Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine

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As President Trump is harassed with investigation inquiries, Joe and Hunter Biden continue to dodge an investigation of their own. #FoxNews

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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 1 939
Andrew Whitney
Andrew Whitney 22 days ago
What's wrong with Trump and his administration "digging up dirt" on Joe and Hunter Biden? Nothing! Go for it, dig away ! ! ! If they have done something shifty and wrong, then let the dirt be dug up I say, let it all come out and be exposed ! ! ! Amen and Hallelujah ! ! ! If this "influences" the coming election results ... so what ... if Biden and his son have done wrong it's their fault.
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 25 days ago
Trump and ivannka 's cheap clothes are made in China!
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 25 days ago
TRUMP and Ukrain! Trump, Russia, and venezuela! Trump is the swamp!
Whistleblower 27 days ago
Republicans, go back to Russia
H Fanny
H Fanny 27 days ago
shame on them!
phil daButt
phil daButt 28 days ago
This Is all going to tie in to our involvement in Syria
Susan Newman
Susan Newman 28 days ago
Somebody needs to lay off the coke looks like the blood vessel in his forehead is about to blow
david sinclair
david sinclair 28 days ago
indicted ? hahaha are you serious? these guys and gals are like a well oilsed mafia machine . lol trump calls it the swamp and hes totally correct . they are horrlble people playing with your taxes to make themselves rich .. that simple and both sides playing the game and stretching it out as much as they can noone will be indicted .. but billions of tax dollars will be diverted to companies and billions in kickbacks will be transferred to politicians and thier families . like i said a well oiled mafia machine
ron williams
ron williams 28 days ago
trump HELL 666
trump HELL 666 28 days ago
It's funny you trump voters keep pointing your fingers at Democrats when the ONLY ones getting INDICTED, TRIED/FOUND GUILTY and SENT TO PRISON are republicans. I wonder why? The Deep State is doing a WONDERFUL JOB of taking you republicans OUT! The Deep State is making me PROUD! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! : )
Mae West
Mae West 28 days ago
where and when, BARR. Something has to give! Hidden hearings, Gaetz being thrown out. Sounds like the workings of a nuthouse. And you have nuts running it. Schiff should be checked for substance abuse. We already know Pelosi has a problem. These two running a fake impeachment and the right is complying by giving up their subpoena power. If it's fake, start with the subpoenas and witnesses. Get this garbage behind us. Too many important things for families of the US. Everyone should watch Yankee Doodle Dandy and see how Dems used to be portrayed when I was a little girl. The President wanted to restore the country, but hence, instead, we now have continuous impeachment based on lies, and our government has been infiltrated with unAmerican electorates. Don't ask me how! Paid voters.
Lesa Henderson
Lesa Henderson 28 days ago
This is the BEST (by far) detailed report of quid pro quo that I’ve seen so far.
João Tava
João Tava 28 days ago
Obama’s 8 years was the most corrupt in all history worst that Brazil my native land! Brazilians for Trump 2020
toob maniac
toob maniac 28 days ago
Bidens own words will convict him . The stupid cnn and msnbc reporters saying that " Biden wanted the prosecutor fired because he wasn't doing his job " is beside the point ! Threatening to stop a billion dollars in aid to the country if they don't fire someone is corrupt as hell and the reason Biden wanted him fired doesn't matter one bit !
Cool Swagg
Cool Swagg 28 days ago
I get what you are saying and all but I don't get the part with the donations. For example the company donated $1000 three times. I don't think three thousand dollars is money to sell one's self for. $100,000 donated three times would have made more sense to me. Very interesting show though. A lot of things to think about.
Taga 'log
Taga 'log 28 days ago
Christian Rehtorik
Christian Rehtorik 28 days ago
You look like a bum in those T-shirts!! Have some pride in how you look!!
John King
John King 28 days ago
Why are so many dummies unable to realise that denying arms to an American ally in time of war is treason? There was no good reson for it but he did it.l TRAITOR TRUMP.
