Testing If My Food is REAL or FAKE

Alonzo Lerone
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Official “Testing If My Food is REAL or FAKE” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 9 072
Madz 59
Madz 59 4 hours ago
The black stuff in baby food isn’t freaking rocks😂 it will most likely be iron which is in weetbix and in many other foods you need iron to live
Mel Wong
Mel Wong 5 hours ago
whe he calls turmeric “tamarick”
Discord's Son
Discord's Son 12 hours ago
Shout out Puerto Rico haha 7:28
Adithi Pramod
Adithi Pramod 20 hours ago
I know this might just be an exaggeration but it isn't bad just because it is 'processed' ...A few other channels with real food scientists have also tried these out... No hate love your videos💜
AJ Rhoades
AJ Rhoades Day ago
And the coffee depends on the kind of bean so... yea
AJ Rhoades
AJ Rhoades Day ago
All of these ways to test if food is fake or real are Not true go to how to cook that and watch her test these I will tell you the 'real' cheese only melted because it had more fat than the cheese singles, and spices don't burn at all, and the reason it said that the ice Cream only dissed because if you put lemonade on Ice cream it fizzes on either kind of ice cream, and in the baby food they put crunched up magnets inside, and not all synthetic vitamins don't burn some of the natural ones burn Thank you for your time Watch how to cook that her videos will unveil the truth about these FAKE real or fake hacks
DoinThe BestICan
Food lion has water proof wax
WyvernTSW Day ago
If coffee sinks its past due date
Kayden Stevens
Y’all I’m flabbergasted lol
tori itimu
tori itimu Day ago
The cheese 🥵 burnt😭😭😭
James Pike
James Pike Day ago
You realize that tea is going to stain because it’s the color of the tea that’s why when you put it in water it changes color
Lena Aalt
Lena Aalt Day ago
Christ...the cheese burned 'cause of the low fat content in it. Blossom is full of shit, don't believe their nonsense.
Miranda Hirsch
Miranda Hirsch 2 days ago
Imperial butter may be cheap but it sure as heck ain't fake. I buy it all the time!
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 2 days ago
He’s just believing this because it’s on the internet
Audriella Espinoza
11:23 I’m dead
Ashtyn Edwards
Ashtyn Edwards 3 days ago
Anyone else mad that he wasted a whole pint of ice cream? I'm over here screaming "GET A BOWL!"
baysmalls 3 days ago
That milk is chunky
Emma Jae
Emma Jae 3 days ago
Emma Jae
Emma Jae 3 days ago
Check the video about how all these hacks are lies
Alexie Martin
Alexie Martin 3 days ago
When you said you got the peppers from food lion that gave me a whole new memory i forgot i had about when i lived in north carolina
Omarcillomg 4 days ago
In the baby food if it does not have the “rocks it’s not as good for children because “the rock” is iron mineral iron mineral is good so it’s in reverse
lolz gaming
lolz gaming 4 days ago
Yo I love your magnet!!
Bk Joii
Bk Joii 4 days ago
When he knocked the honey of the counter when he started the milk hack I lost it. 😂😂
Hysterical Drawererer
Of course the food is real, you can touch it right? Heh.. RIGHT?!
Small PP
Small PP 4 days ago
This is like a more hyped up version of Raphael Gomes
Cece Morgan
Cece Morgan 4 days ago
Kraft singles are processed if it doesn’t say that it’s no processed
Izuku Layla
Izuku Layla 5 days ago
Diana 5 days ago
I didn’t see blue in the dollar tree milk. Tryin yo call out dollar tree.
Alex Henretty
Alex Henretty 5 days ago
I'm pretty sure quite a few food channels have proved that these "methods" of finding out if the food is "real" or not, has been proven to be a hoax and that it was something that was made primarily for view. I know HowToCookThat went over on debunking these..
Josefine Fredricsson
Lexi S
Lexi S 6 days ago
Do you need help?
