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We're reluctant to ever trust that an election will be good or fun again, but Tuesday night went kind of ok! (Also, Sessions was forced to resign and Trump accosted Acosta. What a ride!)
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Comments 100
Alan Mundy
Alan Mundy 12 days ago
It comes to something when I have respect for Jeff Sessions - he stood up to Trump at the DoJ and refused to be his poodle in regards to the Mueller investigation. He rightly recused himself and I think acted with quiet dignity in the face of Trump's denigration of him. I might find many of Session's views abhorrent, but I respect him for his stand against Trump. Trump has shown in this regard, that he expects loyalty to himself and give none in return. He is a monstrous human being who clearly has a personality disorder. He must have been a horrible child.
insert cheesy pun here
1.4 million people got the right to vote...then our state made it so that they have to pay their court fees first, blocking the poor so the state stays red.
Gunman610 Month ago
As sweet as it was on a federal level, if you REALLY wanted to see where the blue wave hit, it was in the down ballots. The state and local elections went very blue, which will greatly reduce Republican electoral shenanigans in 2020.
Grendel's mom's boyfriend
Listening to Trump talk makes me feel high in a bad way.
Liam 3 months ago
D house, dang 13 year old me wouldn’t be able to stop laughing
SiriusGD 3 months ago
Just wait till we see the influence that Florida's new voting rights will have on that state and the rest of the country. Time to change those "evil white laws" so that there's more equality.
ace52387 3 months ago
one piece of pessimism that may be misplaced is comparing republicans taking 60 some seats in 2010. they ended with like 240, so even if democrats took fewer seats in 2018, it kind of ended in the same place. republicans took more because 2006 and 2008 were really bad for them.
Nick Danger
Nick Danger 3 months ago
Is he trying to use the Holy Handgrenade? usvid.net/video/video-ashgP4YMdJw.html
J D 5 months ago
Dems have now WON 40 NET SEATS, up 12 from when this was made
Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot
Don’t say good job Florida, Now the gop in Florida are working to overturn the people’s vote because they know that it would virtually end the toss up era in Florida and make it b a blue state
Celisar1 5 months ago
This journalist, Acosta, was completely out of line: extremely disrespectful and impertinent! And let me asure you that I have nothing good to say about Trump. But such bad manners and impertinence is annoying and unacceptable.
turea dumonceau
turea dumonceau 5 months ago
Aryanson, well now we all know how intelligent you are, you are wise and kind and benevolent to a fault, go on and spread your words of love and tolerance to the world, but karma just may surprise you right out of your delusional trance,,,
Void Abstraction
Void Abstraction 5 months ago
Why has no Lib/Demo Shot Trump dead? Oh wait, they aren't like the Republicans ;) But it's kind of the Lib/Demo's problem. They let the dumb people shoot the smart people, but they sit back while the dump people control the country.
Twinkle Tard
Twinkle Tard 5 months ago
O'Rourke Abrams 2020
Samuli Lipponen
Samuli Lipponen 6 months ago
Greetins from Finland. You know, the country where some of your NHL players are coming from. Finland is also in Europe. And Scandinavia. The gerrymandering (I propably spelled that wrong) versus the pure majority vote is something that even the neonazis in Europe are going ”what the f###”. So basically, even neonazis outside of the US have a more healthier grasp of democrazy than the US.
Charles Garrett
Charles Garrett 6 months ago
Women made history. Young kim the first korean American woman elected to congress and marsha blackburn will be Tennessee's first female senator. Lets go ladies!
James Frank
James Frank 6 months ago
As it stands on 19 November, Democrats gained 37 seats in the House.
Lady pilliwick
Lady pilliwick 6 months ago
So a Republican wins and suddenly 80 thousand democratic ballots show up out of nowhere. ..hmmmm Remember that the senate has to authenticate the election on January 1......
J P 6 months ago
anyone else pick up on the (purposeful) irony of her all red outfit?
Respect/Walk 6 months ago
SS Robs
SS Robs 6 months ago
Someone's racist in under 20 seconds. Who could have seen that coming? How does anyone watch this? It's just the same nonsense over and over and over again.
