Survive the Back of a Moving Truck Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this video, we challenge each other to make different kinds of food inside of a moving uhaul truck! We put soap on the ground to make things extra slippery! Who do you think will make the best meal? Let us know down below!
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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 4 213
Kevin Iniguez
Ashlee Tan
Ashlee Tan Day ago
I want part 2
The Other Me
The Other Me Day ago
Who notices that on the end on any name of the vid the put this!!
Livi P
Livi P 2 days ago
Anybody from 2020?
Susan Bashynski
Susan Bashynski 2 days ago
This takes me back to my days as an EMT trying to work in the back of a moving ambulance. At least we didn't have soap on the floor!
Ada Fang
Ada Fang 3 days ago
Bryans not in the end But Lol!!!😂😂😂
Hugo Arteaga
Hugo Arteaga 4 days ago
My staregy would be not letting my hands touch the floor b/c then when u grab your food your food will taste like soap and if you try to hold on to something or open something then you'll have no grip if I where Bryan I would use the pan and like a surfboard or put my hands on it when I slip and put my hands on the pan instead of the floor
Hugo Arteaga
Hugo Arteaga 4 days ago
I feel bad for Aaron Soapy cake blah
Willis Price
Willis Price 6 days ago
Bobby’s looked disgusting
I waited three hours in an army Roblox game for boot camp and no one showed up.... so this is what I decided to watch
dtb345 11 days ago
Honestly i feel like they should all make the same item to make it more fair.
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 13 days ago
Anna Seow
Anna Seow 13 days ago
It would of been smart if at least one of them put their legs together to leave a space and grabbed all the food they needed and they could of done it beautifully
Alecia Barajas
Alecia Barajas 13 days ago
Ashley C
Ashley C 13 days ago
I loved the one were branyan said this is not got😂😂😂😂🤣
Snowy_Snowmans 13 days ago
Bobby as soon as he go s * every body do the flop
Jackson Frazier
Jackson Frazier 14 days ago
I thought Brian died at 2:54
Tanner Baird
Tanner Baird 15 days ago
What if we want to try it
Ninel Pesina
Ninel Pesina 16 days ago
I laughed so hard I had to go pee😅
noob the noob
noob the noob 17 days ago
When you cry because of *INTENSE VIETNAM FLASHBACKS* 2:20
Jawnirae 18 days ago
ok at the end of the vid,I thought that the manicine was the guy that made the cake.
Neo Faa
Neo Faa 20 days ago
TIMBER THE Cat 20 days ago
Me when my friend are eating and she’s being rude 😂 5:11 or when we’re having and start running and fall
Sander Mattsson
Sander Mattsson 21 day ago
wen u say dont try this at home i tryed on a field
Benji Carroll
Benji Carroll 21 day ago
I think Bobby was the funniest
Haniel Gonzalez
Haniel Gonzalez 22 days ago
Someone:Don't do this at home... Me:do you think I have a freaking truck on my backyard Someone:or any where Me: *proud*
JØŠĘ ŁØPĘŻ 24 days ago
ʙᴏʙʙʏ ᴡᴀs ᴅʀɪᴠɪɴɢ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ
alpacas 25 days ago
That pb & j made me laugh so hard.
AuggieYT 26 days ago
At that point Bobby just threw the flour at it😂 5:32
Cool beans 68
Cool beans 68 27 days ago
i like how it says SURVIVE in the title
HYPEXYT0 27 days ago
Wouldn’t the pizza be dirty from soap
hank the tank
hank the tank 28 days ago
"I CAN'T MOVE" says Brian as he is sliding across the truck at moch speed.
Denis M
Denis M 29 days ago
Next vid: don't die challenge
Arjun 100 ッ
Arjun 100 ッ 29 days ago
Nobody My **fragile** amazon package:
Heather Compton
Heather Compton Month ago
Are you stupid it looks tarable for the cake look at messy
Matthew Combs
Matthew Combs Month ago
i really want to try this
Placido Mayorga, Jr.
TRUNG LE Month ago
Bryan was the funniest
Landon Walker
Landon Walker Month ago
What if the truck flips over 😨😱
Mia Sustaita
Mia Sustaita Month ago
Felippe Brum
Felippe Brum Month ago
2:53 i couldn’t stop laughing 😂
Crystal Urteaga
Crystal Urteaga Month ago
Bobby’s not good at car surfing.😂
Hayes Gray
Hayes Gray Month ago
How tf is Bobby’s literally the only non edible food and he wins
Finnie McB
Finnie McB Month ago
Brain should be on extream cake makers
Maribel Punzalan
Not ganna lie you are a pretty bad at bryan sooooooo be nice ok what if samething bad happen to him he like got stub by a table's foot i feel bad
Nerdlands #lame
Nerdlands #lame Month ago
Ok that looks really fun
Tayla Goodman
Tayla Goodman Month ago
are you ok guys that looks hurtfull
InsaneTrain HD
InsaneTrain HD Month ago
*UHAUL:* So what kind of furniture are you planning to move? New House? *Team Edge:*
Teo Mahon
Teo Mahon Month ago
Brian should have done doughnuts when he was driving
rainbow cupcake
rainbow cupcake Month ago
Looooovvvveeee it cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂☺☺☺💞
Sadie Roberts
Sadie Roberts Month ago
2:56 that is painful...
cameron gooding
cameron gooding Month ago
Gacha life girl Sacriste
I GoT mY sPrInkLes
Kookie King Krow the Mexicano Celt
My fave three of team edge haha.
Bryan did so good on his cake 🎂
Alaya Rogers
Alaya Rogers Month ago
the cake when it had no frosting looked like pound cake
Just Gaming35
Just Gaming35 Month ago
Bryan: You ready Bobby Bobby: More ready than you are *Bobby trips*
Renee McGraw
Renee McGraw Month ago
Is Bobby gonna ever get that thingy off his cheek
Julia Scammon
Julia Scammon Month ago
Ok I don't know how Bobby won Bryan's was so much better.
Patrisha Sitompul
Patrisha Sitompul 2 months ago
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