The 76ers are my favorite to come out of the East in 2020 - Stephen A. | Pardon The Interruption

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Stephen A. Smith and Tony Kornheiser debate whether the Philadelphia 76ers should be the favorites to win the Eastern Conference in 2020 as a result of James Ennis III saying Philadelphia would 'walk into the conference finals.' Stephen A. sees the 76ers going all the way to the NBA Finals due to the additions of Al Horford and Josh Richardson.
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Published on


Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 338
Shawn Great
Shawn Great 11 days ago
He politely said “who tf is James Ennis” 😂
Brandon 29 days ago
The 76ers Offensive floor spacing is a mess . Their bench is garbage!!! losing Butler and Redick hurts them more than helps them . Stephen A Smith needs an education.
Metta World Peace
Keep disrespecting the Bucks. We're going to the finals!
JakeHydeNow Month ago
Bucks benched mirotic in the ECF, and made it there without brogdon, giannis is going to improve along with others and they will still be scary
Philly, Milwaukee, Toronto, Boston, Indiana & Brooklyn are the top teams in the East
Вяеиdаи Sнеа Сфииеllу
Oh shut up , Ennis was right, the Sixers were the Biggest threat to the Raptors and were the only team to take it to a game 7. which went down to the wire no less
FGE_Whit3Pat Month ago
Dont sleep on the Celtics
King Of Everything
Milwaukee looks so nice, even tho they lost Brogdon. They got Matthews and Rob Lopez, gonna be fun on the East as well! I predict conference Finals: Milwaukee vs Philly and LAL vs LAC. And who knows who's gonna win it all, hard to say. Also, this doesn't mean I will count out Warriors, Rockets, Nuggets. They have a good chance for the upset, also Raptors shouldn't be slept on.
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele Month ago
I really want Joel Embiid to change the way he annoys some players and he get better since his 76ers elimination from the playoffs
c j
c j Month ago
I'm a simple man. I see ESPN without Molly and Ryan Hollina I like. 😎
76ers 48-34 not favs
G Lyle
G Lyle Month ago
There was 777 likes...how could I change it??
Silver Soul
Silver Soul Month ago
At the end of the day theyll meet kawhi in the finals and lose😂
Silver Soul
Silver Soul Month ago
P B Month ago
Stephen A Smith is the best Only person ill listen to Jalen rose is trash and so is Chris Boussard
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson Month ago
Man don't disrespect James Ennis he was just believing in his team like a team player would
theach8, M.D.
theach8, M.D. Month ago
@angelo millz exactly. But i rather people doubt the sixers than praise them.
angelo millz
angelo millz Month ago
Jake Thompson right the disrespect was unnecessary he should feel that way every player on the damn sixers should
Bernard Delos Santos
definitely 76ers wont come out in the east in 2020 now that SAS chose them.
austin chhuoy
austin chhuoy Month ago
Y'all doing this man bogus 😂😭😂
Alex Cedeno
Alex Cedeno Month ago
Ennis smith jr get ready for the karma lolololol
Alex Cedeno
Alex Cedeno Month ago
Philly cant even beat boston young core
Nooxloader13 Month ago
I ain't watching Not A Good Take If yo ass ain't on there, First Take needs you to actually be First Take, get that dynamic duo over here (Stephen A-Max Kellerman)
Alio Malok
Alio Malok Month ago
Me too
Delonte Duvall
Delonte Duvall Month ago
We not going to cakewalk there but with the squad that we built this off-season we are going to be in the finals assuming health is not a problem
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis Month ago
Won't be a cakewalk to the finals with the Bucks' Greek Freak still on their roster.
Big O
Big O Month ago
Bucks OR sixers out the east
Basquiat Month ago
Ennis is alright mannn, he’s going to make a run for 6th man this year 🤫
Kai Veitinger
Kai Veitinger Month ago
How the fuck is Mirotic a big loss for Milwaukee? He was the worst player on our roster in the playoffs
jim bacena
jim bacena Month ago
SAS Predicts Sixers will go out in the east Me: nah, sixers will go out 1st round in the playoffs
DREVM Month ago
Still can’t believe Mirotic left the Bucks for Euroleague.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Month ago
He left before war came to America. Lots of bad stuff happening right now. He’s safe lol. American dollar is about to collapse. It will all make sense soon enough. Morotic is a smart man.
yungsosaTV Month ago
Stephen is the hardest working man on tv
fabivii Month ago
If they're gonna do it it's gonna be next year cause no way when KD comes back anyone but Brooklyn goes to the finals
fabivii Month ago
If they're gonna do it it's gonna be next year cause no way when KD comes back anyone but Brooklyn goes to the finals
DUFLOCKAGang Month ago
Why everyone forgetting about Tobias Harris??
