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We’re settling the debate once and for all with a Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test. Find out who will be the Food Feuds champ! GMM #1553
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 4 665
Brandon Nesmith
When it comes to steaks, Texas Roadhouse wins. I found Outback to be WAY too salty. I went through 3 glasses of water after eating an 8oz sirloin at Outback. I also found the steaks from TR to be just a little bit juicier, and definitely more tender.
Lol69 Gamer
Lol69 Gamer Hour ago
Texas road is better
Unknown 84
Unknown 84 2 hours ago
I from New York and prefer outback. Even if I were from Texas I would prefer outback.
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 3 hours ago
Feel like link just kind of pads the score so much.
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine 3 hours ago
Can't mess up when everything comes pre made and frozen and all they do is fry it or heat it up lol its like fancy McDonald's
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine 3 hours ago
Montigos !
Nate Mendoza
Nate Mendoza 4 hours ago
I agree with my Texas companion, you have yee'd your last haw!
wolf870626 7 hours ago
I feel like based on her attitude Rhonda may be related to Cotton Candy Randy
Jacqui Schmitt
Jacqui Schmitt 7 hours ago
Longhorn has my vote
Geona Singh
Geona Singh 8 hours ago
ok ok but like that isn’t fresh... Texas Roadhouse food has to be hot and fresh.
berry mckokiner
berry mckokiner 8 hours ago
Eat at these same restaurants in the midwest and your mind will change instantly
Skarlet Playa
Skarlet Playa 8 hours ago
That Outback Aussie guy 😂😂💀💀💀
jlee1522 8 hours ago
I like Rhonda.
I Am Nerf
I Am Nerf 8 hours ago
The bread from Texas Roadhouse is godly.
Elite YaY
Elite YaY 10 hours ago
Ok but Texas roadhouse ranch is incredible
Noah Paul
Noah Paul 14 hours ago
The onion is bigger because everything’s bigger in Texas
RektOrNah 18 hours ago
I can't watch this, this dude's fake Aussie accent hurts me ears.
Kaylen Wesleyhhn7776_ wr\b' b8
In my opinion I like Texas road house better
I Got 99 Problems But My Alt Aint One
Both equally sheeot
Tiny T-Rex
Tiny T-Rex 20 hours ago
Bruh best bread goes to red lobster!!!!!! Period.
CheesyCrust 21 hour ago
Denny's vs IHOP
Henry Livingstone
I LOVE dem cheesy winger dingers !!!😂😂😂
Peter Joseph
Peter Joseph Day ago
Outback is the superior restaurant hands down
aesthetic._.pineapple 3740
6:48 y wouldn't he be able to?
Luka Toledo
Luka Toledo Day ago
I ship Rhonda and outback man
Sara Kaufman
Sara Kaufman Day ago
What about Longhorn?
Haziq Effendy
I think it should be texas steakhouse and outback roadhouse makes more sense
V vortexX O
V vortexX O Day ago
I wish we had an outback in the UK 😩
A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge
The only thing I like from Texas Roadhouse and Outback is the free bread. I usually ask for loaves to go when I eat there with my family cuz ITS SO GOOOOOD!
Omar Campos
Omar Campos Day ago
Link’s logic behind scoring the food makes no sense
faze_ jerymiah
Texas road house is the best
LiL Gut
LiL Gut Day ago
fajne ale szkoda ze pomysl zajebany od mniej wiecej ok
Jesse elias
Jesse elias Day ago
STOP Day ago
Answer = Outback
David Daberitz
Outback: my steak is better Texas Roadhouse: hold my bull
Robbie Belk
Robbie Belk Day ago
I just never have a good experience at outback 😕. I feel like overall they are pretty equal.
yoshimnm Day ago
My dad and I like the seared ahi at Outback. It’s a solid appetizer, but I feel like they used to give more of it.
ashton swift
ashton swift Day ago
that fake ausie had on two pares of sunglasses
Charlie Ramirez
Collin Schwartz
The last time I got a blumin onion and it was the first time, it was so disgusting. I took three bits a nearly puked. They put waaaay too much seasoning on it 🤮
Shaniya Johnson
Idc for the Onion Cactus tho🤢 from either place
Shaniya Johnson
Christopher Griser
Boneless wings are just overpriced chicken nuggets.
Whyme 42
Whyme 42 Day ago
Texas toast? It has Texas in the name =/
jimmyt1988 2 days ago
I like the thumbs down from the Aussie guy. Nice touch.
Aaron Walcott
Aaron Walcott 2 days ago
9:20 "this is just a standard big-ass brownie..." LOL. Just casually delivered by your non-standard, very tall, big-ass whitey.
TheFloodDude 2 days ago
It’s sad I never tried either of these restaurants
Courtney Ortiz
Courtney Ortiz 2 days ago
These are the kind of videos I need in my life.
Laura Isabel
Laura Isabel 2 days ago
I feel like y’all should’ve gotten medium rare for a better Texas road house steak 🤷🏽‍♀️ Texas Road House all the waaaaay 😂
Kevi Talie
Kevi Talie 2 days ago
Haha couldn't stop re-watching Outback Beck lol Gold
Joshua Revilla
Joshua Revilla 2 days ago
Blossom onions are a Texas thang bruh.. smh
Panda Illusion
Panda Illusion 2 days ago
Can you guys do a game with struggle foods? Foods commonly eaten during a time of economic downfall in various countries. Im most excited about grapefruit pit chicken!! Please try this!!
Alexander Cole
Alexander Cole 2 days ago
Link stop double dipping! ... nasty!
