Taking my cats for a walk

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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 12 807
JunsKitchen 7 days ago
Thanks to all of you my channel is almost reaching 3 million subscribers! I wanted to make a non-cooking video for my almost 3 million subscriber celebration so I took my cats for a walk. I hope you enjoy it! :) 皆様のおかげで登録者が300万人近くにもなりました。本当にありがとうございます。前々から料理以外の動画を投稿したかったので、気が早いですが今回はその記念にこの様な動画を投稿いたしました。いつもご視聴、ありがとうございます!^^
Sara Porter
Sara Porter 19 hours ago
Did you recently adopt the more orange fluffy one? I've been so devastated because I recently had to give my kitty up and thatlooks just like him..
WANAKO 19 hours ago
I do want with my 2 cats right next to them is my dog
вячеслав сиянов
У меня такой же один к одному ,одинаковые.А говорят беспородные !! Россия
Id6 Hacker
Id6 Hacker Day ago
JunsKitchen you hit 3 million subscribers!!!!!!
Alana Rodriguez
What breeds are your cats? They seem so nice!
Wahyu Zaliandi
Wahyu Zaliandi 2 hours ago
poki where
Aimee Turner
Aimee Turner 3 hours ago
Beautiful video! I've been wanting to see how my cat feels about walking with a harness because he always seems so curious about going outside, but I want to get him a good harness that won't make him feel uncomfortable. Any suggestions of what type and where I should get one?
Ahipara100 3 hours ago
loved the video! where is poki?
中の夢夢の 3 hours ago
Mich Ches
Mich Ches 3 hours ago
My 🐈 🐈 love to be outside too I must spend 2 hours a day outside with them.
C. Davis
C. Davis 3 hours ago
This is a really cool video. Those cats are very well mannered. You're cool dude Jun.
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 3 hours ago
well... gladly those are not dogs and not going to be eaten by a first person that sees them
irishvibes 3 hours ago
ahmad tsabit dzaky
ahmad tsabit dzaky 3 hours ago
this video makes me want to go japan
Rizza Santos
Rizza Santos 3 hours ago
Poki missed this.. where's he?
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 3 hours ago
When I was a young man and I use to take my cats outside they use to walk beside me with out anything holding them and some times something will catch their attention and they still didn't leave my side. And some times I will visit some of my friends that had cats and their cats will follow me home for many blocks until I got home. Those were the days
Wassana Sanmongkol
Wassana Sanmongkol 3 hours ago
สถานที่สวยมาก แมวก็น่ารัก
semmel 3 hours ago
Dude, don't lick the butterfly
Anonymous John
Anonymous John 3 hours ago
Weird flex, but okay. 😔
Cantoral Lima
Cantoral Lima 3 hours ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍 🐱 🐱
Rismail 3 hours ago
This video made me smile...ALOT! Tq Jun. Your cats are adorable. 😻😻😻
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 4 hours ago
Where? 👀
お散歩してるだけなのにこんなにオシャレなんて!(笑) そしてナギちゃんもコハクちゃんも、とてもかわいい〜〜💕💕猫アレルギーなので猫は飼えないのですが、もし飼えるなら私も多頭飼いがしたいと思いました(*´ч`*) 2匹ともかしこいかわいい...! 次のお料理動画、猫ちゃん動画、その他いろんな動画楽しみにしています!
Caiti Bee
Caiti Bee 4 hours ago
@junskitchen Beautiful video! So happy you yook your boys for a walk, they seemed to love it! Do you mind if I ask where you got your harnesses from?
afterburner94 4 hours ago
60 FPS bitches!!!
막창 4 hours ago
beautiful, peaceful country..
Evelyn Hewett
Evelyn Hewett 4 hours ago
So THAT'S how you open Ramune! Everything's so clear now.
Random Bald Guy
Random Bald Guy 4 hours ago
Biological composition of Haku: 80% Cat 20% Weirdo
I walk my cat but I only walk him in the front of my house
Heer Syal
Heer Syal 4 hours ago
LOVE THIS - adorabilicious!!! Felt completely at peace watching Haku 1:39 Greetings to all the family from London!!! And may you all live in peace together forever! Ameen)
Drimz 5 hours ago
Oh god. I thought this such view only exist in film or animation
mik lazio
mik lazio 5 hours ago
Happy cats !
