Susan Boyle Earns Golden Buzzer With Iconic "Wild Horses" - America's Got Talent: The Champions

America's Got Talent
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Susan Boyle is BACK! Susan returns with "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones and earns the golden buzzer from Mel B.
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Susan Boyle Earns Golden Buzzer With Iconic "Wild Horses" - America's Got Talent: The Champions
America's Got Talent


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Jan 8, 2019

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Comments 17 776
Nolan Lombo
Nolan Lombo Hour ago
Cette femme est tellement humble malgré son succès j'aime cette femme, j'aime la personne qu'elle est.
Skitter Jaiden
Amazing ❤️
Joel DeLong
Joel DeLong 2 hours ago
Ha ha ha I remember her ha ha hell ya
Justin Scott
Justin Scott 2 hours ago
That chorus.... goosebumps
Teguh pribadi girsang
i dont know why it is touched my heart deeply
Laura 2 hours ago
Why does this song make me cry? The lyrics don't make much sense to me. Is it the melody that is so moving? Or her delivery? I've watched this so many times and it moves me each time! She's going to win--I can just feel it!
Mr Sanz
Mr Sanz 2 hours ago
She made me cry one more time haha omg, she is so unique, a real singer.
Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Parker 2 hours ago
What a lovely lady and a beautiful voice.
Jim Webb
Jim Webb 2 hours ago
eli hauser
eli hauser 2 hours ago
she deserves to star in a musical!!!
Mr Konalepe
Mr Konalepe 2 hours ago
beautiful performance by her.. loved her attitude.. unlike other singers, arrogant n selfish..opppsss..
tyler4eg 2 hours ago
God I love her Beautiful inside and out Just a amazing person
Christian Alcantara
Im cutting onions while watching this and i cut my finger. You know how it ends 😂
Tomy Wijaya
Tomy Wijaya 2 hours ago
OMG, How can Susan not win BGT ?
Proseur Heng Sok
Proseur Heng Sok 3 hours ago
how beautiful sweetness voice i listen to this every night...
Try all Got Talent show in every land. Just for money. Never mind the inspirational chit chats. Let"s be practical.
Reesa 24
Reesa 24 3 hours ago
I remember watching her the first time around with my ma, we were kinda offended by everyone laughing and smirking. My ma said, “Watch, she’ll shock them with her voice.” Sure enough. My ma & I cried because she’s absolutely beautiful inside & out!!
C Weijge
C Weijge 4 hours ago
What is the name of the song and from who?
rachel whitaker
rachel whitaker 4 hours ago
Shes amazing!
Rifqi Carranza
Rifqi Carranza 4 hours ago
I'm crying
Leif 4 hours ago
Only legends can make the judges stand without even having to start yet.
LOTUS FLOWER 4 hours ago
What a humble and beautiful woman with a world class voice, She's back but has nothing to prove to anyone except that with courage and determination all things are possible.
Nicolas Carnot
Nicolas Carnot 4 hours ago
The look on Simon's face when she came on stage!
Omar Leonel yanez
Omar Leonel yanez 4 hours ago
Well this is refreshing
some guy
some guy 5 hours ago
What is the song playing in the background at the end?
Juan Ariza
Juan Ariza 5 hours ago
Video starts at 3:20
danichel morejon
danichel morejon 5 hours ago
A living legend. So inspirational. Stunning performance
missylks123 5 hours ago
Does anyone else think her voice/singing is over-rated?
LB7 5 hours ago
Her voice is so amazing and pure! I got chills at 4:23 because it was so perfect😂
Edward Basurto
Edward Basurto 5 hours ago
Wow that gave me goose bumps
Ry Roeun
Ry Roeun 5 hours ago
Susan Boyle is a Champion!!!! I am giving myself a prediction that she is the one that will be crown Champion. She is very inspiring and very loving person. Her voice and singing always put me in calmness and feel with joyful things. Does anyone feel that connection as well?
jayne_0525 6 hours ago
Zac _Prince
Zac _Prince 6 hours ago
My heart is crying, not my eyes. She’s not Champion, She is Legend. God Bless you...
