The Invisible NOW Problem And How Different Countries Are Fighting It...

Philip DeFranco
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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 5 672
Peace Be Still Gaming
humanity is self destructive, we need to actually reach a crisis before we will do anything
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 2 months ago
Iceland...How refreshing....The go-to-nation to make absolutely ridiculous comparisons. That alone renders this opinion piece null.
paranoidaus 2 months ago
Interview an actual electrical engineer, instead of this high level information that you can literally find anywhere.
RM M 2 months ago
people wanna help!!! just let the people buy and install their own solar panels, it would be faster. The government can then just come in and help the less fortunate and the cities. Education on green stuff and less strict legislation. Teach people how to dig wells in their back yard and clean the water themselves, teach people about energy and let them build according to their needs. What is all this shit about "infrastructure" and "investment"? knowledge is power!
photographashes 3 months ago
I would love a more in depth look on this top and what the US should do
Bojan Land
Bojan Land 4 months ago
life will be better when caveman has light in cave.... ugga chukkaa... life will be better when guitar doesn’t wake up wife... ugga headphone chukka... life will be better when wife is in my pocket... ugga porn chukka... life will be better when i haz bigger cave... ugga condo chukka... life will be better when I watch Phillip Cavefranco... IT IS!!! :)
Oliver Griffin
Oliver Griffin 5 months ago
I love the new controversial cards, but it's pretty funny when you remember that 10-15 years ago we were always told to never trust what we got off Wikipedia, and now it's USvid's go to source for topic overviews of these controversial subjects...
amanidjinni 5 months ago
FYI, this video started for me with a 3-minute-long video from the "Clear Energy Alliance" which was pretty much just "we don't even know for sure that humans are responsible, if climate change is real!" propaganda, at least for the intro and the half a minute of it I could stomach.....
Hey It's Izmar
Hey It's Izmar 5 months ago
this video literally just helped me write the fattest essay every. god bless
Sarah Ilbek
Sarah Ilbek 5 months ago
can you PLEASE do a video about the animal agriculture industry and how much it contributes to climate change? cows produce methane gas which is much more potent than co2. it would really mean a lot to me
Buddy Burkman
Buddy Burkman 6 months ago
If we're lucky, most of our problems today will diminish by 2030 with all the boomers dying within the next decade.
Dave White
Dave White 6 months ago
julia kubaski
julia kubaski 6 months ago
Hidropower (hidroeletrics) isn´t so good as it seems, they destroy alot of the rain forests around them, they usualy still create methane gas (www2.ufjf.br/noticias/2016/01/28/hidreletricas-na-amazonia-podem-emitir-mais-gases-de-efeito-estufa-que-usinas-a-carvao-oleo-e-gas/)
Galfor 6 months ago
Geothermal baby. The good life.
EcnalKcin 6 months ago
I am hoping to live to see nuclear fusion become net positive. When that happens it should quickly become the dominant means of energy production.
3rdeye Brand
3rdeye Brand 6 months ago
welp gotta learn to swim
Abatos 11
Abatos 11 6 months ago
Nuclear reactors should be the backbone of every clean energy grid, with solar, hydro dams, wind, and tidal being supplementary.
hotdonutmix 6 months ago
Fantastic video 👏👍
DianaJoyce Ojeda
DianaJoyce Ojeda 6 months ago
Makes me sad that my great state of Texas will probably never turn to renewable energy. Money speaks for sure.
phatpigeonii 6 months ago
65% power from wind WOULD NOT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD (same goes for solar)! Wind is INTERMITTENT. Batteries to store energy for times when the wind isn't blowing are EXPENSIVE and environmentally destructive to make! Hydro, and geothermal are worth pursuing where available, but don't forget the HORRIBLE environmental impact of the Aswan High Dam and, especially, the Three Gorges Dam. NUCLEAR is the only practical clean energy form going forward. Also, replacing coal plants with nuclear natural gas would be a big step in the right direction (coal plants produce FAR more radioactivity than nuclear plants). But most of the people pushing for "clean energy" also freak out at the very mention of nuclear power, so we're probably fucked.