Mary McLean
Mary McLean 28 days ago
The ledger records of the company in Ukraine actually show the payments to biden's company as...a weird Ukrainian word like "serpolsi" or something like that. In ...Ukrainian, it means "a favour for favours" in English, a bribe, in legal words..."quid pro quo" !
debora smith
debora smith 28 days ago
Biden's and Kerry's bother father's and Sons ...Don't forget Kerry's son is involved too!
glidercoach 28 days ago
What do you think was going on during the George W Bush administration? The exact same thing.
kim adrei
kim adrei 28 days ago
we need to exhume Biden's son! Biden's son is running around in china right now!
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown 28 days ago
Shut up Joe Biden why is you son on board with UK Democrats are hiding something and they are pissed keep up DEMCRATS. Democrats are idiots and they are making trump to win . Now trump is going after nut job Nancy Pelosi and Hillary at lease trump didnt get Americans killed. Democrats are idiots and on drugs
Jack Steward
Jack Steward 28 days ago
The destruction of this gravy train is what the fight against Trump is all about. We get it.
Denzo D
Denzo D 28 days ago
Determine politicians with "charitable foundations" and you will find laundered money getting into those foundations' bank accounts.
Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis 28 days ago
Ed Markey is a hack. I remember watching that arrogant hypocrite during Ted Cruz’s climate change debate. Horrible during the debate and worse now.
Guy Tar
Guy Tar 28 days ago
us has homeless, mental health, poverty....ect. and the government gives huge sums of our money to other governments....not even their citizens see a dime of the aid
Metal Worker
Metal Worker 28 days ago
I like Steves style. No nonsense and hard hitting facts.
James  1967
James 1967 28 days ago
Media lol funnier than Dave Chappell 2020
James  1967
James 1967 28 days ago
No jobs in uk for this Brit.
Two Niner
Two Niner 28 days ago
This is exactly why the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution (income taxation) should be repealed--enslaving the incomes of Americans encourages the growth of The Swamp in Washington D.C., as politicians routinely steal our income and launder it to their friends and family through various Office Space-like schemes such as the Ukraine travesty. Our Constitution should further be amended to require responsible levels of fiscal restraint to limit government borrowing and money printing, which are other means of achieving the same end. To those who would argue that the abolition of the income tax would bring government to a halt, let me say that the Feds have plenty of other means of taxation so that the original charges of government can executed: namely the protection of the country and the regulation of commerce. Our great country existed for 150 years prior to the creation of the failed American Welfare State, which was born by the Income Tax Act of 1913 and fueled by successive tax increases on working Americans. As the government honey pot grows, so too will the level of Federal corruption, because politicians on all sides of the aisle can buy votes with entitlement programs, wealth redistribution through schemes like welfare and free monthly paychecks (like the $1,000/mo stipend that Andrew Yang is proposing), and FREE EVERYTHING (like all the other Democratic Socialists are proposing) from free health care and childcare to college and cell phones. Trump is draining The Swamp, however if we don't repair our nation's governing document the fetid waters will return shortly after he leaves office and attract even more vile and pestilent Swamp Creatures.
Micheal Kelm
Micheal Kelm 28 days ago
The left has turned our government into a banana republic ...
errolflynn1952 28 days ago
Has anyone verified whether Hunter claimed his foreign income and paid taxes on same? Since the Ukranian finds made a long and winding road through various know tax havens.
njminer 28 days ago
The President can't investigate a candidate??? Candidate Trump wishes this were true.
Jo Vallas
Jo Vallas 29 days ago
Darren Mcmunn
Darren Mcmunn 29 days ago
Its time these so called public servants stop feeding of public funds
Mike Doonsebury
Mike Doonsebury 29 days ago
Trump is compromising our State Department and Diplomatic Relations for personal gain. This, quite simply, is Treason.
Mike Doonsebury
Mike Doonsebury 28 days ago
@jacegil The Republicans have owned the Executive, Senate and Judicial branches for three years. They owned the house of Representatives for eight. In all that time, they haven't event been able to conjure a parking ticket against any of the people in your fantasy. Try to get your head around that, they haven't been able to conjure ONE charge in all that time with the entire power of the US Justice System behind them, let alone a trail or conviction. In that same time, a Republican DOJ and Republican Special Prosecutor have put six of Trump's closest advisors behind bars in Federal Prison. Even a moron could see the pattern here. Either your brain is addled with conspiracies and you're living in a fantasy world, or you voted for the most incompetent Executive in the history of the United States and Republicans can't be trusted to keep the country safe from those who would harm it (e.g. "Deep State"). Both options should disqualify you from ever entering a voting booth.
jacegil 28 days ago
Nope. That honor would go to the Dems. Only state Trump would compromise is the Deep State.
