Taika Waititi Talks About Directing Jojo Rabbit While In Full Hitler Costume | FULL INTERVIEW

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Director #TaikaWaititi reveals the challenges and roadblocks he faced as he tried to get #JojoRabbit into production. Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Sam Rockwell and Stephen Merchant discuss what it was like working with Taika as a director and as a co-star in the film.


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Sep 7, 2019




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Comments 751
Master 14 hours ago
I get the Bill Murray with a German accent haha
M. Entera
M. Entera 19 hours ago
Where's Yorki?
Barry Mc Cockinya
Barry Mc Cockinya 20 hours ago
Is Thomasin, Brett McKenzie's daughter?
kevin javellana
kevin javellana 21 hour ago
Taika as Tony Starks. Yes.
Matthew Flores
Roman laughs at jokes he doesn't understand lol I notice that. I used to be that way to kinda fit in 😅
Bean Day ago
Finally an interviewer I don't want to strangle.
Karen From Finasse
For all the reasons I love JoJo Rabbit, I love most of all my first exposure to Sam Rockwell's stunning legs. Thank you.
vapiduke 2 days ago
i love this move
Michaela Ericksen
Ok, Taika and Roman are basically matching and it’s the cutest thing.
Алекс Лав
Дуже гарний фільм!Ukraine
RubenSMO. 3 days ago
4:34 what pasó ahí. Necesito respuestas.!!
andy rafael
andy rafael 3 days ago
@3:20, why thomasin cut him? that's so inappropriate
Nishad S
Nishad S 3 days ago
Roman dressing as min Taika
Sparkley Pegs
Sparkley Pegs 4 days ago
Sam Rockwell is the best! Loved him in this film. In fact everyone was perfect in this movie. I laughed hard and then had my heart broken twice. Great film.
Scott Cahill
Scott Cahill 5 days ago
Captain K
Fryd Fish
Fryd Fish 6 days ago
Taika waititi is half of nzs cultural exports and he's doing a bang up job
Jordan Crowley
Jordan Crowley 7 days ago
Taika and Roman marching is EVERYTHING
Just Rammy
Just Rammy 7 days ago
Calling it, ten years from now Taika is gonna be known for being the Tarantino or Hitchcock of comedy movies
Ulas Onal
Ulas Onal 7 days ago
thomasin has to play a witch some time, just saying
Beaudene Van Rhyn
Where's Archie? 😭
Cyborg2000 8 days ago
I keep hearing Wheatley from Portal 2 when Stephen is talking
Alan Ho
Alan Ho 8 days ago
What happened to Thomasin's voice?
John K Lindgren
John K Lindgren 8 days ago
*Bangkok-Jomppa. Mun uusi elokuva.Etsin tuottajaa!* Etsin usvid.net/video/video-Q72UhT58cKE.html
mora14 8 days ago
I guess this movie is not just historical but also a worldwide actors and actresses
Aubrey Sky
Aubrey Sky 8 days ago
My favorite part of this interview is the interviewer!
Curtis Clark
Curtis Clark 8 days ago
Amazing movie!!!!!! I loved it so much!!!!!!
Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz 9 days ago
overrated movie
Ben R.
Ben R. 9 days ago
Dont let the girl smoke so much
steve mantiri
steve mantiri 10 days ago
He reminds me a bit of Quentin Tarantino style 😁😅
s a s u k e
s a s u k e 10 days ago
Taika still looks like hitler still for some reason
NZWolf2 11 days ago
Taika sounds like he's been on the falling down juice
fafafagat 11 days ago
That chick has a 13 year old face but my grandma's voice
BIOSHOCKFOXX 11 days ago
Funny how Taika's description mentions him as Writer, Director and then Adolf Hitler xD as if it's his profession being Hitler.
Elon Mush
Elon Mush 11 days ago
Imdb is not legit
teagan denny
teagan denny 11 days ago
Taika and Roman matching I’m interviews is so cute
Entropy _
Entropy _ 11 days ago
TT 12 days ago
Thomasin looks & sounds alot like Sean Harris??
DR!P 12 days ago
6:59 When people don't realize Taiko is literally making a joke of so many actors and directors directing so many actors to BE, satirize, or be AND satirize Hitler throughout the years and he's saying "I'm the only dude". RIP Charlie Chaplin. Bless you, Taiko.
