The Ants

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No ants were philosophically damaged in the making of this video.
More below:
A: Please don’t shout. I’m trying to finish the new book and a video on relativity, but they’re proving tricky. It’s where the majority of my time is going. I hope you’ll accept this video as a little peace offering. New videos, t-shirts with pithy and subversive slogans, and a book (did I mention a book?) will be out when they’re ready, and I’m working my jolly damndest to make them ready.
Cheers for being patient and hope you’re doing excellently in any case.

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Nov 24, 2019




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Comments 5 808
Smiley Puff
Smiley Puff 2 months ago
Ant smol stupid but maybe human small stupid compared to big smart.
Alec Embry
Alec Embry 8 days ago
I am 100% serious when I say this may be the funniest thing I've ever read
EmotionallyDriven 10 days ago
How likely were you to be born you fat lazy f*** usvid.net/video/video-84yrY43McUg.html
BObB ThE buiLDEr
BObB ThE buiLDEr 23 days ago
Smiley Puff yeah that’s a pretty good summary
Tynox 01
Tynox 01 24 days ago
Damn boi, maybe big brain is even smol and dumb compared to even bigger smart brain
maybe big smart smol stupid compared to bigger starter
Henry O'Sullivan
Henry O'Sullivan 3 hours ago
Rick Ruben
Rick Ruben 3 hours ago
cant wait for season 2
ja p jpd
ja p jpd 10 hours ago
Can someone give me the script like... right now?
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz 11 hours ago
*Shrieks in existential dread*
Luciferian UK
The earth is an expression of his thought.
Luciferian UK
"Good luck on being a thing in the world" - what a quote.
- existential crisis. -Turtle. -woah man.
Hayden Anderson
This is not a good idea to watch while tripping over 3 metic tons of elephant shit
Beinerth Chitiva Machado
Our ignorance is as infinite as the universe itself.
Suckart McGee
Suckart McGee 2 days ago
*Checks watch* Guess I'm 14.
HyperGu 3 days ago
We are like the little ants, seeking knowledge. But is there someone to explain it to us even if we don't understand it?
Gambi 4 days ago
So the universe is a book for something greater than us
yeah boi
yeah boi 4 days ago
Then you are diagnosed with schizophrenia
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 4 days ago
Getting caught up on the 2 videos of him I missed.
-mom the existential turtle called me a pice of shit again
GDM Music Videos
GDM Music Videos 5 days ago
Do you mean the world just a thing that was made by someone and need for something but we'll not understand that cause it's all above us...
6 days ago
Damn this big brain story
mohammad seifeldeen
i love you man but can you please upload more
Paul Põldeots
Paul Põldeots 9 days ago
_o h s h i t_
Kingsley Laurent
Kingsley Laurent 9 days ago
This is so beautiful...wow. You're a great writer
Tegan Begg
Tegan Begg 10 days ago
I was expecting him to shut the book and kill the ant and then mock me for being naive enough to believe there would be a happy ending
Corn Flex
Corn Flex 10 days ago
Why is the 10$ perk on patreon not available anymore? :)
JH's Channel
JH's Channel 10 days ago
thban k
EmotionallyDriven 10 days ago
How likely were you to be born you fat lazy f*** usvid.net/video/video-84yrY43McUg.html
Tristen Minney
Tristen Minney 10 days ago
I think that this is my favorite piece of content that you've ever put out and I just want to say that I'm thankful for all of the content that you put out, even when I don't agree with some of your thoughts. Thank you for all the unintended advice and entirely intended food for thought and, though I doubt I'll ever get to have a cup of tea with you, I just want you to know that I truly admire you and appreciate your channel.
lolnofku 10 days ago
So is he always on acid or is he a supreme being
CMS 11 days ago
Why isnt your music on spotify its amazing
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell 12 days ago
I'd be surprised if i was the first to comment this, but: And the great soothing voice on USvid sighed and said "It's like this..."
Alejandro Garay
Alejandro Garay 12 days ago
I would love to read your book
African Electron
African Electron 13 days ago
A philosopher of our age.
whaut adam
whaut adam 13 days ago
((Although I'm really small but I'm really curious I don't want to turn to dust knowing nothing about the world)) . Holyshit that's great line to start a chapter
