Surprise Proposal | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi
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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 3 277
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi 6 days ago
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to LIKE this video!
T.J. Richard
T.J. Richard 20 hours ago
What's up bro give me some money
Ahmad Al-Ghamdi
Arya stark enters the chat
Amir vloge1
Amir vloge1 2 days ago
@Anwar Jibawiusvid.net/video/video-Blb-Cvm6Fxc.html
Deggan Dahir
Deggan Dahir 2 days ago
Anwar Jibawi most plots twisted video I’ve ever seen but I rlly thought that was an ad lmao
FireHurdle1948 4 hours ago
I thought this was actually an ad and I was like bro there is hardly ever ads😂
Frozen Flower
Frozen Flower 4 hours ago
eggestweet Gaming
eggestweet Gaming 5 hours ago
اهلا انور
Lorena Baez
Lorena Baez 6 hours ago
Goose. Are. You
from one to ten
from one to ten 6 hours ago
Subscribe to my channel please usvid.net/video/video-mN_opG0cf4U.html
Nihal Tk
Nihal Tk 6 hours ago
Can you please do some lie detector videos?They are the BEST!
Ashwani Pratap Singh
So much confusion
HighlightKid 7 hours ago
Lmao he actually fooled me with the ad sike
DARIANA_2x _PRANK 8 hours ago
Love anwar videos like if u do to Edit:actually don’t cause than I get all those noficactions so plz don’t thank you
Rahul Dimri
Rahul Dimri 8 hours ago
mtlb kuch bhi 🥴
JasimGamer 8 hours ago
wait your name anwar this is Arabian name 🤔
Kurdell James
Kurdell James 8 hours ago
I couldn't be any more confused
Shemab Alam
Shemab Alam 9 hours ago
Make some gender exchange
Rohan Kirkland
Rohan Kirkland 9 hours ago
Dude, stay off the drugs mmmkay. Trash. I wanted to like it but I can't
Zaki Haji
Zaki Haji 9 hours ago
Weirdest youtube video I have seen in my life
King Eyes
King Eyes 10 hours ago
This video is not funny at all
i am you
i am you
Reese's Puffs Jiraiya
Wait.. this is confusing af... Familiar too..... It isn't even April yet..
Summer Star
Summer Star 11 hours ago
I knew that wasn't an ad because I could still see the thumbnail
No One Cares
No One Cares 11 hours ago
What the hell did I just witness.
Henry Aduana
Henry Aduana 11 hours ago
Gagu ka
Queen Qaali
Queen Qaali 12 hours ago
Anwar you fooled me 🤣i thought it was add
Mata- Carradine
Mata- Carradine 12 hours ago
Running out of ideas though
andrlicious1 12 hours ago
Anwar do you go to the gym
MercifulFather 13 hours ago
I was angry because I have USvid Premuim..
Ali Xaeeed
Ali Xaeeed 13 hours ago
MYSTERY Y 13 hours ago
Haha I knew that was fake add
Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl 13 hours ago
Ummmm I didn’t think it was an add
Krissandrei Milagrosa
I thought it was a ad
Limbu Dilon
Limbu Dilon 13 hours ago
Lol that skip ad Got me good Anwar🤣
Ahmed Shife
Ahmed Shife 14 hours ago
Cake_dorito Chips
Cake_dorito Chips 14 hours ago
I hate the ad
Joelene Wells
Joelene Wells 15 hours ago
I tried it on my brothers and Mum and Dad
Skull 15 hours ago
ما خدعتني بالاعلان عندي USvid vanced 😜😜
Madridista Abdel
Madridista Abdel 16 hours ago
Finally something good
zoink abas
zoink abas 16 hours ago
This the best video ever 😂😂😂😂
Simiona Prototype
Simiona Prototype 16 hours ago
Tabassum Razvi
Tabassum Razvi 17 hours ago
i watched this twice
Jason Mandap
Jason Mandap 17 hours ago
It is not an add
Emily Canales
Emily Canales 18 hours ago
Bitch you
funny videos
funny videos 18 hours ago
subscribe to my for funny videos
jaraxxus TNT
jaraxxus TNT 20 hours ago
Jules Juerez
Jules Juerez 20 hours ago
I thought someone was going to pull their face right off and the flesh just came off
HB Hasib
HB Hasib 21 hour ago
xX_LazyCookie_Xx 21 hour ago
I’m so confused
Angela Gallardo
Angela Gallardo 21 hour ago
ok, I am ascribing because you guys are just so we're
Jennifer Delgado
Jennifer Delgado 22 hours ago
Alexis Ponciano
Alexis Ponciano 23 hours ago
Alexis Ponciano
Alexis Ponciano 23 hours ago
That is so funny
Swish Swoosh
Swish Swoosh 23 hours ago
I lost like all my brain cells
Amanda Campoli
Amanda Campoli 23 hours ago
Make a part 4 BRO CODE
Frank Matthew
This prank doesnt end it was the same video made years ago 😂😂😂😂💔 I
Melissa Fontes
Yooo I thought the advertisement was real😂😭😂
Sucre De Miel
dOnT bABe mE 😂😂😂
Jock Paleak
Jock Paleak Day ago
I thought it was a ad
Aram Salim
Aram Salim Day ago
Samantha Flowers
I’m so FUCKING confused
Gamingwithnyah c
I didn't think it was an ad because the thumbnail didn't look like that
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