Superhero Drama | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Jeff Wittek & Jimmy Tatro

Rudy Mancuso
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Dec 16, 2016




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Comments 25 581
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 3 years ago
Thank you for watching. What was your favorite part?
Geov cf faz XV FC XV VDC XV caz XVanni Rios
XV ca SDG ca SDG fa SDG fa@JustRafi._. SDG fa dey tres SDG FRS SDG tres dr
Melanie Ibarra
Melanie Ibarra Month ago
When it ended
Linh Le
Linh Le 2 months ago
Ai Durex
James Mwenja
James Mwenja 2 months ago
The part for u guys roasting each other
Cute ppl
Cute ppl 2 months ago
gi gi
gi gi Hour ago
captain america : youre nothing but a little human me : what the f**k are you captain america
Ali Shalabni
Ali Shalabni 3 hours ago
1:35 spiderman is actually black Miles morales
Arpit Sanjar
Arpit Sanjar 3 hours ago
What the hell was iron man laughing about at 4:00 ?? 😂😂😂😂
gjung06 13 hours ago
In what universe or timeline does Wonder Woman have heat vision
Christine Samaan
Christine Samaan 14 hours ago
Umm yes, Wonder Woman, Iron man can actually shoot lasers out of his suit.
Andy Barbosa
Andy Barbosa 15 hours ago
When iron man clicked his chest was that a spoiler to endgame
Best Okoase
Best Okoase 16 hours ago
Captain America should not be talking cuz you and iron don't have powers your self
pro shooters
pro shooters 20 hours ago
Dosent batman have super strenght or am I weird
AmaizingAlice 456
AmaizingAlice 456 23 hours ago
Cat-woman is a furry!!
Super bros b4 super hoes 😅😅😅
I don't recall wonderwoman being able to shoot lasers out of her eyes
Zmoginis Zmogus
Captian america dosent have superpowers and iron man too
Chano Gonzalez
Iron man dose not have powers
Slime Girls
Slime Girls Day ago
None of the avengers actually have superpowers, except for the SUPERHEROS! so in my opinion the superhero’s win even tho there nothing to Batman, and they should’ve said “ Well ur cheap ass suit don’t even fit u fat bitch” to Spider-Man
Hridya Verma
Hridya Verma Day ago
Wolverine is dc
GT_Oceanu 2 days ago
Iron man is a human aswell
Sarah Byfield
Sarah Byfield 2 days ago
There’s people in marvel avenjares
Adalberto 2 days ago
Iron man and captain America don’t have powers
Jakup Jonsson
Jakup Jonsson 2 days ago
Well captain america is a Human just like ironman
Venzie7 2 days ago
Does Captain America knows the batman can buy him 10 times
გ. ს.
გ. ს. 2 days ago
I love barman and Ironman ok?!
Minecraft God
Minecraft God 2 days ago
Iron man uses a suit so does Batman bitch
May Wahba
May Wahba 2 days ago
Stop saying fuck
May Wahba
May Wahba 2 days ago
Pure MrRicee
Pure MrRicee 2 days ago
Nigga does captain America have superpowers no he has a damn circle shaped boomerang
Kezon Motley
Kezon Motley 2 days ago
You don't have super power either
ultra sans2121
ultra sans2121 2 days ago
Wonder woman doesn't have laser vision
super sonic games
It was hillaryous when batman tries to hurt superman and superman just knocks him out in one punch
Mirjeta Dakaj
Mirjeta Dakaj 3 days ago
yahya mohammed
yahya mohammed 3 days ago
Fuck DC Marvel's is better
Robertas Martinkus
The flash and spider man was human so hahaha (idk)
MachaMax Neaction
JJxJOT 3 days ago
Flash can dance
JJxJOT 3 days ago
Marvel vs DC who would win? Not even a question marvel obviously
Over Drive
Over Drive 3 days ago
Batman has super jump and he is strong
DJGamer 25
DJGamer 25 3 days ago
Captain America and Iron Man don’t have Super powers
Bailey Wesley
Bailey Wesley 3 days ago
Kids Huerta
Kids Huerta 3 days ago
Batman you are better
powerplay -ON
powerplay -ON 3 days ago
I like the flash becuz he talked back I love that attit
Wangwangboy Wang
Wangwangboy Wang 4 days ago
Again Batman’s suit or armor is made out of Kryptonite that weakens Superman so....
Renin Renin
Renin Renin 4 days ago
True heroes don't have or need powers.
Edward Xiong
Edward Xiong 4 days ago
4:20 wait isn’t captain America a human to like all he can do is throw a shield and it comes back to him
Cay production
Cay production 4 days ago
Wasn’t captin America a human too until he turned into a superhuman
Kevin 17E
Kevin 17E 4 days ago
Captain America does not have super powers too tho?
Matthew Jin
Matthew Jin 4 days ago
You know what would have made the Batman getting roasted by Captain America scene would be if while the avegers were hyping Captain America up is if Iron Man was in the background turning his back to the camera and crying. LMAO
Mason Howard
Mason Howard 4 days ago
Ewwww they kiss
Primi Roque
Primi Roque 4 days ago
It is not about the powers bitch fuck you Captain Marvel
Primi Roque
Primi Roque 4 days ago
Captain America
DeAvion McSwain
DeAvion McSwain 4 days ago
Iron man doesn’t have powers he just has a iron suit
Jesus Yancha
Jesus Yancha Day ago
First coment yea
gacha lord
gacha lord 4 days ago
Iron man has no power's
Oofyeetchickennugget Oofyeet
Iron man is a normal human
Kaden Rodgers
Kaden Rodgers 4 days ago
Captain America and iron Man doesn't have powers
T SHANEIL 4 days ago
, .,,,. $vu. , , ,,
Nick D
Nick D 4 days ago
Wonder women doesn't have laser eyes who else is a little triggered also iron man doesn't have powers he's just smart like batman
Shea Douglas
Shea Douglas 4 days ago
Cat bitch
Caine Maximo
Caine Maximo 5 days ago
captin Amarica is a human to so he can go do smoething
powerplay -ON
powerplay -ON 5 days ago
Wait captain America wanted to know what batman could do becuz he has no super powers than look at Iron man he just has a suit that makes him shoot and fly
Sixto Cruz
Sixto Cruz 5 days ago
Iron man dose not have superpowers either
Breimy Santana Reyes
Did you know that Batman fight with the JOKER
Fantasy Phoenix
Fantasy Phoenix 5 days ago
“Super bro’s before super hoes” -Batman
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