The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is a gorgeous, sporty sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new 2019 CLS and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes CLS -- including its quirks and features, as well as its driving experience.
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Jan 3, 2019

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Comments 5 912
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 5 months ago
NOTE! I mentioned this CLS450 has a V6, but it's actually a straight six. My mistake!
Fabio Guerrero
Fabio Guerrero 7 hours ago
The backup camera is actually in the logo.
Marlon Mendonca
Marlon Mendonca 25 days ago
Go follow new mercedes page on instagram @MERCEDES for the hottes ride
Jose Flores
Jose Flores 25 days ago
Doug DeMuro c’mon Doug you know this model is uglier than the previous gem.
Magdan Daniel Cvitesic
you da man
Lou Gilles
Lou Gilles Month ago
And that cover that you so cleverly mocked has bars, indicating the layout. That was a groaner.
Mochomo Rivera
Mochomo Rivera 3 days ago
Doug the type of guy to Get locked out of a motorcycle.
denerfun 5 days ago
doug that type of american without a brain
khizar hayat
khizar hayat 5 days ago
I wonder who checks his autotrader lists and compilations
M L 7 days ago
CLS still needs a V8. I hear theres a GLE 580 coming with a mild hybrid V8. They'll more than likely drop that same engine in the E/CLS at some point.
hixyvsnd 7 days ago
“THIS is...”
Tadhg Corcoran
Tadhg Corcoran 8 days ago
Jesus the American CLS bumper is so ugly and clunky in comparison to the European one. Why do the US regulations require that?
Jay Peso Tv
Jay Peso Tv 9 days ago
Starting price approximately?
Majestic 10 days ago
Dough's the types of guy to wax the CLS with his elbow. Sorry Dough, but I'm just here for the Dough Jokes. LOL
Tech Automotive
Tech Automotive 10 days ago
Beautiful interior!
Gerhard Olm
Gerhard Olm 13 days ago
German cars !!
Wavy Matt
Wavy Matt 13 days ago
Hmmm gorgeous? I see a big whale
ABIDEinLOVE Jedidiah
Mujithaba Kc
Mujithaba Kc 15 days ago
Jørn Skjæringrud
Jørn Skjæringrud 15 days ago
Was it ashtreys in back on the seats? LOL
Anthony Marullo
Anthony Marullo 15 days ago
there is no next track button on the steering wheel as there is a significantly large dial mere cm away from where your arm would rest while driving the vehicle which can be rotated to skip tracks individually or in any increment of your choosing
박토니 16 days ago
"a screen, showing a screen" said it so dramatically. lol
Jedd Annandakrishnan
3:50 have you just realized that knowq
Anarchists For Christ
8:37 He’s having the Presidential fantasy again. This is not a drill!
Marlon Mendonca
Marlon Mendonca 25 days ago
Go follow new mercedes page instagram @MERCEDES for the hottes ride
Garrett Dodson
Garrett Dodson 25 days ago
Mercedes has always had the two badges on all the cars that have the grill emblem. The big silver star then the traditional blue wreath laurel on top. On the old w126 chassis the blue Laurel was placed forward on the grille while the hood ornament stood on top. Then on the w140 sedan they actually made the base of the hood ornament the blue laurel as opposed to just a chrome base. Starting on the w221 they went back to the 80’s and started doing the traditional hood ornament on top with the blue wreath laurel forward on the grille. But as far as most of their two doors go, they have always had the big star front center in the grille and the wreath up on the hood. That goes all the way back to the 60’s. The first generation CLK (aka e class coupe knock off) originally had the good ornament and not a grille star. This was the first exception to the two doors not having a grille star. Then the C and E class sedans started having the option for either a hood ornament or grille start depending on if you selected the optional sport package setups.
DiamondGold 25 days ago
I love the older gen’s outside is better because the new one looks more like an A class
Andrew Peraza
Andrew Peraza 26 days ago
Am hoping to buy in a year from now !!! Beautiful car
Benziono Caron
Benziono Caron 28 days ago
On yo screen.... Showing a screen!
Mr Ducktective
Mr Ducktective 29 days ago
This looks like a tractor
blukompressor Month ago
All Mercedes have the double badges on the front cmon Doug lol
chang jr
chang jr Month ago
Can ou film a mercedes s class.video?
Bubbas Ernie
Bubbas Ernie Month ago
I’ve always wanted a car where I could check my eco-ness. Thanks Doug.
Aryan Cyrus
Aryan Cyrus Month ago
I wanna fuck your Thhhissss issssss saying so discussing, go to some doctor
MrJules409 Month ago
Mercedes benz fucked up the exterior on this. The 2012 look was the best in my opinion
K. B.
K. B. Month ago
Fuck electronic gages its for extreme nerds. If I wanted to press buttons i’d get on my laptop not on the road.
Thunder Month ago
$70,000??? I don’t think my coochie has enough mileage left on it to get one of these. Probably will have to settle for a Kia.
