The 8-Year Long Worst Traffic Jam in History

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The story of the Yellow Fleet, a convoy of 15 ships that became trapped in the Suez Canal for 8 entire years because of war.
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Oct 7, 2019




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Comments 2 876
Brady Walton
Brady Walton 9 hours ago
So that’s why my dads taking so long to get milk
Blizzard Wizzard
Blizzard Wizzard 10 hours ago
cough cough superior engineering cough cough :)
BlackTigerAce 10 hours ago
sabaton need make a song from this history event
Call me Daddy
Call me Daddy 10 hours ago
LA: We got hella traffic Egypt: hold my beer
corey boyd
corey boyd 11 hours ago
What happened to the other ships that couldn't leave?
Kage 影
Kage 影 11 hours ago
I wouldn't consider that a 'traffic jam' but more of a war halt smh
Flowxing 11 hours ago
After 8 years of Standy by only the german ships were capable of leaving - Thats german engineering!
funkyleah 11 hours ago
This traffic jam is half my life. Wow
yfelwulf 12 hours ago
Russia's Northern Route has rendered the Suez and Panama canals obsolete poor America.
Trospher 12 hours ago
Of course only the Germans ships returned, fuckin Germans and their build to last crap
AtothEJ 12 hours ago
Tee Grizzely saying “driving German engineering” makes a lot more sense now
ꯀꯁꯂ ꯃꯄꯅ
ꯀꯁꯂ ꯃꯄꯅ 12 hours ago
What happened to the toothbrush at home
Putra Juliana
Putra Juliana 13 hours ago
I hate 8
Yee boi juice
Yee boi juice 13 hours ago
I ordered Iphone 1 but it came when Iphone 10 released
nave conterosso
nave conterosso 13 hours ago
2 things: - the canal was built thanks to white European engineers and sklls - muslims aimed to destroy Israel. But jews are more clever and stronger and have balls
jdelaguardia09 14 hours ago
Pilot, we're out of Marlboros.
dforscher 15 hours ago
moral story: only buy German's product hahahaha
Kyon_ Gold
Kyon_ Gold 15 hours ago
As a person who knows what Israel is doing to the Palestinians i hate everyone who recognizes it as a real country....i cannot believe how people saying that they respect the rights of everyone like LGBTQ and religious beliefs could allow such horribleness. Trash talk me i don't care.
itscool 9 hours ago
The people from a certain middle eastern tribe who wear small hats have proven themselves to be absolutely awful people historically as well as today. The only reason the west tolerates them is because they have infiltrated our leadership and fed us propaganda for our entire lives.
owis taha
owis taha 17 hours ago
they didnt return it they re fight an d eygpt won , history cant be changed bitch and fuck this unrealistic land named isreal
TastyTarco 18 hours ago
I guess thats why people praise German engineering
van Westhuizen
van Westhuizen 18 hours ago
The germans :) woop woop
Aleksandar von Zimmer
great bitter lake - appropiate name for such an event
Kunal Forlan
Kunal Forlan 19 hours ago
Of course Only the German Ships would have survived after 8 long years of doing nothing.💪
Zeus Gaming
Zeus Gaming 19 hours ago
Why is the music so loud you can't hear anything. Sad to see your editors don't know simple editing
BUX BE 20 hours ago
You need better music.
Fibrosis50 Creations
Slow Rick: It's umm been 7 years did I gragutate yet? Teacher: It's been 8 years actually and no, not yet...
Ipeleng Motsatsi
Ipeleng Motsatsi 22 hours ago
bottom right 1:59 biker get cut off
narayana setiabudi
narayana setiabudi 23 hours ago
Can you make video about scandivian reunited
Alden Guess
Alden Guess 23 hours ago
Ship things to Egypt transport cross land into the red sea
Toby Riecke
Toby Riecke Day ago
Me: “It w arms my heart that all the ships from different country’s came together to do movie night and pool parties and even there own olympics” Friend: “two countries where literally at war”
Analeigha’s Life
What if the ocean froze
EZECRIS 305 Day ago
Bulgarian ship: Hey Hans, Jack, Sven, Louis, Mateusz, Tomáš and Michael wanna watch some Eastern European porn?
HelloIamBear Day ago
This is as much a traffic jam as Tom Hanks was in The Terminal.
Cookie ninja20017
My dad when to the store to get the milk *8 years later* Dad: shitty traffic..
Why was there a Czechoslovak ship? Czechoslovakia is a landlocked country. Like, really really landlocked.
Todd Tourville
I did the "Ditch" in a US Navy battle group (Independance) back in the early 80s. The devastation was very apparent on both sides of the canal.
some name that isn't mine
LMAO cucked by America, gg.
Dino Gaming
Dino Gaming Day ago
How did they survive without food or water
Garry Reyom
Garry Reyom Day ago
And Israel wonders why everyone hates them...
Paul Action
Paul Action Day ago
Thank you I didn't know any of this. Ok I'll subscribe.
MidgetMan 420
Of course it's the german ships that can continue
Eli Timmerman
So actually this 6 years war was all for no reason cuz no territory changed or something
Spade HAZE
Spade HAZE Day ago
When the Israelites accidentally sank an American ship American “Do you have oil?” Israel “No.” America “Ok we won’t invade you then.”
Hans, get ze flammenwerfer
7:18 "the only ships that were capable of leaving after such a long time doing nothing were the two west German ships" GERMAN ENGINEERING IS BEST ENGINEERING
vrstovsek Day ago
I'm I the only one who finds it fascinating that Israel could fight off Syria AND Egypt at the same time and win? Israelis are some badass motherfuckers
Kung Pow
Kung Pow Day ago
Thanks israel always f-ing with things one way or another.
Jack Boud
Jack Boud Day ago
Reallifecore pls do a video about time travel to the future being possible thank u
ProBro X
ProBro X Day ago
*American ship gets sunk* Eygpt and Isreal: _Remembers what happened to Japan after Pearl Harbor_ Egypt and Israel: "We're friends now"
CivilCIA Day ago
"stray rocket"
Matt Wroe
Matt Wroe Day ago
typical Muslim behavior, think like us or die
C Miller
C Miller Day ago
Music is a bit distracting. Tone it down next time please.
Daniel Detweiler
so only the german ships were in running order... why am i not surprised
Rania Awny
Rania Awny Day ago
Its so ironic that the war was on the 6th of october 1973 and and the video was uploaded on the 7th of october im egyptian and my grandfather was in the war
cicalinarrot Day ago
So this video has nothing to do with anything that could ever be called either literally or metaphorically a traffic jam?
Debojit Rabha
Doctor: You have 8 years to live. Guy: This will be my last delivery. Then I will enjoy my remaining 8 years.
Sameer Choudhari
Who else wants Skillshare to shutdown 😠 and stop annoying ads.........
Abdelrahman Mohsen
At first back in 1967 the egypt's neighbour is palestine and some gangs occupied it and started a war with every arabic nation in the region so these gangs called the land israel so you can't call it israel its occupied palestine
Hero Jack
Hero Jack Day ago
Northern German quality
C Smith
C Smith Day ago
WHAT WAS ON THE SHIPS, I need to know?
Hasse the one
*Hello random stranger on the internet! I hope you’re having an amazing day!*
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