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Today, we try doing a mock draft for the upcoming NBA draft! Can we guess our picks correctly or will our draft fall flat on its face?
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Jun 9, 2019

2Hype Mock Draft2Hype DraftJiedel DraftJiedel




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Comments 3 326
Jiedel 14 days ago
Hey guys, to clarify, this was intended to be more in the satirical side of things haha 😂 none of us are draft experts!
Anthony Reed
Anthony Reed 2 days ago
Jiedel were you guys stoned while making this
Collin Fridsma
Collin Fridsma 4 days ago
You said Rj and Reddish went to Kentucky 😂
Carter Sam Jake Evan
yeah like weres bruno fernando
Lovelive Basketball
Thank was on duke
Charles Norrington
Do a nba 2k tounament with the players you picked
Joe Waring
Joe Waring 11 minutes ago
When rj got drafted it said kentucky
Drew Little
Drew Little Hour ago
Can reddish also went to duke instead of Kentucky
Drew Little
Drew Little Hour ago
Rj Barrett went to duke not Kentucky
Jackman Ciocca
Jackman Ciocca 3 hours ago
5:39 it says cam reddish is from Kentucky but he is from duke
Andrew Clawson
Andrew Clawson 3 hours ago
I didnt RJ Barret went to Kentucky!!!
Teagan McCain
Teagan McCain 6 hours ago
why they doin jarrett allen like that
Swage_clown 21 hour ago
12:56 that Laugh tho
Big Boy
Big Boy 23 hours ago
This is one of the hardest videos to watch ever.....
DeAndre Haynes
You put the rj Barrett at Kentucky
DeAndre Haynes
And cam reddish
Banana Sandwich
I’ve watched this 3 times so funny
Concetta Hurley
at 4:50 they said rj went to uk like
Erick Holmes
Erick Holmes Day ago
Rj Barrett to Kentucky ??
Marco Sotelo
Marco Sotelo Day ago
😂😂😂 to bad bol bol went to the nuggets what a steal
Senor Swagglepuss
Yea these guys are fucking idiots
mohammed wafi
MITCHEL'L'S on crack
mohammed wafi
u guys are dumb rj shouldve been wayyyyyy higher
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Day ago
Herro is best white guy in the draft. Easy all star
Stormz Magic
Stormz Magic Day ago
My brother went to Belmont
swagcity Day ago
Zion and Cameron played for duke not Kentucky but the logos next to their name was the Kentucky logo
Ninja Kolby
Ninja Kolby Day ago
Jackson Hayes is my friends brother
Awesome Phillies Fan
Mitchell actually made a better pick for the Hornets than the Hornets did in real life
warofmankind 2 days ago
That blonde guy just over rating wack white players. Trash kid
SuccMyMeme 2 days ago
Rip bol bol in actual draft
Brent Parks
Brent Parks 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice how he said RJ Barret is from UK but he’s from Duke
Off The Post
Off The Post 2 days ago
Lol Nasir Little fell to 25
nolin crain
nolin crain 2 days ago
Where was pj Washington
Josh Anto
Josh Anto 3 days ago
You guys are so bad at this 😂
Jacob Masek
Jacob Masek 3 days ago
They were so wrong 😂
Cole Houston
Cole Houston 3 days ago
Chuma okeke😂😂???
Shavonda Gibbs
Shavonda Gibbs 3 days ago
I went to the nba draft and your wrong
Casey Agler
Casey Agler 3 days ago
Rj Barrett is from duke not Kentucky
xd_N1ghtFa1l 3 days ago
Kris spelling sekou: seko James: oh sekou DOUMBAYA!!!!!!!!!
xd_N1ghtFa1l 3 days ago
I don’t think they knew that Darius garland played 5 games in college
xd_N1ghtFa1l 3 days ago
Rj played at duke not Kentucky
Jared Swallows
Jared Swallows 3 days ago
They be dissing Tennessee players (Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield) smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Gavyn Reynolds
Gavyn Reynolds 11 hours ago
Fr Fr
Límønada Sub4noReason
Lol im watching this instead of the actuall draft even though i was hyped but 2hype is better
Seth Goldstein
Seth Goldstein 3 days ago
i’m i miami fan. to laugh at the 3rd predicted pick in this vid, and then watch the nba draft, i wanna cry
BrokenPencil 13
BrokenPencil 13 3 days ago
Heat Nation Happy For you Mitchell lol
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 3 days ago
Any Tennessee fan got mad when they said schofields name and didn’t know how grant was
RobotWillie 3 days ago
I got mad as a Gonzaga fan a little, him giving Minnesota Hachimura because he knows nothing about them. But I guess its not really as insult, he says Rui is a very balanced player who does a little of everything. And he didn't pick him far off from his real pick of #9. And Brandon Clarke went 3 picks lower than that picked him but thats pretty damn close too. So they really were pretty right about where my teams guys were going, first guy 2 picks lower than real life and second guy 3 picks higher. Thats pretty close.
AcTive_Murphy _
AcTive_Murphy _ 3 days ago
Where was pj and keldon?
