The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is a gorgeous, sporty sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new 2019 CLS and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes CLS -- including its quirks and features, as well as its driving experience.
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Jan 3, 2019




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Comments 5 811
Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 2 months ago
NOTE! I mentioned this CLS450 has a V6, but it's actually a straight six. My mistake!
Omar Bullet
Omar Bullet Month ago
Please do the first generation of the Mercedes CLS
Do the AMG GT 63s 4 door coupe next!
Akshay Kaylaser
Akshay Kaylaser Month ago
+Justin Why. supercharger?
Akshay Kaylaser
Akshay Kaylaser Month ago
+David Moore More of "mild hybrid" than a full on Tree Hugging Hybrid
TheFlyingFusion 2 months ago
It's also a Hybrid
Marshall C.T.
Marshall C.T. Hour ago
I still prefer the traditional gauges
Charlie Warlie
Charlie Warlie 12 hours ago
Doug is the kind of guy who would buy a $5 wide anglr lens adaptor to widen his films for his fans.
mo Tibortina
mo Tibortina 17 hours ago
Roy Hall
Roy Hall 18 hours ago
That thing is fugly. The back looks like an old mazda
Jeff Webb
Jeff Webb 20 hours ago
My 1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL has both the large Mercedes star in the front grill and the Mercedes emblem on top of the good. So, there is precedence for that.
Elai Dickens
Elai Dickens Day ago
I call every 4 door car a sedan
ian Day ago
The CLS has never had a cover over the positive terminal... my 2014 has it... the hood badge and the radar grill has had it from at least 2014 . nothing new. trunk latches for the back seats are old to....the next track button is the big round bit under your right hand.. or you can put the centre instead of the speed,navi,settings,ect to the music.
Elai Dickens
Elai Dickens Day ago
It's a 4 door sedan
Moinul Islam
Moinul Islam Day ago
The value on this drops to less than half price after 3 years ...
casmon71 2 days ago
wooow I saw Nm instead of pałndfit, finally measurement that use most of the world
donwa777 3 days ago
The downside of the gauge cluster being another screen is that ir just adds to the elapsed time that you are looking at a gosh darn screen every day!!! Our eyes need a break from screens, guys!
Lorenzo Fontanella
sorry doug how you think that a kia is better....maybe i lost trust in what you say...not maybe....
Raju Jha
Raju Jha 4 days ago
an efficient car!
person guy
person guy 4 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to put a sign on his car saying WARNING: DO NOT DRIVE WHEN DRUNK. he's also the type of guy to call the CLS what it actually is, a sedan.
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis 4 days ago
Doug is a type of a guy who calls number from the back of SNICKERS to express his view why peanuts were not salted
Travis Watson
Travis Watson 4 days ago
Orange peel at 7:22
lamekid134 4 days ago
this nigga gay
Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent 6 days ago
second logo at the front is where the mascots once were. kept getting stolen off cars
Vincent Miller
Vincent Miller 6 days ago
The front of the CLS kinda looks like the Mazda 3
MrShri45 7 days ago
Review some Indian cars too.. please
Taylor Leung
Taylor Leung 7 days ago
CLS550 2014 was the only one of its kind design... it was so fricken beautiful
Jakub Lulek
Jakub Lulek 8 days ago
Progressive setting = Renault Clio instrument panel.
methunshow 9 days ago
If I get to afford these luxury cars new, I'd trade in every two or three years. Finance the depreciation keep a new car and minimize maintenance while keep a warranty.
Soso Mama
Soso Mama 14 days ago
Still an ugly boat to me.
seun aderin
seun aderin 14 days ago
Top quality review. Would definitely like to see your review on the new Audi A7.
MICHGO1 15 days ago
whoiskenji 17 days ago
Doug looks like quagmire
gruen gay
gruen gay 20 days ago
The air vents look cheap in every Mercedes.