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 6 months ago
Make a video on how animal agriculture contributes the MOST to global warming
Libtards got Trumped
All this climate change fear-mongering is nothing more than government funded propaganda. Every single prediction and model these idiots have ever used to justify their claims have been proven wrong every single time. just look at that big lie about the hole in the ozone layer. They didn't get their data wrong every scientist who pushed that shit knew damn well it was a lie. As if ozone is not generated in real time by the UV solar radiation. That hole they claimed is nothing more than a natural phenomenon that occurs at the poles during the prolonged polar night when solar radiation at that point is at its minimum.
lancedragons 6 months ago
I'm from Alberta, which relies mostly on coal, natural gas and now a bit of wind to generate power. Recently, the government changed from a conservative party to a more liberal one, and many policy changes were made to encourage the development of renewable energy. I think that you need the political will to make any changes like this possible, and with current way governments are going, I don't see that much change coming in the near future. Also, our government is expected to swing back to the right in this year's election, possible undoing some of the progress made.
GoneFishingStories 6 months ago
Trump doesn't believe in global warming... :) And Brazil... Well talking about removing the lungs of the earth... Bye bye amazon.. And as you say in this video... It's about money... that why keep throwing out these numbers of CO2.... The earth is basically CO2 neutral... The problem is that we are emitting CO2 in such a rapid pace! We release CO2 in a year that took millions of years to bind to the earth.... The Level of CO2 on earth is the same... But we are releasing it insanely fast...
Grant Rennie
Grant Rennie 6 months ago
My good friends son is the manager at one of the big geothermal plants in Iceland if you want to know anything, the homes are all heated with geothermal steam at about $6 a week to heat a massive farmhouse, sheds and outbuildings..
Kyle Towner
Kyle Towner 6 months ago
Where I live which is Ontario Canada we have quite a bit of windmills out where I am we have a lot of open land cuz this is where most of the Farms lay in Canada but the biggest problem I see is half of them do not run they are out of commission and I don't know if the government is refuses to repair them or doesn't have the money to repair them I'm not quite sure which it is but it's a shame
Shane Rudd
Shane Rudd 6 months ago
Oh look, less government led to more renewables. Imagine that.
Taylor T
Taylor T 6 months ago
They need to ban oil consumption and give them a deadline to get all their drills out of the ground while simultaneously building these renewable energy plants. 6 years to get your shit outta here and destroyed or face prison time
Fishbed 6 months ago
Solar energy is huge. We need to put panels on the roofs of our homes to produce electricity. As for the problem of peak energy production and peak energy consumption times not being the same, there are ways to store energy. For example, you can use Hydroelectric plants for it. Usually water flows downhill through turbines to make power, but when there is excess power available, you can use the electricity to pump water back up into the reservoir to be used later (this does require a second reservoir at the bottom of the plant though to supply the water for pumping up). This is already done with excess power from nuclear plants at night and could be done with excess solar energy as well. Furthermore, you could have batteries or potent capacitors inside houses to store energy and re-release it when the demand arises.
Lina TV
Lina TV 6 months ago
this JUST showed up in my notifications. WTF is up youtube????
Lenore Miller-Stawyskyj
Loving these deep dive videos, Phil. I love how you focus on one topic and get lots of informative facts. Global warming is real!
Smiley Dog
Smiley Dog 6 months ago
Not gonna happen. We are f'ed
Nathan 6 months ago
There's too much money and corruption out there and until that's sorted we're going to continue battling environmental issues because the money is more important to the powers that be. Even if it was the last our of the last day of the world, someone would be out there trying to make a profit. We're banging our heads against walls having these discussions, we need to solve this from more than one angle. One thing that always annoys me when people talk about this stuff is countries like China with massive populations and manufacturing regions are left out. Most of the stuff in the world comes out of China and do you think they have the same environmental policies we have? We increase costs and apply new policies to business out here to be cleaner, all that does is force them to relocate to China where they don't have that so they can keep making their money. We need to step back and look at the whole picture here to solve this problem, no one talks about it.
Truebornseeker 6 months ago
*This just gives me more of a reason to want to live in iceland*
13113890 Numbers
13113890 Numbers 6 months ago
Everyones blaming the republicans for not doing anything on climate change. But the democrats literally just put forth the most idiotic legislation, green new deal, which will never go through and change anything. Its not even about climate change. Its straight socialism in six pages.
