That Was the Funniest Nintendo Reveal I Have Ever Witnessed

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I needed that.
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"Reloaded Installer #11" by LHS.


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Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 2 515
Arlo Month ago
I know it seems like I cut it off early, but I just didn't have any significant reaction to the later stuff. I wanted to keep it short and sweet and stick to the parts that made me laugh.
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 25 days ago
Leanne.exe It’s funny because they safe the worst character of the 5 for the final reveal. Byleth was going to get more people mad than hype.
John Polishimpossible2say
@Leanne.exe funny because of FE Smash meme.
John Polishimpossible2say
Ive watched the beginning of this video so many friggin times. Legit doesnt fail to make me actually laugh.
Ashen Demon
Ashen Demon 27 days ago
@draketheman75 stfu
Justin Marcil
Justin Marcil Month ago
I don’t fully understand, are you only laughing that it’s just another FE Swordfighter? I find that disappointing, not amusing :(
Eric Grochowski
Eric Grochowski 2 days ago
when Arlo sounds like Julain from oneyplays
That one guy who’s here for no reason
0:14 for the reaction
kemuael 11 days ago
I don't why this funny, but ok....
Parker Sandahl
Parker Sandahl 14 days ago
More fire emblem characters in smash brothers cliché
Parker Sandahl
Parker Sandahl 14 days ago
No offense Arlo now you know how I feel when I laugh so hard Until I Pee my pants
young blood
young blood 14 days ago
The end of the trailer is amazing
L Aaronson
L Aaronson 17 days ago
whoops i Sakurai is trolling again
Bruhhuh 18 days ago
Are you prepared to *DIE?* Arlo: *That’s so funny.*
j. jimenez
j. jimenez 18 days ago
Transformers for smash?
Lanky Kong
Lanky Kong 18 days ago
Lol the disclaimer at the beginning was me with my family
Dom doing his thing
I wanted to see his reaction to the mii costumes
Luciano Crabtree
Luciano Crabtree 20 days ago
Arlo has a jaw problem
John Gregorio
John Gregorio 21 day ago
You’re laughing. They gave us another sword wielding fire emblem character and you’re laughing.
Alina Nechiporenko
I don’t get the joke...
Parker Sandahl
Parker Sandahl 14 days ago
Alina Nechiporenko more fire emblem characters in smash brothers
M. C
M. C 21 day ago
The CDA 21 day ago
00:52 Arlo dying of laughter and coronavirus
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box 22 days ago
Byleth recruits... Byleth!
Eastern Hurdle72
Eastern Hurdle72 23 days ago
His laugh had me dying 😂
you ever just die
you ever just die 24 days ago
0:14 from the audio alone it kind of sounds like Arlo was kidnapped and his kidnapper tried to kill him with poison gas but they accidentally used laughing gas
TheRManProds 24 days ago
TheRManProds 24 days ago
TheRManProds 24 days ago
Ok So Clouds - Arlo 2020
Drimfi 24 days ago
Thea-Fox 25 days ago
Short video, yet resumes completely the whole direct event... XD
Armani Martinez
Armani Martinez 25 days ago
The jokers origin
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 26 days ago
*"Too many swordsmen are there?"*
Captain Skidz
Captain Skidz 27 days ago
"I see, too many swordsman are there?" Everyone in the world: *Yes* ...
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 28 days ago
Somebody should take this audio of Arlo laughing and just edit the HOES MAD song over it
Nightpurple 28 days ago
best reaction ngl.
Let'sPlayDan 28 days ago
This is Arlos crawl space moment
Hi hi hi hi hi
Hi hi hi hi hi 28 days ago
Remember that Nintendo is Japanese I am guessing it is more for Japan
Red_AM 28 days ago
Wheezing laughter is so contagious.
Endgame Is Bad
Endgame Is Bad 29 days ago
I was pissed by that
UltraInstinct sageofsixpaths
That was legitimate laughter
yash mandla
yash mandla 29 days ago
Thare are more fire emblem characters than mainline Mario characters
mysterious minecraft events & more
you're laughing, it's another fire emblem character and you're laughing
neogeogenisuse 18
Is it sad that id rather have a Mario or Pokemon character?
moonronic Month ago
chat during this was hilarioussss highlights: - the collective NOOOO when blyeth was revealed - YOOOOO when cuphead was revealed - sakurai saying JOKERRRR - sakurai saying dedue and chat going DOO DOOEY? or whatever - "GATEKEEPER FOR SMASH"
Tyro Moonhopper
Tyro Moonhopper Month ago
Sakurai just destroyed the pre-orders for Pass 2. No way Smash players are going to set themselves up for getting burned now that he betrayed their trust by breaking his "only new series" promise from Joker's reveal.
Alec Richards
Alec Richards Month ago
“JoInInG sMaSh CaN sEaL tHe DaRkNeSs” me: the fu-?
Joshua V
Joshua V Month ago
"You're laughing. A new Fire Emblem character is in Smash Brothers, and you're laughing."
Lidor Berkovich
Lidor Berkovich Month ago
I truly love how Arlo is losing it as soon as they show the arena.
Jacob Teter
Jacob Teter Month ago
they knew what they were doing
JJSponge120 Month ago
If this is a joke, then damn, it worked!
TheMorbidOtaku Month ago
This is my favourite reaction 'cause it was basically the same as mine.
Sonic Gamer
Sonic Gamer Month ago
You know there's a problem when something is unintentionally funny.
Vigor The Sloth
Vigor The Sloth Month ago
poor arlo he sounds so unhappy I hope he gets well
Sleepy Claus
Sleepy Claus Month ago
I was wishing we would get the leaders :( but they would have been 3 characters so I understand
Kobe Reekon
Kobe Reekon Month ago
Ok so I found a new reason on why fighter 5 was the best choice now that laugh is infectious
Wil Bourke
Wil Bourke Month ago
Smash Bros. Drinking Game Take a shot, everytime you see a Fire Emblem character announced as a playable character
Sergyman Sergyman
"You're laughing! A Fire Emblem character joined Smash and you're laughing!"
Runa Merone
Runa Merone Month ago
Yeah this is why I unsubscribed to you, Arlo. You're too full of cynicism and negativity. I like Nintendo-based channels (like WoodHAwker and NintendoLife) becuase they tend to be more positive and happy with Nintendo's choices while still being able to be critical and analytical. you, on the other hand, have gone much too far on the side of negativity. Seems all you do anymore is complain, whine, laugh, and act like you're offended whenever something doesn't appease you. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but man you're such a wet blanket anymore.
AyeJayTX Month ago
My god this is the funniest Alro video. The “oh no” and the laugh breakdown was incredibly amazing.
Ali Al jhorry
Ali Al jhorry Month ago
0:49 Double drat....Muttley, Do something!
paco ramon
paco ramon Month ago
I expected this, Sakurai has a fetish for fucking Fire Emblem.
paco ramon
paco ramon Month ago
Another anime swordmen with rainbow hair.
Minekings101 Month ago
"Joining Smash consumes even the darkness itself" 10 outa 10
24/7 Gamelover
24/7 Gamelover Month ago
0:16 *chat* so you have chosen death *me* yep that soynds about right
Richmard Loins
Richmard Loins Month ago
Haven’t heard laughter that forced since the last Jimmy Fallon clip USvid recommended me.
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