Survive the Back of a Moving Truck Challenge!!

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Hey guys! In this video, we challenge each other to make different kinds of food inside of a moving uhaul truck! We put soap on the ground to make things extra slippery! Who do you think will make the best meal? Let us know down below!
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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 4 035
Bama0539 Day ago
Joey be like Giraffes on ice
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson 2 days ago
I hate when is 1012 in the vid
Delaven Bowes
Delaven Bowes 4 days ago
I don't care how dangerous this is. I would do this challenge without FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taina Figueroa
Taina Figueroa 4 days ago
Was anyone else concerned when Bobby and Joey really hit the gas then hit the brakes and Bryan flew into the table. The legs were sticking out towards him and he could have been seriously injured.
Hermione Enchanted
What happened to bryan at the end
T-Bird Song
T-Bird Song 5 days ago
Makara Goyawijaya Bandem
Me: Mum I want cake My mum:
Ava Goodell
Ava Goodell 6 days ago
Please do more OMG I was dieing no joke 😂 😂😂😂😂😂
DB Gaming
DB Gaming 6 days ago
2:54, bruh, I was laughing so hard
Derek Sheckman
Derek Sheckman 7 days ago
8:25 Me on school day mondays
Vixen Timer
Vixen Timer 8 days ago
so uh... team edge likes giant editions of stuff right? part two should be in a semi truck trailer at the same time!
Shyann Combs
Shyann Combs 8 days ago
1:39: Me when trying to learn algebra 2.
9 days ago
Don't ever hurt Bryan I love him so so so so so so so much
steven cahill
steven cahill 10 days ago
Bryan so so funny he is cool
Ellie Largent
Ellie Largent 10 days ago
9:53 is cute Bobby face
Mr squidsy
Mr squidsy 10 days ago
3:58 fu
Banana Rama
Banana Rama 11 days ago
Where is Brian
Penguin McSwaggn
Penguin McSwaggn 11 days ago
The most fun of this challenge wasn’t them falling in the truck, but the pure joy that these friends have in torturing each other in all sorts of ways
Da Random Dude
Da Random Dude 11 days ago
I would have brought a switchblade to stab the walls for handles
adel gaki
adel gaki 11 days ago
Kung Fu Leon
Kung Fu Leon 14 days ago
You should’ve slammed on the brakes
Liam Allison
Liam Allison 14 days ago
Hey I’m going to call dad Gjkcifnvlon
Hannah TIK TOK
Hannah TIK TOK 15 days ago
this video clips was on the tv when i was watching the news i thought i was on youtube when i walked in
Samito188 15 days ago
This was hands-down the funniest Team Edge video I’ve ever seen! I was cracking up the whole time! Please make a part 2!
Theron Van Z
Theron Van Z 16 days ago
Daniel Ripple
Daniel Ripple 17 days ago
I don't think I've ever seen these guys laugh so hard at their own 'streme sports before but I could be wrong their badbehinds and hilarious (and yes I pulled a Vanoss Crew thing)
Anaya Egge
Anaya Egge 18 days ago
Anyone else up at 1 eating candy and watching team edge knowing I have a test tomorrow? Just me? Cool cool cool
Telo Sa
Telo Sa 18 days ago
G3NISYS 18 days ago
I died at 2:56! 😂
T'challa Lukman
T'challa Lukman 18 days ago
Bryan's turn was funniest when he rammed into those tables I was dying if laughter
Rose Walker
Rose Walker 19 days ago
yo sit crisscross applesauce put the pan on your lap ingredients underneath/inbetween your legs and pick the pan up when you need it
Renji Mcconnell
Renji Mcconnell 19 days ago
every time bobby failed i said "walk in the park"
Kayden Kenny
Kayden Kenny 20 days ago
Ok ok I'll try it in the air
Benjamin James
Benjamin James 21 day ago
im bench watching team edge rn lol
Laki K9
Laki K9 21 day ago
the Brayan is funnies wen you break
Nadim Matar
Nadim Matar 21 day ago
This is the best thing ever
Tidalwave Princess
Tidalwave Princess 22 days ago
This was awesome
Brian Collins
Brian Collins 23 days ago
Were was Bryan
Ace Ang Yong Ni
Ace Ang Yong Ni 23 days ago
Where is brian
Marie Vogeler
Marie Vogeler 24 days ago
I laughed so much. That looks so fun! 😂
Ruby Mike 158
Ruby Mike 158 25 days ago
NightyGHT50 25 days ago
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. But if they got hurt, then i would feel for them. Please do more of the moving truck!
Night Mare
Night Mare 25 days ago
6:14 did anyone else notice that Bobby was going to get up the they opened the door so he laid back down to act like he really got thrown around
Ivan Soto
Ivan Soto 27 days ago
what happened to Bryan ?🤨🤨🧐🧐
Delta Sarwar
Delta Sarwar 27 days ago
This is somehow the funniest bake off I’ve ever seen 😂
Tom R
Tom R 28 days ago
C'mon J. those shorts brah!
michelle foster
michelle foster 28 days ago
This isn't very sanitary
OMA ZI-O 28 days ago
alright so I just got done watching team edge video and I say Brian is the funniest one I laughed so hard like 5 or 10 time don't really remember Joey and Bobby guys need to do better I say Brian win screw you chef/ go Brian wooooo
Maggie Twyman
Maggie Twyman 29 days ago
I think that Bryan wins
Lobster Gaming
Lobster Gaming 29 days ago
Best video ever 🤣
Jervis Ow
Jervis Ow 29 days ago
man it hurts to see bryan at 2:55 ouchh
They went so hard on Bryan!!
Omg this video is so funny
Munich Mapper
Munich Mapper Month ago
Now I want cake
starry watches
starry watches Month ago
Oh baby let's get this onnnnnn (slips) 1:22 Bryn 2019
Ben Fisher
Ben Fisher Month ago
Watching this with a pulled groin JFred I hope you don’t have one it hurts so much but funny watching you guys!!!
Tristan Contreras
Your stupid
James Schurig
James Schurig Month ago
Surgeon simulator cooking mama edition
MikoMiko ミシェル Gacha
This is something of the funniest thing I’ve seen In my entire life😂😂😂😂😂😂😅 PLEASEEE DOOOOO MOOORRRREEEEE!!
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