The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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Mar 24, 2019




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Comments 63 788
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby 27 days ago
300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha MERCH: fanjoy.co/xplr/
Royal King JoeyDaniel
in the part with the night vision cam where they were all sitting down and talking trying to reach someone i herd a semi long low kina high howl at 38:11 but it was quiet so i turned my sound all the way up
Nicol Zunno
Nicol Zunno 27 days ago
Love you Guys, Please dont put your Lives In danger Just for Us. We love you for who you are not for you trying to give up your souls for us 💙💙💜👻
Gabby Grosvenor
Gabby Grosvenor 27 days ago
Gaming with giraffie Not active
Ly you guys and I’m able to tell you that cause I got here just before 500❤️ oh and I have a suggestion, your guys should re name your Chanel “Solby”
Sam and Colby Dear Sam and Colby if you keep watching the light behind you at 16:11 looks like the little girl is walking back and forth at the door
crayonbox _
crayonbox _ 12 minutes ago
34:37 hmmmmm what is that??????
Lucy Mack
Lucy Mack 12 minutes ago
No hate towards Kian and JC but they started that argument saying Colby knocked on the door for views when you could see the fear in Colbys face as soon as that happened Kian and JC only said what they said cause they were also scared and they didn’t want to believe that it was something supernatural
Twenty Oof
Twenty Oof 24 minutes ago
15:07 “she’s sitting on her own laughing” literally exactly what I’m doing right now I started creasing even harder 😂😂
Lucy Mack
Lucy Mack 30 minutes ago
I’m not from England but I’m still from the UK and when they did the British accents it low key offended me 😂 Also is it only me that would be having an absolute ball being on that ship 😂😂
Jeri-Lynne Brotherston
Sam feels so scripted
Blu Rose
Blu Rose 46 minutes ago
54:20 pause then play this moment is u look carefully next to sams face there's a dot that wasn't there before u see it appear the just a second before the thuds it VANISHED 😱 they called an entity that's for sure
The-Bro-mashing guy
The-Bro-mashing guy 50 minutes ago
The 2 new guys are pussys
Blu Rose
Blu Rose 52 minutes ago
Lol look at the very moment Colby was asking and listened close to the door they say the saw him knock his wrist was bent until the last second he left the door by that time the knock happened. Just thought I'd point it out 👈👉👌
xxxTentacions biggest fan
At 33:30 someone was in the hallway
Fight Me
Fight Me Hour ago
Hello everyone who is hiding in the comments
vlog with jamesand reacting gameing
It's my birthday
Riverthought32 2 hours ago
It couldn't have been coby because the nock was from inside the room
Vickysim Gaming
Vickysim Gaming 3 hours ago
So what even happened to the camera then 🤣
BlackArsenal 3 hours ago
Look at the small line in the middle of the door it looks like someone was like moving behind them..
Thomas Htun
Thomas Htun 4 hours ago
23:22 far left woman in white robes after coby mentions about her
FireBird78 5 hours ago
I SAW A FUCKING ORBE!!!!!!! 29:00-30:24!!!!!!! NO JOKE???!!!!!!
Emma Daniel
Emma Daniel 5 hours ago
Colby fr looked TERRIFIED outside b340 I felt scared for him 🥺
Frequence Ryan
Frequence Ryan 6 hours ago
Did anyone else hear that howling noise?
Sloppy Smile7
Sloppy Smile7 6 hours ago
Isabel Skye
Isabel Skye 6 hours ago
25:03 there is a girl popping her head around the back right corner
Aysia Fyson
Aysia Fyson 6 hours ago
im not sure if u realized but if u go to the time 31.47 on the mirror next to colby there is hand prints like really big hands to
Infinity 4902
Infinity 4902 9 hours ago
They are saying you lied!!!! Remember last time you promised not to share your findings!!!!! They know what happened! @samandcolby
Georgia's galaxy
Georgia's galaxy 10 hours ago
I looked at colbys hand and his hand didn't move with the knock
psychotic vampire
psychotic vampire 10 hours ago
I honestly wanted to punch those guys (kian/jc) in the face for saying it was annoying and for saying that Colby knocked on the door like wtf they've obviously never done these type of things
Jacklyn Fetherston
Jacklyn Fetherston 10 hours ago
Sam 😔, sweetheart you don’t need to try so hard for views. Your life before our pleasure. Maybe quoting USvid was the best thing for you. Ever since the first queen mary you’ve been different. All you’ve cared about is views and likes- take this time to re-evaluate your self worth. I love you both ❤️
sithumini parindya
sithumini parindya 11 hours ago
When he grabbed the camera I got scared 50:56
Madison Riddle
Madison Riddle 12 hours ago
Tons of orbs in the phone camera...
