The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Bonds With Amy's Mother (S12E08)

Big Bang Theory
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Season 12, Episode 8 'The Consummation Deviation'


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Nov 9, 2018




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Comments 396
jboogie93 14 hours ago
Anyone else remember the original woman who played amys mother back when they started dating lol
Gin Scorpio
Gin Scorpio 18 hours ago
I thought that was Amy's grandma. Wasn't her mom played by a different actress before they started dating?
Angel Gibbs
Angel Gibbs 2 days ago
they're all married now its Raj's turn!
Victoria Panossian
1:29 lmao I love Amy
Saikhom Amarjit Singh
She talks a lot like amy indeed
Ariesgal 1988
Ariesgal 1988 7 days ago
I know he's a giant pain in the arse a lot of the time but Sheldon can be so adorable he's come so gar he would never have forgiven Amy so quickly in fact I would bet this would count as a strike and Amy would have to take his class 😂
Albert Dovlo
Albert Dovlo 8 days ago
Amy's mum,Leonard mum and Howards mum who will you want to grow up with?
Steve Holmgren
Steve Holmgren 10 days ago
Kill the laugh track. This show is funny enough on it's own. No. No it's not.
Ingrid Mamu
Ingrid Mamu 12 days ago
Das ist nicht amys Mutter
Snake being
Snake being 13 days ago
I love how Sheldon has gotten better with people he wouldn't be interested in. It shows a huge development.
Aaron Santamaria
Aaron Santamaria 14 days ago
Hi sheldon or pardon jim parsons asta on Facebook and my best friend have luck to meet jim parsons is a good person
SLIME queen
SLIME queen 15 days ago
If there is any replacement for mr.bean it is jim Parsons...He is a genius
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 16 days ago
more like gets attacked with a broom literally anywhere he shows up
Ossyria 17 days ago
The original actress who portrayed Amy's mom isn't dead, her name is Annie O Donnell This is the answer in regards to recasting her by TBBT producer Steve Holland: When we met Amy’s mother in Season 4 [as played by actress Annie O’Donnell], it was before Amy had become such a big part of the show. It was a one-off [scene] on Skype. [Annie] did a wonderful job. But when we had the chance to bring [the character] back in a role that could possibly recur [we decided to make a change]. And [series co-creator Chuck Lorre] had a relationship with Kathy Bates after they worked together [on Netflix’s Disjointed] and, well, how do you say no to bringing Kathy Bates on? [Laughs]
Slospop112 18 days ago
Amy married a man who is exactly like her mother......., this explains so much about their relationship
Rayna Ramsay
Rayna Ramsay 18 days ago
OMG Bates is amazing.
Dr Philosophous
Dr Philosophous 19 days ago
Clearly Sheldon is a big fuck off autist.
Siddhi Madaan
Siddhi Madaan 19 days ago
Best son in law and mother in law combo❤️❤️❤️
sammy eagleson
sammy eagleson 20 days ago
"Hello Amy..." 😂😂😂
Achint Rastogi
Achint Rastogi 21 day ago
I m bonding with ur mom
Ashwin Asp
Ashwin Asp 22 days ago
See there's always someone for everyone 🤗
MOLE 23 days ago
I so used to fancy penny until I found out her boobs are just two silicone bags that got put under her cut skin
E LL 23 days ago
This show is still great and funny👍 Love it❤️
Matthew Mckinney
Matthew Mckinney 26 days ago
I think mr Fowler wouldn't stand in his way if sheldon did steal his wife lmao
vesper vesper
vesper vesper 26 days ago
Amy's mother is different in previous season..... when she asked him to pretend to be her bf
Mijieli Gaunavinaka
Pen and teller...😂😂😂😂😂
metro121482 27 days ago
I know a lot of people think it's gross, but I like ketchup on my eggs, too.
