The Healthy Alternative | Stories From Our Future

Juanpa Zurita
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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 1 849
Juanpa Zurita
Juanpa Zurita 10 days ago
Watch more Stories From Our Future usvid.net/video/video-RqATb20dO34.html
Feriel Aitkheddache
There is only 3 vids bro is ther more or what
gamal naasr gamal nassr
Infinite Comedy hi
Emiliani Weeks
Emiliani Weeks 2 days ago
I have a big crush on you 💕💕💗💗💗💗💌💌💌😘😘😍😍😜love you
Amani Hodges
Amani Hodges 4 days ago
HyPeR-FLEX YT 5 days ago
There’s a meaning to this, mist is addicting, so that is why it’s called mist x, sounds like mistake. It ruins people’s lives.
Garfield Cat
Garfield Cat 56 minutes ago
I want mist..... Lol...
constanza gallardo
De los 3 videos que hay este es el más aburrido y de mad baja calidad
kk 1
kk 1 4 hours ago
In German "Mist" means crap😂
Jos O1
Jos O1 7 hours ago
Era yo o se estan drogando
Dava Aditya Jauhar
Dava Aditya Jauhar 7 hours ago
Everyone: talking about the drug Me: Wait, Alesso?
Chichis World
Chichis World 14 hours ago
Oh I want to buy it! At the End of the video: Nevermind....
Fortnite be amazed !
That’s so cool
Ñaxce Gutierrez
Ñaxce Gutierrez 19 hours ago
Me encantan tus vídeos! Pero mas tu 💖😉
Chiencheinfemme 21Magic
Irony because the healthy alternative was to not mist at all
Prong 19 hours ago
God these are really depressing.
Sofia Montalvo
Sofia Montalvo 22 hours ago
Black Mirror discovered drugs
gamal naasr gamal nassr
Sofia Montalvo hi hello whtas App00967733463712
Amaya Sanchez
Amaya Sanchez 22 hours ago
Whelp I found lele
Anonimato xoxo
Donde coño están los comentarios en español?!? 🤣
Milca dani
Milca dani Day ago
Jajaja la mayoría de comentarios en inglés
Fabina Colaco
I think that this story presented has a moral relevant to our current situation.
Kendyl Jordan
Through out the whole video I was thinking smoking was not considered bad at first and I was waiting for the side effects
Luis Gugliermetti
Perdón Juanpa quise decir que me digas
Luis Gugliermetti
Juanpa que es eso y enserio te admiro mucho mi instagram es roma.ini para que me digas te quiero
ElGalloConTenis :v
egg egshiglen
its just a friking tiny VAPE!
egg egshiglen
us people should never ever do drugs or any other crap like that
Isabella Buckland
Does anybody else watch these and find them scary
Devender Singh
It is true story , such as smartphone
Flam ingo
Flam ingo Day ago
i love this series!!!!
Yoloswagpro Bro
I feel like if I literally took a hit if that mist stuff I’d say the dumbest shit and just wouldn’t care
Yoloswagpro Bro
All it is is a fancy juul
Chuck Bartowski
Basically it was made because of the real-life vaping and how it was said to be "the healthy alternative," so many millennials tried it and got addicted, but now we realize it wasn't that much less healthy than normally smoking...
Dhestinie The Crazy Potato
I love you so much! You deserve 1 billion subscribers
Roxy’s Closet
That’s drugs.... ;-; oh my, why is it a healthy alternative
Roxy’s Closet
Oh yup That’s why you don’t do drugs
Lichmie Osborne
LovelyLajah 2 days ago
Yousef Khudair
Yousef Khudair 2 days ago
I stopped smoking my vape after watching this video... it's been eight mins now
Hhamel2 ._.
Hhamel2 ._. 2 days ago
Rachel Cantu
Rachel Cantu 2 days ago
Hi i love your USvid canos
Mary Luongplayz
Mary Luongplayz 2 days ago
It’s basically juuling behind it
Lila Cole
Lila Cole 2 days ago
Wow just woowwww
mogan hickman
mogan hickman 2 days ago
i loved this vid pls get this to 3k likes
Vivi Game
Vivi Game 2 days ago
Beginning: what is that Middle: that seems cool I want it End: oof nvm
Ines Ramos Garcia
At 8:15 everyone gets sick
erikas burba
erikas burba 2 days ago
How much for it?
Yareth Gomez
Yareth Gomez 2 days ago
Mist the unhealthy alternative😣😐
A 19
A 19 2 days ago
I dont get it at all like is that mist thing good or bad?
Kiki_sedge Xx
Kiki_sedge Xx 2 days ago
I know you probably won’t see this now... but I have a video idea! You should do a parody of suicide squad! Lele be Harley, Hanna be the Enchanchress (sorry if I spelt it wrong), Twan could be the joker (or you?) and you (or Twan) be Deadshot. Thanks!
lyla richards
lyla richards 2 days ago
i need this
lyla richards
lyla richards 2 days ago
i watch the whole thing just then
lyla richards
lyla richards 2 days ago
Myaeona Myaeona
Myaeona Myaeona 2 days ago
Were did you buy that??