SS Robs
SS Robs 5 months ago
J D Did I doubt it? No I said this spastic idiot and so many like her can't do anything but cry about someone being racist literally constantly. Its not even close to funny, it's just painful to watch. Tell me what's funny or entertaining here.
J D 5 months ago
+SS Robs Steve King has said multiple times that the white race is superior to others. You do know that racism is the belief that a race is superior to others, right?
SS Robs
SS Robs 6 months ago
Seriously, whats wrong with her? Being spastic does not equal funny. Is it too much coke or adderal, or shes just in pain from doing the same tired bit for years on end?
She's my President
She's my President 6 months ago
Analysis of this video and Samantha Bee's YT channel reveals; Fake views, fake likes , Digital forensics reveals most the Anti TRUMP comments not originating from within the USA .. This is Democrat Social media meddling TRYING to create a fake consensus in the mind of those so unlucky to not see thru the fascism of Samantha BE
jayarcu 6 months ago
Well said Samantha! He works for all of us citizens of the U.S.
jayarcu 6 months ago
Maybe I should have said "he should work for all of us, citizen of the U.S.A.
Respect/Walk 6 months ago
"not my President" remember ?
jet boater
jet boater 6 months ago
usvid.net/video/video-YBYNwiRih8I.html Samantha bee is a disgrace
Dale Cox
Dale Cox 6 months ago
Blue Wave baby!
Rebecca C
Rebecca C 6 months ago
It's time to stop trying to find common ground. When they are burning your house down, you can't compromise your way out of it. It's time to fight back. Get the power and fix the rules so that democracy can work. Get over the fear of being called a "hypocrite" they will call you names no matter what. So, fight.
notoriousPeanut 6 months ago
“Session leaves to do what he does best: racism.” Excellent. Keep it coming!
Muldfeld 6 months ago
Notice she didn't actually mention the most progressive candidates -- including many who won like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Jason TV
Jason TV 6 months ago
I think Samantha Bee might be a liberal.
Mike Hoster
Mike Hoster 6 months ago
Uh, J.S. was recalled by Keebler.....
Jamie AFilly8
Jamie AFilly8 6 months ago
Trump is the most mobbed up president in history!
peter owen
peter owen 6 months ago
At 2'27" he does his best Mussolini impression so far.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 6 months ago
Nancy Pelosi should be let go. She is weak for the workers. That's not what we voted for.
Calamity Jean
Calamity Jean 5 months ago
She got Obamacare through the House. I doubt that anyone else could have done it.
Kalana Herath
Kalana Herath 6 months ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Beto looks? Especially compared to the revolting ogre like appearance of Ted Cruz?
Bill Voss
Bill Voss 6 months ago
"That's enufffffffffff"
mondingo67 6 months ago
That answer where Trump said how seats they will need to win is priceless. "1, 2, 3, or 4 or five or could even be 2".😂😃😂🤣😂
Datriax Sondor
Datriax Sondor 6 months ago
8:30 What a solid closing statement. Don't give up an inch.
Spiritual Anarchist
Spiritual Anarchist 6 months ago
Americans treat certain very important things so sloppy. Digital voting just after Russia hacked the Presidential selection seems rather..Naïeve?. Most other countries still use pencil & paper for a reason.
ptre21 6 months ago
She's annoying. Learn to be funny like seth meyers!
kael lopez
kael lopez 6 months ago
Latinos for the underwage community shall rise
Bronzee 6 months ago
Too much botox Nancy Pelosi.
nayinayi1 6 months ago
LOL that 1 2 or 3 reminded me of Monica in Friends teaching Chandler how to be good in bed....
zookytar 6 months ago
Sessions was already doing plenty of racism as AG
Wayne S
Wayne S 6 months ago
Donald Trump gave Jeff Sessions a sock and set him free. That's wonderful.
Jones Family
Jones Family 6 months ago
That kid on the right though!!!!
paul ducharme
paul ducharme 6 months ago
Great propaganda show, dumb blond presstitute comedian, must like fascism. (and I'm not even American).
sealand000 6 months ago
Democrats never warned against Republicans hijacking Social Security and Medicare.
Kathy B
Kathy B 6 months ago
Pelosi's grandkids look a little embarrassed 😂
Mike Archetype
Mike Archetype 6 months ago
This "president" can't handle himself... what an embarrassment. A sweaty, bigoted, orange embarrassment.
clod8 6 months ago
Guilty AF toddler tantrum
Calamity Jean
Calamity Jean 5 months ago
I assume you are referring to Trump.