_livwith me
_livwith me 5 hours ago
just a dude and his cats sitt'n by the river telling secrets and sniff'n things oooOO
lemonlimelukey 5 hours ago
yo catz r weirdos
pookiehoney 5 hours ago
I loved watching this not only because it's beautiful but what I loved the most is your relationship with your cats. I have always had cats as part of our family and I can tell by watching you that you are also one with your cats.
Vasily Kramarenko
Vasily Kramarenko 5 hours ago
The lucky Cat Maneki Neko
What a wonderful video with this loving cats. Hoping that my cat also travel this kind of a place.
Bill baggins
Bill baggins 6 hours ago
Lead on a cat.. Wtf is wrong with you??
Fendy Perdana
Fendy Perdana 6 hours ago
aku sangat bahagia melihat semua ini 😊junskitchen
Egor 24
Egor 24 6 hours ago
@priming telegram channel) Hello! My channel is about nature in Siberia, since I live there. I will also write my thoughts about various events. I wish you all good! Author channel about the life of a simple Siberian
てててととと 6 hours ago
6:21 ここ最高にかわいい
てててととと 6 hours ago
Tukiyem Marwan
Tukiyem Marwan 6 hours ago
Beautiful place
Al K
Al K 6 hours ago
You don't take cat for walk, cat takes you for walk.
Christine Gangan
Christine Gangan 6 hours ago
Watching your videos makes me feel like I'm watching a Miyazaki movie!! And when your cat was smelling the butterfly SO CUUUUTEE!! Btw I love your videos if that's not already obvious.
mrsonepro 7 hours ago
it's a dream country. Japan is beautiful and peaceful
NaomiDthom 7 hours ago
This is exactly what I needed on a Monday morning before work
Killy TM
Killy TM 7 hours ago
Anyone know exactly where this is please? TIA
Dionne 7 hours ago
who walks a cat like a dog..ffs iv seen it all..
Agung Nur
Agung Nur 7 hours ago
How Beautiful janpan is 💞
Tanaka Ryuta 龍太
anyone here know what type of cat haku is?, I mean his/her breed, i really want to know
ふわふわ 7 hours ago
Tran Isabel
Tran Isabel 7 hours ago
I like how relaxed they are, my cats would have a panic attack
XxInsaneDexterxX - ROBLOX AND MORE!
Leaving your other car behind. Total savage.
Bogus Metz
Bogus Metz 8 hours ago
*Your hamster has a weird tail*
Abigail Panganiban
Abigail Panganiban 8 hours ago
Very cute 👌 where is poki?
gboybotitoy83 8 hours ago
Beautiful Cats!
Sondra Allen
Sondra Allen 8 hours ago
G I never seen anybody take a cat for a walk it's always a dog don't look like he did very much walking because she wanted to roll over and play good luck with that
Hilda AYBAR 9 hours ago
Beautiful cats 🐱 ♥️
진홍 9 hours ago
300만명 축하드려요!
Everardo Hernandez
Everardo Hernandez 9 hours ago
These cats don't know they are cats. I appreciate how much you care for them. They are well loved and a pleasure to watch but I'm disturbed by how unlike cats they are. Especially after watching recent cat documenteries about wild cats, I am amazed by their power and wild instincts. I have felt the vibration of a lion's roar. Appreciate the internal strength of my cats. Cats are bad ass, they fight alligators and kidnappers (see USvid). I know you can raise your cats however you want but watching this video makes me feel sad, like you have taken away what it means to be a cat to them.
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 9 hours ago
What beautiful cats.
しがんへい 9 hours ago
Perlie Animated
Perlie Animated 9 hours ago
Hey jun can you please make a video for the recipe of furikake
Akuma Kami
Akuma Kami 9 hours ago
Ah nothing like sitting at a park with some ichigo pocky and ramune 😋. Thank you for bringing back my childhood memories.
Cynthia K.