Emiliani Weeks
Emiliani Weeks 2 days ago
Uummmmmmm is this a add
nielannie heresmann
I love u juanpa ❤️
Kawaii Alissa
Kawaii Alissa 2 days ago
Omg is that Callie from the foster well Idk her real name
Cd aka Carlos Martin
The future where there is a cure for all device dj still wears wired headphones
manzi barikage
manzi barikage 2 days ago
It was a bad idea to watch this when all my pods were empty
manzi barikage
manzi barikage 2 days ago
Juanpa acting like he don’t vape
Natalie's World
Natalie's World 2 days ago
so these are like vapes in the future?
Valeria Arredondo
is this vape or??...
Melissa Stgermain
Can kids take it to
Kaleb Cruz
Kaleb Cruz 2 days ago
I saw lele in the du part in the corner
Kaleb Cruz
Kaleb Cruz 2 days ago
I meant dj part
How Good
How Good 2 days ago
dis is so good
Lilyann Mastison
Lilyann Mastison 2 days ago
At least everybody still quit do drugs
TrashLord Dank
TrashLord Dank 3 days ago
Drugs. Are bad mmmmkayyyyy
Grace2960 Fasipe
Grace2960 Fasipe 3 days ago
its a vape right?
Lamine Toure
Lamine Toure 3 days ago
Pretty much a warning for all the vapors out there
Sophie GumiFlumi
Sophie GumiFlumi 3 days ago
I cant be the only one who Misses the old Lele pons funny videos
Aaya Mahdi
Aaya Mahdi 3 days ago
This reminds me of black mirrow
Camila and Yuliana Rodriguez tello
im wondering,does this have drug? can kids have this? I NEED ANSWERES
Ima -J
Ima -J 3 days ago
Omg Juanpa I❤ you and your Videos
haz ett
haz ett 3 days ago
Juanpa Zurita's version of "Limitless" playing by Bradley Cooper
Savannah Velazquez
At first I thought it was an ad 😂
CocoRLVlogs Labor
other names for mist are cigarettes and juul
x.fan. Videos
x.fan. Videos 3 days ago
I've had a major crush on you...❤️😂🥰
Initial 1890
Initial 1890 3 days ago
3:19 great dance moves jeez
Lauren Kelley
Lauren Kelley 3 days ago
I WANT A MISTTTTT MIDDLE of vid:nevermind
Parîs LiFe !
Parîs LiFe ! 3 days ago
Where does the mist go? In the air what happens to the air though?
Reina_your gurl
Reina_your gurl 3 days ago
There was a ad before this video XD
wHeRe ArE mY jAmS !!!
1:46 So it’s basically like a vape 😂
Sassy Squirrel Studios
All I can see from Juanpa is “MAGIC PEOPLE!”
Katy Lipome
Katy Lipome 3 days ago
I want a mist like if you want one to
rosalia castro molina
Me parece que es brogas
Aubrianna Mayette
Is this a real thing or fake
Gacha Pat Princess Francis
The whole time i was watching the video i was thinking it was just like smoking a little bit
Phillip White
Phillip White 4 days ago
make more of these
Hossam Ahmad
Hossam Ahmad 4 days ago
5:05 lele pons is on the right
Kumail Shah
Kumail Shah 4 days ago
csugirl06 4 days ago
The advancement of vaping for our future.
ღ ɬɧɛ_ƈơơƙıɛ_ мσиѕтєяѕ ღ
Nuuuu! Juanpaaaa!! 3:
Meko Alomerovic
Meko Alomerovic 4 days ago
Cat Ears
Cat Ears 4 days ago
Moh Harpi
Moh Harpi 4 days ago
I wish it was real😂 It can't be possible 😐
Kony 4 days ago
This is little black mirror?
Gacha wow studio is the Best
Should I. Ummmmm is this for people to start smoking..... IM 9! NINE really? Huh I’m not hating on you it’s just weird
Cold btw
Cold btw 4 days ago
‘’Mist’’ is also an word in German who says like sh*t
Itztomboyfam Gacha lovers
Only if Mist’s were real 🥺 Edit: NVM
Rod ahmed savage Gaming
The future is not here you make your own future by working hard
Haschen Spatz
Haschen Spatz 4 days ago
che rata 💩
Elie Resz
Elie Resz 4 days ago
this made me cry
Elle’s Woodlock
Beginning of video: I could really use this Mist! Someone needs to make this a real product End of video: Yeah this is why you don’t do drugs kid...
Mystic4l 5 days ago
Who else noticed that the old homeless guy turned into a young boy
Danker Dakitten
Danker Dakitten 5 days ago
thecringeperson idk
This was really just an add but 8:16 so it was just a really long add
EMS ems12592
EMS ems12592 5 days ago
Mist is German and mean something like shit
xxStormiCatxx 12
xxStormiCatxx 12 5 days ago
It’s like a Juul that never runs out of juice
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