Stephan Kruit
Stephan Kruit 14 days ago
Speaking ant.....you on mussly and lsd again? and no death in this one, whats happening to you. lol.
hiypi 14 days ago
it's like this...then ends the fucking video, I need to know
Wen 14 days ago
what's the music?
America Ball
America Ball 14 days ago
Take lsd and learn
Christopher kickdintheface
I like all your vids
Xaver’s Meme Hut
Xaver’s Meme Hut 15 days ago
This is the opposite of fake deep
Space mason Astronaut
My brain halfway through the video : oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS SO smαrt OH MY GODDD
Ben 15 days ago
to be continued...
Ammar Radi
Ammar Radi 15 days ago
Can you make a video about the caretaker- everywhere at the end of time
Max Sanders
Max Sanders 15 days ago
Why does this guy always make me question the universe???!??!?!?!??!??!?!
Charlie Fletcher
Charlie Fletcher 15 days ago
This is my new favorite video
zc 1235832
zc 1235832 16 days ago
Do you ever just think about how dumb everything is. Like we go through living day by day thinking of now not later and when we do think about what might happen we hope, we dont try to make it happen we just hope it does. It gives life a sense of dullness like why are we doing this, what is the end goal to all of this and why do we keep going. It could be that the brain is wired to keep you going to stay alive like an instinct. But how, if all of this is for nothing and we live our life to do such remarkable things that may never happen why do we keep going. If its going to take hundreds of thousends of years for a new scientific breakethrough to happen like being able to travel to a new planet, to figure out the method of time travel, for the cure to all disease then what gives NOW a sense of meaning as although our technological advancments are remarkible then why does it take so long do something that could be so useless. Why do we as humans not stop and think about why we try to live longer, why we try to build our knowledge and not try to build our mental state and rid of crime and make peace with one enother no matter how different we are physically. But no instead we try every day to build machines that "could creat peace amung humans" is that why our past primates have gone extinc because they couldnt find peace and is that why we some day might go instinct.
Master def
Master def 17 days ago
So did a microorganism ask the same thing the ant did ???
Kj16V 17 days ago
Mr. Exurb1a, whatever your name is. You singlehandedly regain a tiny bit of my faith in the world with every video. Well if this guy's in the world, surely it can't be *that* bad, right?
ArryTGF 18 days ago
This video gave my goosebumps
Clavis S
Clavis S 18 days ago
But i dont wanna be a dust and didn't know anything
Larzyj 18 days ago
you gonna do video on determinism
Caleb the goods
Caleb the goods 18 days ago
I can literally sit and watch your videos for hours on end
DEW 19 days ago
.... The booming voice then exclaimed "YOU HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA, WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO AN ANT?"
The only One
The only One 19 days ago
How the hell can an ant take Why is no one mentioning this
Oscar Haslam-hopwood
Exurb1a you will be remembered in human history as a victor of commanding the masses and educating the few that would listen, I have watched your USvid channel grow for the last three years and have enjoyed every moment. Thank you
MaFioZo. 21 day ago
Pass the joint to your left
Asmus Aner storm
Asmus Aner storm 21 day ago
thought i was gonna hear the truths of the universe.. :/ little dissapointed
Arnoldas Drapanauskis
Your videos so fucking amazing. And I feel like fucking ape watching them.
Timn 21 day ago
This is one of the best takes on Plato's allegory of the cave ive heard. This is how you represent the importance of knowledge, the human thirst for knowing that which we could never understand and the idea that true knowledge can only be obtained through philosophical reasoning, all in one short story! Also, it makes me wonder what a possible super evolved alien life-form would think of us when we dont even concider life forms below our selves. Great story man!
DeathPenalty 21 day ago
to be fair you did a pretty shit job of explaining what a book was
TheYazi 21 day ago
Hey, don't push your religion on me!
Alden Robell De Loyola
This is one of your best videos And you're one of the best youtuber
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