Ricardo Avelar
Ricardo Avelar 6 hours ago
Amazing Susan! You deserve it! Dont forget landau eugene murphy Jr. AGT changed is life too!
The Names Daimo | per aspera ad astra!
I’m not crying, you’re crying!
Steven Duyver
Steven Duyver 6 hours ago
She should win, what a voice and empahty ... thank you...
Pabl!n 6 hours ago
Latín america loves u
Allan Jones
Allan Jones 7 hours ago
What does the golden buzzer do ?!?
Killian Vdb
Killian Vdb 7 hours ago
Who is watching this in bed at the end of the day with headphones full power?
Jadwiga Turek
Jadwiga Turek 7 hours ago
Uwielbiam twoja historie Susan,uwielbiam cie sluchac!!!!
formalguy01 7 hours ago
A lot of us have lost someone near and dear to us. For me I lost my sister at a young age years ago, and when Susan walks out with that gentle music playing, and the genuine reaction out of all the judges, it has that vibe of someone you lost re-entering your life in a way, a very uplifting performance and video.
Dewizzel John
Dewizzel John 7 hours ago
Susan your beautiful. I purchased everything you have done in support of your amazing talent! Go girl!
Hardy Ansyah Kosasih
She always humble
justin lee
justin lee 8 hours ago
Who’s cutting the onions😢😢
Vesna Sentic
Vesna Sentic 8 hours ago
Absolute legend..l love you Suzan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Blaze Frost
Blaze Frost 8 hours ago
That's what happens when you get Eden Hazard to play the piano for you
William Montgomery
William Montgomery 8 hours ago
Susan Boil sucks
Chimi Norbu
Chimi Norbu 8 hours ago
Susan, rolling Stone is searching your location.
Ana Huezo
Ana Huezo 8 hours ago
Every time I watch this video, I crie, please me to hear her to sing any song, but in this Wild Horses is very emotional, is very enchantable.
mrblf652 8 hours ago
She should release this as a single.
unleashed316 9 hours ago
The moment she appears on stage...what a woman. Looks 15 years younger instead of older too😁
Timothy Henderson
Timothy Henderson 9 hours ago
Oh my goodness I wanted the song to keep going! Got Talent and USvid royalty! Howie is right in that ever since her original audition I’ve watched Got Talent internationally watching for...hoping for a Susan Boyle moment! This performance was so nostalgic and satisfying! Like comfort food for the soul!
Erick 9 hours ago
If Susan wins this would be iconic
Gabriella Galaxy
Gabriella Galaxy 9 hours ago
Susan is such an icon!
Kelly Gabriella
Kelly Gabriella 9 hours ago
She's so pure. I love her
Mary Blezy
Mary Blezy 9 hours ago
A Fairy God mother voice😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rex Simmons
Rex Simmons 10 hours ago
completely directer driven, no way should she have gotten that, almost every other act was leaps and bounds better
wanna be hobbyist
wanna be hobbyist 10 hours ago
So humble
Craig Stevenson
Craig Stevenson 10 hours ago
Congrats u are through to a Semi final of a talent show.
Its DJ
Its DJ 10 hours ago
God she is a gem
Sho Na
Sho Na 10 hours ago
R.I.P Replay button.. I love you Susan ❤️
Andrew Salinas
Andrew Salinas 10 hours ago
dennys ortiz
dennys ortiz 10 hours ago
gracias !!! eres grande susan !!!! te amo !!!
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 10 hours ago
OMG this was a present for all of us, THE LEGEND is baaaaaaaaaaaack. I was tearing up listening to her
nucciahm 10 hours ago
For Us dear Susan Boyle is the Champion of the Champions Always! Thanks for your talent! She is great inspiration for new generations.
Drew Conway
Drew Conway 10 hours ago
She looked shell shocked. I thought she was gonna hit the deck. Confetti in her hair, in her cleavage... but good for her. And Mel is right-she deserved that the first time (but I think it was before they had golden buzzers).
Vansh Kunar
Vansh Kunar 11 hours ago
She's like.."oh wow she gave me confetti!"