Marxist Millennials
Socialism works when your Daddy gets you high paying no show jobs.
Max 29 days ago
Trump put his own daughter and son and law in the white house as senior advisers, despite their lack of qualifications. Do you think they would have made $82 million in a single year if daddy wasn't POTUS? This type of corruption goes both ways.
Marxist Millennials
Hunter Biden couldn’t manage a McDonald’s unless his Daddy pulled some strings.
Patricia Holdsworth
ML Strategies = Money Laundering Strategies
Lobosx4 29 days ago
Guiliani is next..... hahaha
Tina Rice
Tina Rice 29 days ago
So Im curious... what are your thoughts on the 1,000 American soldiers now cutoff as sitting ducks and cant exit with a stockpile of weapons white our previous kurdish allies are turning to Russia for help and the ISIS prisoners are running free in the area. All so Donald could make dangerous decisions, CONSULTING WITH NO ONE, so he could "keep a campaign promise"! Are those soldiers then just "Trump campaign 2020" collaral damage? No other Commander-in-chief in our history would have made such a self-fulfilling decision. Tell you viewers your thoughts on that. I'd love to hear. Oh wait, your agenda is to just bash democrats. Btw... your news is getting old.
Gerard Falzon
Gerard Falzon 29 days ago
Incredible analysis, Steve! Thanks! I’ve been forwarding this out to everyone!
Jack Plow
Jack Plow 29 days ago
Chuck Re-Todd is such propagandist.
Mike Case
Mike Case 29 days ago
Just remember folks. Draining the swamp isn't easy they will fight back. The swamp has a plan of drowning the citizens of this counry making us think they are the only ones with boats and you need them. What trump says is just stand up.....
Star Light
Star Light 29 days ago
Nasty little boys, aint they?
Timothy Maffei
Timothy Maffei 29 days ago
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 29 days ago
Russia if you’re listening please help Trump again про меня не было бы
Valerie Root
Valerie Root 29 days ago
Justice, do you mean you still have a working one
Patty Angel
Patty Angel 29 days ago
When will we rise on this corruption. We try at the voting booth but now they’re undermining what the people wanted and who they voted for.
Jason Chua
Jason Chua 29 days ago
These people need to go to Paternity Court for their lies tested.
Edgard Pinheiro
Edgard Pinheiro 29 days ago
And yet it was Juliani's associates who got arrested for fueling money from Ukraine into the Trump campaign
Liberalism is a mental disorder. The creepy Left.
The Bidens have always been corrupt lying scum.
Michael McCracken
Michael McCracken 29 days ago
Democrats like Bolshevik Marxist Communist's project their crimes onto their opponents and rely on the stupidity of the masses to once again make asses of the masses. However, the jig is up and the masses no longer believe or support them. Joe the genie is out of the bottle and there's no putting her back and you and your families criminal past is catching up with you and your party. If there's still justice in the United States (Washington D.C.) then you and many of your comrades will be doing the perp walk soon.
Mauel Thomas
Mauel Thomas 29 days ago
The NY Times continues to point the finger at the Trump administration. There are two entirely different narratives being presented, one by Fox and the other by the NY Times/Washington Post/CNN/MSNBC. Almost unbelievable the information war being waged by the republicans, the Trump administration, and the democrats and the rest of the media. The denial by the democrats and their supporters in corporate media, other than Fox, of Joe and Hunter Biden corruption is hard to believe. An absolute pack of lies, as George Galloway would call it, concerning Biden corruption being presented by the democrats and their allies in corporate media.
jake spivey
jake spivey 29 days ago
Do you see how easy it is to dupe a Trump supporter? There is no allegation of any wrong doing but, somehow an investigation is necessary.
glockumollie 29 days ago
Huxxy 29 days ago
Well said. Exactly what I try to explain to people all the time, but I can’t put it as well as you.
Paula Laflamme
Paula Laflamme 29 days ago
Isn't Chevron in there somewhere too? And some fracking territory that was occupied by Kiev in the civil war? C'mon FOX.........take a deep dive. You're skimming the surface.
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