'Superman dive' at finishing line gives university athlete dramatic win in 400m hurdles

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University track star Infinite Tucker clinched victory in the 400m hurdles by performing a 'Superman dive' over the finishing line during an athletics meeting in Arkansas.
Tucker, who attends Texas A&M, played down his dramatic victory over teammate Robert Grant saying: 'I saw my [mother] at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug. And that's all it is.'
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Comments 100
Kohli salah
Kohli salah 45 minutes ago
Reporter to the 2nd athlete : btw why did u jump 2nd athlete : his mother is my aunty
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup 47 minutes ago
Bigger shock is how the hell did the white lad almost win??
8bit Flea
8bit Flea 53 minutes ago
This is funny
Armando Villarreal
Armando Villarreal 56 minutes ago
Ching9n Compadre...Te las vistes negras al ultimo pero sacastes la garra de Puma!...Eres Chingón. Cuando gustes venir a Mexico...aquí te resibímos con chingo d3 cervezas!. Salu2
James Storey
James Storey 58 minutes ago
the dive definitely slowed him down
Jose Huerta III
Jose Huerta III 59 minutes ago
Talk about stupid
Spiderman 2 hours ago
That's not a real name.
Elisha 2 hours ago
That wasn't done in the right spirit of competition.
Madison Mcgrew
Madison Mcgrew 3 hours ago
If you look closer, that man that dived actually tripped and that was the reason he dived
cris89446 3 hours ago
He Was falling down and so he decided to jump... otherwise it Wouldn't be a nice behaviour To do in sprinting
Mustache Man
Mustache Man 3 hours ago
Black people am i right guys. Guys?
spartaknumerouno 5 hours ago
unnecessary. Didn''t add anything to his time.
Geo fadak
Geo fadak 5 hours ago
😂😂😂😂i love youuu
Ike Swp
Ike Swp 6 hours ago
moon cricket
Sun Randolph
Sun Randolph 6 hours ago
There both 1
Jamaican Stone 100% original
Lol 😂 It looked Quite funny I must say
Alan C.
Alan C. 7 hours ago
"No guts, no glory"
I Have No Name
I Have No Name 7 hours ago
probably the funniest sports moment ever..
Jason SCAR KiD
Jason SCAR KiD 8 hours ago
She- But baby I din shave.. Me- 0:10
Josef Taffmann
Josef Taffmann 8 hours ago
Black panther in action
Lauren McGinty
Lauren McGinty 8 hours ago
i mean as long as he passes the line lol
Camilo Izquierdo  Jaramillo
Eso es valido? Quien responde en español
Safi Syed
Safi Syed 9 hours ago
Jumping should be out from atletics. Disqualified.
Mie Knaem
Mie Knaem 9 hours ago
Total miss tap.
Ammir Ian
Ammir Ian 11 hours ago
he might die if he do it again
Pan Eak
Pan Eak 12 hours ago
You is best .from Thailand
Junior Campbell
Junior Campbell 13 hours ago
Never give up never surrender that's his motto ..
Алексей Стародумов
Уголек стрельнул
A L F ALO MAFIA 13 hours ago
S U P E R - V I D E O ) ) )
habib mohammed
habib mohammed 13 hours ago
Amazing! He is showing an admiring mindset! He could have won without that move! but he managed to give us a free lesson of having a vision and working hard! Well done brother! you motivate me every time I click replay! this needs to be downloaded! this is GOLD man! I thank you for sharing us your Winning mindset! RESPECT.
Mamou Dacko
Mamou Dacko 13 hours ago
Iba montana
Sainiana Bola
Sainiana Bola 13 hours ago
by any means necessary
GAMING WITH DEATH 14 hours ago
Wow he jumped like a frog lol
Darnell Barney
Darnell Barney 14 hours ago
That's legal?
west carter
west carter 14 hours ago
..He did a Johnny "Cash"- in' to win'.. "Because you're Mine'.. i Cross The Line" 🙀🙊🙈🏆😹👀😉✨
Prs Grind
Prs Grind 14 hours ago
He must be banned from this... "sport"
Jesus IsLord
Jesus IsLord 14 hours ago
He just gave this race a jump 👌
Shrihari Kulkarni
Shrihari Kulkarni 14 hours ago
happens frequently in cricket To prevent getting run out batsman jump to touch the line with bat
Alex F
Alex F 15 hours ago
😂😂 no mames mejor se hubiera sacado el pito😂😂
lakeofx 15 hours ago
Why did the second guy dive after the finish? Didn't look like he tripped or anything
TheKoolKing- Gaming
TheKoolKing- Gaming 16 hours ago
Did I Just Hear A Roblox Oof When He Jumped
uber goober
uber goober 16 hours ago
Running for your welfare check like
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 16 hours ago
Soulja Boy off in this oh Watch me crank it, watch me roll Watch me crank dat, Soulja Boy Then Superman dat oh Now watch me Youuuu!!!
Alex 17 hours ago
Can they do that? If so, why not more people do it?
britishav8tor75 18 hours ago
He must have been talking about his mom being on another tree ...
