Sylvester Stallone Explains Why He Hated Rocky IV Nemesis Dolph Lundgren IRL

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Sylvester Stallone teases some future projects with Rocky IV rival Dolph Lundgren and discusses the action-packed Rambo: Last Blood.
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Sylvester Stallone Explains Why He Hated Rocky IV Nemesis Dolph Lundgren IRL


Published on


Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 2 034
Samir Meta
Samir Meta 11 hours ago
I love this man #RockyBalboa ❤
Omar Dayini
Omar Dayini 12 hours ago
Plastic stallone...wtf man all of your face is full of plastic surgeries....
Richard Buckner
Richard Buckner 18 hours ago
Rambo was great, but not Rambo. During the film at some point, rather the bad guys, or his niece while in the tunnels. Anyways at some time one or the other should have found old videos of the news coverage from the first Rambo movie or something to associate Uncle to Rambo. So at least The bad guys or the niece would know him. When his niece was laying in the truck dying, it would have been cool, for her to look up and say, Uncle John, I know who you are, I'm sorry, we found videos. Kill them all for me, please. Then she dies. Or perhaps the bad guys are up in the tower, one comes running in panic mode. Man ya'll better see this. In his hand he is holding an old video tape. They dig out an old VCR, and they see the old news coverage as well as the younger audience watching the film. This is where and when they realize, man we screwed up! Of course the bad, tough guy tries to play it off, but the camera goes down to his hand and its shaking nervously. Loved the movie, great action movie, I just did not feel Rambo.
George Marius Podaru
I don't want to be mean but Jimmy has aged a lot. And unfortunately he doesn't look good anymore. What's wrong with his eyes, for instance? For over 2 years, he has dark circles under his eyes. I don't know...he doesn't look like Jimmy Fallon he used to be 4 or 5 years ago.
Leo MotoCam
Leo MotoCam Day ago
Esta parecendo o Clodovil
Jackandmel 4 days ago
I don’t mean to be cruel , But how on earth does a guy like Fallon have a tv show that’s viewed by millions 🤔 I’ve never seen a more uncomfortable disingenuous untalented human
Alan Orange
Alan Orange 2 days ago
Lorne Michaels put a good word in and now, The Tonight Show brand is worthless.
Fanis Veizis
Fanis Veizis 5 days ago
Cant help but see panthro from thundrcats
Nuclear Jellyfish
Hollywood NEEDS more toxic masculinity.
Nemanja Markovic
Nemanja Markovic 6 days ago
Big kit 🤣🤣🤣
Rand McNally
Rand McNally 6 days ago
I'd be more scared of a chinese dolph lungren.
Classic VLassic
Classic VLassic 7 days ago
Does he know that his Master System game is garbage?
Flash 7 days ago
Hyped about expendables 4
Maritzasylvia O
Maritzasylvia O 7 days ago
Someone is a fan! 😉👌🏼Great interview.....:)
Jota Hernandez
Jota Hernandez 7 days ago
Levente Deli
Levente Deli 4 days ago
Car Fli
Car Fli 8 days ago
I wish they would have let the scene in which Rocky meets Ivan Drago after the fight in the movie of Creed 2 ! It was great too see they finally respected each other. After all Drago didn't kill Apollo deliberately, it just happened.
Car Fli
Car Fli 8 days ago
I would love to meet him ! I admire Stallone !
Techno Djole
Techno Djole 9 days ago
If I get to Jimmy Fallon show Jimmy will be beaten in 2 minutes because he can't stop talking.
Machinelf 9 days ago
Syvester's face looks scary. Like plastic surgery scary
Ruby Destructor
Ruby Destructor 8 days ago
Fam he is 72 chill
TodaysRealHealth 9 days ago
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iLUVtwoSPOOGE 9 days ago
What was he saying. I honestly cant understand him
Ocean Sagor
Ocean Sagor 10 days ago
Very handsome guy.He looks 50
Michael Meusch
Michael Meusch 10 days ago
They should put me on the show link.smule.com/TaLPpZz7E0
Kino 10 days ago
What a guy. Love him
Vince Cimbalo
Vince Cimbalo 10 days ago
bring leno back. fallon sucks.so fake.
Azri Wafiy
Azri Wafiy 10 days ago
Expendables 4 P/s: make sure jet keeps his hair.
Siddharth Prakash
Siddharth Prakash 11 days ago
So much Botox.... Sylvi surely hasn't aged gracefully
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
Anyone else want to write a comment comparing Last Blood to Home Alone ?? It was funny the first 90 times .
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
I invite you all to my channel . Especially if you are a Rambo / Stallone fan . I also got some nice giveaways 🤠❤️🔪 Hope to see you 🤠
Mobile Gamers
Mobile Gamers 11 days ago
Adam fena yaşlanmış be. Ulan keşke böyle oyuncular ölümsüz olsa.
pavel nedved
pavel nedved 12 days ago
استالونه من از ماماند تشکر میکنم که فرزندی به این قدرتمندی و هنرمندی و خوشگلیو باهوشی به جامعه ی بشریت ارائه کرد.... روحش شاد ..... من فیلم بی مصرفان رو شاید هر قسمتو بیشتر از ده بار دیدم و امروزم میشینم نگاش میکنم..... کاملا با رفتارات آشنا شدم..... الان انگار تو نقشه فیلم بی مصرفان هستی..... اگه بابام تو بودی دنیا رو تصرف میکردم خخخخخخ
