Stray Kids "Double Knot" M/V

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Double Knot" M/V
Stray Kids Digital Single "Double Knot"
iTunes & Apple Music: apple.co/2Ou89xD
Spotify: spoti.fi/2ohG9Tm
Stray Kids Official USvid: usvid.net/u-StrayKids
Stray Kids Official Facebook: facebook.com/JYPEStrayKids/
Stray Kids Official Twitter: twitter.com/Stray_Kids
Stray Kids Official Fan's: fans.jype.com/StrayKids
#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 72 235
Adee Lee
Adee Lee Hour ago
im.in love-
Give a support for Stray kids
*25.3million* *Let's get 26million stay*
Dominique Myers
Dominique Myers 3 hours ago
I love this song! I could listen to this song all day and I love the video 💜💜💜💜
Giovanna godoy
Giovanna godoy 4 hours ago
Candy B
Candy B 5 hours ago
0:14 referencia a Astronaut o ¿casualidad?
ARMY kpoper
ARMY kpoper 5 hours ago
I love stray kids❤
agustina corregidor
Lilly Watts
Lilly Watts 8 hours ago
Who else was waiting for the "like mate, Stop procrastinating?" Line
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 12 hours ago
1:28 don’t mind me just a shameless replay button #thatdeepassvoicethough
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 12 hours ago
Felix is especially Visual King™️ here. Although Minho is giving him a damned close run for his money. 😳
Jeon Yuseong
Jeon Yuseong 12 hours ago
Se extraña a woojin 😢😢 mi bebu y ahora han esta en reposo debemos alentar a nuestros bbs stay 😢💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍stray kids I love you 😢😍💜💜😍😍😍😳
yet another kpoper
yet another kpoper 12 hours ago
Stan pure talent and personality,stan jypnation .
Luz Vianey Ortega
Luz Vianey Ortega 12 hours ago
저도 모르게 된다 수 ❤️
Praca Socjalna
Praca Socjalna 13 hours ago
love this song
sofia hye
sofia hye 13 hours ago
prim paradise
prim paradise 14 hours ago
Im here after laventer, i miss nine...
LORENA VAZQUEZ 15 hours ago
Vittoria 15 hours ago
Guys... I think I' ve got problems but... I think I found some... Thing on this MV FIRST OF ALL. I'm italian and I can' t speak english well, but I want to show what i found to all Stays and we can all understand english so... Ok let' s go So At 0:14 there' s a poster( i don' t know how I can call it) and on you can read Astronaut And on the street you can read Take off, and that could be (I don' t know what i wrote but OK) the next comeback after Levanter. I' m pretty sure of that becouse at 1:42 Chris has a (I don' t know how to say it but you can see what is) and on it you can read Take off again On the Woojin' s swaetshirt you can read I REMEMBER, and you probably know what does it mean... Ok that' s all. If you don' t understand I' m sorry but I can' t do better than this
Izzuddin Azhar
Izzuddin Azhar 16 hours ago
i stan stray kids
Retno Indrani
Retno Indrani 16 hours ago
Best era
Claudia Gomez
Claudia Gomez 16 hours ago
Podría decir que todo es perfecto, siempre destaque a Stray Kids por sus letras, coreografías y voces. 1) La coreografía es Stray Kids. 2) El ritmo y sus voces coordinan tan bien. Amo a Stray Kids. 💜 Gracias por mostrarnos sus talentos.
SCS Yeet
SCS Yeet 16 hours ago
It's always sad watching this. But we must stay strong for the rest of the boys
Jana Thijs
Jana Thijs 16 hours ago
Am i the only one who sings 'drama tea cup tea cup tea cup' at 0:49 😅
seungminnie mouse
seungminnie mouse 17 hours ago
0:15 they hinted at astronaut 😂
hanieexx_ 18 hours ago
W0TE FOR STRAY KIDS ON MWAVE! #2ndwinforstraykids
Miroh 19 hours ago
I don’t mean to toot my own horn but most these views are mine tbh
Melody Music
Melody Music 19 hours ago
Say all you want but double knot is a bop!
Siham Gh
Siham Gh 20 hours ago
Yaaaaaaass!!! There is ARABIC subtitles.
Henrryy —
Henrryy — 21 hour ago
The transitions... are so good If you don’t Stan stray kids what are you doing with your life though?
Stray Kids
Stray Kids Day ago
At 0:15 there is written astronaut and at 0:16 there is written take off I am really shocked by these
고요진 Day ago
so i’m sitting there, double knot on my yeezys-
Bang Chan
Bang Chan Day ago
i love you woojin
BethariaNoor 22 hours ago
Is this Channie professing his love for Woojinnie?
Muhamad Anas Izzuddin Roslan
Congatulations Stray kids🎉 10M🔓 25M🔓 30M🔒
Damn that’s CRAZYYY
V0te for stray kids on mnet pre v0ting if u haven’t stays! U can use several accs
sweet potatou
did anyone noticed the words "astronaut" and take of? this is for those who didn't know, but if you knew.....good job!
darly atuesta24
Me encanta
dilly harisson
stray kids is visual kings.
btsisinspiration t
"EVEN IF I GREEDILY PAINT EVERY SINGLE COLOR ON BLANK PAPER ONLY BLACK COLOR WILL REMAIN" Mna hats off to such lyrics 🙌👏👏👏...such a deep meaning it holds 😲👍👍👍
Nineth Sanchez
•的爱 ʍɨʍɨ我爱你
Velho, sou stay a 10 meses e até agora fico chocada com a dualidade da voz do Félix ;-;
Marcio Antônio
Encore une musique que je ne m'arrêterai jamais d'écouter miroh et maintenant double knot *^*
Michelle Enderink
This is.... LIT!👌🔥 And the MV
Army Forever
Army Forever Day ago
we can do better
Maria Pariona Ojeda
A.R.M.Y Day ago
25.193.121 visualizaciones
Mireia V
Mireia V Day ago
this is truly one of the best songs of 2019.
Mireia V
Mireia V Day ago
i just came back here bc missing woojin hours are open.
nkrifai Rifai
Am I the only one that recognized that at 0:15 thay made a spoiler for there next song *astornout
Heidi Army
Heidi Army Day ago
Han Jisung I love you!!❤
Rae V.M
Rae V.M Day ago
minho ateeee this shit upppp
Dung Pham
Dung Pham Day ago
Love Stray Kids and Woojin
DDev Day ago
This aint rappin' my niggga this shit raping my fucking ear
BethariaNoor Day ago
@sunny dim I think Ddev is just blown away by how good they are. Did I interpret it wrong?
Fransisco Laudate
1:35 idk, it's remind me about Ekko League of Legends, True Damage - GIANTS lol
Lovely 16
Lovely 16 2 days ago
Jacqueline Laurelle
I love the song
Jacqueline Laurelle
Who ever kissed a girl click the like button
Dark Emperor
Dark Emperor 2 days ago
I just love Felix's voice, it sounds like the earth itself is speaking
Ales Sandra
Ales Sandra 2 days ago
Comeback slaps Song slaps Visuals slaps *Stray Kids slaps*
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