4Will No Joke
4Will No Joke 6 months ago
I love your faces! That was awesome! Kkk
BRANDON CARNEY 6 months ago
More videos like this.
Cady 6 months ago
You should make an episode on animal agriculture and how it is negatively affecting the earth.
Emmanuel González Navarro
Thought you were going to mention Costa Rica as an example
Valey J
Valey J 6 months ago
I've been wachting your show for years, but it is the first time I see my country named (Iceland). Your show is great and I really love theese Morning Deep Dive shows.
Quirkylobster 6 months ago
australia is the same. huge spots of land for solar and wind. even hydro. But nope stupid PM wants to just lie and be a coal shill. ungh the world is doomed.
MikeGlasses 6 months ago
oH cOoL nOw LeT mE gO pLuG mY pHoNe InTo My WaTeR dAmN
Mick Sylvestre
Mick Sylvestre 6 months ago
We will only change to prevent or reduce climate change when we all have no choice despite hesitant governments, endorsed by powerful corporations that only see things as profit despite their lack of amoral accountability. That means ALL of us on board and that will never happen fast enough. Our children and their children will suffer for it.
Marcelo Laser
Marcelo Laser 6 months ago
As a note about Brazil's energy grid and expenses, do bear in mind, as Phil has covered before, that a large part of the expenses and environmental disasters caused by the hydropower grid in Brazil were and still are driven by corruption and poor engineering. Itaipu did not just take 18 years to build because it was tough, it was also kept mostly shut down for a majority of that time period and construction was extended as long as possible as it was a major source of corruption money (over-priced and unnecessarily slow civil construction jobs are the primary method of corruption in Brazil). Taking all of that into consideration, it is not unreasonable to imagine that IF the same availability of natural resources was to be located in places with a more stable and transparent government (such as the USA), the financial and environmental costs would be vastly diminished.
Up And Across
Up And Across 6 months ago
Dumbass republican politicians are going to be the death of us.
gothraziel 6 months ago
by far the biggest issue not being spoken about is the means to tap into the sources for renewable, iceland being on a semi geologicaly active place to be their source for geothermal, brazil is its closeness an avialibity to large amounts of moving water for the hydro electric, an here in texas is how much open space being used for the wind turbins. in short if a country, county or state doesnt have the resources for that they are heavily limited to solar an nuclar.
Fish Boi420
Fish Boi420 6 months ago
Definitely not with Trump
Ideoform Sun
Ideoform Sun 6 months ago
Pulling that much oil out of the ground in Texas could cause even more dangerous sinkholes to form. Most of the problems come from trying to have large centralized production of energy. There is energy lost during distribution. Having a smaller, distributed energy production system could be more efficient. If more people went off grid, this could be easier to implement. I hope we don't use climate change to manipulate people into allowing the destruction of parts of the rainforest for profit.
Desperadox23 6 months ago
As long as Trump is denying global warming, nothing will change.
Mr Nice guy
Mr Nice guy 6 months ago
Climate change? When was it not changing? In the 1920’s they were saying all the same things, yet almost no fossil fuel were being used.... Even in the 1920’s they said the coastal areas would be under water in a decade... Doesn’t make sense.
Dsj 6 months ago
The renewable electricity won’t work for us because we are so huge and not all want stuff in their yard
Dsj 6 months ago
85% of our electricity is from fossil fuels about
The Polish Lithuanian commonwealth
Wind and solar energy are unreliable as seen in Germany where sometimes places go without power and sometimes to much power and it’s been a problem there ever since they started there programs not to mention that they can only run off of huge government subsidies making it much more expensive
MtnLiner 6 months ago
The Jon
The Jon 6 months ago
I applaud the work needed to make this video. I'll be sharing it with friends and family, and I've learned quite a bit as well.
Radelaid 6 months ago
Nothing makes me more angry that right now in Australia we have massive floods in far north Australia, a massive drought through the middle & Tasmania is on fire, yet there is not ONE policy or discussion about climate change in the government. we love our coal, and I wish we’d use wind or hydro more because we’ve got so much potential. Worst part is I don’t know where to go next, I don’t know how to get this fixed in Australia, rallies & petitions don’t cut it, and voting for the right people doesn’t work either. It’s so hard, older people have such a mentally that the economy and business is priority but we won’t have a place to live in 50 years.
