait to have this palette, keep creating makeup, love you ♥️
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 17 hours ago
woman are high drama queens on here
Janel Murray
Janel Murray 17 hours ago
Congrats Jaclyn...as always..here to support you.
Steph A Shaw
Steph A Shaw 18 hours ago
I started watching your channel years back. Probably in like 2015 ish. Maybe 2014. I always thought you were such a talented, beautiful and funny person. I still do. But you have to understand... Not all the critisim you receive, is mean. Not everyone who calls something out, is a hater. Just because people point things out and want you to own up to your mistakes, for sure doesn't mean they aren't a true fan. If you have a best friend who keeps messing up or making herself look bad, you tell her. And that makes you an even better friend. We all mess up. Not one of us are perfect. I for sure do not support people being horrible to you, nor making fun of your looks. I understand how awful anxiety and depression can be. I suffered with it since i was 15. I know how it can wreck your life. But at the same time, for years now, you haven't been consistent in uploading. Now i know we all have lives and get busy. But i am subscribed to a bunch of other people on here, and they aren't Mia like this all the time. It's not that most of us expect you to post 24/7. But at least put out consistent content. Be real and open with your audience.
Steph A Shaw
Steph A Shaw 17 hours ago
@wftwtb g the good thing is, nobody is forcing you to read it. You can move along.
wftwtb g
wftwtb g 17 hours ago
@Steph A Shaw to much talking
Steph A Shaw
Steph A Shaw 18 hours ago
People spend their hard earned money on your products. The way you went about the lipstick thing, was very poor and not professional. You should have recalled them. And then after your highlighter launch, you disappear again. You can't expect people to keep forgiving you time after time, if you aren't going to be consistent. I'm sure you went through a lot. But people lost trust in you. You gotta earn that trust back. If youtube is where you got your start, you should be most loyal on here. Not twitter or snapchat. A lot of people, including me, just like random videos. Like vlogs or skin care routines. Or just make two videos a week, doing whatever. Maybe go through your makeup or talk about random stuff. You don't gotta go all out to please people. I truly hope your launch goes well. I wish you the very best. And i hope you see it from other peoples perspective.
Renee Clark
Renee Clark 18 hours ago
The bad porn music and all the ads😔
Anna Choi
Anna Choi 18 hours ago
Just wanted to say that I've been watching you for 6 years ago, and I'm not one to ever comment but I am very proud of for coming out of this launch and I hope that this is super successful! From watching your swatches the eyeshadows look amazing :) I just wanted to leave a positive comment because I've recently seen how the internet has twisted any word that you say and I hope that you stay strong and don't let those negative people tear you down
Debra Moreno
Debra Moreno 18 hours ago
You are such a beautiful person ❤️❤️❤️
It'sGabby 18 hours ago
Ignacia Velásquez
Ignacia Velásquez 19 hours ago
Im so excited for this!!! Congratz 🤩
Kim 20 hours ago
I refuse to ever purchase another item from the Morphe website but I really want this palette! Will it be sold at Ulta or ahh i get retailer?
Loren Ortiz
Loren Ortiz 20 hours ago
I’m 9 minutes in and I already bought this pallet 😍
Kaye R
Kaye R 20 hours ago
I actually want this. And I’ve never wanted anything that she’s released before. 😍😍😍
Annia Reyes
Annia Reyes 20 hours ago
He lacked a mirror
katzeyez06 20 hours ago
You had me at purple. 💜💜
namra tariq
namra tariq 20 hours ago
I wonder why her arm is not hurting
Dylan Bowman
Dylan Bowman 20 hours ago
I finally got mine on the way and your highlighting palette I’m dying waiting for the mail! Thank you bounce back queen 👸
Cantwait4summer 20 hours ago
Your personality is infectious!!! ❤️❤️ love you lots girl xx
Danielle Lira
Danielle Lira 21 hour ago
Congrats girl! I love your other palettes and I’m sure this one is just as amazing!! ❤️❤️
Megan Miller
Megan Miller 21 hour ago
Yeyyyy love this color story!!! Love you jac!! Thanks for being you and bringing these creations to life!!