BigRray 6 months ago
Lucifer666 6 months ago
All i see is an NPC in a red suit
erzan 6 months ago
4:15. "Bipartisansan marketplace of ideas" I am a British Progressive and thought our left wing had problems. She is AWFUL!
karma caramel
karma caramel 6 months ago
nancy pelosi please hand the torch to someone else
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 6 months ago
There actually was a BLUE WAVE! Trump LOST 40 seats in the House with over 100 women elected. LOST 7 Governors. LOST over 300 State Assembly seats. He LOST LOST LOST & the educated women are coming after him. LUV IT!
Maxine Is Too Plush
Maxine Is Too Plush 6 months ago
Yeah, nice (sarcastic!) idea to put out there in a unitary perfectly cowardly moral standard of revenge; everybody's world crashing into flames.
pantherwmn70 6 months ago
We the people are ashamed that #45 DOES NOT WORK FOR USA!!
Ger Her
Ger Her 6 months ago
"100 women won... they should be getting a cake!" and later get us a sandwich :v
discopants and haircuts
Good job America, another step closer to running that orange clown outa town!
The National Razor
The National Razor 6 months ago
Time for the Democrats to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Maybe they'll waste another 2 years blaming Russia for Hillary cheating Bernie. On the other hand they are coming in just in time to take the BLAME for the economy that's about to explode.
snatchadams69 6 months ago
Abrams/O'Rourke 2020?
Abraham Rivera
Abraham Rivera 6 months ago
This chick still has a show
Eazydoesit allday
Eazydoesit allday 6 months ago
Look up the facts people for yourself and find the truth.
Eazydoesit allday
Eazydoesit allday 6 months ago
You look like a hunched back troll that they found under a bridge and put a ton of make-up on to try to get you passable as a women. It's sad to see you as a positive role model for women. All you do is cry and complain. You make women look weak. Go back under your bridge you nasty troll. The only reason you still have a show is because you sue them for discrimination.
Mister K
Mister K 6 months ago
And Bernie racist too!
Franky Fritzer
Franky Fritzer 6 months ago
Dang Sam! Who dressed you today? Trump's tie taylor?
Rebecca Treeseed
Rebecca Treeseed 6 months ago
NM here, we replaced our R governor with a D governor... From purple to BLUE. Our new gov's old Rep seat taken by a First American Woman (D). Yay!
feralnerd5 6 months ago
Thank you for the reminder that actually? We won this round!
Joe American
Joe American 6 months ago
This is what a non-American looks and acts like.
BernieRox Michigan
BernieRox Michigan 6 months ago
Michigan is now pardoning those charged with marijuana felonies, now that it is legal to buy and sell in MI.
tripjet999 6 months ago
Put Comrade Trump and his republiCON cronies into JAIL for the ELECTION FRAUD they committed in November, 2016!
John Westmacott
John Westmacott 6 months ago
Wow..Jim Acosta REALLY rattled him.
Jake Marko
Jake Marko 6 months ago
#BarbaraLeeForSpeaker Sign the petition!!! www.change.org/p/the-democratic-party-house-democrats-make-barbara-lee-speaker-of-the-house
P. Rabbitt
P. Rabbitt 6 months ago
💙💙💙Yes to a more Progressive America!!! 💙💙💙
TK Wallace
TK Wallace 6 months ago
Note: The 115th Congress remains active until January 3rd, 2019 (switch to 116th takes place on the 3rd). Their joint working weeks (as of July 2018) are November 13-16, 27-30; December 4-7, 10-14; January TBA. The Senate is also scheduled to be in solo session on November 26, December 3 and 14, and January TBA. #reference
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart 6 months ago
What a joke, cant wait for the worse replacement to turn into the next Michael Cohen. Trump is such a Putin clone.
