The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120

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Jun 7, 2019

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Comments 14 780
kitty.cervantes 50 minutes ago
the kaiser I lived next too was ratchet :) dont go to the one in Fontana!!
Dont Assume My Gender!!!
The nurses circled “BOY” on the board. Did they just assume the gender? ***TRIGGERED***
Odd Dallas
Odd Dallas Hour ago
"His head was coming out and all I could think was damn he looks like a freakin meat ball, ima call him meatball" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Amber Ussery
Amber Ussery Hour ago
Congratulations. And yes she is so beautiful
bashpr0mpt Hour ago
Is it true the Bradberries did the delivery? Also does Hila now have khazar milkers?
Shayla Hulston
I just bought a teddy fresh hoodie
bashpr0mpt 2 hours ago
Now try not to mutilate it's dick. D:
Tom McClymont
Tom McClymont 4 hours ago
Wow I'm shocked the pregnancy went so well. I would have thought Hila's narrow jibbs would have got in the way.
Piskelo10 5 hours ago
Yay!!!!! I am so freakin' happy for u. You will be the best parent ever.
Jordan Oconnell
Jordan Oconnell 5 hours ago
Theodore is the name of my car so every time they say Theodore I think of my black 2007 Nissan Sentra
UNONUMERO 5 hours ago
Odemil Uyan
Odemil Uyan 7 hours ago
CONGRATS! God Bless your Family! :)
Life Is A Lie
Life Is A Lie 8 hours ago
my goal is to have a husband as loving as ethan someday holy shit hes so in love with hila
Lover Bay
Lover Bay 10 hours ago
What is quip ? You didn't really do your sponsor justice man.
Jiggerjaw 11 hours ago
That clip of Hila just before delivery was beautiful bro, what a fantastic time for you guys. Keep it up, proud of you!
Jiggerjaw 11 hours ago
The epidural making labor take longer is not a myth at all. The woman literally cannot perform the muscle contractions involved in "pushing" the baby out. So you need a few people holding her legs and essentially doing the pushing for her, which takes longer with external forces. That said, my wife has not gone through a labor without an epidural, nor would I want her to.
J K 12 hours ago
Hila Goddess congratulations!! Mom dad dog bless
Dan R. Hansen
Dan R. Hansen 12 hours ago
Congratulations to Hila, and to you Ethan.
Lameashellcosplay 15 hours ago
Im so happy for y'all! Im also glad shredder was okay with little Theo also.
Hunter Adcock
Hunter Adcock 16 hours ago
My mom had an epidural and there was some problem which caused something I'm pretty sure is called a fire headache, where spinal fluid leaks into your head and just hurts like a motherfucker, apparantly it feels like literal liquid fire is dripping over your brain for hours
Nikki S.
Nikki S. 17 hours ago
Hila is naturally ABSOLUTELY beautiful!
Willis Didriksen
Willis Didriksen 17 hours ago
I'm happy for you Ethan congratulations on theodor*
Enzyme Boost
Enzyme Boost 17 hours ago
Chicken Chaser
Chicken Chaser 17 hours ago
He’s got some powerful lungs man.
Parappa The Rapper
Parappa The Rapper 21 hour ago
Congratulations! :))
Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks 21 hour ago
Saddle up boys, H3H3 is about to become a toy channel. Congrats Ethan and Hila!! You both are troopers!!
f a b i a n y e e t
Ethan bragging about how Hila managed the situation. Me: Great job Ethan I love you
Papa Bless you
Papa Bless you 22 hours ago
It's gonna be real awkward if Ethan breaks out his first dad joke in a video btw keep it up Papa Bless you and hila
DevilsToast 22 hours ago
I been following you guys since you lived in Israel and were doing your first vids. So genuinely happy to see you so fulfilled, glad I got to see the growth and the journey
Peter D
Peter D 23 hours ago
This child will be born and will grow up a meme
Nathan Chan
Nathan Chan Day ago
i just don't understand who disliked this like how do you dislike someone getting a child smh
Judy Jetson
Judy Jetson Day ago
Congrats. You’re going to be amazing parents. I’m so happy for y’all.
Josh Ayala
Josh Ayala Day ago
Ethan has never had a frittata
helgasnusnu Day ago
God I fuckin love you guys! Good luck with that little nugget!
Iliyana S
Iliyana S Day ago
Birth👏 review 👏
A million views! Why did no one tell me the baby is here? Hila is beautiful! The baby is beautiful! Congratulations!