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
weather =/= climate
Jimmy Cain
Jimmy Cain 6 months ago
Dream on. Just shut up and pull up to the gas pump like always.
Dominic Miller
Dominic Miller 6 months ago
America has the ability to become pure inexhaustible and renewable resource only at any time. The oil countries just buy out every new invention
Dominic Miller
Dominic Miller 6 months ago
Agtsmirnoff I mean this topic isn’t something I come across everyday so I don’t remember the name. It does make sense though, you can see new ideas come and go because the oil industries have that much money they can buy the copyright and push them out of competition
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
@Dominic Miller How do you he/she is credible if you don't know who they are.....
Dominic Miller
Dominic Miller 6 months ago
Agtsmirnoff no clue who it was but it was a credible scientist
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
source on your claim?
M Phinnity
M Phinnity 6 months ago
I'm probably too late to join in. It takes me time to process what I hear. If given a choice I would want the best of everything. In my opinion, I feel that the powers that be have chosen climate change as a postulate to fear monger us into letting them in the energy monopoly bank. Greenhouse gases are just that, gases. Gases go up, up and away. Has anyone taken a tour of the inside of a dam? There are a lot of moving parts that need lubricants that pollute the water and need upkeep too. However, my main concern is that we keep ignoring how we're smothering our planet with concrete, asphalt and plastic. We need to stop building supermalls and Costco stores. In the elderly there cells get hard and less elastic. They have a hard time regenerating and I feel like that's what we're doing to the planet. It needs to regenerate itself.
Christopher Martinez
Can we please save this planet for the potential children I may have?
Z-Man Overstreet
Z-Man Overstreet 6 months ago
Well nothing's happened, so they'll be fine
Kristen Danielle Travis
This one hits home. I was born and raised in the Permian Basin. Oil is a livelihood. I grew up through 2 crashes and 2 booms of the oilfield market. So, it's not just big oil tycoons keeping their pockets lined. They are also insuring that a population of people that is in an area that is comparable to entire states have food on their table and that the entire state's economy doesn't crash. I do see the side of things of trying to make the Earth heal and make it a better place. But shutting down the oil industry in West Texas completely can end up making over half the state a ghost town.
Gregory Gaspard
Gregory Gaspard 6 months ago
We are the world we are the children we smoke that weed it grow from a seed
panic! at the everywhere
im in big support of nuclear reactors. we've come a really long way since Chernobyl and Fukushima, they're much safer and more reliable. the fuel can be recycled many times, one small pellet of uranium can power a whole city for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. all that smoke that comes out of nuclear reactors isnt dangerous - its just water - and it doesnt smell, unlike some people seem to believe.
KennethTorresII #
KennethTorresII # 6 months ago
There are vertical aire poweredd millls currentlyy requiring less to generate
Eric J
Eric J 6 months ago
Prior to 1935 the U.S. government was resistant, if not outright refusing, to do anything about the Dust Bowl in the mid west, which was caused by over-farming and bad farming techniques. They changed their minds suddenly in March of 1935 when a large dust storm from the mid-west moved over D.C. Followed by a April 14th storm known in history as "Black Sunday". It seems politicians don't pay attention until it's so obvious that debate is irrelevant. Unfortunately, climate change comes with a point of no return feature in it. Let's hope at some point the debate becomes pointless *before* the point of no return.
Eric J
Eric J 6 months ago
@Karl Tanner from Gin Alley If you understand how the scientific method works, you'd know why Al Gore was wrong. Basically, you do with what you have with the best facts on hand. Over time, new facts allow you to adjust your hypothesis. The problem with hypothesis is that in order to prove them, there must be tests that create positive proof (or negative proof to disprove it). You may have noticed, we don't have another earth to test these hypothesis on. More to the point, test results must be reproducible and there must be consensus. Right now, while a positive test to confirm what is going on is not likely, scientists around the world are in consensus that climate trends are changing because the facts they have on hand. I would far more put my trust in people following the scientific method who are in consensus then the minority that disagree with them. They can't all be wrong.
