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The Chainsmokers - This Feeling (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

The Chainsmokers
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THIS FEELING Out Now: smarturl.it/TCSThisFeeling
See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
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Dec 3, 2018




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Comments 4 570
Hạt Nêmm
Hạt Nêmm 3 hours ago
i like Candice. she is so beautiful
babita kapoor
babita kapoor 7 hours ago
am i the only one who does not know barabara palvin???
Elise Uhlar
Elise Uhlar 8 hours ago
top 5: barbara barbara barbara barbara barbara
have fun in life
have fun in life 9 hours ago
jasmine tookes gorgeous
Martha Bellido
The reason why I'm here is because of Barbara lol. 😻😹😻💗
Chinkee Mae Alanzalon
Candice my number one girl crush
Is García
Is García 2 days ago
Barbara Palvin!!! 🔥🔥🔥😍❤️👏
ploy pink!
ploy pink! 2 days ago
Romee strijd ❤
Elayne Nds
Elayne Nds 2 days ago
0:38 omg, honestly it looks like she is on her period
100 subscribers without any video
My dream is to become model and everytime i watched VS i've told myself that im going to make it but at the same time i was asking myself am I that pretty ? im too fat or how can i even became a model ? I've seen Barbara and fell in love💜 she is my inspiration💓💓💓
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson 3 days ago
I feel like I could be a Victoria Secret model because right now I'm in 7th and my nickname is spider cause I'm so skinny ;~;
nishant sharma
nishant sharma 4 days ago
the lady at 2:34 oh my goodness killer expressions
Barbie 97
Barbie 97 3 days ago
nishant sharma barbara palvin
Star U
Star U 4 days ago
One at a time.
Jenifer 2304
Jenifer 2304 4 days ago
¡OMG! Barbara Palvin 😍
Alberto Cárdenas
Candice shows how kill it even with lazy songs
Alberto Cárdenas
Candice is on fire!!!
Nadia Sameon
Nadia Sameon 4 days ago
Barbara Palvin = Short Leg
PRITISH KARMI 5 days ago
Who's that girl with white hair at 02:35
PRITISH KARMI 3 days ago
+Barbie 97 thanks 😁
Barbie 97
Barbie 97 3 days ago
PRITISH KARMI singer Rita ora
Sega Kucing
Sega Kucing 5 days ago
Candice 🤗
Aryaki Bhagwat
Aryaki Bhagwat 5 days ago
2:12 ....... same, Kelsea, same
Karn S.
Karn S. 5 days ago
The one who decided to put candice in a tshirt deserves to be in jail!
MC Kween
MC Kween 6 days ago
The second model looks like PIA WURTZBACH
miss losha
miss losha 6 days ago
Was it the same song from 2:08 ?
Barbie 97
Barbie 97 3 days ago
miss losha yes
oh um
oh um 6 days ago
Jasmine and Candice are stunning
Hayes Mikael
Hayes Mikael 6 days ago
Goddamn Barbara Palvin
adriana lima
adriana lima 7 days ago
We love you Barbara
Kirsteinne Fernandez
Drew's voice though 👌🏼💥💯
Aisha Rehan
Aisha Rehan 7 days ago
Kelsea looks like one of the models
Anastasia Cassandra Wilson
I loved Barbara as a model years before she was "VS" famous. I was like, someone this beautiful is bound to get more popular, and she did. She's so gorgeous! Its insane. Shes one of the prettiest people I have ever seen. Her body is perfect. Everyome looks good with some meat on them. Curvy is delicious! Say NO to thigh gaps
Joseph M. Hall Jr.
Extraction of beauty.
Joseph M. Hall Jr.
Nice presentation, Jasmine had a very moving pose.
Almudena López
Almudena López 7 days ago
Candiceee!! 👏🏼👏🏼my favvv
yuri taku
yuri taku 8 days ago
Faith Quimintan
Faith Quimintan 8 days ago
She doesn't even need auto tune
KPOQ [TwoTolTwoSmol]
Candice Swanepoel the only true supermodel left.along with behati prinsloo etc
Second First Try
Second First Try 9 days ago
Kelesea Wooooonnnnn 💞💞💞
Nabilah Rahmadita
funny how they put barbara as the thumbnail althought her face is kinda blurred out. what a try.
Stalin Rock
Stalin Rock 9 days ago
Here for the chainsmokers
Pooja Yadav
Pooja Yadav 10 days ago
Kelsi's dress💕💕💕
dj johnson
dj johnson 10 days ago
"Supermodels nothing super about them. Skinny little stick figures with poofy lips phe!! I used to design for gods!" - Edna Mode
Sydie T.
Sydie T. 10 days ago
Whos here cause Grace Elizabeth is the newest angel of Victoria Secret?
Natalia Bravo
Natalia Bravo 10 days ago
Barbara palvin
lau ra
lau ra 10 days ago
Romee and Barbara are my favorite vs models
Matt Tack
Matt Tack 10 days ago
To me, Kelsea is hotter than any of those Angels, and I'd take her over them all day every day... but Barbra is cute!!
Karchata R
Karchata R 10 days ago
lorensa diana
lorensa diana 10 days ago
I see Barbara, I click it
Aivhie Broqueza
Aivhie Broqueza 11 days ago
isil varka
isil varka 11 days ago
2:06 who is she?
