Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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Stranger Things stars Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink share the stories behind how they met on Broadway and take a friendship test. From giving each other generous compliments to mirroring each other's moves, watch these two co-stars put their bond to the test.

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Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take a Friendship Test | Glamour


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Jul 9, 2019




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Comments 8 080
BigBeaferHead 2 minutes ago
Why do Americans dress like this
StupNiggs 6 minutes ago
sadie and caleb are not together. My brain: *YOU LIE. WHY DO YOU LIE?*
GiuGiu Bear
GiuGiu Bear 18 hours ago
5:04 awwww they’re so cute💕💖✨
nana panchulidze
Omg love them ❤️❤️
Dogs And Fries
I love them sooo much. I respect their friendship but if they dated it'll be cute lol
Kat Shik
Kat Shik 2 days ago
This BGM is not "Friendship" BGM.... I see you Glamour 👀
Katarzyna mentel
Katarzyna mentel 3 days ago
I ship you guys i think that you guys should go together😍😍😍❤
PhaZe Clan
PhaZe Clan 4 days ago
Real friends don’t compliment each other lol
Reza 4 days ago
Sadie is looks so gorgeous omg! She is like flawless😃😄
chero del puerto
chero del puerto 5 days ago
Carolina Carvalho Lopes
They are so chill If it was millie and noah it would have been completely different
Vojta Michálek
Vojta Michálek 5 days ago
Caleb McLaughlin ---------- Friends with Sadie. Ah, that guy.
emily dunlea
emily dunlea 5 days ago
Does Sadie have her ears pierced?????????
Pete Johnes
Pete Johnes 6 days ago
My most fav thing about Caleb is his scream!! Or screech...😂 Hope to see or hear it int the next season😍
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 6 days ago
Everyone: 😘😘💑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Will: can we play. D🧙‍♂️D now
Lucy Reynolds
Lucy Reynolds 6 days ago
there like the flirty friendship that doesn't know if they want to be more than friends or not but don't want to talk about and make things weird
Schwartz Seymour
Schwartz Seymour 6 days ago
What's with the music?
Editinghelps _
Editinghelps _ 7 days ago
Okay these two are precious
Sims 8 Infinity Life
👽🧫👤🤨🗯Veganism, is a sanctioned eating disorder⚠️
Alise Sm
Alise Sm 8 days ago
I feel kinda awkward watching this video don’t know why 🌸😄
Balqis Rahmah Sari
Lucienne Taise Stengl
2:55 theyre adorable
Taco KingYT
Taco KingYT 8 days ago
Caleb: "I appreciate her as a *friend* " Literally everyone: **grabs tissue**
Cee Day
Cee Day 8 days ago
The cringe😂
-honeyKukie 9 days ago
Sadie>Caleb Noah>Millie Finn>Jack
Dorothy Lim
Dorothy Lim 9 days ago
For some reason.....the way they talk is like so soothing it's like asmr
RainyBlox 9 days ago
Who else ships it? 👇
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 16 hours ago
RainyBlox me.
Frank Russell
Frank Russell 9 days ago
Celeb is fly
DatGirl Lizz
DatGirl Lizz 9 days ago
Was it just me or did Caleb say she is a vegan???? 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😟😟😟😟😟😟🐶
Tiara van Zuijdam
Liam Mather
Liam Mather 9 days ago
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 10 days ago
Its kind of worrying when they ask 'what does our friendship mean' and cant give a decent answer when everyone knows they are dating...
Ricardo Jr Valencia
If Hollywood ruin them I am done with Netflix
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 12 days ago
Awwwwwwwwww Lucas and Max just like Clyde Mcbride x Lucy Loud.
Saïdo Beno
Saïdo Beno 12 days ago
Me and my best childhood friend won't even get close to pass this test, that's why we're friends :)
mika 12 days ago
idris shaheed
idris shaheed 12 days ago
0:03 when your white knows the Crip handshake 🤝
Alicia Robinson
Alicia Robinson 13 days ago
What was the name game they were doing? I think I started to understand it at the end.
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria 13 days ago
Alicia Robinson the one where they were saying random words? For that one you decide on a topic like animals, and then you say random animals until you say the same word
Ndiimanae Rabuli
Ndiimanae Rabuli 13 days ago
ThePlayStationGod 94
I was so Hyped
makeup lucyy
makeup lucyy 14 days ago
ship ship ship❤️❤️❤️❤️
JBA ____7
JBA ____7 14 days ago
Caleb dosent look like Lucas in st
Christyn Johnson
Christyn Johnson 14 days ago
they sound like a couple there so cute
Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson 12 days ago
Christyn Johnson I know right and I think that there flirting.
a c
a c 14 days ago
they're so cute
Márcio Gomes
Márcio Gomes 14 days ago
I just love them
Timo ya mum
Timo ya mum 15 days ago
How old is Caleb he growin hair
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria 13 days ago
Timo ya mum he’s 17
*Dominique07boom* 011
Crazy in Love!!!!
Taniya King
Taniya King 15 days ago
Im sorry this was weird
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria 13 days ago
swacfan100 lol some people are not used to intimacy, they see it as weird
swacfan100 13 days ago
bia Stutz
bia Stutz 16 days ago
The proof of cadie is real💓
Boring 5
Boring 5 16 days ago
Boring 5
Boring 5 13 days ago
@swacfan100 No it doesn't. Sadie Sink doesn't have acne. I didn't get it.
swacfan100 13 days ago
It happens, part of growing up.
Shyla Narayan
Shyla Narayan 17 days ago
The music made it seem like it was gonna end in proposal
Javier Figueroa
Javier Figueroa 17 days ago
I said bracelets too, so does that make all three of us besties?
strangerthings. edits
Awww they would make a cute couple getting the vibes♡ awww there bff☁
GoWarriors Go
GoWarriors Go 18 days ago
They are soooo underrated compared to everyone on their cast. So genuine & pure ❤️ I love them & all I’m thinking about is SHIP
Caitlin Howell
Caitlin Howell 18 days ago
RamB. AA
RamB. AA 18 days ago
Next generation of Creed cast right there
Sumit Waidande
Sumit Waidande 19 days ago
I dont know about caleb but i m in love with sadie now❤️
Svea HP
Svea HP 20 days ago
They are like were not in love.... And im like why.... Is this a joke.... Like bruh how you two not in love?
The Dude
The Dude 20 days ago
Just for the record Caleb is nearly 18/19
Ellie and Sienna
Ellie and Sienna 21 day ago
i wish it was a relationship test :(
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