Leonard Wong
Leonard Wong 12 days ago
Good movies don't need cg
Brion McManus
Brion McManus 12 days ago
Great interview, thank you!
bronco devil
bronco devil 12 days ago
Just saw this movie. Best movie I've seen in a long time.
The Musicmaster107
The Musicmaster107 12 days ago
6:20 You had better have watched Downfall
Lobos222 13 days ago
Allot of people think this movie is based on The Tin Drum (1979).
muddyfarmer oscuras
Can't do accents? His German accent in 'what we do in the shadows' is one of the best I've ever seen.
Spartan 343x
Spartan 343x 13 days ago
This was such an amazing movie. I might actually go see it again.
Boudica Q
Boudica Q 13 days ago
Milena B.N.
Milena B.N. 13 days ago
Dude Taika and Roman's matching outfits!! So cute!!
Danny Mistry
Danny Mistry 13 days ago
Brilliant movie....must see
Tee 13 days ago
All the guys have their legs crossed except the girl 😄
seerpou 13 days ago
taika is a snaccccccck
Aya Watanabe
Aya Watanabe 13 days ago
Roman is literally a smaller and younger version of Taika. That's so adorable!
Reuben Seldo
Reuben Seldo 13 days ago
I just hope Sam Rockwell will be a mainstay in Waititi's films here on in. They really work well together! Also, Rockwell is one of the most underrated actors working in Hollywood today. Absolutely love him!
Reuben Seldo
Reuben Seldo 7 days ago
@Beyond the Lens lol. Bit of a hyperbole there, sure. But man, I'd love to see Sam Rockwell in more movies. He's great in everything he does, made the otherwise terrible Iron Man 2 watchable.
Beyond the Lens
Beyond the Lens 7 days ago
He is not underrated at all though :D
Marl Senin
Marl Senin 8 days ago
@CloudBurst yes! Hes brilliant in Best of Enemies based on a true story, playing a racist white dude
Aqaulove 8 days ago
@CloudBurst yes he was, a 😊 versatile actor.
CloudBurst 9 days ago
Was he the asshole cop in the 3 billboards in mo movie? If so he was really good in that.
Justin Gries
Justin Gries 13 days ago
Is Taika drunk??
emmilvonradosoft 14 days ago
Night before must have been a hell of a party.
Farzad Jahanfard
Farzad Jahanfard 14 days ago
Where is the chubby kid it’s not fair just one of the kid get all the attention
william41017 11 days ago
Nah, no kid is this dumb
william41017 11 days ago
Are you also a kid?
Farzad Jahanfard
Farzad Jahanfard 12 days ago
@NobozMopoz kids don't see life like you do as if it's a a power structure they just see friendship and love hope more adults understand that.
NobozMopoz 12 days ago
Yeah like the kid who got all the attention wasn't the main character or something...
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia 14 days ago
I think that Taika Waititi found a gem in Roman Griffin Davis... I wouldn't be surprised *AT ALL* if this is the next huge child actor in Hollywood
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia 14 days ago
Imagine your first ever movie when your that young n Hitler is your imaginary friend n Scarlett Johansson is playing your mother... idk that sounds too daunting to me... I probably either would've choked or taken about a full week or two to actually get used to everything n actually very going... or was he so young he didn't really know what was what n just went on business as usual minus the scale of it all bc I'm sure that's what frightened him at first
TV Alex
TV Alex 14 days ago
People need to learn to take the award and fuck off, stop talking no one cares what you think about anything. @Taika Waititi
Hogfart S
Hogfart S 14 days ago
Sam Rockwell IS kinda like Bill Murray...
perfectlycreated28 14 days ago
I think it's cute how Roman's character is trying to emulate Taika's character in the movie and how they are also dressed alike in this interview.
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