Naseem Saleh
Naseem Saleh Month ago
@Delonte Duvall because hes not, he played like pure garbage on the Sixers
Delonte Duvall
Delonte Duvall Month ago
Exactly people are acting like Tobias is not a all star caliber player
Paul Perez
Paul Perez Month ago
SAS should be on first take😭.
Louis clips
Louis clips Month ago
Bruh who tf is Tony Kornheiser ahaha he has no idea what he is saying
FallopianJones Month ago
Don't give a shit about Steven Smith. Post PTI more often.
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson Month ago
Stephen A. is the definition of grinding. Get paid young brother get paid!!!!!!
Ravi Maharaj
Ravi Maharaj Month ago
It doesn't matter what Stephen A Smith says anymore after his comments against the Raptors claiming "they had their run, now its time for an American team to win again". He doubted the Raptors the entire way, and now once again who's cheering for a shooterless team
Andrew Atto
Andrew Atto Month ago
Sixers need more shooters first. Jamaal Crawford and Kyle Korver are two guys they should get.
Rakeem SW
Rakeem SW Month ago
Andrew Atto nah, we are fine, thybulle & Zaire are going to turn some heads this year
Simply Juice
Simply Juice Month ago
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia Month ago
Philly lost their best closer (Jimmy Butler) and their best shooter (JJ Redick), and Ben Simmons still can’t/ won’t shoot. Al Horford is a great pickup. Tobias Harris is an emerging talent, and Joel Embiid is one of the best Centers in the league when he’s healthy and not jacking up threes. If Ben Simmons can start taking/ making shots outside of 10 feet from the basket, they would be a legitimate threat in the East.
Fadil Raji
Fadil Raji Month ago
“He’s just some guy “ I watch espn all the time and I don’t even who this white dude is
yungsosaTV Month ago
Fadil Raji tony kornheiser
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol Month ago
Not if my boy Embiid doesn't stay in shape, and Simmons doesn't break the curse. Please, the Bucks could just shut them down with their length, at least we got mid range defensive minded dudes in Horford and Harris now.
Graham Joseph
Graham Joseph Month ago
James Ennis-not wrong by saying that They truly created a buck stopper in embid and horford
Lil Bibby
Lil Bibby Month ago
Graham Joseph H🤡🤡🤡 Embiid Hasn’t had a complete healthy season since Philly drafted him. They why you got guys out here that say nikola jokic is Better then embiid
Sadie Irvin
Sadie Irvin Month ago
SAS is the LeBron James of ESPN!!
Sadie Irvin
Sadie Irvin Month ago
He's right! 😎😂😂😂😂
Julius Torres
Julius Torres Month ago
Now, he disrespected his dad a little. Lol
Jawaun Buckley
Jawaun Buckley Month ago
Even tho they don’t have KD the Nets are still a threat
Don't reach Young blood
Ryan hollins= goat man 🐐
Sam Malik
Sam Malik Month ago
Stephen A incorrectly predicted the NBA finals winner - right before the start of NBA finals - for six consecutive years. To incorrectly predict something six consecutive times has a probability of 1.5%.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Sam Malik - Did he really? How the hell could anyone pick against the Warriors the first year KD was there? That team was simply unbeatable.
Obey NLMB Month ago
I’ve never seen pit on here until now
Jeremiah Gilyard
I got the knick
Sergio Atilio
Sergio Atilio Month ago
Haha I love it. At least he’s honest. They’re going to the finals this year
AH5920 u
AH5920 u Month ago
Ennis is like a 3&D with a bad 3 and defend D
MafiaboysWorld Month ago
ESPN: "We still got all this heat on First Take for getting Kawhi wrong but Stephen A is back from vacation, what do we do?" *PTI logo appears* "Hi I'm Stephen A!"
upuntil6 Month ago
Stephan A still making stupid predictions.🙄
blastoi5e Month ago
we out here baby
When Shit Gets Rhea
Love it! SAS pick the Sixers so Toronto can come out the East again lol
undercurrent Month ago
can we have more PTI clips on the ESPN youtube channel? It's my fav of the espn shows.
BZinthedot Month ago
trey demby
trey demby Month ago
What happened to Micheal wilbon
nick pillow
nick pillow Month ago
Aye man why you on pti we need you on first take first thing in the morning!!
