TCL 6 Series 75-inch 4K HDR TV | Unboxing and basic setup

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This may literally be the biggest deal in TVs right now. Currently on sale for as little as $1300, the 75-inch version of TCL's knock-out 6 series TV is poised to offer the best picture quality you can get in a TV this large for under $2,000. Though it faces stiff competition from Vizio's current P-series TV, the 75R617 has Roku OS going for it, and might just best the Vizio P in overall picture quality. In this Vizio, we unbox the TV, perform basic setup, and get our first look.
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Jun 19, 2019




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Tommeah Ent
Tommeah Ent 3 days ago
I cant find and reviews between the tcl 75r617 and the vizio p series quantum 75 inch P759- G1. Which one do you consider to be better?
G G 5 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed this is a 75R615 not a 75R617 on the description! Look at the instruction booklet I the beginning!
Shahzad Sunny
Shahzad Sunny 7 days ago
Tcl c6 vs tcl p8s side by side we needed ???? Do it soon please waiting.
Carlos Tadeu Santos
Brian D.
Brian D. 15 days ago
this info is great i just ordered tcl 6 series- a 75 inch a 65-inch and a 55-inch from best buy
Brian D.
Brian D. 15 days ago
what is the difference between the 617 compared to the 615 that i ordered from bestbuy?
vivahernando1 12 days ago
remote control
veroh nicah
veroh nicah 18 days ago
Av just bought it 55 inch am soo happy๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚clap for me
Daytona*Beach 18 days ago
Unboxing my 75" 6 series at this very moment....following these steps.
William R.
William R. 27 days ago
Yeah i got mine for $899!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Scott 1
Scott 1 29 days ago
When peoples heads on a tv are bigger than your own in your lounge lol
Bill B
Bill B Month ago
I bought a TCL (return it within 24 hours.) They should rebrand and name their company DSE. There slogan could be "DSE: The premier panel lottery company." Don't be a cheapwad. Spend an extra $100 and get a Samsung.
Ray Zala
Ray Zala Month ago
Legends say he's still unwrapping the TV
Farry Entertainment
The description of this video is confusing as hekk xD
G Walker
G Walker Month ago
Random question. Is this the 617 or 615 version? Where did the natural Cinema option go? Isn't that the way to reduce judder in films? Or does this option not exist anymore?
c r a s s BMT
c r a s s BMT 2 months ago
not big enough
CHARLIE DUBB 2 months ago
I wish the 6 series came with HDMI 2.1.
ronnie mccullough
ronnie mccullough 2 months ago
which has the better picture this or the vizio p series?
H Rubs
H Rubs 2 months ago
Im torned between lg sk9000 and tcl 6series. 65inch. They are the same price here. What would you recommend?
Natas N
Natas N 2 months ago
1:14 "and then you know what comes next, we get to screwin". ๐Ÿ˜…
Hameed Ali
Hameed Ali 2 months ago
What will be price for 43 inch TCL UHD P8 Series smart TV? Can we use amazon firestick and download third party app and play. What is the refresh rate of the TV. How many HDMI and USB Ports are there? Any advance audio tech they have used. Whether it has 3.5 mm audio out is there? What will be screen resolution? How many watts speakers? What will be weight of the TV? I do hope it should have Wi-fi, Bluetooth, LAN/Ethernet. Any screen casting or mirror casting available? What will be the audio and video format supports? Whether it has MHL connectivity support? How is the sound quality and picture quality compare to sony and samsung? Whether they use any technology for blur free viewing. what is the viewing angle? Can we add additional speakers with tv? How many years warranty period? What about service centre in Chennai? Where are the showrooms in Chennai? Whether it has any additional features compare with Sony TV / Samsung TV. Is it purely complete android TV? Whether it comes with 3D? What is backlight depth? What is the built in storage capacity?
grande0311 2 months ago
How is the brightness and glare compared to the samsung Q90? Will the TCL be a good choice for a living room with lots of windows?
