The 1975 - thank u, next (Ariana Grande cover)

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The 1975 cover Ariana Grande's thank u, next in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


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Nov 26, 2018

The 1975 cover Ariana Grande's thank unext in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge




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Comments 5 341
Chance Yousef
Chance Yousef 28 minutes ago
this cleared my skin, raised my grades, fixed world hunger, ended suffering?
Isabelly Lemos
Amo essa versão ❤
Leslie Cruz
Leslie Cruz Hour ago
I really dont see what yall complaint about
BJsik Hour ago
The choir is too loud I think. It will be so much better if they balanced the volumes. But still good though. It's more like a new genre :0 sth between pop and gospel lol
Luke Tahoe
Luke Tahoe 2 hours ago
Trying too hard
Hyeyun Han
Hyeyun Han 3 hours ago
Jade 3 hours ago
this version is constantly stuck in my head
Nathalee Do Valle
Nathalee Do Valle 3 hours ago
i love it
I Hernandez
I Hernandez 5 hours ago
This is fire but that choir was so oddly placed.
Bel Birth
Bel Birth 5 hours ago
Chanya '
Chanya ' 9 hours ago
Can we have this on spotify or something
Josh Shinerock
Josh Shinerock 9 hours ago
Choir needs to do one
Misha Chee
Misha Chee 9 hours ago
This sounds great, very unlike the original but that's what makes it sound so good! It's bold and I love it.
융굥 13 hours ago
미쳤다 너무좋아
Stacey Alveo
Stacey Alveo 14 hours ago
Deekachu 14 hours ago
supposed to be "thank u,dek" >:c but imma still give it a like
Deekachu 14 hours ago
thank u,dek
Kim Lai
Kim Lai 14 hours ago
thank u dek
Monicake Cangcang
Monicake Cangcang 14 hours ago
Andrew Burns
Andrew Burns 16 hours ago
The choir kills it
littlejauregui 16 hours ago
yo the choir makes it terrible not needed
ep may
ep may 16 hours ago
it was different...
Isabella Rocha
Isabella Rocha 17 hours ago
They're my fave but what in seven hells is this
Clapacamba. 17 hours ago
Beautiful low voice in 1:31 How did he do that? 😍
Lala Shanks
Lala Shanks 17 hours ago
notice how it's a buncha white people complaining about the choir in the comments. buncha uncultured people, never heard no gospel before. plus y'all just boring as hell, music isn't supposed to always be conventional... that's what the 1975's been doing with their music... y'all clearly ain't listen to their last 2 albums talking about "love the 1975 but this ain't it." like, you don't gotta fw it but respect the artistry.
João Victor Freire de Oliveira
That was perfect
Tas T
Tas T 21 hour ago
Tas T
Tas T 21 hour ago
I love this holy shit
you might know me
you might know me 22 hours ago
this is amazing. i love the jazzy r&b vibe and the little weird vocal parts in the beginning, that's exactly how matty and co would arrange this song if they were to release it as a single. (which is highly encouraged at this point).
Bri D
Bri D Day ago
this sounds like a turd coming out of my ass
The Russian Sasha
Sounds like what the Weeknd would do, so good 🥰
Ness Day ago
This is soo good, I actually love the choir
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Day ago
this is earth song with bastille all over again
Eleanor Harmsworth
Can this man sing? Awful
Brian Hernandez
I love all of this
Jesika Damayanti
ari must to watch this omg i'm in love with The 1975😍😍😍
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong Day ago
Thank you god, next???? LOLOLOL how did this whole ex song turn gospel im 😹😹💀💀💀
Spanish Moustache
Damn a lot of people in here are just not used to chromaticism in their music; I dont know what it's sadder, that they didnt like it or pretending to know music and calling it "out of tune" like they know shit, smh...
Loriel Apurado
Isn't he a cutie?!😍
틴틴 Day ago
흐흐흑 너무 잘한다 ㅠㅠ
Wida Villanueva
Pinilih Sukmaningrum
**saw the title** me: i know this gon' be amazing
Katherine Nguyen
this aint it chief
ella ulla
ella ulla Day ago
so in love with this one
Leah M
Leah M Day ago
A cover without the choir would be amazing
Marie Canoy
Marie Canoy Day ago
Thank u, the 1975!
mattyxharry 23
2:25 Matty's voice BITCH I LOVE IT
Raizo Naville
Gospel songs vibe. hahaha
Tboysongz Comedy
This is an insult to Ariana...like seriously BBC..
Saminbound Day ago
Shit song tbf but always love matty
Friendship Adams
