Superman vs Superman | Rudy Mancuso, King Bach & Lele Pons

Rudy Mancuso
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Nov 12, 2017




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Comments 14 093
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 2 years ago
Thank you for watching. Which Superman is better?
FlyMitten the god YouTube
Hispanic is better
William Kaleb
William Kaleb Month ago
332222 dhanu p4g565ŋŋkkŋŋééé
Robert Trice
Robert Trice 2 months ago
tijan fofana
tijan fofana 3 months ago
WalrusMan32 ,myh,Jil)((
kid waver
kid waver 4 months ago
BACH IS KING 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Adem Haroum
Adem Haroum 5 minutes ago
اعجبني عملك ارجو الاشتراك في قناتي ك تشجع لي
Just simple
Just simple 2 hours ago
everybody goes on "mark" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
lil pup da rap kid
lil pup da rap kid 20 hours ago
Also black is better
lil pup da rap kid
lil pup da rap kid 20 hours ago
Spanish songs are trash
Ajam Batere
Ajam Batere Day ago
Why King Bach didn't be Hancock????😂
Manny Mayonnaise
Manny Mayonnaise 3 days ago
If i had a dime for every "Bleap" I'd be rich😂😂
Sir Bruce
Sir Bruce 3 days ago
Stupid funny
Vemai Esli
Vemai Esli 5 days ago
I was genuinely worried when he said You're disintegrating 😆😆
Bryan Candelario
Bryan Candelario 5 days ago
Superman is not Black I am not racist just saying
Fertneet kid
Fertneet kid 6 days ago
1:29 😂
MX LTED 7 days ago
Actual superman looks a both of them
darkjoker 7 days ago
Black and Hispanic- They got the best ass in the world.
Rodrigo Alcocer
Rodrigo Alcocer 8 days ago
Rudy i like Black ones,bit i AM latino
goldenskategods 8702
Black superman is better
Domi 7
Domi 7 9 days ago
1:46 black man ( dark skin) vs black man ( brown skin)
Marcela Gaspar
Marcela Gaspar 9 days ago
Mexicans get more girl than black men
Daly Ndilu Makola
Black super man is better and hotter
Fizzo Fizike
Fizzo Fizike 9 days ago
December 2019
The BALD MAN zone
The BALD MAN zone 10 days ago
AC_little night rose
I'm black you racist go to heck
MEMER 12 days ago
1:46 bro that’s just kinda racist XD
kris lol
kris lol 13 days ago
what about white superman ??????
Javiera Hernandez
Javiera Hernandez 13 days ago
Is it xenophobic? Yes Is it funny? Also yes
Amo Ak
Amo Ak 14 days ago
leonel orville
leonel orville 14 days ago
leonel orville
leonel orville 14 days ago
Or suprememan
Caleb Hosford
Caleb Hosford 14 days ago
they faked the ps4 scene the lights on the controller were white
Jace Travis
Jace Travis 15 days ago
I am your biggest FAN
Endrew Costa
Endrew Costa 15 days ago
Hahahahahah the best super heroes ever
Bobbers_Boy 15 days ago
Im half black half mexican too and its 50/50 lmao
Rambo Gamer
Rambo Gamer 16 days ago
I'm a black superman🤣😂👌
Chanderpaul Jagmohan
Ha ha!!!! I like it
Gaming Siblings
Gaming Siblings 16 days ago
Cardi B. Is Hispanic...
DFWelims 16 days ago
Isn’t cardi b Latina tho
Jonas Palma
Jonas Palma 17 days ago
0:52-1:07 racist shit man
Tyx iOS
Tyx iOS 17 days ago
_Im the better superman._
Lovro Hruškar
Lovro Hruškar 19 days ago
When trumps two biggest enemies unite
TheMoldyPump2 ggmj
TheMoldyPump2 ggmj 19 days ago
MisaPlayz 19 days ago
3:29 super funny
Jayla Ramos-Herrera
I didn’t know who to vote for because I’m Hispanic and black😂
Dr. Pepper2108
Dr. Pepper2108 20 days ago
na i dont like coco puffs thats black stuff😂
imearia davis
imearia davis 20 days ago
quit fighting
Samiuela Lolohea
Samiuela Lolohea 21 day ago
Uno the song
Deaththerealofficial 74
sup hi i dont what im doin
AJ- 47
AJ- 47 21 day ago
King Bach
biseer Cosby
biseer Cosby 23 days ago
Black superman
Bea Domingo
Bea Domingo 24 days ago
We should join together! "Like a milkshake"
We are Venom
We are Venom 25 days ago
Ha Get clapped in front of your girl
Black music is better
Neno Catii
Neno Catii 25 days ago
Black super man is wearing yeezy 😂😂😂
Teyo san
Teyo san 27 days ago
Do you have problem with black people
Best of the Scene
Best of the Scene 27 days ago
Sd n Hd superman 😂😂😂😂😂
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres 27 days ago
Black superman
Maxwell Coleman
Maxwell Coleman 29 days ago
What's hanenin
moe vlog car games moe
I like the song and what the fuck is going on
Kelly Finnell
Kelly Finnell Month ago
Black Superman is better
Movie Mania
Movie Mania Month ago
I love black people's
Leonard Green
Leonard Green Month ago
This isn't going to happen. Black people need to unify and stop looking for allies in different races We are hated around the world. Thank,white people for their part in it.
Wolfie Olwie
Wolfie Olwie Month ago
what about white?
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