Taking my cats for a walk

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Nov 5, 2018




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JunsKitchen 4 months ago
Thanks to all of you my channel is almost reaching 3 million subscribers! I wanted to make a non-cooking video for my almost 3 million subscriber celebration so I took my cats for a walk. I hope you enjoy it! :) 皆様のおかげで登録者が300万人近くにもなりました。本当にありがとうございます。前々から料理以外の動画を投稿したかったので、気が早いですが今回はその記念にこの様な動画を投稿いたしました。いつもご視聴、ありがとうございます!^^
Vincent Cornelius
Vincent Cornelius 12 days ago
Is it rare for Japanese people to able speak English
Ruby Chiu
Ruby Chiu 13 days ago
Love your cats 🐱 🐱🐱, they are soooo cute!
Arfhaida Jupakkal
Arfhaida Jupakkal 15 days ago
I really like cat
Tiger Bumblebee
Tiger Bumblebee 24 days ago
Where is Poki?
107 Lux
107 Lux 28 days ago
2019.2.26 338million subscribers 328million viewers on this video
この人いいとこ住んでんなぁ…。 関係ないけど、猫って外出ると寿命短くなるらしいですよね。でも、外の世界を知らない猫より外の世界をいっぱい堪能させてあげるような人生…てか猫生をいつか猫を飼った時にさせてあげたいなって思いました。結局は人間のエゴかもしれないけど、猫は家にいるよりは楽しい…はず…。
Danish Mahdi
Danish Mahdi 8 hours ago
So relaxing... Like ini anime
Danish Mahdi
Danish Mahdi 8 hours ago
So beautiful, Japan is amazing 😘😘😘
-RIPHMMR- - 8 hours ago
somebody knows where he is????
X Reflex VXacious
X Reflex VXacious 11 hours ago
1.8 thousand dislike is from dog lover am i right?
Helen Sunny
Helen Sunny 13 hours ago
Невероятная красота😍😍😍
Lisa S
Lisa S 17 hours ago
Beautiful in every way.
Jack Ass
Jack Ass Day ago
If heaven was like this and additionally with a food counter and wc. I wanna die right away
Jack Ass
Jack Ass Day ago
Are places in Japan like this all over the country ?
CA AK Day ago
"is that a cat?" LMFAO😂😂
Muoykun Ly
Muoykun Ly Day ago
One of a kind ❤️
Yanhe Wu
Yanhe Wu Day ago
I wish you can make a video of how to take your cat to bath one day
nekkoMaster Day ago
Name of this place in Japan ?
Alejandro García
Mi madre me dio la vida Pero este video me dio las ganas de vivirla♥♥
Kate's Vlogg
Kate's Vlogg Day ago
A kind-heartended owner.
Lucas Day ago
nesse mar de gringos sempre tem que ter um barco br que no caso sou eu ksksk
Velvetinec 2 days ago
They should make this into an anime. Like literally. Please.
bongo 2 days ago
I’ve been watching your videos for a very long time and I don’t usually comment but; I always find myself coming back to this video. It’s soothes me and makes me happy in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Thank you for uploading it!
_Ali_ 2 days ago
Ok, I cried a little: the mutual love and respect the cats and Jun had for each other just got me :) This is my aspirations for life
_Ali_ 2 days ago
1:38 This looks like the kind of photo a photographer would take
Ivy 2 days ago
This is just so incredibly wholesome & sweet :) I had a blind cat who couldn’t leave the house on his own so I bought him a harness & took him for walk, all the neighbours bullied me lol but I didn’t care. He was the best cat ever ❤️
Doctor_Whoey 2 days ago
How i long to live in an environment like this, i hate south florida, but at the same time i want to still live in the US, are there any places in the US with hills, mountains, rivers, and foliage like this?
JaZi 2 days ago
pl ?