SUPER JAXXX 27 days ago
Whats the problem green beanz looool 😂😂
Angela Fetters
Angela Fetters 27 days ago
NBC news
6lemans10 27 days ago
Amy dresses like her mother.
vongodric 27 days ago
eh this show is nowhere near goofy fun it used to be. No it's just relationship drama with silly laugh track.
everwharesismine 28 days ago
Wow... so Ive got all the dvds to this show.... and looking at them now.... they are old, fat, and look out of place doing their characters...… yuck.
J Lei
J Lei 28 days ago
Its funny how amys mom, leonards mom and howards mom like sheldon hahahahaa
WerNaU12 28 days ago
Isn't that the butcher from Roanoke?
Zarana Sanghvi
Zarana Sanghvi 28 days ago
it's so amazing to listen sheldon say she is my wife and i love her...
Shreehari Pillai
Shreehari Pillai 28 days ago
Wow,I can't believe I'm judging tv characters
Listenio Listenio
Listenio Listenio 29 days ago
I'd sure like to bond with her...
komoOoT 28 days ago
ew why lol wtf
Orlando David
Orlando David 29 days ago
Sheldon is stealing everyone’s mother.
Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson 29 days ago
It's spooky how Amy looks like a double of Annie Wilkes in this video😱
AnjaliComedy Month ago
Is that Cathy bates?
E3_ Month ago
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez Month ago
I love this video is super fun 😂😂😂
zeoking silver
zeoking silver Month ago
you can tell at the start she wanted to kill him.
zeoking silver
zeoking silver Month ago
Now she knows what a pain she is to others
Shekhar Singh
Shekhar Singh Month ago
She won the Oscar of best actress in 1991 for the movie Misery.
Susan Burris
Susan Burris Month ago
Thanks Shelly..now when I see Kathy as the devils side kick on AHS..I will see her as Green Beans!!
Ram Month ago
Skjdskdk he’s so sweet i love this
Lewis 970
Lewis 970 Month ago
I hate how they made Amy so normal. She was much more interesting when she was a socially awkward nerd like Sheldon.
susan jackson
susan jackson Month ago
Kathy Bates really is a great actress
Arisa Chan
Arisa Chan Month ago
I can relate to Amy on this on the 'hello mother' part.
arash kang
arash kang Month ago
Amy's crazy and you are delight😍😘.....
Legendary Anime
Legendary Anime Month ago
Hold up... what's wrong with ketchup on eggs? I do that too lol
Sendra Rikhotso
Sendra Rikhotso Month ago
Amy and green beans😂😂😂
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan Month ago
Who else loves Kathy Bates, but hates her portrayal of Amy's mom?
Kenny O’Toole
Kenny O’Toole Month ago
The only characters I actually like in this show now is really only Amy and Sheldon , the rest just piss me off so much the characters are just pricks
Fusiondude Month ago
What is wrong with Ketchup on eggs?
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Month ago
So cool they got Kathy Bates to play this.
Danni Brandon
Danni Brandon Month ago
I dont know why but I knew sheldon and Amy's mom would end up liking each other.
Danni Brandon
Danni Brandon Month ago
Old lady green beans 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sandipana Das
Sandipana Das Month ago
It's weird that people are just realizing that Amy's mum is a different actor! And they initially showed another actor as her mum.
lindsey krontz
lindsey krontz Month ago
Gotta love Kathy Bates.
shivam rajan
shivam rajan Month ago
I hate Sheldon ! He really irritates me!
Jeanne Month ago
My daughter puts tomato sauce on her eggs, it looks like liposuction 😫
Nathekar Hanan
Nathekar Hanan Month ago
Jackenstein Meoffberg
It showed Amy’s mom before not the same lady.
Yuen Jacky
Yuen Jacky Month ago
Old lady green bean somehow reminds me of egg salad sandwich 😂
Trey Trivigno
Trey Trivigno Month ago
Her mannerisms are just like Amy's and she did such a good acting job.
lazo mazo
lazo mazo Month ago
Amys mother looked so different when sheldon and Amy Skyped with her in the beginning of their relationship. Am I the only one who has noticed that?