Alek Blaze
Alek Blaze Day ago
This really makes me respect my mom for delivering 4 kids
Alek Blaze
Alek Blaze Day ago
Minnesota hospital food is amazing 👌
The Wise One
The Wise One Day ago
Congratulations guys!! You're gonna make amazing parents :)
joseph dupont
Theodore and Gekyume are gonna own the future
joseph dupont
why would anyone dislike this
I can't watch this right now bcs i'm at work and I want to hear every word. I just discovered Ethan by accident (OMG soooooooooooooooo funny) and was curious about the dynamic with his partner (not expecting too much) so got to watching more videos...and was immediately impressed (and my heart hurts in a good way) by their relationship. Imagine what they would of missed without each others influence
Atticus vonGryff
SO fuckin happy for you both. Also, who tf is disliking this video...
Belle Amore
Belle Amore Day ago
hy woul. Couldn't help but cry in joy for them. So cute and sweet, omg.
Jendra Day ago
Kaiser Permanente is a California thing.
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Day ago
who tf disliked this
Meredith Rene
The way he talks about her.... 😍
Flexico Plexico
Now that hila has a child, shes gotta ruin his life with that bullshit beach boogie dance
Theo Chriso
Theo Chriso Day ago
I have the same name Theodoros it’s Greek and means gods gift
Jorge B.
Jorge B. Day ago
How old is Ethan?
Nicolas Vuola
Anyone else watch this entire thing smiling and feeling so good/proud for Ethan and hila and having that heart warming feeling
Emilio Guzman-Pool
Hospital jello and oatmeal ain't too bad
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal Day ago
Congratulations. He’s ADORABLE. The CUTEST. Cute dog 🐕 also.
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal Day ago
He looks like you. He’s so cute. How can all these idiots abuse children 👶? So evil. They are so trusting and dependent.
Stephanie Butcher
♥️♥️♥️♥️Congratulations Both Of You!!! Too Freaking Cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gustavo Rico
Gustavo Rico Day ago
Nibbas our here really be named theodore
holly Stevia
holly Stevia Day ago
Omg I love Hila !! 😭💕💕 Shes such a Queen!!
Jorge Yepez
Jorge Yepez Day ago
wow my birthday is on june 4th that’s crazy and i’ve been following u guys since NY. thank you u guys for existing
Did anyone else have to cross their legs while listening to this?
Nadir Sirro
Nadir Sirro Day ago
Why is there dislikes on this video?
georgia guimond
The way he talks about her is so precious.
Grimm 2 days ago
Lmao there was a condom commercial
matt b
matt b 2 days ago
I like hospital food
Bre McCoy
Bre McCoy 2 days ago
Ive heard of women getting permanent nerve damage from epidurals? Im basically terrified of all the aspects of labor, idk if Ill ever get pregnant *shudders*
Andrew Schaal
Andrew Schaal 2 days ago
I’ve rewatched this so many times. A truly amazing moment in USvid.
J Hernandez
J Hernandez 2 days ago
Waiting for the video where you throw cheese at the baby's face
Chad E
Chad E 2 days ago
Epidural leads to the need to use Pitocin due to being too relaxed. Pitocin creates artificial contractions that don't give the baby a break - as normal contractions would give the baby a break. Baby needs time to rest between contractions. When the baby doesn't get a break, it makes it harder on the baby which then typically leads to "emergency" C-section = surgery = longer recovery & much larger bill than vaginal birth. A lot of moms choose not to do the Epidural because it starts you down the path.
James the PlayStation Guy
Looks at views looks at subscriber count. Everyone watched this one
JonSnowIII 2 days ago
It's not even my baby and I have so much love in my heart xD You guys, congratulations-- May Theodore be as awesome as his parents. And yeah, Hila is a top tier warrior!
Panda Sama
Panda Sama 2 days ago
Hila is a stoic philosopher. Kudos!
meni meni
meni meni 2 days ago
איזה גבר
Lara M
Lara M 2 days ago
Best USvid family Channel
Az Pratt
Az Pratt 2 days ago
I love this so much. After seeing this I will gladly sit thru 4 minute ads about pyramid schemes without skipping just to support this beautiful new family. xo
Kenny Hooning
Kenny Hooning 2 days ago
"Happy podcast"
John Foster
John Foster 2 days ago
Theo was born a little early on In mid June... mid June - 9 months =. Mid September... Ethan and Hila fucked on 9/11. Confirmed by science and math
Melissa Fortier
Melissa Fortier 2 days ago
Doc greenleaf
Doc greenleaf 2 days ago
Making waves with eyebrows lol...