Matthew Haney
Matthew Haney 3 months ago
this television is poo poo pee pee i can buy 500 million of those and im only 32 stupiud peopl;e
mrdboy31 3 months ago
Can you review the Vizo M series quantum 65 or 55 inch (QLED) 2019
ervin lutz
ervin lutz Month ago
Daniel Roig
Daniel Roig 3 months ago
Thanks for the unboxing video, just saw TLC 85" for sale , thinking of getting it. My question is ,does it have wall mounts available for a TV this size ?.
Rohit Mehmi
Rohit Mehmi 3 months ago
Is there anyway you can review the LG 82um8070pua, 82 or 86 inches?
Selfish One
Selfish One 3 months ago
Iโ€™m buying Hisense H8F 50 inch
Ryan 2e
Ryan 2e 4 months ago
Just ordered this TV, is there a wall mount you can recommend that can handle this beast?
DreadfulX Month ago
Ryan 2e Thatโ€™s a shame! If you do it again I recommend going through Best Buy, I bought the 75 inch through them last Friday and ran a dirty screen test and no dead pixels, VERY impressive uniformity for this size tv (ran a 5-20% grey dirty screen test), I went back and bought a 2 year warranty. Also blooming wasnโ€™t an issue for me, but itโ€™s worth mentioning you can lower the local contrast to medium or low if the grid gets too aggressive I sit in an area where the tv is directly in front of me and my eyes are looking towards the center so all the blacks I see are OLED level, but if you sit off axis from the thing it is possible you could get some blooming ๐Ÿค”
Ryan 2e
Ryan 2e Month ago
@DreadfulX I honestly truly wanted to like it, the one I got had a few dead pixels but the screen uniformity was good. The dead pixels and black letter box blooming caused me to return it but I could have just gotten a bad one.
DreadfulX Month ago
How is it? Any DSE?
Laura S
Laura S 4 months ago
I have a console depth 16, this tv with stand is 15.9. will the tv be stable enough?
Gasim Khatir
Gasim Khatir 4 months ago
Do you recommended for gaming?
David 4 months ago
Android TV is in my Opinion Way better
TC Gamer
TC Gamer 4 months ago
To bad i dont have a wall or room big enough for it lol
Freddie Slaughter
Freddie Slaughter 4 months ago
What about the Panasonic led tv's?
J P 4 months ago
I will connect my Xbox 1x, please review input lag and gaming specs. Will it pair up right?
joe smith
joe smith 4 months ago
these reviews are a joke ALL leds 4k when the signal is good look amazing i agree some do have a better picture , but all are pleasing too look at signal people wat its being fed!
Nebojsa Pantovic
Nebojsa Pantovic 4 months ago
Whitch one is better for ps4 pro c8 oled or q9fn qled best in bicture quality please andwer im going to buy one of them?
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 4 months ago
I just ordered this bad boy on Amazon
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 4 months ago
Hammad Usmani
Hammad Usmani 4 months ago
the last scene is fake, that's not the tv he's in front of, it's just a rendering
Oda Nobunaga
Oda Nobunaga 4 months ago
I'm still standing here waiting for the full review of this 75" TV ...... hurrrray please guys
Arnold Nathan
Arnold Nathan 4 months ago
Anyone recommend replacing a 65 inch 1080p plasma with this 75 inch TCL??? Iโ€™ve been wanting a bigger tv but the picture quality is so good on the Panasonic plasma
BuckRogers Month ago
@Arnold Nathan Congrats! I'm between those 2 as well (LG & TCL). My conclusion right now is that 2018 65" OLED, but I'll be moving soon and who knows how big the room will be. May have to go TCL too. The 75" TCL 6-series is as big/expensive as I'll go, agreed on the 85s. I would only spring for the LG because it's OLED and $1800 is still reasonable to me.
Arnold Nathan
Arnold Nathan Month ago
BuckRogers I picked it up a few days ago. It actually is very impressive. Yes the plasma has a more powerful picture but this is also amazing. I want an 85 inch but the prices are too high. Been looking at the Sony 850G but hesitant about the black levels at night
BuckRogers Month ago
I have a Samsung plasma and want to keep it too, for the image quality. I like this TCL for $1300 but my next TV will be a 65" LG OLED. You can get the 2018 model for $1800. Going from your Panasonic to a TCL would be pretty sad. Not at first, but over the years, you're stuck with it. I've loved every day of being stuck with my Samsung plasma. Don't take having the best image quality for granted! You'll miss it. These TCLs are junk compared to what you have.