JC von Zijl
JC von Zijl Month ago
You should stop doing videos please you suck
Rock Hash
Rock Hash Month ago
Save yourself 8 mins and watch it at 1.50x speed.
C. E. Johnson
C. E. Johnson Month ago
I own the 2014 which is a V8 Twin turbo.....why did they go down to a V6?
Hank Mooody
Hank Mooody Month ago
yeah, because all 2014 models had V8 Twin turbos, right?
Agent piggles
Agent piggles Month ago
4:00 i always look out for the badge that has the radar thing in it, particularly in models where radar cruise control is not standard
Nerseh Kindermah
Send This car to My Mommy for Mother's Day 🎂 and a Haagen Dasz Ice Cream Cake - Nerseh Kindermah #NersehMommy
j baker
j baker Month ago
I only came her for the boring as fuck Doug the kinda guy snorefest comments.
Gabe Miller
Gabe Miller Month ago
14:36 lol true
TheM275 Month ago
Doug is the type of guy who shits before eating
KitStuka Month ago
Soleiman James
Soleiman James Month ago
Doug the type of guy to shove the Mercedes logo up his ass.
richard jones
richard jones Month ago
Stay off the coffee before doing a video! The extra hand moving jitters gets me dizzy! Also my CL 550(2 door S class coupe) has next + - buttons for the radio. I guess you got to pay more and get their top model to get that convenience. To be truthful I think u just don’t know how to do it because I had my car a year before I figured it out. You have to have the audio function on at the dash screen and make sure the Night vision function is off. You will then see the name of your song integrated with the speed dials and now your + - buttons will skip or back to a song and change radio station. But if you are in a S class or CL class then all you do is speak to the car and tell it to change the station or song. 😉
Meister Clemens
Meister Clemens Month ago
I think if you want to change the track on your steering wheel instead of reaching out to the center console you can also dial in the audio settings in the gauge display and simply do it using the touch pads. But I figured out the problem in general, too. So two simple buttons would have been great.
mbsec Month ago
Fugly interior especially the dash
craigpests channel
i think a 4 door coupe... is a sedan.
T bone Steak
T bone Steak Month ago
Can that car even fit in a parking spot???
unavailable Month ago
he's so fuckin corny..we need cooler car reviewers bad
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma Month ago
Royal Enfield
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma Month ago
WeAreOnCode 2 months ago
Horrible looking. I'll pass.
Know People
Know People 2 months ago
This car is just soo gud I saw about her video too it’s speed is soo damn amazing usvid.net/video/video-BMDUEZSE84c.html Just watch this u will understand
Peichen Fang
Peichen Fang 2 months ago
now it’s time to get it on the road and see how it drives. (5 mins later...) here’s another new feature on the 2019 mercedes CLS, it leaks oil
Samir Said
Samir Said 2 months ago
Doug is the type of guy that complains about the lack of next track button
john rock
john rock 2 months ago
Doug doesn’t wear underwear is his videos
Georgi Ganchev
Georgi Ganchev 2 months ago
Cls came in 2004 not 2006.
Alireza Adli
Alireza Adli 2 months ago
The ugliest mercedes ever
detonator2112 2 months ago
I'm not saying this isn't good looking... but am I the only one who thinks the previous model was wayyyyy more attractive? That (in the Shooting Brake version) was among the best designs Merc ever made (just imho).
Thr3Pete Month ago
detonator2112 I agree☝🏾
rscosworthfan 2 months ago
first gen was the best looking cls it was sleeker than the second gen and this one
Kiko Kelidis
Kiko Kelidis 2 months ago
Doug , FYI almost all MB cars ( from 2000+ ), including yours , have that positive battery access, so a service or a change off the battery is done through it. Once you give power to that socket, you can change your battery without causing any problem to your car's systems. greetings from Greece.
Holy Soul Emerge
Holy Soul Emerge 2 months ago
Only Audy keep maintain the best design, merc and bmw has lost their design cue in particular models
Holy Soul Emerge
Holy Soul Emerge 2 months ago
@007 not in my eye, audi has advance refreshed but merc not even refreshed just recycle
007 2 months ago
Holy Soul Emerge Audi cars looks like the same design since the 2006 just refreshed.
Andrew Kuebbing
Andrew Kuebbing 2 months ago
There's nothing gorgeous about that car. It looks like the car version of an overweight mid-50s accountant. Or maybe the Mercedes version of the 2002 Camry.
Raw Pardos
Raw Pardos 2 months ago
13:20 Humm, bentley does
Ghous Mughal
Ghous Mughal 2 months ago
Not a v6 it’s an in-line 6 -.-
DP ie
DP ie 2 months ago
The Tesla Model 3 dual motor(not even the Performance version) just beat this AMG to 0-60mph. And its about half the price when both are fully loaded. And service cost and fuel cost will be massive compared to the Tesla. Just proves that this new AMG is like an old Nokia and the Tesla is the smartphone of the future....available today! Look at the fast lane youtube channel.