Emily Martin
Emily Martin 2 days ago
i always find myself rooting for one certain side, and this time it was outback. i have never eaten at either of these restaurants.
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Do this more but it should a blind fold thing so there's no biased opinions :)
Kasugeist 2 days ago
as a fellow roadie I'm big salt that somehow outback won, over here in Florida outback has dry tasteless steaks, among everything else, and we are favored over outback. always busy, as they struggle
Roadhouse and Outback is giving me an enemies to lovers vibe
Alphascrub 2 days ago
Longhorn > Texas Roadhouse & Outback.
little Madd
little Madd 2 days ago
I'm from Texas and the outback is better lol
an1mu5 2 days ago
Lol why did those steaks look so dry...both of them, I have to be honest...the Texas roadhouse that i go too is always really good, i havent recieved a dry steak yet. I've actually never had outback steakhouse but I'll have to see what the buzz is all about!
joel persson
joel persson 2 days ago
i love this show but god the ASMR of the food eating
landon boyd
landon boyd 2 days ago
Outback better sponsor these guys
A Way Forward
A Way Forward 2 days ago
but Longhorn Steakhouse is the REAL winner
Caged 3 days ago
You can't do it this way...it has to be a BLIND TASTE TEST since Rhett is biased because of his date.
gillian bush
gillian bush 3 days ago
okay but the rolls from texas roadhouse are heavenly
Everybody's Dad On Acid
They taste exactly the same. Expensive.
Scott Hill
Scott Hill 3 days ago
Obviously California “Texas Roadhouse” doesn’t know how to cook
Geona Singh
Geona Singh 8 hours ago
Scott Hill nah it’s just their Texas Roadhouse.
Creativerse 101
Creativerse 101 3 days ago
Yeah but have you ever tried salt grass steakhouse in San Antonio Texas on the river walk
Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi
IT'S EMILY!!!! 😍
Alexis Logan
Alexis Logan 3 days ago
Texas Roadhouse will always be my first choice. Smh.
Cosmo Heath
Cosmo Heath 2 days ago
@Alexis Logan lol
Alexis Logan
Alexis Logan 2 days ago
Cosmo Heath It put a damper on my day. 😂
Cosmo Heath
Cosmo Heath 2 days ago
How does it feel to loose
Colin Wible
Colin Wible 3 days ago
These two restaurants are right next to each other in my town😂
Michael Barron
Michael Barron 3 days ago
I’ve honestly never had a good meal at Texas Roadhouse in at least 10 visits. So I’m 100% behind this. Outback >> and it’s no competition.
come at me bro its casey
I have been to both and they are both have super good food but.. I have to side with the roadhouse.
Noah Escareno
Noah Escareno 12 hours ago
@grace calis **lassos your 'rang**
grace calis
grace calis Day ago
**throws boomerang at your head**
Cody Weiss
Cody Weiss 3 days ago
Its so weird to me that americans call mains “entré”, appetisers are entres in australia 🤷🏻‍♂️ it literally means enter in french, so sort of weird to use it at all really
Christopher Nixon
where can i find a big @$$ brownie?
Bobby Chiarelli
Bobby Chiarelli 3 days ago
I’m sorry but you go to Texas Roadhouse without getting the ribs which they are known for. C’mon man.
Noah B
Noah B 3 days ago
wow rhonda and beck have a history
Mr.Potato Head
Mr.Potato Head 3 days ago
didn't even cover buns
Judasia 3 days ago
My name is RHONDA!! Just happy that my name was said!!
kat13potter 3 days ago
Yaaay!!! Go Outback!!!
Dragons Light1998
its just better texas road house pales in comparison to Outback Steak House
Nelson Pellizzeri
nerdyjackass 3 days ago
YES! Outback certainly beats Texas Roadhouse!
Cosmo Heath
Cosmo Heath 2 days ago
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols 3 days ago
Problem is that's a Texas Roadhouse house in California. Therefore there is to much California on those steaks. Only reason outback won. Commented by a Texan
Michael Ward
Michael Ward 3 days ago
cant believe yall didn't try the cheesey winger dingers lololol
Jacob Creeach
Jacob Creeach 3 days ago
Do a sequel but with their burgers, rolls, and CHICKEN STRIPS!
Fuck all rednecks
Y'all talk way to damn match STFU and show us already.
Chelsea Boyd
Chelsea Boyd 3 days ago
But you didn't review the bread...
Ximena Gonzalez
Ximena Gonzalez 3 days ago
Btw Texas Roadhouse iN tExAss is wAyyYyyy better. Ask any stranger there. Texas Roadhouse from California though, isn’t as good
Ximena Gonzalez
Ximena Gonzalez 3 days ago
Who else goes to Texas Roadhouse for the bread??
Harry Flores
Harry Flores 3 days ago
karenamanda1958 3 days ago
How can a southern boy dis cream gravy on mashed taters?!? TRAITOR!
jhaydenlewis 4 days ago
I’m just saying, Texas Roadhouse loses to Longhorn in my opinion.
Blake Wurm
Blake Wurm 4 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is better and it ain’t close
Tumblin' Dice
Tumblin' Dice 4 days ago
*hit me with that outback tomahawk all day and I'm good*
ClassOf2020 4 days ago
Chipotle vs Qdoba
Backwardsea49 4 days ago
How link tests knife sharpness 6:53
Gabi 4 days ago
texas roadhouse wins based on their rolls alone
Serpens The King
Serpens The King 4 days ago
looks like a dry steak for me
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste 4 days ago
You could tell from the beginning that Rhett wanted Texas Roadhouse to lose
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