Ehy does it looks like a cla or c class smh..ill pass 1st gen 2nd gen are Mercedes gemstones
Rocky 23 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks the new CLS is ugly and nowhere near as good looking as the last one. That rear overhang....yuck.
cornpit77 24 days ago
Hi Doug, I can add to your coverage of the badges (+/- 4min) that the double badges is not particularly weird though. Check pictures of a vintage Mercedes SL-class, gulwing period for example, and you'll see there is a big Mercedes logo in the grill and a badge right above on the hood as well. There are more examples. Greetings from The Netherlands.
Taelor Watson
Taelor Watson 24 days ago
Doug is the type of guy to toast his eggs and fry his bread.
j3iuivj 25 days ago
Mercedes has part numbers exclusive to each model and year. I’m guessing that 220352 is not random but specifically assigned to this CLS year and model, and would be written as 220.352 (technician, service and parts dialogue)
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 25 days ago
I Love when he starts rolling with ( This)
Darlington Ngoma
Darlington Ngoma 26 days ago
I love the cocks
RCPlayer006 26 days ago
Looks like sex
Aj Dhillon
Aj Dhillon 26 days ago
89K WTF... not even a AMG; benz tryna to make the most.
wardope 26 days ago
it's the kind of car you buy as an investment. Park it in a garage and don't touch it for another 20 years.
Midnight H
Midnight H 28 days ago
This or a hellcat charger? 🤔
Ramin Month ago
Doug, I think your scoring method has a major flaw in it. When it comes to styling and looks CLS beats Stinger all day. And for people that have that kind of money, you will never convince them that Stinger has a higher score than CLS. No kid growing up dreams about driving a Stinger one day.
Let's play Pai Sho
looks ugly, the 2012 version is more good looking.
Alex 10,000
Alex 10,000 Month ago
Dougs the type of guy who goes to a friends house and doesn’t steal any random money he sees.
The Angry German
Honestly I like having the 2 symbols in the front
The Angry German
Awsome, great video, keep it up man. Can't wait to see the new CLA
PipiNerazzurro Month ago
2012 CLS is still my fav..much better looking too...
ToyKissKen Month ago
Once Doug cooperate with a car store, it is not objective. We could guess it may be an advertisement.
alex n
alex n Month ago
I've driven a Mercedes with a trackpad steering wheel. It reminds me of when my phone had it and it was terrible. now it's on the steering wheel and it's still terrible.
AHellReign Month ago
What a beautiful STRAIGHT six
Donald Bryan
Donald Bryan Month ago
I was on board until I saw how lame the Chinese tablet looks, just glued there onto the dash. Ok, the molded the top of the dash over it, but it's just hanging out there on the side. 3 out of 10.
Donald Bryan
Donald Bryan Month ago
WCBK - the channel no one will ever use.
HeRo_98 Month ago
there is no way that the kia stinger gt looks as good as the cls
Jormungandr Month ago
This guy is so fucking weird
Samsara Month ago
Doug let's get a quirks and features of you and then a Doug score at the end
Gorgeous!!!?? WTF my ass!! The rear is the most hideous in the car industry
christen dsouza
christen dsouza Month ago
looks like a fucking shark
Josh River
Josh River Month ago
Doug, you can change the track from the steering wheel via the arrow buttons on either side of the scroll button. You just need to be on the audio screen for it to work. this is true for your 2012 also. also long pressing buttons operates other functions as well
Mish Month ago
REVIEW CLA 250 !!!!
emperusbrandTV Month ago
yeahh no cigarettes in cars anymore we smoke weed lol
glasszone33 Month ago
emperusbrandTV I Vape
King Jester
King Jester Month ago
My dads 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee shows when his favorite sports team is playing and what station it’s on
Rui Tamele
Rui Tamele Month ago
This is for all car manufacturers: you do follow my taste or die.
Franklin Bolt
Franklin Bolt Month ago
I always thought the CLS was just an elongated version of the C class.
brandon petersen
I love that they have a place for the key. Tesla dose not have that. I really want them to put the cruse back on the stalk where it belongs.