Bruder Rüdiger
Bruder Rüdiger 2 months ago
Are you really that dumb?
Arty Eet
Arty Eet 2 months ago
4:24 "And no one else does"... except Maserati.
Icy Brown
Icy Brown 2 months ago
Doug is the type of guy who irons his socks and underwear.
M Linger
M Linger 2 months ago
I wonder what Doug would have thought of the amazing engineering that use to be on cars where they hid the fuel filler port behind the license plate. That was so clever!
rene arredondo
rene arredondo 2 months ago
I think Benz totally wiffed on this. Car looks absolutely awful.
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 2 months ago
Tinashe Magagani
Tinashe Magagani 2 months ago
This guy is annoying! The stuff he complains about in 80% of the time are just childish and, yes, ANNOYING!
davide bortoli
davide bortoli 2 months ago
5:30 back would look great if not for those hideous bumps. Nice one USA regulations.
texas wi
texas wi 2 months ago
Doug the type of guy to buy Johnson baby shampoo
Blue Bomber
Blue Bomber 2 months ago
Doug, this 2019 CLS scored 2 points higher than a freakin Chevy SS? Are you high?
Kaarle Mäkinen
Kaarle Mäkinen 2 months ago
Well the 2019 cls is a better car than the ss
Kaneda 2 months ago
Change track is possible on all new Mercedes with the up/down steering wheel buttons- the gauge cluster must be showing “media” for this to happen.
RoadKillTastesNice 2 months ago
Doug is the type of guy to give a girl a Doug score after a one night stand.
Ana Conda
Ana Conda 2 months ago
What are g forces
Drew Romea
Drew Romea 2 months ago
Wow you really don’t understand Mercedes 😫😂👎🏼. The air vents were made to go up so you can have the air on full blast without getting direct air
ThePS4Connoisseur 2 months ago
i dont understand why SUVs are so hot rn
Baskin Robbins Always Finds Out
I'm so buying one, I NEEEEED IT
Boeing #1
Boeing #1 2 months ago
Is that maybach?
Vishera.M 2 months ago
4:10 the logo is twice, cause the one on the hood symbolizes the old and classic Mercedes-Benz star. At least that´s what I got told a few years ago. 9:50 you can switch the track with the trackpad in any Mercedes. At least in the german version. I don´t know if the software changes from country to country.
Türkay 2 months ago
So lemme get this straight, the CLS is basicly, the interior of a S Class, back-end of a SL and the face of a C Class? German cars are hideous lmao
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 2 months ago
Who remembers pen15? Or 80085?
Bianca lo
Bianca lo 2 months ago
Hyundai has a next track button in the steering wheel...👍🏻
Trevor Morgan
Trevor Morgan 2 months ago
Bianca lo yeah but it’s a Hyundai
Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Not 85,000 for the base, 69,000
Marshall C.T.
Marshall C.T. 3 months ago
I still prefer the traditional gauges
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie 3 months ago
Doug is the kind of guy who would buy a $5 wide anglr lens adaptor to widen his films for his fans.
mo Tibortina
mo Tibortina 3 months ago
Bun-n-cheese 3 months ago
That thing is fugly. The back looks like an old mazda
Jeff Webb
Jeff Webb 3 months ago
My 1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL has both the large Mercedes star in the front grill and the Mercedes emblem on top of the good. So, there is precedence for that.
Elai Dickens
Elai Dickens 3 months ago
I call every 4 door car a sedan
ian 3 months ago
The CLS has never had a cover over the positive terminal... my 2014 has it... the hood badge and the radar grill has had it from at least 2014 . nothing new. trunk latches for the back seats are old to....the next track button is the big round bit under your right hand.. or you can put the centre instead of the speed,navi,settings,ect to the music.
Elai Dickens
Elai Dickens 3 months ago
It's a 4 door sedan
Moinul Islam
Moinul Islam 3 months ago
The value on this drops to less than half price after 3 years ...
casmon71 3 months ago
wooow I saw Nm instead of pałndfit, finally measurement that use most of the world
donwa777 3 months ago
The downside of the gauge cluster being another screen is that ir just adds to the elapsed time that you are looking at a gosh darn screen every day!!! Our eyes need a break from screens, guys!
Lorenzo Fontanella
Lorenzo Fontanella 3 months ago
sorry doug how you think that a kia is better....maybe i lost trust in what you say...not maybe....
Excellent 30
Excellent 30 3 months ago
an efficient car!
Hichard Rammond
Hichard Rammond 3 months ago
Doug is the type of guy to put a sign on his car saying WARNING: DO NOT DRIVE WHEN DRUNK. he's also the type of guy to call the CLS what it actually is, a sedan.
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis 3 months ago
Doug is a type of a guy who calls number from the back of SNICKERS to express his view why peanuts were not salted
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