Nathan Nickeson
Nathan Nickeson 4 months ago
Yes get it if you're on a budget. Best budget tv with great brightness and picture quality but there are better options out there by far, but not for this price.
Charles DC
Charles DC 4 months ago
Sadly we couldn't get the roku tv here in the Philippines.
Scott McMan
Scott McMan 4 months ago
Even if you could, very expensive there, huh? Plus you have 220 V instead of 110. Most people think 110 is universal, but the fact is, only the US and less than a handful of other countries step down to 110. Most of the world is 220. That really causes problems though when we want to send my wife's parents something we can buy cheaper here. They can't plug it in without a transformer, which is not something they keep handy.
J M 4 months ago
Anyone know the background music that is playing at 0:11 sec?
BradiKal61 4 months ago
I got a 65" Vizio because we use Chromecast and it had 4 HDMI inputs to Samsung's 2 HDMI ports for the same money
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 4 months ago
Thanks for mentioning 62" wide on the feet. I didn't catch the approx weight.
David Brown
David Brown 4 months ago
Did you know online you can buy a universal TV stand that has the base in the middle. ? You can set your TV on smaller TV stands.
dean2663 4 months ago
Whatโ€™s with all the cliffhangers...
Goot Brown
Goot Brown 4 months ago
I bought the 65 inch version from bestbuy a month ago, screen was perfect just too small so took it back and got this one & oh boy๐Ÿ‘ my family and I LOVE it.... Beautiful Clear Picture!!!
Goot Brown
Goot Brown 4 months ago
Dan Emmerich
Dan Emmerich 4 months ago
How much did you spend for the 75"?
Arnold Nathan
Arnold Nathan 4 months ago
Goot Brown I want this but I already have a 65 inch and want an 85 inch. Maybe I should just get this idk
jeff stevens
jeff stevens 4 months ago
Any panel problems with this TV?
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube 4 months ago
Anybody excited to see the new tcl quantom dot 750 zone TV with 15000 LEDs and for just over 2k yeah cant wait for fall I think that's when it's coming out and it gets 1500 nits
Silverado Kid
Silverado Kid 4 months ago
What speakers are those?
kyle l like the smith
Yeah will never buy another tcl have had mine a year and the infamous black screen has happened.
kensyre 4 months ago
thick c**k league
Damn Hot
Damn Hot 4 months ago
Please also compare with Vizio p series quantum 2019 model. I am very confused in between them. Currently i am thinking to buy either Vizio or Tcl so please help me.
Jamar Temple
Jamar Temple 4 months ago
I heard this TV has deformity issues
Jon Garcia
Jon Garcia 4 months ago
Show some gaming on it! PS4 and Xbox one!
David Christensen
David Christensen 4 months ago
Is that the Steel Bridge we are looking at put your window? Looked through some other videos of yours and it the same shot never wider so I have to ask. Love this tv my wife and I bought the 55 inch for our bedroom.
โ€ข PlatinumJack
TCL tvs are trash. Youre going to have backlight problems soon
Daniel Bocanegra
Daniel Bocanegra 4 months ago
Hey there, just wanted to say great video . Also, wanted to ask you, I have two plasma tvโ€™s . One is a Samsung 6 series, the other is a Panasonic entry level tv. Forgive me, but I donโ€™t recall the model number. In my opinion, those still have a great picture, but I want to get a tv for my basement. Iโ€™m on a budget now though, so I want to spend as little as possible. How does this tv compare to those entry level plasmas ?
Brown Bagga
Brown Bagga 4 months ago
Just tell me about the gray uniformity performance with sports, mainly hockey, soccer, & football.
greg smith
greg smith 4 months ago
Looking to order one of these two this weekend - 2019 Vizio P-Quantum P759-G1 or this TCL 75R615. Caleb seems to really like both units so I am stuck.
Tommeah Ent
Tommeah Ent 3 days ago
I'm also struggling between these two models
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