Cynthia K. 9 hours ago
I love how u let your 🐱 smell everything so he knows what's going on and is involved snack by snack. So cute
Nguyen Florence
Nguyen Florence 9 hours ago
So beautiful where you live!!!
Pandanara 8 hours ago
its japan, but i dont know excatly where he lives (sorry for my bad gramar)
Satevo 9 hours ago
Such pretty kitties
afenismama 9 hours ago
lightingale 9 hours ago
k hide
k hide 9 hours ago
私は猫に詳しくないですが、どういう種のねこちゃんなのですか? 素敵な動画です。
Charlotte Xu
Charlotte Xu 10 hours ago
This is seriously super cute!!!!!!
Brandon NSFW
Brandon NSFW 10 hours ago
Omg this is beautiful I would love to do this with my cats
Greg Bystroff
Greg Bystroff 10 hours ago
Cute, fun video of how to convert your cat into a dog. Cats are supposed to pounce, dash and climb, hide and attack. You've sucked all the cat out of those creatures.
Heather Rodriguez
Heather Rodriguez 10 hours ago
This is so beautiful and relaxing! I really enjoyed it! (I love your cooking videos also). I hope you can do more like this once in a while.
KV 10 hours ago
cherry pie
cherry pie 10 hours ago
WOW, how beautiful & serene! I love your videos, your content, music and gorgeous fluffball kitties are so relaxing to watch. I wish I could like this million times and btw what is wrong with 1.4 K people that disliked this amazing video? they are dead inside
Mittens Vasquez
Mittens Vasquez 10 hours ago
Can I be your cat?
Eric Kim
Eric Kim 10 hours ago
My cat died today
이정현 10 hours ago
congratulations to 3million subscribers!
Perpetually Sleepy
Perpetually Sleepy 10 hours ago
Lvl 1/10: People take their pets on walks around their neighbourhood. Lvl 111/10: This.
lilsista110 10 hours ago
Rosie Gutierrez
Rosie Gutierrez 11 hours ago
Thank you for sharing your video, so serine, and your cats are beautiful ⚘🌿
Øh Ms. Believer
Øh Ms. Believer 11 hours ago
The definition in this video was clearer than my eyesight
Misty Magique
Misty Magique 11 hours ago
O i felt so refreshed n recharged after watching this
Aaron Yen
Aaron Yen 11 hours ago
lol rip Poki
Dave H
Dave H 11 hours ago
People don’t get it. He isn’t walking the cat, the cat is walking him
zero zero
zero zero 11 hours ago
Do you have your cats prescribed to Valium/Xanax or something? They are super calm and chilled out. :P
Pu33yD35tr0yer 11 hours ago
What is this ?
Jace Johnson
Jace Johnson 11 hours ago
Who does that too for there kiggy 's at 2:15 support there legs like that..
TheLitest Kit2
TheLitest Kit2 12 hours ago
Those cats walk like they mean it. Like i watch videos with cats getting dragged on the floor when taking a walk and cooperating a little unlike Haku and i almost died when you said “You act like a thug” to Haku XD
Nalissa53 12 hours ago
If I were living there, I would never want to leave. It is so beautiful and your cats only add to the beauty. Thank you for sharing.
CoderClimber 12 hours ago
ah poki is not here
Connor Nelson
Connor Nelson 12 hours ago
Can I get coordinates for the location?
Madison Mukbang
Madison Mukbang 12 hours ago
This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. ♥️♥️
reborn 12
reborn 12 12 hours ago
Damn y’all sure this place got nuked??? It looks too damn beautiful
Big Panda
Big Panda 12 hours ago
You reached 3 million!!! Congrats!!!!!
ZONA OFFLINE 12 hours ago
its wonderful, and peacefull
고치타 12 hours ago
기분 째지겠는데~? 잘봤습니다 *_*
Madeline E
Madeline E 13 hours ago
I love cats so much
diamonds__ 13 hours ago
WestCoastIrk 13 hours ago
i cant watch the whole video im afraid i will give you a virus, im not pure enough!!
Levi Mireles
Levi Mireles 13 hours ago
This is so mystical holy moly😍
Heyyyits Melovella
Heyyyits Melovella 13 hours ago
First video I’ve watched of yours and I love it!😂💚
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