Angela Fernandez
Angela Fernandez 6 months ago
Da Hawk
Da Hawk 6 months ago
8:23 - Um, NO. We're not waiting 2 years. DJT is going to get evicted from the White House in 2019. And when his 2016 election is shown to have been a fraud, then that will take out Pence along with him. And also give grounds to replace 2 seats on the Scotus.
mastermooky 6 months ago
samanth bee. I just love your sharp, intuitive ,biting monologues, my new hero. wish I could buy you dinner, and just have a stimulating rap session.
mastermooky 6 months ago
trump is a petulant child, spinning around the podium. what next? showing his food at people?
Fix News
Fix News 6 months ago
That intern was Trump trained. As soon as he gets cranky she drops to her knees.
xilo_111 6 months ago
Buh bye wall
Christopher Arnold
Christopher Arnold 6 months ago
nasty woman in red
tally bee
tally bee 6 months ago
Can someone please give trump his meds
Dan 6 months ago
Continuing to win and and control more state houses and governorships is honestly the best thing Americans should hope for. It allows for the implementation of the national public vote plan, effectively eliminating the electoral college. If it had been in place, Democrats would have won the presidency in every single election besides 1 since 1992. That'd mean no Bush jr, no Trump.
Dale Arceneau
Dale Arceneau 6 months ago
Samantha B you are terrible. I’m a Trump supporter and believe we are heading the right direction. This is me putting it nicely. If you want to go one on one I’m DDs the rant. I know u won’t but figured
Gauris 6 months ago
my kids could do single number arithmetic at 3 & 4 years of age....
John Henderson
John Henderson 6 months ago
More women were elected as Democrats, More people of color were elected as Democrats, More veterans were elected as Democrats. (Sometimes all three, women of color who are veterans were elected as Democrats). It might not have been a blue wave, but it sure was a great pool of diversity on behalf of the Democrats.
ShmuelWeintraub 6 months ago
It was a great start. No doubt this youthful wave will make some mistakes, and perhaps some will turn out to be bad representatives (like most of what the US has now). But this was a very important step in the right direction - maybe at our last opportunity to take that step. It is not a victory, but we are a couple of feet further back from the abyss than we were last week.
Below the Fold
Below the Fold 6 months ago
Women won this midterm historically!!
A Gaytheist
A Gaytheist 6 months ago
The blue wave crashed over my home state of Michigan, winning the Governorship, the Attorney General for the first time since 1998, and the Secretary of State for the first time since 1990, as well as two new House seats. We also passed marijuana legalization, an independent redistricting panel, and a voter’s bill of rights that includes straight-ticket voting, same day registration, and no-excuse absentee ballots. Overall a great night for the Dems and a great night for democracy.
casey leedham
casey leedham 6 months ago
what do you know, trump promised middle class tax cuts before the elections, and the day after the elections all of a sudden cant pass them though nothing has happened to prevent them-what a LIAR!!
casey leedham
casey leedham 6 months ago
love the opening harry potter dobby house elf reference..
Brett B
Brett B 6 months ago
You know we can watch British humour on here as well, right? Friggin Americans (and Canadians) you dumb it down and then mix in too much hatred. This is not funny, this is a schoolgirl slagging off the out clique. You got to be kidding there's writers?
mona pierre
mona pierre 6 months ago
We all love you Samantha Bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karie Hollingsworth
Karie Hollingsworth 6 months ago
If he can't appoint AG solely on his own.Then why does he who is he accountable to
T Electronix
T Electronix 6 months ago
He actually can't. The process should be that the next-most-senior person in the DoJ would take over as acting AG until an official replacement is found. Trump has tried to put someone else in the role where that person has not been vetted, there has been no scrutiny of the appointee.
Karie Hollingsworth
Karie Hollingsworth 6 months ago
Right on Sam B.
Ruth Walker
Ruth Walker 6 months ago
Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, explains how the accusations about Russian collusion came about. bit.ly/Russia-Gate
toll_booth 6 months ago
Watch tRump behave like a toddler! 1:12 He learns to count (but he's still working on it) 1:45 He talks about making a new friend (which we all know he won't make) 1:59 HE GETS SKEERED 2:18 He throws yet another temper tantrum
Visshaldar 6 months ago
mock pelosi all you ant but let's hear it again for protecting people with pre-existing conditions. my daughter is autistic. therapy alone would cost us 60 k a year if we weren't able to get her insurance.
Colbie Waller
Colbie Waller 6 months ago
sam b makes fun of a women being assaulted
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