Talking to Strangers

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I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 87 007
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman 27 minutes ago
Wolfgamer 109
Wolfgamer 109 27 minutes ago
Hey this kid is trying to make people think that he is odd1sout even though it is FAKE
Ahmed Faiq
Ahmed Faiq 29 minutes ago
My birthday is in may 15
Yt-Jack Blogs
Yt-Jack Blogs 34 minutes ago
You have 11 million subscribers and 111 videos
Starrr Dust
Starrr Dust 35 minutes ago
Bro we know ur a furry ;))
Just a PS4 Player1017
Just a PS4 Player1017 26 minutes ago
Starrr Dust no shit he posted a picture on ig look at the tv reflection
Deuce T
Deuce T 46 minutes ago
Is jaidenanamations your sister?
idkw hatthisisfor
idkw hatthisisfor 47 minutes ago
Cool Kids
Cool Kids 51 minute ago
in your buying clothes video you said DON'T jude people based on there clothing
V29 55 minutes ago
0:15 o no James taking whith James whats happening the Matrix it's Broken ?!
I Dare You To Roast Gum Rice (RiceGum) Plz I Wanna See Him Rage Again. :D
alejandra chavez
Did anyone notice that the eyebrow peircing on the dude next to james in the bus changed sides a lot?
Rodin Hour ago
I saw your ad in a target i
Lemons Draw
Lemons Draw Hour ago
Reading fanfiction part 2 must come.....
Nadyne Spencer
Potential friend:hello James thoughts:I gonna say hello, how it's going. James says:how Me:laughing
LitRandomness Hour ago
I saw your furry Instagram photo
Burnt Percentage
Fuck you furry
Yesterday I wore a red shirt to target and a lady was like hey come here come here !! And I was like Wtf
PS_ Coolkid
PS_ Coolkid Hour ago
Do u use
Holt Peterson
Holt Peterson Hour ago
wow go
wow go Hour ago
Strangers creep me out for a reasonable explanation...
Springy Bunny buddy
Ok. So. People keep saying your a furry! Are you? UwU!!! If you are! I am too! UwU
Ergans Batista
Shut Up xtrangro!
Madeline’s Magazine
My birthday month is May to
Ana Reyes
Ana Reyes Hour ago
Do onother story obut harry
OD OG Hour ago
Ryanisagod Hour ago
It’s almost my birthday please wish happy birthday
nico xd
nico xd 2 hours ago
Pokemongodx2009 2009
Please come to sandy springs g
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer 2 hours ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! even tho it’s June now
PS_ Coolkid
PS_ Coolkid 2 hours ago
Hey James what animation editor app
Lina 2 hours ago
Mariah Stroud
Mariah Stroud 2 hours ago
Rebecca Gutierrez
Rebecca Gutierrez 2 hours ago
Weird question but what drawing tablet do you use James? I’m thinking of getting one but I want to make sure I get the right one...? Personal reasons -3- Just...a question!
sandra gayne
sandra gayne 2 hours ago
Don't listen to the dumb demon
Puppet productions studios 2
I just liked 26 comments for no reason
Joel Arellano
Joel Arellano 2 hours ago
I’m 9😐
Mom: what do you want for breakfast? Me: how
Trinity Powers
Trinity Powers 2 hours ago
That's part of the bus going experience you poor person - James 2019
E.P.A 2 hours ago
1:41 That’s not how a pacifier works James
April Mauve
April Mauve 3 hours ago
Hey james I dare you to react to animators USvid play button made by random polish guy
ClassyRules888 798
ClassyRules888 798 3 hours ago
What drawing tablet do you use
Xx_Gacha GirlN08_xX
But on the other, other, OTHER hand, what if you had to stand in those sections for standing because there were no seats, and then everyone looks at you as you go to that section and grab a handle?!? Also, you should make the plagiarizer a shirt in the merch shop!
Alek Kupruk Kupruk
Alek Kupruk Kupruk 3 hours ago
Linnea LD
Linnea LD 3 hours ago
Middle seat between two strangers: exists Swedes: *I am hereby unable to sit*
Dasavage 17124
Dasavage 17124 3 hours ago
Hey I saw your book at barns and nobal
Altair Bueno
Altair Bueno 3 hours ago
Im the only one who came here because of the furry pic on insta?