AcTive_Murphy _
AcTive_Murphy _ 3 days ago
This was a disgusting mock draft😂
rafael macias
rafael macias 3 days ago
Who else is watching during the real draft
BoxboyGaming 3 days ago
These People are OGs of Jiedel 🔥❤️ 👇🏽 be an Og of me today
Casey Tidwell
Casey Tidwell 3 days ago
Right ain’t from Kentucky
Eric 3 days ago
When rj got picked 7th they put the Kentucky logo next to his name & not the duke logo smh 😣
Judson _yt
Judson _yt 3 days ago
Cameras in RJ Barrett hear from Duke not Kentucky jidel
Gage Sandlin
Gage Sandlin 3 days ago
Keldon Johnson?
Bob Jef
Bob Jef 3 days ago
I’m a bulls fans, and I would love to see RJ fall down to seventh but we all know that won’t happen. So I would love to see either Garland or Culvar. Sorry about spelling
MrSouthpaw 13
MrSouthpaw 13 3 days ago
RJ Barrett didn’t go to Kentucky
ALEX PLAYS 3 days ago
RJ went to duke y’all are dumb
Rylan Davis
Rylan Davis 4 days ago
Y’all made this on my birthday
Donavan Henderson
Rj Barrett played for Duke
Aiden McManaman
Aiden McManaman 4 days ago
RJ and Cam didn’t go to Kentucky
Macen & Bailey
Macen & Bailey 4 days ago
can redish didn’t go to kentucky
Landon Barrentine
Why did you say Tj Barrett and cam reddish went to UK when they went to Duke
eli pace
eli pace 4 days ago
Um did anyone realize jesser said the Orlando magic need a lot of help. They made the playoffs even though they went out first round they went out by the raptors the finals championship
3&7uru Rien
3&7uru Rien 4 days ago
Rj and cam played for duke not uk
Christian Cass
Christian Cass 4 days ago
Lmfaooo anyone else notice he said RJ was from Kentucky
Fanatic Fishing
Fanatic Fishing 4 days ago
It said rj Barrett was on Kentucky 😂 he plays for duke
EGGS 7000
EGGS 7000 4 days ago
Who else saw RJ Barrett University of Kentucky
James Sutherland
James Sutherland 4 days ago
rj and cam play for duke but they both suck and go heels
Chas Recine
Chas Recine 4 days ago
You had rj from Kentucky
Nate Hance Vlogs
Nate Hance Vlogs 4 days ago
Rj is from duke
kartrichyrich2311 gamming
Y was rj on uk
Why u hating on Indiana 😢😂
Cole Asbury
Cole Asbury 4 days ago
Cam and Rj are from duke
Justin Francis
Justin Francis 4 days ago
What about Naz Reid
Jamil Jimenez
Jamil Jimenez 4 days ago
i hope none of yall ever become real life gms
ZOMBIECLOWN76 4 days ago
You put rj at uk
xxxtentacion is dead :0
RJ Barrett is not on Kentucky😂😂😂 he’s on Duke
Killa Kam24
Killa Kam24 4 days ago
4:50 RJ Barrett did not go to Kentucky he went to duke 😂😂
BmanL1016 By Brayden Lischka
Tyler Herro? No.3 Pick what do you mean
Beasted Yt
Beasted Yt 4 days ago
Cam Reddish is on Duke
Nick Yorizzo
Nick Yorizzo 4 days ago
Ty Jerome is the goat
Isaac Grant
Isaac Grant 4 days ago
I want the pages you guys are using, I would like to do this mock draft with my family. Can I please get the pages you used
Anthony Hernandez
Darius Garland falling past 10....holy crap, hard to watch
Anthony Hernandez
Mitchells a moron
Owen O
Owen O 4 days ago
Deandre hunter out of the lottery
Owen O
Owen O 4 days ago
darryl elias
darryl elias 4 days ago
These niggas dont know anything about this game
Caelan Phillips
Caelan Phillips 4 days ago
At number 28 what about Chuma Okeke?😂 just an auburn fan lookin for some love for our team😂
Aidan Constantine
Mike Conley aged well
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 4 days ago
it aint Roy its rui james
Jeremy Grooms
Jeremy Grooms 4 days ago
Only fro the fact they put rj Barrett's college logo as kentucks even tho he went to duke
Mac Tonin
Mac Tonin 4 days ago
1 name bol bol
Kobi Potter
Kobi Potter 4 days ago
Taco Fall?
Sensual Experiences
Frank and Ford
Frank and Ford 4 days ago
Rj and cam are from duke blue devils not kentucky
kris triggered me when he said conley was overrated hes more underrated then overrated 🤣
T J 2 days ago
@DJDetroitProductions i dont think so not even even kyrie is paid as much as him
T J he’s worth it
T J 2 days ago
Not when he is paid 30 mil a year
Thomas Hartinger
Thomas Hartinger 4 days ago
Reddish went to duke
Trey Timmermans
Trey Timmermans 4 days ago
Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce 5 days ago
Hey rj Barrett doesn't play for Kentucky
Joey Probst
Joey Probst 5 days ago
Mitchell called Myers Lenerd trash What an a hole
Why does RJ Barrett thing say Kentucky
bryson russell
bryson russell 5 days ago
Cam reddish came
Daniel Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz 5 days ago
Rj Barrett from UK?
jack pit
jack pit 5 days ago
Tyler Herro?
69zl_yt 5 days ago
Where is bol bol
Franco Cuomo
Franco Cuomo 5 days ago
This was the hardest thing ever to watch
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