Superhero Drama | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Jeff Wittek & Jimmy Tatro

Rudy Mancuso
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Dec 16, 2016




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Comments 23 646
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 2 years ago
Thank you for watching. What was your favorite part?
Joel Brown
Joel Brown 4 months ago
the end scene. wtf was that face lamaoo
humbert the boxer maldonado
@Drastic Gamers TV same
anwar73 6 months ago
James Johnston
James Johnston 7 months ago
Elene Pirvelashvili
Elene Pirvelashvili 8 months ago
Whole video
Allan Gaming
Allan Gaming 54 minutes ago
I MEAN I will prefer to root for marvel....ya
Melker siro
Melker siro Hour ago
ironman dousant have super powers either
Solar 2 hours ago
Wtf xd these are my favorite moments but the only ones with " " "wolverine: Are you Racist? " "flash : No " And " Iron man's suit: I am irooooon Maaaaan " "batman : what the fuck was that? " And by the way Captain america doesnt have powers too dummass
Matt Gavis
Matt Gavis 3 hours ago
Wait iron don't have powers too he's just smart
Niyyahs World Star girl
Kind of name is that Ruby your name is Ruby lol
Jely Duwang
Jely Duwang 6 hours ago
SuperBros before SuperHoes
money money
money money 6 hours ago
Kaptin America dont got any powers either so I dont know why he was talkin
aleida gomez
aleida gomez 6 hours ago
aleida gomez
aleida gomez 6 hours ago
the superman part and the batman hitting superman it was funny
Govloggerdog Tube
Govloggerdog Tube 7 hours ago
WAITTTTT why is caption America talking he don’t got powers he got a shield that’s it
FABIEN BIEN-AIME 7 hours ago
Jorge Luis VAZQUEZ
Jorge Luis VAZQUEZ 9 hours ago
Since when does Wonder Woman have laser vision
Riya Haloi
Riya Haloi 12 hours ago
😂loved it❤
milo-matrix3 14 hours ago
But captain and iron man dont have real super powers tho
TheWeirdgGamer 16 hours ago
Spider man got his powers from a radioactive spider and I can get bit by a spider anytime
Arjun The Kid
Arjun The Kid 16 hours ago
LDshadow Boy
LDshadow Boy 17 hours ago
Iron man do not have super powers he has a super suit
William Gaming
William Gaming 18 hours ago
I wanna now what captain America can do
LOVERZ MSP 18 hours ago
Captain America: You see, we all have super POWERS, except you... Me: .... you don't either... You just have a strong shield.......
Paper Tree
Paper Tree 18 hours ago
3:32 since when does Wonder Woman have heat vision.
Ethanethan Zeng
Ethanethan Zeng 18 hours ago
4:19 isn’t iron man a little man to he just has a suit?!
karma Clan
karma Clan 19 hours ago
Amy cha n
Amy cha n 20 hours ago
But iron man needs a suit for powers.
wasted time Locomankac
Captain America can shut the hell up as of batman
QyuNine 23 hours ago
Wait Anwar Jibawi drunk alcohol and eateat amd swears? I thought he's muslim. No hate.
Drax Smart
Drax Smart Day ago
Captain America doesn't have superpowers and iron man has a robot that helps him in battle
Steam Boys
Steam Boys Day ago
What about holk
Shikidai Nara
I know captain America shouldn’t be talkin when he be fucking holding a shield while Batman actually have fucking brain cells. And iron man shouldn’t be talking all that protects him is his fucking expensive suit.
CGYT Day ago
Captain America is a super soldior dumb asses
dee u
dee u Day ago
When your team meets marvel
Nadeen Naden
Nadeen Naden Day ago
Domingo Perez
you don't have powers captain bitch!!
PATTYY L Day ago
Iron Man ain't got super powers either
Muhammad Ismail Hussain
Howww about iron man
fuckavengers titi of spiderman
Gurung Jack
Gurung Jack Day ago
batman is rich that's is he's super power
Joey Ting
Joey Ting Day ago
5:47 😹😹😹
Skuxx Monster
Skuxx Monster 2 days ago
Batman is super rich tho🤷🏽‍♂️ but so is iron man But we all know who is stronger (Iron Man)
funny video originale
ya spider man is black you now mayols in spidre man into spidervers sooooooooo
Jiana Puddle
Jiana Puddle 2 days ago
Wait why does Spider-Man have Starbucks?
Kollen VlogKing
Kollen VlogKing 2 days ago
Roses are red and violets are blue and I just got clickbaited and so did you 🤭😯
Tytanium 13 hours ago
who the fuck are you saying we were clickbated dumbass
Kollen VlogKing
Kollen VlogKing 2 days ago
Actually y’all are all human
john lahai
john lahai 2 days ago
Captain America is a dick with no superpowers and a fucking shield, whereas iron man and batman are rich man in suits
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok 2 days ago
Conetono tonetro fontero
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok 2 days ago
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok 2 days ago
Soporonoshe kone boneso tose
agnes tapar
agnes tapar 2 days ago
you’re all humans suckers
Jaileigh Pink
Jaileigh Pink 3 days ago
At 3:43 that should be a bully scene 😔😔😭😭
Harmony Petty
Harmony Petty 3 days ago
Captain America was insulting himself.i mean last time I checked he didn’t have powers except a shield if I’m wrong please tell me
Daniel McLauchlain
This is the only time I go for dc
Corbin Javier
Corbin Javier 3 days ago
Wait, Captain America doesn't have Powers also Batman would beat Captain America
CharaMMD Day ago
Also no. Batman would NOT beat captain America. Captain America is stronger.
CharaMMD Day ago
Captain America DOES have powers! Super strenght, Super Agility, and Speed!
WWY AIDEN Hi 3 days ago
Wait captain America doesn’t really have powers all he dose is throw his shield and block with it
saw dudes
saw dudes 3 days ago
"We sall Batman vs Superman we want are money back" True asf
Rachael Fuhrman
Rachael Fuhrman 3 days ago
Wow me love like Batman’s team
Legend Acton
Legend Acton 3 days ago
My fav part was 6:03 XD
Dellallison Grice
= sw
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 3 days ago
Isn’t that man just a DC version of Iron Man but it’s a little different
Julia Hershey
Julia Hershey 3 days ago
At the end of the day men Super bros before super hoes (:
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