Kate T
Kate T 11 hours ago
Terry crews is in two videos on trending
Damus Ravenwood
Damus Ravenwood 11 hours ago
I love how humble she is!!!!!!
Qobamo Q
Qobamo Q 11 hours ago
The Gem this show has to offer
Anthony Abisan
Anthony Abisan 11 hours ago
i love you Susan Boyle...from Phillipines
Charmee Geethika Kannangara
I still remember her BGT performance ... She is amazing....looks great....love you Susan Boyle....Go for your big dream....❤️
Vishal Alexandery
Vishal Alexandery 11 hours ago
Love you Susan Boyle!!!!!!
Larissa Alvarenga
Larissa Alvarenga 11 hours ago
watcharin tameesio
watcharin tameesio 11 hours ago
This is a person that make me following the dreams !!! I can’t stop crying 😂
Anthonyrr2 11 hours ago
Golden buzzer for the poker face
Edgar Salvador
Edgar Salvador 11 hours ago
The Biggest Name in the Global Talent Search!
Pinyin Xing
Pinyin Xing 12 hours ago
The look on all the Judges faces... It like when you meet an age old friend... Such genuine reaction to see Susan
How About Nah
How About Nah 12 hours ago
Story time, My step mum works in a home for the older disabled and the house is under Susan Boyles brothers house and my step mum heard her singing wild horses with her brother playing the guitar she said it was breathtaking to listen to her sing, My step mum has also spoke to Susan a couple of times in Blackburn as that is where she lives, But seeing her on America’s got talent is one awesome moment
Araceli Vargas
Araceli Vargas 12 hours ago
Shame on everybody that laughed at her....
Stacey K
Stacey K 12 hours ago
She's one of the reasons I believe in humanity still. So pure and humble. Champion of people who doesn't have a voice of their own, people that they are ignored by their appearance and so many others. Many respects there's still hope in this world.
DailyBits 12 hours ago
1:39 the most humble thing I ever heard in my life. She doesn't see herself as some famous person but a role model for all of us what you can achieve
Abdalwhab H
Abdalwhab H 13 hours ago
7:50 look at Terry's hands 😂
pendiemz 13 hours ago
Great performance but the audience shld really learn to save the applause for the end of the performance...
Anne Evangelista
Anne Evangelista 13 hours ago
She has an amazing voice 👍
Cosmas jep
Cosmas jep 13 hours ago
Last year i unlike agt but bcoz susan i follow agt again
Cosmas jep
Cosmas jep 13 hours ago
Simon say,america love you.. But me:around the planet love you
neosoulfuljojo 13 hours ago
No matter who it is, I cry when that golden buzzer gets hit.
Jacky Herrejon
Jacky Herrejon 13 hours ago
She should make all the Disney songs, her voice gives me Disney vibes so much
Cosmas jep
Cosmas jep 13 hours ago
Win agt 2019 for sure susan you my idol start bgt 2009
Skylar Elander
Skylar Elander 13 hours ago
She didnt even do anything crazy. She killed that song with the sheer beauty of her vocals.
Candice Taylor
Candice Taylor 14 hours ago
Michelangelo Cotrufo
I don't find anything really special, if not her clear voice, but simple technique... She surely shines for her calm which is appealing but I don't feel this great emotion. Points of view...
Sandeep Rajor
Sandeep Rajor 14 hours ago
She's a really down to earth person.
Linh Tran Kieu
Linh Tran Kieu 14 hours ago
Childhood living is easy to do The things you wanted I bought them for you Graceless lady you know who I am You know I can't let you slide through my hands Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away I watched you suffer a dull aching pain Now you decided to show me the same No sweeping exits or off stage lines Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie I have my freedom but I don't have much time Faith has been broken tears must be cried Let's do some living after we die Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday
Hailey Carolina
Hailey Carolina 14 hours ago
well she deserved it
dylan ofredo
dylan ofredo 15 hours ago
rofieul ichsan
rofieul ichsan 15 hours ago
She already a successful singer but still surprised n overwhelmed when get golden buzzer...
Sup Dude
Sup Dude 15 hours ago
Simon looks old now...time flies...
Penín Díaz Propiedades
Amaizing / The Best forever.
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