Straight-A vs Flunking Students: Do Good Grades Matter?

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Oct 6, 2019




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Comments 9 546
Jubilee 7 days ago
Thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this episode! Go to curiositystream.com/jubilee for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and for our fans, enter the promo code ‘jubilee’ when prompted during the sign­up process and your membership is completely free for the first 30 days.
Bruh when one of the girls talked about math compared from middle school to HS it’s sooo true, I struggled in middle school because of the way they taught math and got b- and c and now in high school I take math honors and have an A+. I was just really in my head
Harry Spotts
Harry Spotts 5 days ago
please do this but with college students
CuteintheFace ThickintheWaist
Hey @Jubilee Is there any way you can add Korean captions to this? I teach ESL classes and this video would be greeeat to show them!!!
DistortedV12 6 days ago
One of my favorite episodes Jubilee. I'm in grad school now and relate more with latter, but this really shows how social factors, or being socially acceptable, influence how kids look at the world..automotive tech, taking care of my parents, parents never did college, mental health but wanting to make parents proud vs. "trying to get out", "working my ass off," "take education for granted", "successful". Really interesting!
George Brown 3
George Brown 3 6 days ago
Would y'all look at what said,thank you!?@George Brown 3
kenneth1win 4 hours ago
kids like these are the reason I want to be a teacher. I want to help them develop life skills and find what they are passionate about. Grades are too heavily emphasized in our education.
van goathe
van goathe 5 hours ago
Cooper cool
Anthony Muldrow
Anthony Muldrow 5 hours ago
Girl this that new math 😂😂😂
YgKitten 6 hours ago
straight a student: doesn't understand the difference between intelligent and smart
Lile Ogoh
Lile Ogoh 6 hours ago
As someone that's been to a private school in England, and now, a public school in Canada, I would love to see a Private School vs Public School video. Idk, I think it would be cool to see other's perspectives as a person that's been to both.
Harry Butler
Harry Butler 6 hours ago
this is craziness " being smart doesn't have anything to do with Understanding things" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Brithanie Martinez
Brithanie Martinez 6 hours ago
10:10 Let's just take a moment for the mad lad that submitted the prompt. Look at their username
Gavin Gonder
Gavin Gonder 6 hours ago
I agree with a lot of the points from both sides, but the I disagree with some of them on no matter how hard you try you can't always get good grades. No matter what, you can always study, get a tutor, or have someone teach it in a way you understand. Like there is always a way to get good grades
Just a lonely street Lamp
I am a straight A student. I spend my time outside of school working on school stuff and if I don’t have any work I spend that time stressing over my grades. I get 3 hours of sleep if I’m lucky because I spend my nights stressing, worrying, crying, and working. I then go to school exhausted but act like I’m not, I act like I didn’t spend my night crying and screaming, I act like I’m fine. All I ever think about is passing and I have no desire to go to school ever, yet my entire life revolves around school. I keep this issues to myself and let my own thoughts overtake me;let my fear of failure control me. I am a straight A student.
Suryia 6 hours ago
The blond girl deserves to be so ugly though
illa gaitskill
illa gaitskill 6 hours ago
Randy, you are tasty.
EmSu.J 7 hours ago
I think you can tell from how reasonable, open-minded and genuinely willing to have a sensible discussion all of these cool peeps were, that they’re smart. So, yeet.
《Klarkeee》 7 hours ago
Superior 7 hours ago
ashini kaveesha
ashini kaveesha 7 hours ago
Literally forced to get straight A's and I'm doing so. Seriously the flunking students really did lower the gravity of hard work by the straight A students. Like we ain't stopping y'all get ya self to work and that one day you can reach A's let's hear what y'all have to say.
Fanfic Forever
Fanfic Forever 8 hours ago
I ship randy and cooper
Catherine Le
Catherine Le 8 hours ago
Nabila Alam
Nabila Alam 8 hours ago
Being from the uk the concept of teachers determining your grade is so strange, here all exams are standardised nationally with external invigilators monitoring our exams, our teachers have nothing to do with our grades other than teaching us the content needed to sit the papers. All of our final papers are marked by external examiners and our final exam performance is the only thing that contributes to our grades. Grades are determined by normally distributing scores achieved nationally. The concept that homework can potentially change your grade is mind blowing to me. Considering how significantly our grades can impact our futures in the current system, the process over there seems way too arbitrary to be fair.
YG ERIK 8 hours ago
The flunking male is basically me.
soph b
soph b 9 hours ago
tansy: I wanna get a nursing degree erin: thaAaAts nOt veEgaAaAn
Gruff 9 hours ago
street smart doesnt exist
Som Keshav
Som Keshav 9 hours ago
17:47 The subtitles are wack around here lol
Lois Mensah
Lois Mensah 9 hours ago
Have fun now and cry later? Or sacrifice now n have fun later?