The arrangement is cool! One of the background singers are bit out of tune at times and the mix on this just wasn’t as good as it should have been. It’s shame because this had potential!
Han AeChan
Han AeChan Day ago
Do you guys like kids??
carla enriquez
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Day ago
So shit! 😂😩😂😩😂😩
Dina Hadfina
Dina Hadfina Day ago
the choir ruin my babe matty voice!!! :(
Mary Grace Bonifacio
Love u guys
keana1010 2 days ago
I liked it 😎
Filly V
Filly V 2 days ago
Thank you, blessed.. but yes no choirs needed for this man.
Stephany Valarezp
Wuuuuut the hell is this
Dani x o x
Dani x o x 2 days ago
It’s different. I like it. Matty and the band are always trying to push boundaries, it’s experimental and that’s what makes it work
Nana 2 days ago
the first note killed me. I'm so in love with u the 1975
Gabriela Falcon
Gabriela Falcon 2 days ago
it could've been a little more crisp but i really liked it anyway
Marguerite Siahaan
Lol i prefer this one tho than the original, ariana's version is so flat on the reffrain, but matty did something interesting😍😍
Monaria Labusentrum
So kewl. For all of u who hate the choir: feck off! They didn't care. Carry on with ur life.
Francheska Lorain
Yaaaass you made the song sexier!!! Love ittttt 🔥🔥🔥
Lizeth Ivanova
Lizeth Ivanova 2 days ago
Nikola Simonette Castillo
My panty just drop
Jeanine Hill
Jeanine Hill 2 days ago
Love the arrangements, idgaf ppl this is good
Jeena Chong
Jeena Chong 2 days ago
dude this rocks
Bahadur Singh
Bahadur Singh 2 days ago
Why i am imagining when they say thank u and the part "next" they're doing dab..
Mega Wulandari
Mega Wulandari 2 days ago
I prefer they sing their own song ☹
dragonheart 2 days ago
I looove this idk why y’all complaining
faithonleaves 2 days ago
Can they make an official recording. I’d buy it.
faithonleaves 2 days ago
People always get fucking defensive on a lot of BBC’s artist covers. I’m totally digging this.
xgkp x
xgkp x 2 days ago
why is everyone hating on this? I kinda like this version actually
Bruna Santos
Bruna Santos 2 days ago
If the choir was gone this would it be so good
breeanna mcanalley
It was amazing until the choir ??
Alan J
Alan J 2 days ago
fantastic cover, Matty looks like the dude out of Knocked Up lol
Muhammad Al-Hamid Muktar El-Housseini
this could’ve been so good with the right mix... and the right chords for the choir.... and less opera verbrato from the lead singer 😂😂
paisley ·
paisley · 2 days ago
kinda a vibe
Luvrite E
Luvrite E 2 days ago
One of the girls in the choir wanted sing so bad throughout the song n you can hear her over power the whole choir n the choir was off a lil n I think they whole choir jus wasn’t working together they all wanted the spotlight 💀
william watchman
william watchman 2 days ago
I don’t know what it is about this cover but it’s so bad it’s good. I can’t stop listening to it.
matthias zarza
matthias zarza 3 days ago
Did I ask?
Paris Ts
Paris Ts 3 days ago
This was bullshit
gilbert grape
gilbert grape 3 days ago
you all should just fuck off. it is literally the best thing ever. they nailed it! TEAM THE 1975
MOjσ 3 days ago
This is a smash!!! Thank you. Next song please
Quinnel Psy Tribaco
i love how the singer sang it but the choir made it out of tune... :\
Missy Claveron
Missy Claveron 3 days ago
bakit kayo ganyan ha? /sighs/
syahaz shamsudin
syahaz shamsudin 3 days ago
Leewon Kim
Leewon Kim 3 days ago
them choirs always overdo it
Ben Zombie
Ben Zombie 3 days ago
What the actual fuck was this? Lmao
Ananda Aulia
Ananda Aulia 3 days ago
omg 😍
Vanessa Parada
Vanessa Parada 3 days ago
Would’ve been great without the choir. Yikes
Rey Mendoza
Rey Mendoza 3 days ago
anynextdon 3 days ago
this is a hot mess. thank u, NEXT
*Mechanical Breathing*
Hey, thats pretty good. Thank u, next.
Sadiec Edits04
Sadiec Edits04 3 days ago
I'm so tired like
androssteague 3 days ago
The arrangements are very jazzy and gospel like, and it would sound amazing sung by a jazzy gospel like singer. But The 1975 are not jazzy or gospel. They're kinda mixing water and oil here. But it wasn't horrible.
cln. h.g
cln. h.g 3 days ago
Dhea Augitha
Dhea Augitha 3 days ago
so fuckin perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Close
Alexis Close 3 days ago
No. Just no.😂😭
Katie Watt
Katie Watt 3 days ago
Wow the 1975 have rlly gone down hill, buzzin for the album and that until it actual came out and to that I say thank you but next 😥😪🤧😞
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