The CHEAP Laptop Challenge

Austin Evans
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Sep 9, 2019




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Comments 1 335
MilkPower 2 hours ago
Hey guys this is Ughhhhh
Myticals Musings
Myticals Musings 20 hours ago
Raid Shadow Legend? I am disappoint.
Blazo 23 hours ago
Hp just sucks. All round
Blazo 23 hours ago
If you want a cheap laptop get core i3+
Patrick Langford
Noooooooooooooo 0:19
Jacob Roman
Jacob Roman 2 days ago
Do a full review on the acer
Marton Soos-Eory
Marton Soos-Eory 2 days ago
Oh no raid shadow legends
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 2 days ago
Which one can I play apex legends on
lgmaster5 3 days ago
Man HP sucks
Userx bw
Userx bw 3 days ago
your reporting is lacking facts, Lenovo, Lenovo what? they make a lot of different laptops. Asus, Asus what, HP, HP what? Acer, Acer what? brand name is not enough here, model hello what Model is it, I know you got a know what that means. thumbs down for poor reporting of all of the needed facts up front. you're just hopping around like a Jackalope without antlers here. when writing a new paper article what is suppose to be in the first paragraph or two? bad reporting here.
Trevor Alicea
Trevor Alicea 4 days ago
Don't buy the Lenovo. Just don't do it.
Philani Mnisi
Philani Mnisi 5 days ago
Why do ur videos have black bars
Drift Slay
Drift Slay 6 days ago
Austin high on the intro
Pug 6 days ago
a soos
Colin Carr
Colin Carr 7 days ago
So I could plug my Xbox hdmi into the Acer and play it through there?
Oh no!
Oh no! 8 days ago
Slit my wrist God! "Raid SHADOW LEGENDS" is takeing on low budget youtube channels by storm!
That tech guy
That tech guy 8 days ago
I just want a laptop
Admiral Adam
Admiral Adam 11 days ago
Jeez, did Austin not take his ADHD pills today?
Emirhan Patır
Emirhan Patır 11 days ago
bruh 300 dollars is like 1800+dollars here :C
Dougie-Greaves 12 days ago
Anyone noticed that the ACER is £799
Daragh Mcgeever
Daragh Mcgeever 13 days ago
RAiD SHaDow LEgenDs
rickinrolla 14 days ago
I like watching your videos Austin, but why the heck can't you turn down the volume of delivery?
Horizen 14 days ago
RAID SHADOW LEGDENGS are u kidding me
Uno Mann
Uno Mann 14 days ago
So, which laptop is better for gaming?
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 14 days ago
GuYs gEt rAiD ShAdOw lEgEnDs
ZX jokster
ZX jokster 18 days ago
Hay guys Zausten
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu 19 days ago
It's a shame you got sponsored by Raid. I played it and it sucks.
Oscar Holmgren
Oscar Holmgren 24 days ago
Why raid shadow legends, out of all the sponsores
Warren B
Warren B 26 days ago
Prah scissor
MrLympDeek 26 days ago
Dislike raid shadow legends
Carson James IV
Carson James IV 27 days ago
SADLY(YES, I SAD IT!), I just brought that very Lenovo Laptop Computer!I should have did BETTER!😯😠😠
Agent-V1ru5 27 days ago
Everything try Minecraft on the Lenovo 110s,it's not pretty
MTM VIDS 27 days ago
Nobody Austin: Raid Shadow Legends
Soham Kulkarni
Soham Kulkarni Month ago
Try the Motile laptop from Walmart it's awesome
Johnny Rain
Johnny Rain Month ago
I had to stop the video . The energy is too much for my ear
Jack Gregan
Jack Gregan Month ago
brought a aspire 5 entirely because of this video
Jon The Otaku - AF5000
this video was sponsored by raid shadow legends, the god teir rpg that will fix your marriage and make your life a breeze. . . .
Lego & Entertainment
7:00 "minecraft runs on everything" Are you fucking high
ItzMeAuzi13 Yt
ItzMeAuzi13 Yt Month ago
Or you know... get a Microsoft refurbished Dell 1070 with a core i7 and 16gb of ram for $350. Might not look the best but that price for the specs is good
theoavg Month ago
Dislike for taking the Raid money
Ant Thompson
Ant Thompson Month ago
Calm it down a notch or two. No need to act like a clown
Ghritikh Mahesh Kezhakekkara
Raid shadow legends got Austin
Fusion Gaming
Fusion Gaming Month ago
I'm unsubscribing cuz I'm broke and I don't even have three hundred so please stop calling it the cheap laptop
HotSizzleTV Month ago
Is there any budget gaming laptop from 150-400$ ?
where is lenovo s145 athlon 300u??? i can got 40 fps on 720p with low setting and anti aliasing set to medium!!!
MaNameElmo Month ago
Did anyone one else get pissed at the way he was saying asus
Sanjay now!
Sanjay now! Month ago
This video is 2x
SuperSnowy Month ago
This is just the video I need
Nikola B
Nikola B Month ago
I have the hp
Otakukid69 Month ago
Irrrjyk Month ago
on all of these cost 1.5 times more here.
Isaac Graves
Isaac Graves Month ago
7:50 Austin and the chipmunks
legoeverydaybro yeah
No one: Raid shadow legends: *IM ABOUT TO FUND THIS USvidRS ENTIRE CAREER*
LamaPink Month ago
AxelBelnas0123 Month ago
7:06 all laptops plays minecraft just fine hmmm... *Why not just use shaders and high resolution of texture packs to see the real minecraft gaming benchmark...*
xX WhiteDevil Xx
Phil Swift's Son
angel arambula
angel arambula Month ago
The money and going to school., the kid.
angel arambula
angel arambula Month ago
The laptop plays all original xbox games. The laptop and DVD Rom. The yee
Gaming Evolved
Gaming Evolved Month ago
Minecraft could not run online with my old laptop. My desktop can run Minecraft and Rocket League and it costs less than all of these laptops.
ChiefinTv Month ago
Does raid shadow legends really pay that much for a advert? I mean they sponsor like half of youtube...
angel arambula
angel arambula Month ago
The video you created was,and good. I liked what you showed. Merry Christmas yep. Later .
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