Alfonso Nieves
Alfonso Nieves Month ago
Nothing like the west though
TheGatinor Month ago
PTI with stephen A > First Take
The LA Guy
The LA Guy Month ago
Sas prediction is philly?? Bucks celtics or pacers will win the east.
Kurt Magbujos
Kurt Magbujos Month ago
That's what you said last year... LOL
RasenRendan Month ago
no he was saying Boston last year
David the Chimp
David the Chimp Month ago
Can I get an Amen?
AllcinionExplainsItAll !
That old white guy thinks Al Horford is a concern when Ben Simmons can’t shoot worth 💩
Mont S
Mont S Month ago
Steven A is espn🔥🔥👌🏾
marvdatboi Month ago
Pardon The SAS.
DaaBoys2138 Month ago
The Sixers will walk into the NBA finals, they should’ve this year problem is if Joel isn’t healthy they won’t do a damn thing. Embiid avg 27.5pts 14rebs 4ast 2blks shot 80% from the foul line when he played last year, but when he got hurt everything changed. When healthy, he’s a top3 two way player in the game. Jokic only made 1st team because JoJo got hurt. When Joel was healthy, he was far superior. When it comes to the 76ers everything rides on Embiids health simple.
DaaBoys2138 Month ago
Scott Sophia I agree with Kawhi and Giannis disguise the limit he can guard the perimeter and get in the paint to contest shots. After that George is a great perimeter defender, but I’ll always take a great big defender who can shut down the paint. There is a reason the DPOY traditionally goes to a center because he can make teams shoot jump shots and force them to take hard contested shots cause the big man is in the middle. I actually thought Davis could’ve easily been the MVP last year because of his defense and still carrying the load offensively. That said, when JoJo who has to carry the load offensively he absolutely turns teams into jump shooting teams because of his ability to do it all in the paint. When Joel is healthy there is no more dominant defensive force in the paint. Gobert avgs 16pts so he has a lot of energy to use on the defensive end, unlike Joel, who was putting up 28pts a game. Joel finished second last year in DOPY award because he played 63 games if he played at least 74game he wins that award. Joel lost all NBA 1st team this year because he played 64 games and Jokic played 80. Availability is the most important ability. I watched it with Shaq's career, he always played 50 or 60 some games, sometimes 72games. Shaq should’ve won at worst 4 to 5 NBA MVPs he was the best player stats showed it, but they would always give it to the other guy who played more games. Yes, I’ll miss Jimmy he was a good player, but if Embiid can stay healthy they’ll be just fine. Richardson is a good three and D player who is solid while Tobias I believe will be more comfortable having more leeway to shoot freely. And with Horford, who shot a high % from 2pt and 3pt his ability to defend those pick rolls will only make life for Embiid easier. When it comes to Ben Simmons it is what it is bro. A part of me wanted him traded to OKC for Russ even though I knew it wouldn’t happen. Fact is, in the half court Sixers offense is really 4 vs 5 because Ben can’t shoot. Sixers offered him 170mill for 5yrs and it’s like Ben wants more. That’s so much for a player with an avg skill set. Sixers overpaid for Harris but we had no choice. Ben on the other hand, unless the 76ers really think he is going to be able to knock down a consistent mid range jumper we’re screwed. I wanted the Sixers to get Ingram with the number one pick. And I’ve always felt that way. His points continue to improve plus he shots 40% on catch n shoot 3s. Ingram has turned into a good perimeter defender as well. Unless something drastic happens, I'll be surprised to see Ben shooting a 15ft jump shot but we’ll see. Still, one fact remains the 76ers go as far as Joel Embiid health can take them.
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia Month ago
Joseph Tedros not in the playoffs.
Lil Bibby
Lil Bibby Month ago
Joseph Tedros sixers aren’t running thru the east period
Lil Bibby
Lil Bibby Month ago
Joseph Tedros mostly jimmy butler cause he was the closer, the guy y’all gave the ball too in crunch time. And if we being honest jimmy bailed you guys out of games. Can’t believe they didn’t bring him back .
Lil Bibby
Lil Bibby Month ago
Joseph Tedros He’s y’all best player and hasn’t played a healthy season since y’all drafted him. Embiid can’t even display a full season of complete dominance cause he’s 24 but get injured like he’s a 35 year old vet. Now that jimmy is gone you sixers fans are really gonna see just how important jimmy and reddick really was.