Ossyria 17 days ago
because they switched actresses
dFruitzig a
dFruitzig a Month ago
Whoa. I can't believe Sheldon is telling us on how to deal with mother in law lmao. Plus it sounds remarkable that "Amy is my wife and I love her" was uttered from the mouth of Sheldon Cooper. I mean, it is Sheldon Cooper!!! the most pragmatic person on earth!!!! btw I'm afraid that Penny's getting unbearable. When will she treat Leonard beyond he deserves? She owes him a lot.
Master of the Universe
This is why Sheldon needs less air time.
Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
So Ms. Mead's name is Old Lady Green Beans what should be Sheldon Cooper's nickname?
ayush pandey
ayush pandey Month ago
Who had came here after watching the viral fever
greensky01 Month ago
Back in my day we used to watch shows that didn’t mutate from something that was actually enjoyable into crap.
Diana Lake
Diana Lake Month ago
Caroline Tofa
Caroline Tofa Month ago
Lalique Homophoenix
I just love how Sheldon could easily get along with people who are hard to please. First Lenard's Mom, then Bernadette's dad. Now Amy's mom.
Lauren O
Lauren O 14 days ago
Marko Dolic What about with Bernadette’s dad? They bonded after Sheldon talked about his dad’s death and then he told Howard (who tried to interrupt) that they’d been having a moment.
Marko Dolic
Marko Dolic 28 days ago
+Lauren O He is not showing emotional vulnerability (he does not understand them after all). He is just honest. "Difficult" ppl like honest ppl.
Lauren O
Lauren O 29 days ago
Lalique Homophoenix it’s funny but he’s better at showing emotional vulnerability with people who are more similar to himself in terms of emotional repression, and they always see it and return the favor.
Depr Derp
Depr Derp Month ago
Hey Big Bang theory
Ashby Saddler
Ashby Saddler Month ago
I put Ketchup on my Eggs it’s really good
Ashby Saddler
Ashby Saddler Month ago
Why didn’t Sheldon do his Knocking Marathon at Amy’s Mom’s House
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme Month ago
If adult Paige can be in Big Bang theory that would be awesome
Nicole Blake
Nicole Blake Month ago
Amy is crazy you are a delight lol
L E Month ago
Amy’s character is the best to act and the funniest to me
Revina Que
Revina Que Month ago
Didn't another actress play Amy's mom when she first appeared on the show? She was petite and birdlike with red hair, if I'm not mistaken.
looney logic
looney logic Month ago
Remember when amy's mum was a different person?
Simmi Purdy
Simmi Purdy Month ago
Mexigonewild Nun yah bees wax
Old lady green beans. Love it.
rolacatracha Month ago
Eggs and ketchup 😋
Alex X
Alex X Month ago
Mom's Amy loved Sheldon
Mel B
Mel B Month ago
You mean Amy’s mom?
John Tam
John Tam Month ago
so Amy has two mons?
Pierre O. Park
Pierre O. Park Month ago
How can anyone not like Miss Bates?
Ricilein01 Month ago
Kathy Bates is the very best!!!!!! :3
Savannah is Odd
Savannah is Odd Month ago
I want Kathy Bates to be my mom.
Abz 3000
Abz 3000 Month ago
Is it or me do Leonard and Penny just argue all the time
The Suspect
The Suspect Month ago
The end of an era 😭😭😭😭😭
Almira S
Almira S Month ago
I love Kathy Bates!!!
anna paulina castillo
Still at season 1 lol
DarkZerol Month ago
I read "Sheldon Bangs with Amy's Mother". 😐
Ramkumar Venkat
Ramkumar Venkat Month ago
She is the same lady from Titanic.
jccjccjoanne Month ago
Kathy Bates and Teller need their own show.
GBTekk89 Month ago
Kathy Bates is and always was incredible.
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