Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 15 009
Eliana V
Eliana V Minute ago
these two need to get more interviews!!
LAVTREY 2 minutes ago
Awwww 8:22 was so cute
Madi 7 minutes ago
His face is so rugged (in a good way!) but he has such gentle looking hands
Lori Hugo
Lori Hugo 9 minutes ago
I love her Bowie shirt
KennyKP 11 minutes ago
Waspy boi over here 😂👌🏻
Vanessa Leonard
Vanessa Leonard 14 minutes ago
They skipped “Is Winona Ryder a Singer”! 😭
Cabello Canary
Cabello Canary 35 minutes ago
cant wait to see david on Black Widow's movie
Hanna Kines
Hanna Kines 37 minutes ago
This is the best thing
Cameron Steven
Cameron Steven 47 minutes ago
My two favourites (along with alexie)
Sin Hour ago
I have always and will always have a crush on Winona Ryder. ❤️❤️❤️
Deborah Schembri
I love her, she's so kind.
Petite Femme Artistry
Their chemistry!!!
Cerealnom Hour ago
me at 0:00 . . . . . . why is Winona Ryder wearing a Rem Lezar shirt
Neat Monster
Neat Monster Hour ago
Anyone else lose track of how many times they've watched this ✋
Anonymous User
Yes, she is, *much to my chagrin* We totally caught that, David. Totally caught that.
Estelle M
Estelle M 2 hours ago
Any heathers fans to see Winona?
Carl Monton
Carl Monton 2 hours ago
bruh died without getting the poon
isabella maciel
isabella maciel 2 hours ago
hopper let his beard grow to look like he is in captivity
Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson 2 hours ago
“How to contact David harbour” Call Hawkins chief and he might pick up if he is not busy filming season 4 cause he is NOT dead :)!
cbrody35 2 hours ago
ahhh bestchester
S Shadows
S Shadows 3 hours ago
His British accent sounds like Thor lol
Molly Evans
Molly Evans 3 hours ago
David is that one friend who calls themself ugly all the time and it breaks your heart because they’re not
pkidawmbt 3 hours ago
So technically she was born in the same year as the characters of the kids on Stranger Things. As is the actress who plays Mrs Wheeler. :D Cool
Fancy Food Fight
Fancy Food Fight 3 hours ago
This dude plays WoW
Nikhil Chanda
Nikhil Chanda 3 hours ago
Ummm 12:30 they skipped is Winona Ryder a singer cuz u can see it on the board
valentina cramaro
valentina cramaro 4 hours ago
Just me and My dad
Just me and My dad 4 hours ago
I can see why they are always together in the show
Jack Emond
Jack Emond 4 hours ago
trying to tell me her arrest isn't a top search
gianne irah
gianne irah 4 hours ago
my birthday is on october 29 too !! ahhhhh sooo coooolll !!! 😎
Rawli Ringor
Rawli Ringor 4 hours ago
David harbour’s last name sounds like hopper
Sage James
Sage James 4 hours ago
Unpopular opinion - Winona Ryder looks like a mix of Tina Fey and Kristen Stewart
Lettommaama Eatyoboots
I love winona so MUCH
Verity Arden
Verity Arden 4 hours ago
bro was I the only one who saw winona ryder point at david harbour when the question was who is her bf in stranger things like acghwgfwhgciuwegiu
GURKIRAT SINGH 4 hours ago
I feel wierd because I am used to joyce screaming so much but she is actually quiet and calm
Peyton Skalesky
Peyton Skalesky 4 hours ago
Omg I played trombonee
symphony137 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who doesn't like how he just answers her questions which results in her not saying anything? :/
y a pas de malaise
y a pas de malaise 4 hours ago
6:25 "Who is winona ryder's boyfriend in stranger things?" winona pointing david love it
Gabriela Campos
Gabriela Campos 4 hours ago
Winona is so cool!!!!!!!
TGB TheGoldenBrick
TGB TheGoldenBrick 4 hours ago
Yo!!! i was born the day after Winona Ryder!!!
Brooke Loffredo
Brooke Loffredo 4 hours ago
Winona looks older in the show. She looks so young here!
Reuben Ahmed
Reuben Ahmed 5 hours ago
I wish Winona was single.
Hina A
Hina A 5 hours ago
Why does Winona Ryder sound the same as when she was younger??
Proclivities 5 hours ago
I love them both ❤❤❤
Winona is so pure
Tanja Thomsen
Tanja Thomsen 5 hours ago
Why is this so funny
Myriam Semaan
Myriam Semaan 5 hours ago
orphicana 5 hours ago
winona and david's british accent is so iconic
Haseeb Aslam
Haseeb Aslam 6 hours ago
Marques Kenneth Brownlee
Larkspur BM
Larkspur BM 6 hours ago
They missed asking the question "is winona ryder a singer."
Mandy Pink
Mandy Pink 6 hours ago
Winona Ryder is the Hollywood queen of the 90s. She played in all the best films.
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