lexibrooketalley 12 hours ago
Some body above you is just banging hahhaah😂🤣and y’all are like whaaaat I’m like we all know someone is just having that happy hour 🤣39:12
Lunar TheDucthAG QwQ
Don’t worry the cracked glass was there before
Hikingplate888 Xbox
Hikingplate888 Xbox 13 hours ago
I feel bad for the janitor that has to clean up the room😬
Chloe Hammond
Chloe Hammond 13 hours ago
the jokes they made about the little girl in the room beside them were just cracking me up
The Rogue Xbox
The Rogue Xbox 15 hours ago
41:08 there is singing like a hollow voice
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 15 hours ago
the crack on the mirror was there before
Romey Loves geometry dash
watch the light in the crack of the door when he said died a shadow pops in front.
Xeon Dynasty Adris
Xeon Dynasty Adris 16 hours ago
46:22 through 48:00 u see white things around the screen
Jett So fly
Jett So fly 16 hours ago
U should do a video most haunted place on earth
CrystalizedMeth 17 hours ago
When someone steals your food 4:56
Supermonkey Gang
Supermonkey Gang 17 hours ago
Yo when they herd something running it was just a person on a treadmill upstairs
jarl vance
jarl vance 18 hours ago
Around 29:45 is a orb comes out of colby
Tala Herald
Tala Herald 18 hours ago
okay, i love you guys- but how did no one notice all the orbs when it was switched to the iPhone?
Graces World
Graces World 19 hours ago
When that knocked I legit jumped out of my bed
Guadalupe Juarez
Guadalupe Juarez 19 hours ago
30:23 who sees that orb above Kians hand? You can’t see it very clear though
Kiitsu Kai
Kiitsu Kai 20 hours ago
Dude 39:10 fucking jumanji shit 🤣
BINX THE BEAST 21 20 hours ago
At 47:29 his eyes turn red
Chris Catrini
Chris Catrini 20 hours ago
It was not coby
Max Collier
Max Collier 20 hours ago
colby did seem way too into it this video... something really was off. :( i really hope he feels better soon.
lmfao 20 hours ago
i love how kian is just so immature 😹🖤 .
danwassuchanemo 21 hour ago
Damn all those orbes in Jc's cam...
Cohen Wilson
Cohen Wilson 21 hour ago
Not again😭😭😭I just got through with the untold story and missing audio
The scariest part of this video is when you reach for the iPhone.
"The viewers will want us to ask it for a knock." Me:. . . .Nah *after knocking* *everyone's scared* Me:. . .what did I say? Now it knows you back
xxsuperpupxx _21
xxsuperpupxx _21 22 hours ago
They said they won't leave till day right ok they left to go get McDonald's XD!
Mike Willbrook
Mike Willbrook 22 hours ago
Do you guys see on 39:51 there’s nothing shinning but above of sams head there’s a thing that’s shines big time a few seconds later
llaceyy xo
llaceyy xo 22 hours ago
If Sam really wanted someone or Colby to knock on the door Sam should've done it.... its clear Colby was hella scared :(
llaceyy xo
llaceyy xo 22 hours ago
why would we wanna hear or for them to do the knock again if weve already heard it ? Sam seemed so off
Renzo GameZ234
Renzo GameZ234 23 hours ago
The beginning is like a fricking movie
llaceyy xo
llaceyy xo 23 hours ago
Hearing them try do English accents has me dead.... xD
llaceyy xo
llaceyy xo 23 hours ago
Can I just say..... I love Colbys outfit like-
sasha 12
sasha 12 23 hours ago
When a kid is braver than you ft mini Sam (he does remind me a lot of Sam)
Makayla •
Makayla • 23 hours ago
Kian can be so funny in scary situations 😂 thats the type of friend you wanna bring with you on a ghost hunt 😂
Hailey Ard
Hailey Ard Day ago
Ask the sprits to turn the camra back on plz (it may work)
big forehead123
48:46 see all those orbs just yeeting out the frame of the camera 😳
MARVEL Marker 11 hours ago
Yeah one goes above the phone and goes back
Emperor 34
Emperor 34 Day ago
8:47 13:27 LEMME DRI DA BOAT
big forehead123
okay wtf is wrong with Sam in this video 🤦🏽‍♀️
Katelynn Elizabeth.
when ur sitting on the couch talking about the ship and the little girl was doing stuff u can see her walking by through the crack
YT_Crabster Day ago
39:40 theres a face next to blonde hair dude btw
Alex 20 hours ago
His name is Sam haha
Kristen Scholz
Queen Mary and Queen Elisabeth were queens from a long long time ago and they were sisters, Elisabeth called Mary Bloody Mary. Mary also killed a lot of people
Vanity Unique
Whatever was in the room definitely made it work to get everyone to start arguing with each other.👀
Aldhiyb Sabia
Why does Kian look so much like Jake
Annu Day ago
ok but whys kian being such a bitch tho like nobody else is but him
Enelra Sevein
Guys on 00:40 his eyes were red.