поп Андопуло
Such behaviour should be prohibited. Running is not diving!
Peni Waqa
Peni Waqa 18 hours ago
Isaac Germosen
Isaac Germosen 18 hours ago
Yoooo wtf
a hack's progress
a hack's progress 18 hours ago
This is illegal
odins son
odins son 19 hours ago
He's got a weird way of hugging jumping straight with his arms straight out in front of him... Almost as if he was trying to reach something before someone.
Peizxcv 19 hours ago
Should be disqualified. He obvious wasn't running when he crossed the line
Gig Accountant
Gig Accountant 19 hours ago
He was already winning. The dive was just show boating
Fighting Rooster
Fighting Rooster 19 hours ago
I never knew that was allowed
kriloxta3000 20 hours ago
Great work my bro that is the way to be a champ I'm so proud of you and you motivation to me makes me want to compete again I'm a 200 times gold champ for special Olympics
Kennedey Shabola
Kennedey Shabola 20 hours ago
The mindset of a winner
hen ko
hen ko 20 hours ago
كان جد جد دكي . اصبح سباق رائع.
Kenw KLS
Kenw KLS 20 hours ago
Couldn't let the white man take the win. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!✊🏿✊🏿 Black power! ☻
TurtleBurger 20 hours ago
You know he is way faster than that but slowed down just for the dramatic dolphin dive.
Luz Angela
Luz Angela 21 hour ago
Diving should not be allowed how embarrassing
James Tomas
James Tomas 21 hour ago
Killed to birds with one stone. He got a free upperbody wax job and won first place at the sametime!
cuteboysss 22 hours ago
what kind a floor were they running on?
MASSA kush
MASSA kush 22 hours ago
When That new game of thrones episode drop ..
سليمان الرشيدي
Tremyane Pierce
Tremyane Pierce 22 hours ago
Gaston Pablo
Gaston Pablo 23 hours ago
drugs? B-)
Aalpha Splatt
He came 2nd. Technically your foot has to go over the line, right?
yoyo Juarez
yoyo Juarez Day ago
Scythe_Ti Day ago
Incoming memes
Anton 12345
Anton 12345 Day ago
I honestly don't know why more sprinters don't do this. It's so simple when you're thinking about it really.
—— Day ago
The rule should be that the feet must cross the line. If not, expect to see more dives like this in the upcoming races including the next Olympics.
Nesta M
Nesta M Day ago
He was ahead tho.
Where’s the father? Never knew him.
Kyle R
Kyle R Day ago
For the record, track and field timing does NOT go by the "first body part to cross the line" (unless, of course, in cases of ultra super ties that computers can't even distinguish between in which case other body parts will be used to determine a win, I think I remember a case where someone's hair was used to determine a win.), it goes by the midsection typically, I believe it's defined as the "torso" in the rules. Most runners will "bend over" or jut their chest out when finishing a race if it is close, which will make their shoulders and/or chest/stomach hit first (which is fine) but diving isn't inherently useful because as you can see in this video, he actually slowed down significantly once he did. Now if you dove closer to the ground that would have made sense. But in all honesty it SHOULD be against the rules, but it's really not. It's just kind of an unwritten rule and you'll likely be shunned by your peers if you do. (It almost never happens professionally or at the collegiate level.) To me honestly it looked like his legs were shutting down and he was falling but he knew he wasn't going to make it so he just jumped, not an "on purpose" dive.
udhaya suriyan
Excellent presence of mind and priceless speech
Arte Mon
Arte Mon Day ago
Замедленно покажите.....
nasro Abdelhak
كان جد جد دكي . اصبح سباق رائع.
Jay 757
Jay 757 Day ago
*Lightning McQueen???*
Doogerauoy Sihtdaer
Cue the memes.
Damilola Emmanuel
Dude lost he's he's balance but he wasn't about to lose
bigdud Day ago
how is that not against the rules?
tatt oo sticker
Karl Karl
Karl Karl Day ago
He was afraid to lose to a white guy
Zee Zee
Zee Zee Day ago
That was one hellava dive ?
123 kkr
123 kkr Day ago
He wants to masturbate
Χριστός Κουσης
Marco Presti
Marco Presti Day ago
When nergigante uses the sky dive
yoshyoka Day ago
Mom would not survive such a hug!
TheLuca777 Day ago
Basic instinct of his predecessors. Jump jump jump
Alan Roy
Alan Roy Day ago
Oh wait how did the other guy fall down???
山田寛史 Day ago
Kay Day ago
That's wrong he cheated
Satyam Srivastava
Mother hugger
Danny Swain
Danny Swain Day ago
Please forgive me but does that actually count?
David Tichborne
I didn't know that was legal
Go KRB 👈💪
panggop jio
panggop jio Day ago
Tamil Thimir
Tamil Thimir Day ago
It is ethical
Aixi Autumn
Aixi Autumn Day ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂runner nowadays.
Wait.... is that legal?!
The Savages
The Savages Day ago
Yeah. That should be illegal.
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