The Fall of Constantinople

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How exactly did the Roman Empire come to an end? Well, in today's animated educational cartoon we are looking at how the Byzantine Empire overtook the incredible Constantinople as their new capital city, making the final nail in the coffin for the Roman Empire.
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 2 551
Faiz Master
Faiz Master 7 hours ago
Fazar Rahman
Fazar Rahman 9 hours ago
Thanks to fourth crusaders, the Constantinople has become far weaker than it really was.
Mr. HQ Notty
Mr. HQ Notty 10 hours ago
The last part is wrong!!!
Hakan Denizhan
Hakan Denizhan 13 hours ago
So much misinformation. Especially the last part. You simply wouldn't loot and demolish your new capital, would you?
Hakan Denizhan
Hakan Denizhan 13 hours ago
I unfollowed this channel because i value accuracy.
Yamtar TR
Yamtar TR 16 hours ago
Love this channel but extremely inaccurate. Especially about the part after the seige. Would be great if you cite your sources in the corner of the video or in the description. Also, you failed to mention that Mehmed II was also an engineer who worked in the building of those artilleries.
D _lol
D _lol 18 hours ago
last part is just fake
Willis Eicher
Willis Eicher 21 hour ago
7:08 minecraft death sound
Syed Rehman
Syed Rehman 23 hours ago
i like this channel but its clear the creators definitely had a bias. very inaccurate
Heier Day ago
Never forget.
Seta Day ago
What a missleading information is this.
31Hosaf Day ago
Wow such wrong into. Unsubscribing
Killjoy0329 Day ago
He’s the type of Minecraft player who be like “oh what a beautiful house you’ve built!” And proceeds to put TNT
Yusuf Maulana Efendi
Too many wrong fact.. the slaughter is fake.. the history doesnt say that..
HotZetiGer Day ago
Genghis khan tears :P
Murat Necip Arcan
ah It's just about a few cannon and the ships which are walking,
Yasin Ks
Yasin Ks Day ago
This video has so many wrong information that it should be illegal to keep this video up.
ghost Day ago
How sad it is that we left constantinopole in their hands.They tried to steal the glory of europe and even at this day they attempt to take it
7:07 Apparently Mehmed II had played minecraft
Amali Homer
Amali Homer Day ago
ipanchim Day ago
My name is constantino xD
Cycris -
Cycris - Day ago
Why is Orban black.
Dzaky Zaidan
Dzaky Zaidan 2 days ago
40% of the video is wrong...
Greg Jordan
Greg Jordan 2 days ago
Constantinople in greek mean city of constantinos!!
ZEERICH 2 days ago
Why are all the turks saying this video is inaccurate or biased? Almost everything in the video is historically accurate, especially the sacking and plundering of the city which is very well documented.
ahmed muhammed
ahmed muhammed 2 days ago
Bro i have studied history and iam pretty sure there are lots of wrong info here or the books that I studied.
Rainn -FIN-
Rainn -FIN- 2 days ago
Retake Constantinople
An Anatolian Guy
An Anatolian Guy 2 days ago
Who said ship can't walk?
Karel Wolf
Karel Wolf 2 days ago
ottoman soldiers all looking like arabs, ottoman ships looking like chinese, urban the hungarian is black, that plunder thing...this video is BS
Eli Bushnell
Eli Bushnell 2 days ago
minecraft ? 7:07
Defective Turret
Defective Turret 2 days ago
After 10:20 is just lie. Go search some history.
New Historian
New Historian 2 days ago
I dont know what people are compalining about, this video is accuate on almost every account. Moreover the mistakes are very very minor. I wrote my dissertation on the siege and i say well done to this channel for getting it across so well in only 11 mins. I will sub to try and offset the poorly informed!
Zack Mon
Zack Mon 2 days ago
We must have a united EU before its too late again.
ef sane
ef sane 2 days ago
M X 2 days ago
is your source papacy documents lol
R Mad
R Mad 2 days ago
Create a separate playlist of history around world with rise & fall of empires, epic battle & modern times war!
Baris Cankaya
Baris Cankaya 2 days ago
üff nasıl ananızı siktik dındırıdın dın dırırı dındırırıı dındırırı
Halit Özgür
Halit Özgür 2 days ago
When your only source of information is Wikipedia ...
Ismam Tunan
Ismam Tunan 2 days ago
Well well it seems like viking tv series
theodore tait
theodore tait 2 days ago
They weren't called Ottomans, they were called Seljuk Turks back then. And how ironic that you didn't mention that the city fell because a crypto-Jewish community called the Donmeh opened the gates, which led to the eradication and enslavement of the natives...
Imran Zikry
Imran Zikry 2 days ago
This is clearly one sided. The fate was true but in case Mehmed II order his army to plunder the city is totally fake. Try to reconsider base on both side story
John Sanvictores
John Sanvictores 2 days ago
*Britain* and France in the Hundred Years' War?
Buffed Rick
Buffed Rick 2 days ago
Y r turks dressed as arabs n romans as jacked up wrestlers lol
First Last
First Last 2 days ago
*After three days of plundering the sultan looked upon the city and wiped a tear from his eye saying, "That is one spicy meatball!" and that is how a force of teddy bears took down the largest empire the galaxy had ever seen.* - Indiana Jones The Holy Bible
Omar Al-farouq Jaafar
i like that everybody says this is misinformation how would they know this is misinformation were they alive back then
Barış Kaplan
Barış Kaplan 3 days ago
And no the population of constantinapole didn't became slaves. Actually Mehmet the 2nd had a public talk about how everyone in the city was free to practice their culture and religion. It's better to add that most citizens saw being around muslims less irritating than idea of catholic help.
Barış Kaplan
Barış Kaplan 2 days ago
@Mus thafa Türkçe konuş reis bi bok anlamadım
Mus thafa
Mus thafa 2 days ago
Barış Kaplan but she in Grecee are so gorgeous
Barış Kaplan
Barış Kaplan 3 days ago
The four ships that broke thorugh ottoman fleet that you were talking about were 6 or more times bigger than the biggest ships the ottomans have, it did not humiliate the empire. It just got it angry.
datuputi777 3 days ago
Last part was most likely a lie to make it sympathetic to the loser. I think it's more like bragging statement. Well it's the fate of all European cities soon enough and murica won't survive as long as byzantine since at the very moment I'm writing this their moving ever faster to self destruction.
Ian Hovenden
Ian Hovenden 3 days ago
gadsgdaf dsfghsdfgh
Why did constantinople get the works
Amir Abedrabo
Amir Abedrabo 3 days ago
Loukas Notaras "I would rather see a Turkish turban in the midst of the City (i.e., Constantinople) than the Latin mitre" ; The Byzantines simply preferred for Muslims to rule than Catholic Christians! It was a Byzantine coup over their emperor; There were 5 Greek Christian Orthodox Phalange fighting on the side of the Muslims, etc...
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