Hayley Lloyd
Hayley Lloyd Day ago
After the camera went off did anyone notice that on the phone recording there were orbs flying everywhere from ever direction Am I the only one who noticed that
Tatsuo Gatcha
Ghost: Auhhhh i need privacy "knocks camera over and ended up breaking it" the gang: wtf was that bro the camera is not turning on!!! Ghost: oops my bad
Tissanya Jade
Anybody watching this in April?
Jesse Morales-Beas
Jesse Morales-Beas 22 hours ago
Rapunzel girl
Dude!!!! The orbs!!! After the camera falls and you get the iPhone! It looks like it’s snowing!!
Pravin Arvin
Pravin Arvin Day ago
Did anyone notice at 25:03 there was a head poking out at the far side of the hallway?
Sofia Pineda
Sofia Pineda Day ago
Is it just me or kian has a hickey on his neck💀
Koko Tatari
Koko Tatari Day ago
There is something when u was all sitting on the sofa infront that secret door is moving 😶 like a dark light or something ..... 53:19
Slime Pony08
Slime Pony08 Day ago
11:08pm watching this in my haunted house ~ and I have to use the bathroom | ~ great 👍🏼😪
Lazy.-. Edits
Like fuck I made myself watch this at like 11 at night with headphones and under the blanket LIKE WTF IS WRONG W/MEEEEE
Jacob Platas
Jacob Platas Day ago
Why is Colby always summoning them
Carl Edgar
Carl Edgar Day ago
Guys just as your camera went down and you switched to iPhone, it could just be dust particles in the air but literally there was one that switched direction right in front of the camera and then you guys heard that noise and saw your door was open. Time it happened was at 48:53 in your video. It literally comes in from the left side of the camera and stops then goes down and back towards your door. Crazy stuff guys. Hopefully you see this comment so you can review it. I’m 100% positive you caught an orb on camera.
Roberson Jaxon
LeT Me DrIvE tHe BoAt
Victoria Zamora
Colby is just adorable and made my heart drop💔💔💔❤️❤️❤️
Markah Marie The Emo
Im watching this video and i heard someone yell my name and it sounded like my dad. His voice is deep too. HES NOT HERE. My brother is asleep and my sisters are watching tv. Idk what fucking happened.
Anavel Ortiz
Anavel Ortiz Day ago
Dude at 39:53 there is a thing floating above sams head
Malia Grygier
this reminds me of shane dawson going on the queen mary
Kaylee Landrum
Kaylee Landrum
Zeno reality
Zeno reality Day ago
40:10 Maybe am I the only one that heard like a soft whistle blow sound like oooooooh like wind
Royal King JoeyDaniel
i already said this but i cant find the commet but at the time 38:11 when they were sitting down and trying to talk to something i turned up my sound all the way and herd a semi long low kinda high howl it was actually a long howl idk what is was tho
Royal King JoeyDaniel
i actually think its just dust or idk because after the one i saw alot after and before
Royal King JoeyDaniel
i also herd another low howl at 39:00 but i think it was shorter this time idk
May-Oh. P
May-Oh. P Day ago
There is literally so many orbs in the video after the camera falls
Marie M
Marie M Day ago
40:14 right after they all heard thuds or running coming from above them.🤔it sounded like someone was using an electric screwdriver to nail something in a wall.
Marie M
Marie M Day ago
Or it might have been a vacuum🤔🤷🏽‍♀️idk
noxz _
noxz _ Day ago
The best part of staying at a haunted hotel is that if you break anything you can just blame it on the ghost
LCS Price
LCS Price Day ago
There weee so many light anomalies during the iPhone videoing
Sissy & Me
Sissy & Me Day ago
Kian and Jc r my idols and are you guys mostly Colby
Rainbow D3V
Rainbow D3V Day ago
They don’t have the right to touch your camera and turn it off so they should get their Ass off the ship if their so scared!!!!!🤬🤬
TYLER Gaming10
Did you guys here a girl breath on 16:39 min
oh my god am I the only one who thinks that Sam looks like a combo of DanTDM and Ed Sheeran ???!!
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