_________________ 12 days ago
Omg that fake laugh of jimmy 🤮🤮
TheToonMonkey 12 days ago
Fallon is such a shit interviewer
crlwgr 12 days ago
Sylvester Stallone looks kind of like a mafia guy now
Techno Djole
Techno Djole 9 days ago
Ringo Starr too
Arron Bates
Arron Bates 12 days ago
somehow, through experience, Jimmy has become the worst interviewer on TV... now he's just literally pandering the whole time, and makes no connection. clicked here because Sly, but, really quite hard to watch.
nima arya
nima arya 13 days ago
The man,the boss,the legend. ..last blood is awesome in genra
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
nima arya Yes 🤠❤️🔪
Darthmoon 13 days ago
If there was a Rambo vs terminator, I wonder who will get terminated or KO?
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
Darthmoon I did a fake “ Stallone and Arnold “ Video , about them discussing the possible “ Final Predator “ movie . Come check it out . Got some giveaways as well . Stop on by 🤠
GamerGambit 13 days ago
And people say John Wick is violent
Larco Harrys
Larco Harrys 14 days ago
Makos Kaza Jr.
Makos Kaza Jr. 14 days ago
robert Miller
robert Miller 15 days ago
What is up with Stallone's face? Looks like he has vitiligo around his mouth.Creepy over stretched skin on face with brutal hair piece stitched into his head.
Alfonso Herrera III
The reason Jimmy sucks is because he not a real talk show host. This reign of the late show was supposed have been Conan O'Brien's.
pisto30 Day ago
@Alan Orange Conan sucks even more than Jimmy Fallon. What's to explain?
Alan Orange
Alan Orange 2 days ago
@Giovanni Socci explain.
Alan Orange
Alan Orange 2 days ago
Damn straight!
Giovanni Socci
Giovanni Socci 3 days ago
Who sucks even worse.
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch 15 days ago
Rambo: Last Blood is a great film. Sly never ceases to impress. Old school hardworking movie star.
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
Cheers to you too 🤠
Joan Ruiz Jacob
Joan Ruiz Jacob 11 days ago
@Cowboy C Bop cheers!
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
I invite you both to my channel . From one Rambo fan to another (s ) . Got some nice giveaways too 🤠❤️🔪
Joan Ruiz Jacob
Joan Ruiz Jacob 12 days ago
It moved me , deeply saddened me and finally it pumped me up
The Fibler
The Fibler 15 days ago
He looks hideous.
phantumgrey 15 days ago
This Rambo movie looks like the Home Alone reboot we really want.
Matt Truelove
Matt Truelove 8 days ago
Watch it its nothing of the kind
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
phantumgrey Hahahahaha
Nik Doodle
Nik Doodle 15 days ago
73 years old and he still got it
Beast Within Gaming
I honestly thought not another Rambo come on man but when I watched it I was like OMFG this is awesome John wick got nothing on rambo lol
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
Beast Within Gaming I agree 💯 % !! And I also invite you to my channel . Got some giveaways going On and a big one this Thanksgiving Day . Stop on over ?? Thanks 🤠
ALLEX tavares
ALLEX tavares 16 days ago
Angela Ekkert
Angela Ekkert 16 days ago
here's to all the small time actors, yes, I'm a voice actor, hey sean us voice actors have to stick together,
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
Angela Ekkert Awesome !! I invite you to my channel as well . I think you would appreciate it 🤠 Thank you
Jason Fagan
Jason Fagan 16 days ago
Fallon is very Talented. Thank You Jimmy.. You Rock
Jason Fagan
Jason Fagan 16 days ago
Dis really make sum kind of sence to me dough..
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes 16 days ago
Love Sly and Dolf. Expendables Baby!
The Support
The Support 16 days ago
his face don't move. the Botox is real with this one.
Ash Paladium
Ash Paladium 16 days ago
Stallone should play Dracula. Looks just like him. Should make Rambo into a vampire. Call him "Vambo" or "Rampire".
John J. Rambo
John J. Rambo 16 days ago
Omg someone needs to make a spoof now Rambo Transfusion 😂
Cowboy C Bop
Cowboy C Bop 11 days ago
John J. Rambo I just subscribed to your channel . Had to ! If you come see my channel you will know why haha. Hope to see you 🤠
Franks Sports Zapping
Paul Aspen
Paul Aspen 17 days ago
Fallon says yes that's what I'm talking about problem solve 2Xtreme violence. Good Times
kevballs 17 days ago
There isn't a good Rambo film, there is only First Blood. That flick is fantastic, and John Rambo doesn't kill anyone. The only sequel I want is John coming to terms with his PTSD and re-integrating into society.
Franco Guerriero
Franco Guerriero 17 days ago
Rubbish film, lazy writing, racist.
23DJak 18 days ago
I can't stand Fallon anymore. He ruins the whole show. Please take a look at Conan and learn.
Ermanno Difederico
Ermanno Difederico 18 days ago
Stallone looks like a corpse
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