John Ramsay
John Ramsay Month ago
How tall is Doug Demuro? Didn't say in this video
Big23Blue Month ago
I’m not liking the back end. Still would love to own a C63 amg one day. Until then, I’ll keep my Corvette (check it out on my my channel)
bentheone Month ago
You can skip tracks with that trackpad on the steering wheel.
Josh Webbs
Josh Webbs Month ago
What the hell is a 4 door coupe. Coupe is derived from couple meaning two...
BG Month ago
wow american version is just cheaper and more ugly
BG Month ago
For fuck's sake and the holy child, it's not KUP it's fucking COUPÉ
Definitely not work it considering they are releasing amg gt4 they look similar and I’m taking the gt4 all day
Sbear Month ago
The MB trackpad looks like they took it straight off a 2009 Blackberry phone
ItzYaSoldiia Month ago
You said its a V6, but its an inline 6 cylinder
Major Calvary
Major Calvary Month ago
Doug, you need to see a 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe. That was a four door coupe driven Sonny Corleone in Godfather. Also Top Gear, by Jeremy Clarkson; who explainer that definition of a coupe is only a truncated car. 2 door is not a requirement.
Doug is the type of guy who hugs people from the back
Rina Month ago
I would take this over any BMW!
MDK 8 Month ago
One headlight : 10k
Cherry mar D montes
How much
Kevin Rahbari
Kevin Rahbari Month ago
You can change the track using the steering wheel left side touch pad.
iSiP Toronto
iSiP Toronto Month ago
it's ugly like the cla
Picklestocks Month ago
Cal State Fullerton Titans!
DDae Falcao
DDae Falcao Month ago
Sometimes he comes up with some stupid opinions like AC in the back movement for aiming the ceiling of the car ,, like i dont want it directed in my face , not in my legs either, so I choose to direct it on the ceiling whats so bizzare about it
Domenic Tate
Domenic Tate Month ago
7:46 lol
KartKing4ever Month ago
"Edition 1" So you can tell people you spent more money on a car that is more prone to having issues that will be worked out in later model years.
Bert-Jan Weening
Comprehensive, good review covering everything a typical car owner would want to know, I imagine. However I just have to mention that your sweat is in very weird places, sort of on your forearms as can be seen when you talked about the back seat. Love you Doug.
wisd0me masta
wisd0me masta Month ago
Thumb down. Too much talking bout the interior and almost no driving :\
Tiancheng Ying
Tiancheng Ying Month ago
Try 2x speed
slaythegodz Month ago
Beautiful car.. fuck all the haters.
Mitchell Schull
Mitchell Schull Month ago
Go Sioux!
lowtuned Month ago
this giant gauge display screen is such a bad piece of uninspired design element, its awfull. its like "oh crap, we forgot to design the gauges, lets just extend the infotainment screen all over the dashboard!" ... ruins the whole interior to me.
megaawesome1 Month ago
North Dakota Fighting Hawks shirt??? Where'd you get that Doug? I'm from ND!
xYOUBIx Month ago
We want the multipla !!
usvid.net/video/video-h5aS3lYOZyU.html MERrRCEDES BENZ!!!!!
Akshay Kaylaser
Akshay Kaylaser Month ago
And By the way Doug, you can swipe the trackpad left or right to change the track. Stop moaning like a woman.
Akshay Kaylaser
Akshay Kaylaser Month ago
Doug, you're reviewing too many Mercedes-Benz Vehicles & that's probably because you own one. Do you wanna be like Jeremy Clarkson or something huh?
Cheeky Dawg
Cheeky Dawg Month ago
yo seriously dude you are dumb af make better reviews
E. M. Torres
E. M. Torres Month ago
How about you tell us about the 2018 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet
Romeo Griggs-Taylor
Doug maybe that number they show for the mileage in the gauge cluster is the number of patents they own.
Valentin Month ago
the back looks T E R R I B L E
The Real Cigar Jefe
this car is hideous. Looks like the old jellybean motif taken from a early gen ford taurus
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