The Drowned Man - Chapter 2

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The story of The Drowned Man continues as the tale of misery and woe gets stranger and stranger. When alarming new testimony from key witnesses confirms the supernatural nature of this invasion... there's only one path left to get the answers we seek.
Wade ► usvid.net/u-LordMinion777
Patrick ► usvid.net/u-PatrckStatic
JP ► usvid.net/u-Jpw03Game
EDITED BY LIXIAN ► usvid.net/u-LixianTV


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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 6 067
saam jaza
saam jaza 3 hours ago
"You got any candles?" OH GOD HERE WE GO
Veerpaul Brar
Veerpaul Brar 9 hours ago
did anybodt notice the hand at the glass door touching it how the ec do they not notice it in the video of 1423 or somewhere close to that
Noa Lenora Art
Noa Lenora Art 19 hours ago
Well yeah it’s not gonna work jeesh. Im no builder but even I know you mud on drywall not fuckin wetwall
Logan Chiminera
Logan Chiminera 22 hours ago
Is the greater evil debt?
Xavier Pezo
Xavier Pezo Day ago
This is the work of water sheep
one-way- wheelie
this actualy feels like a horror movie
Lan Day ago
Turn subtitles on and look on 11:14 Mr. Ass lmao
nolan Stechschulte
Mark impersonating JP!
Kerranda 2 days ago
Mark's JP impression 😂😂
Sgt. Baker
Sgt. Baker 2 days ago
Nobody: Norman Bates at the end of Psycho: 14:53
Sgt. Baker
Sgt. Baker 2 days ago
"I fuckin' knew this thing only wanted tacos I would've bought some." -Wade
Clizie Rose
Clizie Rose 2 days ago
if you feed a ghost tacos, i don't think they'll ever go away. they don't get tacos very often.
Snapdragon 2 days ago
Watched the Twitch stream that they had during when the episode. Very incitful into what went on that day when the house soiled JP.
monkeyfist 82
monkeyfist 82 2 days ago
It was Barbra from uno :○
xAngelWolf07x 2 days ago
Mark : "Are you a professional are not?" Wade : "No. I'm just a homeowner?" Me : DEAD
xAngelWolf07x 2 days ago
Mark : "What are you doing on your phone?" Very disapprovingly, "Now is not the time to text." Me : DOUBLE DEAD
Euphoria Productions
“He got shat on.. pretty badly,” *”He’s dEAd now, isn’t he?”*
Bilbosere 3 days ago
Marks voice his clothes D A R K I P L I E R
Xander Moore
Xander Moore 3 days ago
15:08 Science don’t explain that
Caleb Warner
Caleb Warner 3 days ago
Man, that's an incredible shirt design. Wish it was still available, I'd pick at least one up. Ah well...
aurora t
aurora t 3 days ago
*_4 tacos_*
ValentínJr Orta
ValentínJr Orta 3 days ago
Gibrielle 3 days ago
OmniShield batteries last 20 years
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 3 days ago
I hate that board it scares me 😂😂.
I Liek Catzz OWO
I Liek Catzz OWO 4 days ago
*P O S I D E N H A S E N T E R E D T H E C H A T*
Dominic Walls
Dominic Walls 4 days ago
Mark, I know a group that can help Wade’s problem, call the Ghost Adventures crew.
Lucid Day ago
The crew would have themselves a good laugh before attempting to help hin
Morgan Rae
Morgan Rae 4 days ago
Why are the only thoughts I have: Wade has a nice house and Mark looks out of place in a "cosy" home?
Writer10389 5 days ago
As a homeowner, I am rolling with laughter because this is god-tier exaggeration of the horrors of home ownership
Becky Blickhahn
Becky Blickhahn 5 days ago
Why did nobody mention Mark as the wife?
uh hi?
uh hi? 5 days ago
I love marks glasses-
Benny Boo
Benny Boo 5 days ago
11:29 that poor telephone :(
Ella Hunt
Ella Hunt 5 days ago
wade: no, i think it’s ouija mark: *wheezes* no.
Red Panda
Red Panda 5 days ago
Did you cheat on your house
Ojika 5 days ago
Stop it! Your hand off the uajžáá.
JJ Musicworks
JJ Musicworks 5 days ago
Chapter 1: (...I will watch the next episode, hoping it will be more serious.) Chapter 2: It was not...
Caelan Melanson
Caelan Melanson 6 days ago
DRAKEnN342 6 days ago
Mark as JP though
Plasma Oof
Plasma Oof 6 days ago
c’mon just call mario
Dracopyre 7 days ago
Mark in Real Life: THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE MY CHICA Mark on Camera: How can I be an asshole?
GameShow 7 days ago
Damn! Who is your Editor they do an amazing job!!
redhunter212 7 days ago
I got two words for Wade FLEX SEALLLLLLLL!!!!!
Xin Ru BING 7 days ago
Is it only me or is there somebody else that feel like at 10:51 Mark is actually laughing but he doesn't want the audience to notice so he tried to laugh in a creepier way??? LOL
Damar Wirawan
Damar Wirawan 7 days ago
when mario save princes... wade i gotta make sure your wife is with you right?
Persephone Plasmids
7:11 Don't look at them. Are you a professional or not? XD
Gacha Vicky
Gacha Vicky 7 days ago
Got to chapter two and what I've learnt is: -Mark likes harassing Wade -Mark loves the blood idea -Mark likes mud -Wade needs a boat
maxi 7 days ago
Science Sans
Science Sans 7 days ago
Ever get that TV ending feel from fnaf sister location from what mark is doing at the end?
I love the over editingXD
Hushed Howl
Hushed Howl 8 days ago
Mark : Just think of a yes or no question Wade : Will you leave without the tacos?
Angeluss Blade
Angeluss Blade 8 days ago
I want a man like Wade.
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin 8 days ago
mark should be a plumber
sam_bread 8 days ago
Yeah Wade, your house really is haunted.
sam_bread 8 days ago
Next time I put my finger through someone I make sure they have pooped and don't have diarrhea.
Tavia Highley
Tavia Highley 8 days ago
I feel like Darkiplier is involved 🤔
HÅŽÏM ÅRÏF 9 days ago
Have you tried flex tape
Lyric's new Gaming
my birthday be May 17 3:44
David Empey
David Empey 9 days ago
15:38- seriously where's the rain coming from? lol
Blazing Hot Cheetoz
Honestly wade is made for these type of roles. Its almost as if this why wade acts tha wya he acts lol
GentleBreeze 9 days ago
free drinkable water
legalize homicide
Thisd be a good creepypasta or scp water monster
Anthony Skull
Anthony Skull 10 days ago
Wade go buy 4 tacos 🌮🌮🌮🌮
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