L&M Show
L&M Show 6 days ago
Ching Yin MA [08R06M]
not all of the testing methods are true, like the cheese is just representing the amount of fat in the cheese and the coffee, in fact good coffee floats and bad coffee sinks because my uncle was a barista when he was in college and he said that if there are bad additives (not all additives are bad) and burnt sugar then it would sink and dissolve. you can also find videos on youtube proving that these experiments are wrong. I'm not coming at you Alonzo because you probably didn't know and it's not your fault. Update on the coffee one: I just watched one of those proving wrong videos and Ann Reardon (i think i might've spelt that wrong) from How to cook that said that it could also be affected by the temperature of the water, how coarse or how large the ganuals of the coffee beans are and many other factors that can affect this. she even said that a little agitation can affect the results and have nothing to do with the actual experiment just for some marketing.
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 7 days ago
You should check school milk if you can get it
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 7 days ago
Did you call peas green beans I even went back to make sure you didn’t say green peas but I think he said green beans 🤔lol 😂
Sounds Of Life
Sounds Of Life 7 days ago
total bs
Suzanne Williford
The face he makes at the dollar tree milk though😂
nicolò paganini
nicolò paganini 8 days ago
æsthetic. kimmy
æsthetic. kimmy 8 days ago
12:37 idk abt that yo.
Naomi 8 days ago
I always knew Kraft was fake
Cutesis_nevaeh 9 days ago
2:21 my every fucking day mood 💀
Repolio 9 days ago
The way we check if honey is real in the Philippines is that when you dip a match in honey and try to light it, it will light if it is real. because real honey do not have water and non-native sugar in it.
Shawney Varnnum
Shawney Varnnum 9 days ago
Facebook has a fact check now and it said this is a hoax -.- I was hoping it was real hoax-alert.leadstories.com/3470557-fake-news-16-tests-real-fake-food.html
Shawney Varnnum
Shawney Varnnum 9 days ago
But I think some of it is real especially. Why one one type of cheese melt but not the other? And the meat and veggie test I believe. But who knows.
Kendrick Ang
Kendrick Ang 10 days ago
it says easy fresh affordable but they didnt say that the food might not be real
Faith Terrell
Faith Terrell 10 days ago
Right when he made a mountain of coffee on the water I wast laughing so hard I was crying and could not breathe 😂😂😂😂😂
Emily Trowers
Emily Trowers 10 days ago
Tbh when he said the first vitamin. I thought he said daily rimming
Curi Rodriguez Munoz
No one Finna point out the fact that he said “crude lion” at 2:10 😭😭😭
Aaron Griffith
Aaron Griffith 11 days ago
What if the items you tested with were fake would that affect the test
Storm Prescott
Storm Prescott 11 days ago
the tea is going to stain because thats what it does to water so it would make since thats its staining
XxQuinn 000xX
XxQuinn 000xX 11 days ago
Alanzo (hears Dollar Tree cheese don’t melt) Alanzo (tests it gets mad when it don’t melt)
GeneralPanda Monkey
Fair life farm abuses their cows. I would stop buying it.
Jazmine Nicole
Jazmine Nicole 12 days ago
“My body” 😂
Chayan Poems
Chayan Poems 12 days ago
OMG this video triggered me. With him throwing the ice cream 🍦😂😂😂
Justin Ebright
Justin Ebright 12 days ago
I hope you've seen the video disproving the blossom video. Mostly just because that blossom video was based on fake assumptions and faulty logic. There was one with a chef who went through and explained everything bit by bit.
Livla 12 days ago
"we are going to see if the sweet potato is real" And also the flinstones one burned because it has sugar in it, not because it is synthetic boo the sweet potato is real but is the coloring real? lmao
Alyssiah McCray Jones
It's 2019 everything is fake even people SMH 🙄
Daft_ Point56
Daft_ Point56 14 days ago
Bear abuse 6:27
SheWants Faye
SheWants Faye 15 days ago
Yall cant cap if he didnt say anything about the bald spot no body wouldve noticed
Nicky 15 days ago
samee 16 days ago
the sweet potato was a shy af lmao
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