Boston Mike
Boston Mike 2 days ago
People poop when giving birth, it’s extremely normal. You’re using the same muscles to push the baby out as you use to poop, so shit happens. Medical professionals delivering the baby are focused on much bigger things than normal human bodily functions. It’s like seeing a squirrel in the wild. This doesn’t even phase them and when it happens, they take care of it immediately and move on because the focus is the first to keep mom alive and safely deliver a baby. So to anyone worrying about this, don’t because it just means everything is going good.
nacho 2 days ago
[H]ila + Et[H]an + T[H]eodore = H3
TEAGEN BEATS 2 days ago
Congrats my nigga
Juju T
Juju T 2 days ago
Its your host Ethan Klein and My days are running together. Side note: Hila is a super star! Take a fools advice, Have those babies NOW! Don’t wait 10-11 years. Her young body is a baby making machine. Our bodies are meant to give birth, some more so than others. I mean this in the most natural, Godly way. Have babies young so you can relax in your later forties. God bless that baby boy. Boys are so much fun! Remember to; *Rest when he rests and if all else fails and he won’t sleep- put pillows behind Hila and baby on her chest in middle of bed with you. Sleeeep away! That is your baby, you don’t have to listen to any do’s & do not’s. But when you are so tired, and you will be- you do what you have to do. Congrats to y’all! So happy for you both. Edit: because Hila was a damn SOLIDER! SuperMom! Ethan, you praising the hell out of her was so sweet!
d a r l i n g b a b e
How da fug a sister and brother can make a baby with no bad health condition??Is this Alabama?
Travis Shifflett
Travis Shifflett 2 days ago
I've actually had a catheter in my wiener hole (caused by an intentional OD) and it honestly isn't that bad. You can just lay there and piss on yourself. Was kinda sad when i had to part ways with it. 😥
Heather Donaldson
I never realized how naturally beautiful hila is.. beautiful family. Genuinely great hearts and absolutely going to crush this fam shit!! ♡♡♡♡ please don't forget how much you love them and they love you! I doubt you two ever will but it is so sweet seeing the real love you have for each other ♡♡♡
Heather Donaldson
He is three days old tonight at 9 ... ♡♡♡
niloc •
niloc • 2 days ago
Anyone else wonder why he wiggles his eyebrows when he talks. Nothing is wrong with it basically it makes listen more wtf is wrong with me
Alex Moeggenberg
Alex Moeggenberg 2 days ago
Didn’t think I would watch this whole video but I could NOT CLICK AWAY. So interesting and heartwarming. Congratulations Ethan and Hila. Good luck. 👍👌
Rachel Bryant
Rachel Bryant 2 days ago
ive never thought a newborn was cute until this baby. theo is actually the cutest, u would have to be a monster to say otherwise. congrats guys!
Carole Just Carole
The first two weeks of breastfeeding was utter hell, after that, pretty close to heaven. My second and third were a it better, but still tough. It was only my certainty that it is the best way to feed babies that helped me push through.
Rebecca Braden
Rebecca Braden 2 days ago
The placentadude !
Briggs 2 days ago
Gbug316 2 days ago
My mom gave birth to me with no medication. And after the birth my dad asked jokingly “You want another one?” And she said “Actually, I wouldn’t mind.” And he went pale.
Steven N
Steven N 2 days ago
Hila's FUBA (Fabulous Upper Baby Area) is gonna be gone! It's gonna be weird. Like Boogie2988 but with a baby.
0000 0000
0000 0000 3 days ago
The amount of love Ethan has when he is talking about hila and Theodore is so cute! I hope everything goes well for their new family 😊
Jcc2224 3 days ago
No H3 Podcast episode will be able to top this in wholesomeness. It is actually impossible.
Cam Beech
Cam Beech 3 days ago
Dude you think having to eat hospital food one time is bad, my dad worked at a hospital eating that food for over 20 years
Leela Turanga
Leela Turanga 3 days ago
Wonderful. Congratulations to you both.
Fang6099 3 days ago
I have no idea why anyone would dislike this video.
annija igaune
annija igaune 3 days ago
They have definitely made the most kindest and most beautiful person in the world!
Johnson Kids
Johnson Kids 3 days ago
*Wow , Ethan Great Moves.. Proud of you!*
Watergirl Blue
Watergirl Blue 3 days ago
I'm so happy and excited for ye ❤❤❤😂👏👏
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