Dwayne M.
Dwayne M. Month ago
I don’t like the sixers chances. Embid is too immature. Reminds me of Dwight Howard. And we all know Ben’s problems. That jumper isn’t coming anytime soon. It doesn’t work like that.
Mohamed Month ago
Hey - SAS rooting for the 76ers? News to me..
Lando Calrissian
??? Were you living under a rock? SAS has always rooted for Philadelphia teams! 🤦
Shafique O'Brien
Stephen NoTstradamus Smith....was wrong about every series picking the loosing team to win in every round1 lol Bucks will win!....wrong.... the Bucks will wim...wrong... the rockets willl win...wrong... and obviously with GSW
Stephen A my man and the whole nine but he talk way too much for PTI LOL no disrespect lol
Cain Bradley
Cain Bradley Month ago
Im a simple man, I go where Stephen A Smith goes, If he on first take i go first take, If he on PTI i go to PTI
big earl
big earl Month ago
76ers going to the finals and then some....giannis going to be trash in the playoffs AGAIN....who is going to beat them in the east??
Michael Flint
Michael Flint Month ago
@Wonder Woman Agree completely. Not to mention the insane amount of miles that NBA players would have to travel. There's plenty of reasons why they wouldn't get rid of the respective conferences. However, that's not to say improvements couldn't be made.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Month ago
If they do away with the conferences they will need to find a way to coordinate the times for everyone which is just not possible. How do you play two games on one night? Time zones. East is on first, then West. You play those in your conference more because of time zones. Schedules are coordinated based off of that. Even if you keep the conferences and let the 1 seed play 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, so on. It wouldn’t be fair because East teams must play each other more vice versa therefore allowing east teams to have better records than a lesser west team. West conference games start at 10:30 and off almost 1am sometimes on the east. And I’m sure it’s the opposite starting at 5:00 and most people are commuting home. Very frustrating. There’s really no way to coordinate time zones but to separate.
SD Fishin
SD Fishin Month ago
@Michael Flint like what? Wouldn't it just be on the commissioner? Idk
Michael Flint
Michael Flint Month ago
@SD Fishin It's easy to say that but you gotta understand all the obstacles that would come with that.
Salem Khoshiwal
Salem Khoshiwal Month ago
Toronto is going to Finals again! Mark my words. They know exactly how to beat Sixers and Bucks
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Yea... exactly how to beat the Sixers and Bucks was Kawhi going crazy. lol
HS2019WuzGud ,
HS2019WuzGud , Month ago
Salem Khoshiwal bruh you retarded lol sound like the delusional cavs fan 2018-2019 season
bloodgodamon Month ago
Im laughing like kawhi right now
Revealing Truth
Revealing Truth Month ago
Raptors if lucky will be the 8th seed now
Revealing Truth
Revealing Truth Month ago
Stop wit the nonsense
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook Month ago
ESPN out here working Stephen A like a slave
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard Month ago
Stevie you supposed to be in vacation! If you arent on first take dont be on anything
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis Month ago
Stephen A should be on everything. He can moderate next Democratic Presidential debate for all I care. I love this guy's sincerity and passion.
Giovanny Olivier
Nehemiah Howard 😂😂😂😂
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Wait... what is with this myth that the Sixers have no shooting? The Bucks have better shooting? Richardson is a better 3 point shooter than Eric Bledsoe. Tobias Harris is a better shooter than Khris Middleton. Embiid and Horford are both better shooters than Giannis. The Sixers aren't loaded with 3 point Snipers but after losing Brogdon and Mirotic... are the Bucks?
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
You can’t just focus on the last 25 games and ignore the previous 125... Tobias Harris has become a damn good shooter.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Naseem Saleh - The Sixers will not run the same offense they did last year with this new personnel. They will design plays for Tobias that they never had last year. I would be absolutely shocked if he shoots 33% for the season next year.
Naseem Saleh
Naseem Saleh Month ago
@Rob Smith why would I compare his stats with a different team when he is playing in the same phily system? You just gonna act like he gonna play the exact same he did on the clippers? Lol
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Naseem Saleh - and if you just want to look at attempts and makes per game, Middleton was better but very similar to Josh Richardson last year. Middleton - 2.3/6.2 Richardson - 2.2/6.3
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Month ago
Naseem Saleh - On the Clippers, he was a phenomenal 3 point shooter last year. It was a different offense in Philly and he wasn’t getting the same looks. His % with the Sixers will go up this year. Expect him to be around 40% again.
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