Fabien Firmansyah
Fabien Firmansyah 11 days ago
Kelsei bellerini so beautifull 😍😍
muscle pig jk
muscle pig jk 11 days ago
2:33 *dead*
Hobi Wifeu
Hobi Wifeu 11 days ago
2:45 wuaaaa gorllll ur stunning
xxiris ecplisexx
xxiris ecplisexx 11 days ago
Watching these videos is not good for my self esteem but oh well
Mars 11 days ago
Mickael Matt
Mickael Matt 11 days ago
Barbara fialho
elvira lazzari
elvira lazzari 11 days ago
why are not we talking about the fact that Kelsey (the singer) could be a model herself?
alicewonder Day ago
+Ali Hope yes she was
Ali Hope
Ali Hope 2 days ago
elvira lazzari can i ask why behati wasnt on the show this year?
hey purba
hey purba 11 days ago
This girl can sing
— peach pie
— peach pie 12 days ago
barbaraaa ❤️
Zulvano Grafico
Zulvano Grafico 12 days ago
0:52 - 0:56 Kelsea Ballerini is way too hot movin that body like that
lobnah79 12 days ago
Kelsea looks GORGEOUS 😍💖
Lars Sender
Lars Sender 12 days ago
Where do I get this song with the break`?
Dea Mentari
Dea Mentari 12 days ago
Barbara Palvin 😍😍😍😍😍
Feshiona Rosewell
Feshiona Rosewell 12 days ago
Oughh!, my dreams is to become a model as soon as well...
m. mache
m. mache 13 days ago
Victoria sicret Angeles fashion with the top models in the world you're sweetness look is a killer I love every styles you do your videos huge well very sexcecfully your names I more than gluster Dimons I love you baby public sector voted 300k like you 100k for every models you have by mo judges Artists singer Actors on USvid I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family x mo
Jane XD
Jane XD 13 days ago
I love The Chainsmokers 😍😍
Meanth Meesao
Meanth Meesao 13 days ago
I'm here for kelsea and the chainsmokers
Arnie Christy Antony
Is no one going to mention how Kelsey could literally be a model like she’s so pretty!!
Kikingedissadikin Edisadikin
SAGAR MITTAL 14 days ago
Queen Barbara Palvin = 2:30
Çiğ Köfte
Çiğ Köfte 15 days ago
please dont overrate Barbara
Arpit Agrawal
Arpit Agrawal 15 days ago
At the entry of palvin... The beats were the best And even drew said "new york city are u ready"
Arpit Agrawal
Arpit Agrawal 15 days ago
Palvin biting her fingers..... Damn....
Sayantika Mondal
Sayantika Mondal 15 days ago
I keep getting scared that the models will collide with the singers on stage LMAOOO
Sayantika Mondal
Sayantika Mondal 15 days ago
Candice and Barbara are you girls even real?
Rekshne Rangesh
Rekshne Rangesh 15 days ago
The female singer's reaction, when Barbara came out is literally everyone watching this video
P T 16 days ago
Though actually I’m Japanese I’d thought asian looks unfashionable. But when I saw the asian woman I was like “Wow is she really typical asian?” I mean honestly though I’d thought white and black are more stunning than yellow, I found yellow is as beautiful as them.
las viejas criticonas CTM. AMARGADAS
2:12 y llega el Angel mas bello 2:31 hermosa angelical y de curvas perfectas 💋💋👏👏👏
srinivasa Rao Muppa
I wish their could be an indian orientated model TT
The Nomad Survivalist
Ohh how blessed are the few!
Justin D'murcielago
had to balance out
Guthierry Macedo
Guthierry Macedo 17 days ago
Melhor desenvoltura de palcoo, bárbara 🤩
The Elif 's
The Elif 's 17 days ago
0:39 that girl had made the same move Harry styles victoria's secret fashions show 1:04 😂😂
Alison Lucii
Alison Lucii 17 days ago
Why no one talk about the model at 3:26, she's gorgeous 😍
Hatty x
Hatty x 16 days ago
Romee!!! She's incredible
Johaira Dy
Johaira Dy 17 days ago
I cant stop replaying when barbara came out😭
EccentricGuy 17 days ago
The little dance Kelsea makes at 0:54 . It's so cute...
Nisa Sang7
Nisa Sang7 17 days ago
Barbara.... she’s born to be an Angle 💕
butterfly army
butterfly army 18 days ago
2:28 l love this move😍😍
Alejandro Wong
Alejandro Wong 18 days ago
Andrew high note is lit
mohd ridzwan
mohd ridzwan 19 days ago
i love during song in this part 2:26
amal Hijazi
amal Hijazi 19 days ago
Did they use leave blowwer 'ROFL'
Lilpotato skinnyjeans
Hatty x
Hatty x 16 days ago
Best segment!!
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz 19 days ago
What you supposed to do
s B
s B 19 days ago
Barbara looks far better than the rest of these twigs
Beyza Ergün
Beyza Ergün 19 days ago
Barbara Palvin💙
Maxi2805 19 days ago
Lorena is so beutyful ?
Jahangir Younus
Jahangir Younus 20 days ago
Barbara Palvin stole so much spotlight from Stella Maxwell. She was gorgeous too.
Elsye Nofelin
Elsye Nofelin 20 days ago
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 20 days ago
What is the point of these fashion shows
Is García
Is García 20 days ago
Bujji Vallepu
Bujji Vallepu 20 days ago
Really really really very dull performance...I don't like it...take a look at old performance they nailed..but ii love this song ..but iam so upset
Yel Santos
Yel Santos 21 day ago
you can see dylan here 2:16 on the left side with a white tux in the second row being proud boyfriend
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