Liz Sanchez
Liz Sanchez 21 hour ago
Wow AMAZING! I Love your original palette and it’s my go to palette consistently. I can’t wait to get Vol II. Congratulations!!!
PIPS PLAYTIME! 21 hour ago
JACKLYN STOPPPPPPPPPP APOLOGIZING FOR HOW YOU THINK YOU LOOL BAD. You look great. It’s okkkkkk Your hair looks great so does your makeup. U Lead with positivity with us promote positivity just be positive toward yourself too.
frkle 21 hour ago
Only comes back on her USvid to announce any sort of launch or life update, she’s money hungry and doesn’t feel like a person but only a money hungry attention seeker lol
hello there
hello there 21 hour ago
its beautiful girl. now go take some time for yourself
valeriee 22 hours ago
I loveee how jaclyn is the only person who creates palettes that I liveee for. She actually creates colors we use on daily basis not like a palette full of blues or blacks 💕💕💕💕💕
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 22 hours ago
I came from Nikkie Tutorial's channel, your palette is absolutely GLOWING! I'm so proud of you keep it up!
RockyRoadkill 22 hours ago
Congrats ! You did such a great job In this video ! You can tell how hard it was for you, you literally explained everythinggggggggg in this ! Well good job :) can’t wait to get it !
Kelsi Lamb
Kelsi Lamb 22 hours ago
Mine shipped today!! I’m so excited 😍
HeyyitzAlyssa 22 hours ago
Can’t wait to get this when it comes to ulta
Mon Jison
Mon Jison 22 hours ago
Congratulations, Jaclyn! Your comeback is awesome! I have always believed in you, even if your brand launch didn't go as planned. This eyeshadow palette is bomb! You are an epitome of "keep on going no matter what"! Love yah!
Lindsey Scates
Lindsey Scates 22 hours ago
Ok!🔥🔥🔥 Looks so Bomb! Next we need a Jaclyn hill x Morphe Rainbow Palette 🎨
Bailey Walters
Bailey Walters 22 hours ago
You’re absolutely gorgeous unlike the losers saying otherwise I’m sorry you have to deal with all of that😕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ we love you!!!!!
AmandaPanda 22 hours ago
Jaclyn looks a little similar to Adrienne Bailon...or am I crazy for thinking that? 😂
edø 22 hours ago
congrats i love you jaclyn❤️❤️
Kaylie Sharpe
Kaylie Sharpe 23 hours ago
Hold on. You haven’t been consistent on yt since before the launch of your very first JH morphe pallette and now after like five fails and inconsistency you wanna launch another one. I’m all for taking a break for your mental health. That’s the most important but prove your self to your followers for atleast a month before you drop another pallette
elizabeth ayala
elizabeth ayala 23 hours ago
The Jaclyn x morphe pallet is still my favorite ! I have almost everything you’ve came out with and never disappoints keep it up girl 💕
Jee Bee
Jee Bee Day ago
OMG queeeeeeen is baaaaack!!!! I love love loveeeee the new palette,I’ve been using the last palette & haven’t touch any other palette since now you’ve heard us😁😁😁😁😁 Thankyou for the new palette ❤️
Dayami005 Day ago
I bought it and I can’t wait to get it ❤️. Congrats Jaclyn. I have follow you from the beginning of your USvid career and I’m so proud of you ❤️ keep doing your thing girl ✨✨✨
Jessebites Day ago
rubyy Day ago
it’s so good 💞
Ana Day ago
I wouldnt wear any of these colors..
Maximum_ Buttitude
Omg this one is speaking to my SOUL!
Mya Harker
Mya Harker Day ago
I’ve been watching you since about 2013 and it’s been so amazing to go on this journey with you. When shit hit the fan it was so hard to watch so many people speak so negatively about the influencer I’ve loved and watched for so so long. The ones who truly ride with you know your intentions and I’m so happy for you with this new launch! The first palette is truly the only palette I own and I can’t wait to make this one the second! 💕
Amani Amori
Amani Amori Day ago
I had first one and is very good
Greek stuff
Greek stuff Day ago
You are so pretty 😍
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