The #1 TRADE That NEEDS To Happen | Philadelphia 76ers Rebuild

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Can I take this new look Philadelphia 76ers team to the promise lands?!
#nba #philadelphia76ers #sixers
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Aug 5, 2019




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Comments 147
KrispyFlakes Month ago
What are your expectations for the 76ers this season?! 2nd Channel: goo.gl/8VYWYR
Fre0n Gaming
Fre0n Gaming Month ago
ECF maybe
Sean Owens
Sean Owens Month ago
Championship or bust
Victor Nitchev
Victor Nitchev Month ago
Top 3 in nba
Jason Gura The Mad Republican
Beat The Cavs And Then Run Into A Eastern Conference Brick Wall
hud1 hud1
hud1 hud1 Month ago
55-60 wins this yr
Three Bagger77
Three Bagger77 Month ago
Why is your upload quality so bad
Z Mill
Z Mill Month ago
It’s pronounced “Zie-ear”
IcY Blair
IcY Blair Month ago
Ja Morant averaged 23 points and 15 assists
Lone Surviver
Lone Surviver Month ago
As a sixers fan Simmons 3 is suspect but if I can get a reliable mid-range in a year in middle school for free in 100+ degree weather at times he better be able to with pro trainers and a max NBA contract.
Z Keita
Z Keita Month ago
the trades this man makes on 2k
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Month ago
He used the suns back up going up against Harrell and horford the boogie wins six man on the suns
Casper ‘
Casper ‘ Month ago
He said “Paul George sixth man” so calmly. I would’ve tripped out if I saw that in my sim
Becky Stanford
Becky Stanford Month ago
They dont need a rebuild
Justin Savage
Justin Savage Month ago
Even if a video gam sim the warriors blow a 3 game lead🤣
Justin Savage
Justin Savage Month ago
Rxvengevault Month ago
You shouldn’t have taken the cole anthony trade . 2k offers those dumb trades on draft night and it was just unrealistic
dolce gabbana
dolce gabbana Month ago
Kuz should be at least 86 overall in 2k, btw why you havent used the summer league sensation Shayok ?
Billy 0
Billy 0 Month ago
Once again, The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals lmao
Aiden YT
Aiden YT Month ago
Bem simmons plus picks for harden
Erick Stein
Erick Stein Month ago
Bruh never heard someone who wanted zaza pachulia on their team
Rootless AK
Rootless AK Month ago
Krispy doesn't really know basketball like that, lol you can tell
Shawn Mcpherson
Shawn Mcpherson Month ago
You gotta do a prime melo on the nuggets
Seph Month ago
This is absolutely the worst rebuild
Kiwi Jones
Kiwi Jones Month ago
Anyone else see Paul George win SIXTH MAN
White Harvey
White Harvey Month ago
Eragon Month ago
76ers are too slow...
Luopanda Month ago
y’all see that? ben simmons went 4-7 from 3 wtf
yeboiplayball 24
bruh never put zaza on my 76ers
Sixers Edits
Sixers Edits Month ago
DONt sleep on baynes bro
Alex 2k
Alex 2k Month ago
Is everyone gonna graze over the fact pg got 6th man of the year......
Damien Whitehead
Alex 2k I think they made him a Small forward and had kawhi start over him 🤷🏽‍♂️
Brotha Chase
Brotha Chase Month ago
Golden state blew another 3-1 lead💀
Matt Horan
Matt Horan Month ago
Day 36 of asking krispy to renounce players rights in rebuilds
Abraham Duran
Abraham Duran Month ago
“Bell handler”😂
Am1r_ Static
Am1r_ Static Month ago
Do a t-wolves rebuild bro 🤧🙏🏾🙏🏾
OpTIC clan
OpTIC clan Month ago
Krispy flakes dont know if u did this yet but what if Danny Granger never got injured
Brandon Coffman
Brandon Coffman Month ago
I hate when people say ben simmons can't shoot. He CAN shoot he just didnt have the confidence last year to shoot the 3. This year will be a different story tho
Shaider John Antiquin
LMAO Golden State loss another 3-1 lead in the Finals. Hahaha
Hans Banario
Hans Banario Month ago
trash rebuild
Eric Tynes
Eric Tynes Month ago
Where’s my road to a championship bitch ass Krispy??
Stacey Barksdale
Krispy is the only man in the world to get hired as a gm for every nba team😂
Sportz Boss
Sportz Boss Month ago
I hate you for not using shaman Milton
kassabi 101
kassabi 101 Month ago
And the warriors choke a 3-1 lead again
Dylan Macdonald
Dylan Macdonald Month ago
Uh did anyone else notice that pg13 won 6 man of the year?🤨
Vallabh Himakunthala
Dylan Macdonald 2k is stupid and puts PG behing kawhi at the 3
Hunter Molitor
Hunter Molitor Month ago
Livingston goes up a couple overall at the SF
Dbebk 24
Dbebk 24 Month ago
6’5 playing small forward? What lol
Hunter Molitor
Hunter Molitor Month ago
Fuck a beat. I was tryna beat a case
Hunter Molitor
Hunter Molitor Month ago
This doesn't need to happen if he plays PF or gets a jumper
Brandon Coffman
Brandon Coffman Month ago
Who? Ben Simmons?
Dunfee 88
Dunfee 88 Month ago
When he talking about suns with backup Aaron Baynes then they have boogie
Tony Delarosa
Tony Delarosa Month ago
It’s literally been 7min & u haven’t began the vid yet
Jared Heck
Jared Heck Month ago
16:44 pg 13 is a six man
Haekal Abdalla
Haekal Abdalla Month ago
wtf paul george sixth man?... who is he backing up man....
Angelo Szatkowski
Haekal Abdalla kawhi
batstan14 M
batstan14 M Month ago
26:02 pause at is face
batstan14 M
batstan14 M Month ago
13:29 bell handler 😂
Julius Ortiz
Julius Ortiz Month ago
We just going to ignore that Paul George got six man of the year
Its YourBoiSneeze
Julius Ortiz the person who made the roster Didn’t Change Either Kawhi Or Paul George To A Different Position
shazmanu786 Month ago
What's worse - PG coming off the bench or Lou Will not winning?
Brady Knowles
Brady Knowles Month ago
Simmons for Jrue Holiday. Who’s with me.
Henny4president Month ago
i like the miami heat type buile with ben at the 3 perfecttttt
josh etsitty
josh etsitty Month ago
So who’s the defensive anchor of the nba right now Krispy?..that Smith will take over?..just curious of the way you’re putting him..my bad lol thought you said Smith
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Month ago
You def should of kept shake and dropped korkmaz
M Bailey
M Bailey Month ago
16:44 HOLD UP
Keayon Bell
Keayon Bell Month ago
I didn't know joel was 7ft1
Jacorey Huguley
Jacorey Huguley Month ago
Krispy you gotta drop a irl vid you been talking about you beating javale 1v1 then you giving reggie miller a run for his money in a 3 point contest I need to see you hoop 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Xander Denn
Xander Denn Month ago
Paul George sixth man?????
Malachi Davis-McClaron
Xander Denn I thought no one else was gonna say anything🤦🏽‍♂️
Angel Alfaro
Angel Alfaro Month ago
In game 7 against the nets simmons went 4-7 from 3 not a fan of him but hope he can do that some day
Jeffrey Potts ll
When he said Dwight Howard would be nice behind....😏 haha 🤣
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