Jake Gaming
Jake Gaming 3 hours ago
2:04 Hi my name is John Doe
MythicGamer 3 hours ago
How much people love the Odd1sout I \/
Giullia Penteado
Giullia Penteado 3 hours ago
Is a teacher a Stranger
Stuart Phillips
Stuart Phillips 3 hours ago
JAMES where u a teacher
Vegan Bread
Vegan Bread 3 hours ago
Want some dollas? It costs one like. (. _ .) >💵
Katie Eve
Katie Eve 4 hours ago
I love the artwork so much ❤❤❤
Nolan Criswell
Nolan Criswell 4 hours ago
Your a furry
Itz_ OR3O1134
Itz_ OR3O1134 4 hours ago
James, I'm sorry but, ya know the way you made that Garfield comic well...... Your a furry. I'm sorry * sighs*
Yee Yee am i right
Yee Yee am i right 4 hours ago
1 whisperofthewolf
1 whisperofthewolf 3 hours ago
Yes he's a furry
Jamil Salami
Jamil Salami 4 hours ago
Uhh, James I've been animating for HOURS and I still haven't finished. How do you do it?
river galarza
river galarza 4 hours ago
Oh God movie Sonic
Chris And Caleb James
Me: Don’t Touch His Shoulders
izabella yu
izabella yu 4 hours ago
James youre so funneh! I started watching your youtube cause my freind KEN NETH (check out his youtube) told me tooo and ur amazing
Luis Ruano
Luis Ruano 5 hours ago
Happy birthday
Kayla Smart
Kayla Smart 5 hours ago
I hate everyone in America except u James aka THEODDS1SOUT are the best and only American ever ❤❤❤
jennifer barker
jennifer barker 5 hours ago
Make a 4th of July video
Ashley draws :3
Ashley draws :3 5 hours ago
TLOI Guy 5 hours ago
1:41 yeah backwards.... never mind
Martin Pacheco
Martin Pacheco 5 hours ago
No entiendo muy bien el ingles pero veo tus videos🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Sarah Waybright
Sarah Waybright 5 hours ago
Love your book lol💜💜💜💜💜
Nba kingb
Nba kingb 5 hours ago
Wow, that's just like like me at a daily basic ( because I have trust issues )
Blake_is_alive_ 5 hours ago
DatRaven 4 hours ago
Blake_is_alive_ i knew it, someone will comment it xD
NinjaFuryGamer 5 hours ago
You should make a harry the moth plush
I am in a family of 4 and in a airplane with 3 seats next to each other and after hearing that I’d have to sit to someone that wasn’t my family I asked multiple times to have me switch spots with dad and my mom asked a employee and I ended up getting stuck in between 2 people I didn’t know for 12 hrs. 😳
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 5 hours ago
6:20 had me deeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd
gabe cromie
gabe cromie 5 hours ago
who keeps on putting secret messages in the subtitles?
Mcwaff 5 hours ago
2:05 roblox reference
Sale M
Sale M 5 hours ago
I got your book
it ya boii isaac 1426
Why do u not post a lot
its your boi chichixt_6
Yo odd1sout could i get a shout out ps i sud
Christine Androulaki
0:58 can we just relax and read all the random stuff James drew to fill out the background? Perhaps "Avoiding People The Manual" and "Urinal Etiquette VOL 5" might be interesting.
GavinGamer100 6 hours ago
Sits between Rushlight Invader and Domics
Afonso Farófia
Afonso Farófia 6 hours ago
John Doe is a roblox ‘hacker’
Hey James. I know I probably won't get a direct response from you but just in case, and if other people in the comments want to help me out, I want to start animating on the computer and want to know your animation software recommendations (Especially free ones) so if you or someone else could help me out that'd be great!
AnimeHomo11 6 hours ago
1:52 lol morgz reference and why its funny cause morgz is faking everything and acting is so bad its slighty funny
Davis Family
Davis Family 6 hours ago
so, ummmmm the moral of the story is to stop touching your shoulders? I don't even ride the bus anyway.
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 6 hours ago
why did u not tell me oh and happy birthday :3 :D
alpha gacha
alpha gacha 6 hours ago
James : J.ust A. M. an E.ating S.prinkles
hotdog water
hotdog water 7 hours ago
Make a video trying to be zero waste for 30 days James!!
Eddie Eid
Eddie Eid 7 hours ago
More videos ???👍
Brook Jones
Brook Jones 7 hours ago
You are FUNNY 😆
Ronan Sennett
Ronan Sennett 7 hours ago
Like how he put a flat earth in the end
Nobesuthu Mdalane
Nobesuthu Mdalane 7 hours ago
Hello What do you use to animate
KeY Atomic
KeY Atomic 7 hours ago
I was one of the first 100 to like this holy crap
Mediafann379 7 hours ago
Oufer Dufer
Oufer Dufer 7 hours ago
What is the thumbnail says talking 2 strangers and the title says talking to strangers
Nebras Nawlo
Nebras Nawlo 8 hours ago
3:40 *James has earned the achievement "First slap"*
Cameron Burdine
Cameron Burdine 8 hours ago
6:20 _hOw_
Ray Cardenas
Ray Cardenas 8 hours ago
John doe from roblox???
Cameron Burdine
Cameron Burdine 8 hours ago
3:40 *smacc*
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Messiah Cruz
Messiah Cruz 8 hours ago
usvid.net/video/video-Q3_eA4Rc4qk.html james watch this it i super funny .
Wendi Chiquirio
Wendi Chiquirio 8 hours ago
please make a video on sharks :(
Sebastian Ongdy
Sebastian Ongdy 8 hours ago
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