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
@Eric J Al Gore said the world would be over by now, it's not. We got the same '"do it now or its too late" warning back in 2012, we're still here. Stop fear mongering and have an honest conversation. You ever heard of the boy who cried wold.
Eric J
Eric J 6 months ago
@Karl Tanner from Gin Alley I am honest, stop being ignorant. Do some reading. If that isn't enough, go back to basics, Occam's Razor, either climate change is a thing, or the vast majority of climate scientists around the world are involved in a highly coordinated conspiracy to take government money for research... you know, the people who brought you medicines, electronics, modern communications, trips to moon, probes on mars and a whole lot of practical stuff that relies on scientists being RIGHT.
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
Why don't you people stop the fear mongering and be honest for once.
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 6 months ago
Why im i getting a wiki ad for globe warming?
Jared Highlands
Jared Highlands 6 months ago
Yeah we aren’t gonna do anything about it. Our country is bought and owned the owners are the ones who decide and they still profit heavily from status quo
thatdamguy00 6 months ago
Great video and was very fair and accurate. I say that as a someone who work in the power industry and operates dams, and natural gas fired power plants. Wind and Solar cannot be properly utilized until we have major infrastructure upgrades throughout the US.
KRATOSLIVES22 ! 6 months ago
One century of techno Bliss and it's going to fall apart just as fast. Smh
Tony Kowalski
Tony Kowalski 6 months ago
hello and wake up. The truth is America would love to go 100% renewable, but will we do it while countries like India and China are still burning coal out the ass?... no. Why would we destroy our economy and let the other countries get ahead? Coal is cheap and Energy is Power.
Etronic —
Etronic — 6 months ago
I use solar bish
L A 6 months ago
2:43 I'm sure that the volcano in that one clip alone emitted more pollutants into the air than all of humanity in one year.
TheNinjaSkier 6 months ago
Hey Phil, I am a Forest Economist in Biomass Utilization. Having governments take charge in creating the infrastructure is only scratching the surface. The NEPA process alone can last years and cost millions of dollars to the company even before construction begins. The returns have to be substantial to even begin to incentivise stakeholders, managers, and the public to support constructions of wind farms, solar energy plants, or biomass facilities. An alternative option that is more likely possible is initiating co-firing of both fossil fuels with renewable energy sources; and integration of methods before a complete reversal of energy production.
Kay Garcia
Kay Garcia 6 months ago
It’s not easy for everyone to make the changes necessary to help the fight against global warming and climate change. Not everyone has the time or resources to carpool, walk places, upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle, buy products with less plastic, etc. And some people just don’t want to give up the convenience. However, one thing we can all do is inform ourselves about who is running for election and vote for those who care about global warming and climate change and want to make laws, regulations, incentives, etc for cleaner renewable energy. It won’t fix the issue overnight or fix everything, but it will be a step in the right direction. I don’t know if everyone’s electricity provider offers the option to pay a certain amount a month for access to renewable energy, or to contribute to building and investing in it, but if it is possible and/or available that is a great option as well because as the electric companies come to see a higher demand, it will drive them to change since they will obviously care about making profits. I live in Texas and my electricity provider has a green plan, as well as an add on that costs $10 a month to purchase renewable energy to power my home. Back when the electricity contract was up for renewal they didn’t have the green plan yet, just a green charge so that is what I opted for, so change ARE being made. I definitely plan on looking into and getting the green plan when the current contract is up though.
Z-Man Overstreet
Z-Man Overstreet 6 months ago
Why would I fight for something fake
Dwayne Harris
Dwayne Harris 6 months ago
There is a ton of great info in these videos but the narrator is an absolute booooooorr
James Schlup
James Schlup 6 months ago
What about how France uses all nuclear power?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 6 months ago
#29 on trending
CNSZU 6 months ago
This planet is heading for doom. Not only do we need a revolution in energy, but another one in agriculture. There is too much to do, and too little time.
Karl Tanner from Gin Alley
you exhale CO2 , so killing yourself would = less CO2 in the air
Divon 6 months ago
Thank you for adding subtitles to your video again! =D
FlyingFist420 6 months ago
Glad this story is trending, but what's with the random wikipedia article in between the video and description? I've never seen that before.
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