Dwi Anugrahita
Dwi Anugrahita 2 days ago
Watching this video makes me live longer
Monika A
Monika A 2 days ago
wow this video is so relaxing
AllysonJae 2 days ago
What is the breed of your cat called?
molterio 2 days ago
wow you got them outside and let go of their leash and they didn’t ultra instinct
Rad Raad
Rad Raad 2 days ago
I want a cat
Amin Mahadzir
Amin Mahadzir 2 days ago
Everything i love in JAPAN is describe in this one video.
Cathrine Hansen
Cathrine Hansen 2 days ago
These cats lives in luxury
Gareth Bicknell
Gareth Bicknell 3 days ago
where do u live lol XD
Teddy 2 days ago
It is the place where Poki lives.
Renee K
Renee K 3 days ago
My cat blue and I watched this together
robin kishmiller
robin kishmiller 3 days ago
I love you both for taking such good care of your cats!!@
robin kishmiller
robin kishmiller 3 days ago
Beautiful area filmed...:)
robin kishmiller
robin kishmiller 3 days ago
You take great care of your fur friends!!!!
robin kishmiller
robin kishmiller 3 days ago
I love kitties!!!!!!
?? 3 days ago
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 3 days ago
Where is poki
Teddy 2 days ago
in Japan
What a beautiful video!
Barbara Brinkmeyer
3.4M views. Love it.
patricia georgea dos santos ribeiro
Where s the black cat?
hisui 。
hisui 。 4 days ago
altijd marley
altijd marley 4 days ago
This is so wholesome
surreal water
surreal water 4 days ago
Just hide it from shane dawson
Gagan Sidhu
Gagan Sidhu 4 days ago
i want to buy house there wts name of this place?
Mr.Peach Bleu
Mr.Peach Bleu 4 days ago
5:25 . It's this a wallpaper?
Maithe Navarro
Maithe Navarro 4 days ago
this so genuine and beautiful
G Gozum
G Gozum 4 days ago
Have you heard of takoyaki? Wheat-based flour with 🐙 in it? A friend is visiting Japan and I was intrigued by this street fare. Are you interested in re-creating this in your recipes? Thank you.
G Gozum
G Gozum 4 days ago
All the more reason to study!
G Gozum
G Gozum 4 days ago
p.s. I'm intrigued by the Japanese language since I've seen your channel, so I may start studying it even though it seems hard but my niece moved to Japan!
Dark rose
Dark rose 5 days ago
So cuteeeee❤😭
azira redzuan
azira redzuan 5 days ago
i wish my cat would be like yours
khoa nguyen huu
khoa nguyen huu 5 days ago
where is Poki???
Teddy 2 days ago
watch his second channel!!!
Mark Guro
Mark Guro 5 days ago
My cat (that looks like poky) died 2 months ago and I really *REALLY LOVE HER* I JUST CAN'T MOVE ON, I wish she was here in my lap sleeping or feeding her favorite fish fillet. I MISS YOU BUBU😭😭😭 (BTW the scar you gave me in my face is still here healing so yeah I'm still mad at you, kinda) but I love you bubu😘 and *I miss you so MUCH!*
Positive Power
Positive Power 5 days ago
His cats lives are better than mine 🤣😂
Amed Youkhanna
Amed Youkhanna 5 days ago
Have you seen Suri&Noel family on USvid?
Aaditya Kumar
Aaditya Kumar 6 days ago
What breeds are these cats 🐈?
Johanna Maas
Johanna Maas 6 days ago
5:12 so beautiful
IllMadness45 6 days ago
half the people watching are like "my cat would be gone
Arin M
Arin M 6 days ago
Why I just found this video now!!! Can you tell me where is this place?
โบ๊ท อีซี่
Shirou Amakusa Kotomine
I just Love Maincoons. ^^
DonckeyPunch Tv
DonckeyPunch Tv 6 days ago
Ta vidéo est magnifique, inspirante, et remplie d’amour, merci à toi pour ce partage d’émotion avec les chats la nature et la nourriture ! Signé un français qui aime tes vidéos ! :)
Los amoooo
Andoron RW
Andoron RW 6 days ago
So amazing!