B E L L A 10 hours ago
i find my opinion to be average but my youthful mindset helps the mile. meaning that as a young student i was always conflicted between my mediocre self and the contradicting overachieving thought process. being in a social environment i was scared of failure so my true intellectual ability was never portrayed “correctly.” mostly starting out middle school i had very average grades like a’s to c’s and stunned my mental growth. it definitely took me a while to achieve to the point i am currently at now, certainly i’m still young but now i have motivation. not just to please others but to achieve my eagerly explicit goals for myself. - but with knowing my mistakes aren’t the end of the world rather another lesson for me to learn. i hope that another student can find comfort in this, and seeks the confidence they deserve. ( ps as long as you try your best, you’ve done more then more then what a portion of students do. so continue on and shine. :) this sucks ass but i’m in a rush sorry 😅😂
Nathen Boyd
Nathen Boyd 10 hours ago
If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.
matt cranford
matt cranford 10 hours ago
at 3 mins in Cooper made a statement.... WELL SAID COOPER!!! and I love that it came from a straight A student. notice the one straight A student said it reflects her HARD WORK.... not her intelligence
james shreiner
james shreiner 10 hours ago
Lula Keeping it Hönest
Straight A students thinking flunking is them getting a 85 or 99
ButterBallz 10 hours ago
Yo Jubille I wanna meet randy i swear we are the exact same on this subject haha lol
Worldwide handsome Seokjin
I am. a straight-A student 🙂
Cedrik Sandell
Cedrik Sandell 10 hours ago
I just feel so sad hearing about the American education system, it really seems bad
Kirby Bragais
Kirby Bragais 11 hours ago
I want "students who don't do well in standardized test and student who do" in their mid 20s.
a cute cabbage OwO
a cute cabbage OwO 11 hours ago
ok but randy can get it 👀
Byakuya Togami
Byakuya Togami 12 hours ago
Another aspect of having a good school experience is friendships you make. To me, they're a lot more important than letters. I do think their are several things that go into grades, not just a wrong answer. Another very important thing is to have a goal, no matter how crazy it is to keep yourself pushing. Just try your best to get to your goal.
Seppuku Guru
Seppuku Guru 12 hours ago
Is this the breakfast club?
iTs eMmA :3
iTs eMmA :3 14 hours ago
how can someone be senior in highschool and freshman in college? im not from america so dont blame me xD
YOUNG ODD 15 hours ago
School Kills So Many Dreams That One Day When We Need That One Kid To Help Humanity We Not Going To Be Able To Because His Or Her Dream Died So Good Job School Make American Society OH SO WONDERFUL 🙄
LuisFrom Philippines
Cooper’s voice seems familiar
재형 / ジェイムズ
of course theres no asian..that'd be too easy where's the flunking asian student? im right here watching this episode..
Anaya Robinson
Anaya Robinson 15 hours ago
High School Sweethearts vs. Married after
Yeti Rider Nunu
Yeti Rider Nunu 15 hours ago
Cooper is a real one
Halimah Yahaya
Halimah Yahaya 15 hours ago
That is so wrong! A teacher should want to give you good grade because you’re “friends” a teacher should do their job and wish to see all their students succeed without bias or favouritism
George 16 hours ago
you need to do debates like this where you include other nations. I know full well that a person from the UK will give a different opinion on either side of the debate
Santiago 17 hours ago
ugh, these kids are so good. I have a little sister around their age and a lot of her friends and classmates are like this too (i work in the school district and do volunteer stuff so im often around students where i live) and its really nice how, as a collective, teens these days are really absorbing good messages more and more especially when i think about the kids i went to high school with.
Deccoplaya CSGO videos
Was it just me or is that Tanzy girls voice annoying as hell?
Aris Roupas
Aris Roupas 18 hours ago
Your grades would measure your intelligence if the education system wasn't so flawed
Quirin 19 hours ago
The straight-A dude seems pretty cool.
ci rob
ci rob 19 hours ago
If it's not a subject you enjoy you will not get good grades , you have to love the subject to do great , everyone has different strengths in different things , some better than others in different fields , you may do well but not amazing because your not dedicated enough and don't love it enough
hi nerds
hi nerds 19 hours ago
my ass wont be alive before I graduate hs, no one really digs this deep into comments so I dont have to worry but hi if u do and sorry but have a nice day and remember to be happy and smile
darryl castellano
darryl castellano 20 hours ago
Put me on this show. Have dropouts vs graduates. Let's see who is more successful. The person with a piece of paper and crippling debt or the dropout with a career.
Wu Chenglin
Wu Chenglin 20 hours ago
cooper's like 5 foot lol
amberfirexx9 21 hour ago
Honestly if this conversation wasn't about grades you wouldn't be able to tell who was "flunking" and who had straight A's. They're all just people, like they say at the end, they all talk and act like normal teenagers and as much as grades were important to me personally, and still are, so I couldn't be comfortable failing, it really doesn't make a difference as to what kind of person you are. especially if your goals in life aren't academics related, it doesn't actually matter how well you do in school. the three flunking kids are still interesting, well rounded people who can have a good job one day
KneeDragon99 21 hour ago
I thought the straight A's would be Indians and Chinese kids. 😂
Kia Not The Car
Kia Not The Car 21 hour ago
I love that in the end of the day they were all just students and they all got along and understood each other. I bet a lot of them there, despite their grades, would have the ability to be really good friends.
Juliuhh 21 hour ago
Lmao stayed up till exactly 3 am for a project.... worth it though, I got a B
Lola Lilac
Lola Lilac 22 hours ago
I got fucked over alot by teachers because they were racist to me for being Iranian plus bully me aswell for being rich and beautiful. It sucks because i love learning but i got bullyed HARD
Laser Cannon
Laser Cannon 22 hours ago
One problem is people who tie their entire self esteem, and confidence to their grades.
Gianna Diamante
Gianna Diamante 22 hours ago
Cooper reminds me of Peter Parker. I said it and it’s the truth
Dustin Chen
Dustin Chen 22 hours ago
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