Cat Cat
Cat Cat 7 days ago
Oh, he used to walking on the leash
Jan Vávra
Jan Vávra 7 days ago
I dont know why, but this video give me too much chill.
Da-Yves Laheij
Da-Yves Laheij 7 days ago
What sort of cats are Haku and Nagi??
Charlotte f
Charlotte f 7 days ago
that place wonderful... WOW so relax
Danbi Bae
Danbi Bae 7 days ago
BTW where is there? I must go there when I go to Japan.
Danbi Bae
Danbi Bae 7 days ago
I want to live in Japan, seriously. That's too beautiful there.!!!
B0p G0d
B0p G0d 7 days ago
I like being an asshole and ruining wholesome videos so I just wanna say there's probably 10 hanging bodies hidden in that forest
さつき橘 7 days ago
おどおどしている時に手でステップ作ったらエスコートしてるみたいに出てくるシーンが素敵です。ふわりと美しいですね。 美しい水辺に蝶と猫がのんびりしている時間が大切にされていて感銘致しました。
Angji greta
Angji greta 7 days ago
your videos are so peacefully🥰
Ricky Daanngg
Ricky Daanngg 8 days ago
Crecimiento Espiritual
They are so beautiful! Are they brothers??
Thomas Lowry
Thomas Lowry 8 days ago
he found some cat nip
Kensuto *
Kensuto * 8 days ago
Masha Aiza
Masha Aiza 8 days ago
Cookie Tron38
Cookie Tron38 8 days ago
Haku is my favorite ❤️
Frost - Playsz
Frost - Playsz 8 days ago
Cats= Like Dogs= Comments Thanks For The Likes 👍
wa qa
wa qa 8 days ago
Frost - Playsz no likes and 1 comment from me. Whoopsies
meyyitzade sumeyye
Is the tether necessary?it is not nice
James thor
James thor 8 days ago
wounderful vdo
БРЯМК 8 days ago
у меня тоже такая рыжая кошка
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 8 days ago
Why am I crying? This video is everything I never knew i needed.
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 8 days ago
How can a "walking my cats" vid be so beautiful, touching, and inspiring? Why r these vids to cinematically stunning? 😭🐌🌱🌿🐱🌲🗻🌄
Jafar Ash
Jafar Ash 8 days ago
He was searching for a weed
Aesthetically Keesha
at 6:22 seeing Nagi like that made my day
Ridwan Maelfa
Ridwan Maelfa 8 days ago
I missed my cat😅
I am love
I am love 8 days ago
Beautiful park
Ana Lucía Ramos Barreto
Woww the video is amazing, the music very beautiful. Thanks for sharing. May I ask you few questions?. It was the first time you take your cats for a walk?. How did you do, the cats looked very relaxed. Some tips or advices! thanks a lot
Lenadreamm 8 days ago
I feel soul in this video.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗😍😍😍
Signe Mathiesen
Signe Mathiesen 9 days ago
Wheres Poki??
Lusci Nia
Lusci Nia 9 days ago
Beautiful landscape.
Toby and James Goldsmith
See, cats can also go in walks!
Eduard Uhkuhuku
Eduard Uhkuhuku 9 days ago
Кошки на поводке это неестественно и глупо.
سمية Sumaia
سمية Sumaia 9 days ago
Is this Korea?? It's amaaaaazing 😻😻
jisookruzat 8 days ago
XxDarkPraxitXx 9 days ago
Oh shit there in China
جبل زين الدين
My friend, Arabs make up a large proportion of the world's population Fargo to put the Arabic translation in every video
Lenadreamm 9 days ago
как же это чудесно))
dadang setiawan
dadang setiawan 9 days ago
Masyaallah, beautiful place
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